Out of a cosmic sea of black emerges a small, faint voice. Transmitting across vast distances of space and time, it carries a message of the oneness of all things, and the love and the light which made our universe.

This was how we attempted to convey something of the emotional and spiritual import of our first personal experience hearing the original recording of the Ra contact synthesized with the text on screen. We literally had goosebumps as Carla’s delicate voice played against a black backdrop, its unique message transcribed on screen; something so much greater than the voice which delivered it; something sourced at an inconceivable distance, yet intimately familiar.

It was with this sense—combined with a desire to make the original audio more accessible and available to interested seekers—that a project was born in May, 2019 to synthesize the audio of the 106 sessions of the Ra contact with the text of The Ra Contact books. As of December, 2022, we are thrilled to announce that the long, 3.5-year journey has come to completion.

On our YouTube page, you can find the full playlist of the 106 sessions of The Law of One.

While listening to the original audio is not the best way to study the material—it moves at the speed of a tortoise—it creates an immersive, even meditative experience. And for the exceptionally patient, it does offer a means of going directly to the source to receive, for one’s own consideration, the philosophy of the Law of One.

We hope that you may find this way of sharing the Law of One as moving as we do.