Group question: How should we deal with negativity in our daily lives, from situations that we perceive as negative to people who would like to control us? What is the best way to deal with negativity, a situation, a person, or even a thought in our own being?

The February 2, 1997 transcript in this Newsletter is already represented in the L/L Research Transcripts section. Please click here to go to that transcript.


We are setting up a web site and would like to ask anyone who feels that he or she has been aided by THE LAW OF ONE books to write a few short sentences describing how these books have been helpful or just saying what L/L means to you. Thanks so much.

Once again this Easter we are offering our THIS IS THE DAY cassette tape. It is the story of a small boy and a tree that grow up together and who are both transformed by their shared experience. Words and music tell their story.