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We intend this podcast to be a platform of discussion as we consider questions from spiritual seekers that often challenge us to articulate our own perspective. Our replies to these questions are not final and authoritative. Instead, they are generally subjective interpretations stemming from our own studies and life experiences. We always ask each who listens to exercise their own discernment and listen for their own resonance in determining what is true for them.

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Again, I’m Austin and we’re embarking on a brand new episode of L/L Research’s biweekly podcast, In the Now. Gary and Jim, are you with us and ready to go?

Yes, yes.

Yes, I am.

All righty. Before we start, I’d like to mention a quick caveat. We are using some new audio equipment and getting the kinks worked out so if anything seems off, just bear with us, please.

Ok, let’s jump into our first question today, which comes from Ted via email. Ted wrote to us:

“In the Ra material, #47.8, seven bodies which a soul inhabits are described, from red-ray chemical body first to green-ray astral body fourth and to the violet-ray Buddha body seventh.

I can’t help but to speculate that the seven-body vehicles are associated with the first seven densities of the Law of One. At the third density the dominant body is physical vehicle. When one graduates from the third density into the fourth density, it would be the green-ray astral body who will be dominant on a soul and the astral dimension will be the home of such soul.

For Ra, who is from the sixth density, his dominant body would be the indigo-ray etheric. As described by Ra, etheric body is a gateway vehicle while the sixth density being is in vibration with the Law of One. Both descriptions seem closely related to each other. I’m wondering whether there is any place within the Ra materials or Q’uo quotes which may be in congruence or counter-congruence to my speculation.

One implication of this piece of information is that it may help bring congruence of many contemporary religious, spiritual and exoteric teachings…“

I wonder if he means ‘esoteric’?

“…body vehicles to those of the Law of One?”

So, it’s a long question. Don’t know how much we might have to say specifically, but we’ll start with you, Jim. What do you think?

Well, I think in general he’s probably correct. But I think we have anomalies on both ends of the scale. Starting off in the first density, we have earth, wind, fire and water. There are no “bodies” present there. I think that the water and earth are going to become the body in the second density, but a transformation has to occur before that can happen. So, in the first density, I don’t think we have what we would consider bodies that are correlating to the red ray.

But in second density, Ra mentioned that the polymorphous biflagellate, a single-celled creature, had an orange-ray energy center. It exists as a creature of second density, so I think there is some confirmation of what he was talking about because there is a body that corresponds to second density.

And, of course, in our third density we know that we inhabit a yellow-ray body. But, there’s also an anomaly in the third density because we have the doubly-activated bodies of the entities that have been able to graduate third density on another planet and have come here early to Earth’s third density. The dual-activated entities have the considered privilege and honor to be able to partake in a difficult harvest into the fourth density. They have both the third and the fourth density bodies activated.

From #63.13, Ra says:

“These entities are those incarnating with what you may call a double body in activation. It will be noted that the entities birthing these fourth-density entities experience a great feeling of, shall we say, the connection and the use of spiritual energies during pregnancy. This is due to the necessity for manifesting the double body.

This transitional body is one which will be, shall we say, able to appreciate fourth-density vibratory complexes, as the instreaming increases, without the accompanying disruption of the third-density body. If a third-density entity were, shall we say, electrically aware of fourth-density in full, the third-density electrical fields would fail due to incompatibility.“

So, in our late third density, we have a mixture of third density entities who are hoping to graduate, and third/fourth density, dual-activated entities who have already graduated on another planet, but have chosen to be here.

As far as fifth density bodies go, when Ra was answering our questions about our negative friend in fifth density, Don asked in #67.6:

“Well, which body, with respect to the colors, does this entity use to travel to us?”

And Ra said:

“This query is not particularly simple to answer due to the transdimensional nature, not only of space/time to time/space, but from density to density. The time/space light or fifth-density body is used while the space/time fifth-density body remains in fifth density.”

So, if this is a correlation to what Ted was talking about that we do have a fifth density body at the fifth density level that’s activated by those entities. As far as sixth density, I can assume that what he is saying is correct in that Ra would probably be constantly in the indigo-ray body because it’s the body that has to do with what they’re up to. It’s the being-ness of the entity and the Creator that is discovered within each entity that’s manifested here. It’s what we could call ‘magic’ or the ability to create changes in consciousness at will.

Then the seventh density presents another anomaly because in #32.8, Ra mentions that in the seventh density there is not this particular energy exchange as it is unnecessary to recycle body complexes. So, we would have a mind and a spirit, but no body in the seventh density. So, shall we say “no bodies home?”

Naw, let’s don’t say that.

So, that’s what I’ve got. How about you, Gary?

The definition of conjecture that I just looked up on my phone is “an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information” and that is what I have to offer this question. I’m not even sure I have enough to go on to reach the level of conjecture, but the one quote that I built my reply on came from #65.19 where Don asked:

“Could you tell me why the Wanderer loses his memory?”

And Ra answered:

“The reason is twofold:

First, the genetic properties of the connection between the mind/body/spirit complex and the cellular structure of the body is different for third density than for third/fourth density.

By third/fourth they’re talking about the dual-activated entities.

“Secondly, the free will of third-density entities needs be preserved. Thus wanderers volunteer for third-density genetic, or DNA, connections to the mind/body/spirit complex.

The forgetting process can be penetrated to the extent of the wanderer remembering what it is, and why it is upon the planetary sphere. However, it would be an infringement if wanderers penetrated the forgetting so far as to activate the more dense bodies and, thus, be able to live, shall we say, in a god-like manner. This would not be proper for those who have chosen to serve. “

Based on that reply, I don’t think that there is a one-to-one correlation between the subtle bodies that correspond to the chakras in third density, like the astral body of green ray, the devachanic body of the blue ray, and the form-maker or etheric body of indigo ray or the Buddha body of violet ray. I don’t think there’s a one-to-one correlation between those subtle bodies and the bodies that we inhabit in higher densities, the fifth density body and sixth and seventh and so forth or, as Jim was saying—if there even is a body at seventh density.

We can definitely inhabit our astral body and use that accordingly, same with the devachanic body and explore the planes therein, but we can’t activate the fourth density body here in third density because, as Ra said, the entity would live in a god-like manner. Perhaps then, these subtle bodies—like the astral, devachanic, and so forth—are something of a time/space equivalent of the space/time higher density bodies.

I don’t know, but that’s all I got. Sorry, Ted. Back to the host.

I’m not sure if there’s too much more I could offer. You both used quotes that I had gathered for this and there’s not a whole lot. We don’t know anything for sure. It would be cool if there was an explanation in the Ra material about what exactly these bodies were and what exactly the higher density bodies were. But I’m in general agreement in that there might be a correlation because I think there’s correlations between anything in the universe like this—from microcosm to macrocosm—as the densities are correlated to the chakras, are correlated to the body.

So, there’s certainly a correlation that’s interesting to look at, but I don’t think that the bodies described in the Q & A that Ted references are the same as higher density bodies. I think that you guys both did a pretty good job of making a case for my argument. So, thank you.

I guess we can move on to Ted’s second question that he sent in. He asks:

“In the Ra material #42.15 and #47.8, a Buddha is described as ‘all being in one’ and ‘the body which is complete’ respectively. In Buddhist teachings when one reaches a Buddha state, it is believed that he or she has achieved full completion, having learned all the lessons that he or she has learned through his or her incarnations. He or she has the true understanding of the cosmic laws, able to manifest immense love, compassion, and wisdom, as well as godly power that transcends time and space so as to guide needy souls anywhere in the universe.

I would be interested to know whether Q’uo or any from sixth density has shared more information about the Buddha state, the path of completion, and achieving the state of all being in one. Some implications of this piece of information is that it may help bring fresh perspectives as to how one should be living and practicing their spirituality in their life. There could also be certain teachings of the Buddha when viewed together with perspectives of the Law of One to be extremely enlightening to both Law of One followers, as well as millions of Eastern religions’ followers around the world.“

We’ll pass this one over to Gary first.

Firstly, I agree with you, Ted, that when viewed together as you said, the Buddhist perspective could illuminate the Law of One and vice versa. I have lamented more than once in the past that Don didn’t ask questions about the Buddha—not necessarily Buddhism or the teaching of the religion—but rather the Buddha and his path and maybe something of what he taught.

Unfortunately, I’ve only crossed paths with Buddhism here and there and have gotten just bits and pieces in the same way as I have with Hinduism and Christianity. I’ve never made a methodical study of it. Nonetheless, I resonate a lot with certain aspects of the teaching that I have come across. I would venture that it has a lot of developments and alignments with or congruence with the Law of One. When I think of the Buddha, I think of #48.10 where Don asked:

“Could you tell me how the various bodies, red through violet are linked to the energy centers red through violet? Are they linked in some way?”

You didn’t read this one, Jim, did you?


Okay, cool, for the previous question. Ra answered:

“As we have noted, each of the true-color densities has the seven energy centers, and each entity contains all this in potentiation. The activation, while in yellow ray, of violet-ray intelligent infinity is a passport to the next octave of experience.”

I believe that by next octave of experience Ra is referring to the next set of seven densities. But, they have used octave in reference to a density. After all, a density, in and of itself, is a micro-octave because it has seven sub-densities within it, on and on infinitely.

But anyways, Ra says:

“Passport to the next octave of experience.

There are adepts who have penetrated many, many of the energy centers and several of the true colors. This must be done with utmost care while in the physical body, for as we noted when speaking of the dangers of linking red/orange/yellow circuitry with true-color blue circuitry, the potential for disarrangement of the mind/body/spirit complex is great. However, the entity who penetrates intelligent infinity is basically capable of walking the universe with unfettered tread.“

So far as I understand, the Buddha is like Christhood. It is a state of consciousness or a stateless state of consciousness that has transcended all illusions, dismantled the veil, and penetrated Intelligent Infinity—in so far as the third density entity is capable—and sees through every layer of the dream. The Buddha is someone who is awoken and is no longer suffering. The Buddha is someone who understands that they are one with all things, that they are the Creator, that nothing in their experience is anything other than the Creator. The Buddha sees to the true heart of every moment, which is infinity and eternity, and the blinders of separation have been completely removed.

Otherwise, Q’uo—actually Austin—was going to talk a bit about this one, this session, so I’ll stop off there. Sorry if I sound a little scattered right now. I am a little scattered, but back to the host.

Thank you for that and thank you also for stealing my quotes again. [Laughter]

Jim, what do you think about that one?

Well, how about we go back to you so you can use what quotes you have left, and I’ll bring up the rear?

Umm, Gary pretty much took care of that for me.

Already taken care of, huh?

Yeah. Go ahead.

You were going to talk about April, 2, 2011, right?

Oh, yeah, yeah. I did have that, I guess.

Carla’s last channeling.

I think it was second to last. I think there was one more after that.

Nope, that was it.

That was it.


She had surgery two weeks later.

Well, go ahead with your answer, Jim. I’ll carry up the rear.

Okay, let me just provide a bit of information with our listeners. We have a friend in California, Lee Horseman, who lives in El Cajon. For the last two to three years, he has been writing a comparison of Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Law of One, which we will probably be able to use here. He’s taken a lot of time to study both Buddhism and Hinduism, going to India and traveling around that area, spending time with various gurus and getting himself steeped in the history and the mystical nature of these ways of seeking the truth. He’s always been a Law of One student, so we have that to look forward to.

In #34.2 Don is asking about penetration of the eighth level or Intelligent Infinity. He says:

“You stated at an earlier time that penetration of the eighth level, or intelligent infinity level, allows a mind/body/spirit complex to be harvested if it wishes at any time/space during the cycle. When this penetration of the eighth level occurs, what does the entity who penetrates this level experience? Can you tell me this?”

Ra answered:

“I am Ra. The experience of each entity is unique in perception of intelligent infinity. Perceptions range from a limitless joy to a strong dedication to service to others while in the incarnated state. The entity which reaches intelligent infinity most often will perceive this experience as one of unspeakable profundity. However, it is not usual for the entity to immediately desire the cessation of the incarnation. Rather the desire to communicate or use this experience to aid others is extremely strong.”

In other areas of discussing this contact with Intelligent Infinity, Ra said that service to others is automatic at this point. So that the positively-oriented entity would want to come back and share what he or she has found there because it is such a glorious nature. They see the connection with everyone and everything and that they want to serve everyone and everything. They just want to give glory to the Creator that they see everywhere. Whereas, I’m sure the negatively-oriented entity has the opposite reaction. They might say, “Oh, yeah. Got it, I’m on my way.” Then they go off on their own to do their own thing.

So, I think that that’s what every religion is seeking, and all religions or mystical ways of seeking the truth have various ways of describing this concept of unity or unity with the One Creator. The whole field of yoga is a study of how to become one with the Creator. Yoga means union. So, keep that in mind and then keep in mind that all the mystical traditions on the planet have always felt that the Creator was not only in everything, but in everyone. Each person has the ability to discover his Creator within. The technique that’s most usually utilized is that of meditation so that we can begin to listen more to the inclinations, the inklings, the intonations, and occasionally the information that comes to us from the One Creator.

My favorite mystical teacher, Joel Goldsmith, believes that the still, small voice inside that so many people refer to, is the One Creator speaking to you. This small voice is differentiated from one’s intuition, from which you can get information from your own subconscious, as well through intuition. But there is that still, small voice that gives you very clear direction, and that is the beginning of the contact with the One Creator.

Okay, Austin, your turn.

I’m glad that you went before me because I think that I kind of have something that might tie those two answers together. In reference to the quote that Gary used where Ra talks about the entity who penetrates Intelligent Infinity being capable of walking the universe with unfettered tread, this sounds a bit to me like what Ted was talking about when he referenced god-like powers.

I think some people have taken this to mean that this entity can basically teleport anywhere around the universe. I think that’s definitely a possible explanation because they didn’t really give any specifics about what they were talking about, which means that it could literally be interpreted to mean that they can basically do anything they want. But what I think is a more relevant and applicable interpretation—and maybe equally true—is that instead of teleportation, the entity, rather their tread, is unfettered by catalyst, and they simply see all things as love and there is nothing that they can encounter upon their journey that hinders their ability to love and to serve.

This also relates to what Ted was talking about when they say that they’ve finished their cycle of reincarnation. At least for third density, Ra talks about how when an entity reaches this point of balance to where they can do that is when the density is no longer needed. They don’t need the third density catalyst any more and can be harvested.

So there is that, but then there is also another aspect regarding these god-like abilities. Jim was sort of touching on this where there was one point where Ra talked about contact with indigo ray or contact with Intelligent Infinity. This doesn’t necessarily have to manifest in any particular gift or guidepost. They talk about how some entities who reach this point manifest it through pure being, rather than showing what might be considered god-like powers.

I don’t know enough about Buddhism to know exactly what the Buddha did. I’d imagine that the god-like powers were rather magnificent and incredible. Perhaps some people who might reach that point could have some sort of god-like powers, like healing abilities and something like that. But this god-like ability might not need to manifest in ways that seem miraculous to us. Maybe it is simply an ability to live our lives without any sort of hindrance from love.

So that’s pretty much my follow up to you guys’ responses. I don’t have much new to add besides that. Any other thoughts from you two?

Chloe’s [the cat] making a comment here with my newspaper. Sorry about that.

That’s all right.

Don had a humorous little quote that might be fitting here. He said:

“A third-class guru says he can levitate, but can’t. A second-class guru says he can levitate and does. A first-class guru can levitate but doesn’t.


That’s interesting.

I’ve heard some purring coming in now and then. I just assume that Chloe approves of the job we’re doing.

She’s very excited about it. [Laughs]

I thought that was you purring, Jim. [Laughs]

I wanted to add briefly that Scott Mandelker is a person who spent a lot of time in the East studying Buddhism, more specifically I believe it was some branch of Theravada Buddhism. He has made a rather unique synthesis of the Law of One teaching with Eastern thought. Other than Lee Horseman, who Jim mentioned and whose work I have not seen, Mandelker is the only one, so far as I know, who has made that sort of synthesis. I have found value in it in years past in helping to shine a light on the Law of One material in a very helpful way. But that’s it for me.

I don’t know his website, but easily found it by just searching Scott Mandelker on Google, I think.

His book , Universal Vision: Soul Evolution in the Cosmic Plan contains all of what I was just describing.

All righty. Well, I think we have time for one more question. So, we’ll move on to our next questioner who is Arnold. He sent in several questions via email. I think we’ll only get to this first one today. He asks:

“Why do the teachings encourage, or at least imply a bias towards service to others over service to self, especially when the Law of One is ultimately being free of distortion? We are told that there is no right or wrong. So then why do the teachings favor one service over the other? Does it not create confusion to imply one is better than the other?”

Jim, what do you think?

Well, in #90.21 Don asks Ra:

“Then what you’re saying is once the path is recognized, either the positive or the negatively polarized entity can find hints along his path as to the efficiency of that path. Is this correct?”

Ra answered:

“I am Ra. That which you say is correct upon its own merits but is not a repetition of our statement. Our suggestion was that within the experiential nexus of each entity, within its second-density environment and within the roots of mind, there were placed biases indicating to the watchful eye the more efficient of the two paths. Let us say, for want of a more precise adjective, that this Logos has a bias towards kindness.”

So, I think that one of the reasons that Ra is concentrating on a particular path or why we got information on the service to others path is because the Logos has also put a bias towards that path in the creation. Plus, we were service-to-others entities. Also, Ra described the negative path as the path of that which is not, which is separation. The creation is made of one being and everything is one, but the negative path can take the appearance of separation. It can be enhanced to a degree that it can be traveled, but it is the dark path, the path of service to self.

The path of service to others was described by Ra as the path of that which is. So, that path reflects the total unity of the creation because of the fact that it’s all made out of light by the power of love and through the free will of the Creator. So, I think there’s a lot of good reasons for why the service to others path is being focused on.

I think plenty of mention was made of the negative path. If nothing else, we had to be talking about our friend in negative polarity who was always trying to stop the Ra contact. So, I think we gave the loyal opposition a chance to speak. Gary, what do you think?

That was a great inclusion of the bias of the Logos’ quotes. Do you think that Ra is talking about our particular Logos, or like the great, original Logos?

I believe they’re talking about the great, original Logos because our local Logos is a sub-Logos.

Yeah, that’s how I thought they usually referred to it, to sun bodies as sub-Logoi.

Well, I want to build off of the second part of Jim’s reply when he mentioned how Ra talked about the paths being that which is and that which is not. My reply expands on that. I would agree with your statement that the Law of One does not favor—or I might add, disfavor—one path or the other. As Ra said, “The Law of One blinks neither at the light or the darkness, but is available for service to others and service to self.”

As to Ra’s teachings, Ra’s teaching is a function of who they are, where they are, what they are, what they understand, and so forth. And what they teach is, as Jim was saying, what is. And what is—if I can do it injustice with a few crude words—is a creation of unity, of oneness, of love, of light and of joy. What is, is infinity and eternity. And what is, is a cosmos that became self-aware in the first primal distortion of free will, then found its focus in a second primal distortion of love, and then built the creation of light by love acting through free will.

Ra is only teaching what is according to their level of experience and understanding. I would contend that they do not precisely favor the service to others path, but as they teach unity and as the service to others path seeks to understand unity, it is the service to others path that will be attracted to Ra’s information. You could expand this list a lot further. For instance, as Ra teaches the transcending or releasing of illusion and as the service to others path seeks to transcend or release illusions, it is the service to others path that will be attracted to Ra’s teachings.

Ra could not teach negative polarity information because that is not their understanding. The negative polarity seeks not to undo illusion, but to enhance, intensify, and build upon illusion. In other words, the negative polarity relies upon illusion. Ra, however, does not condemn, disavow, speak condescendingly of, or even discourage the negative path. They simply speak about it in a manner similar to our ideals of the objective journalist in reporting impartially on events and happenings in our worlds.

Now, whereas Ra is beyond and outside of polarity, other sources that L/L Research has channeled, such as Hatonn and Latwii, are still progressing along the path of polarity. Therefore, their teaching will be of a service-to-others oriented nature designed for a service-to-others oriented audience. The same can be said to be true of Ra, but I think there are some important differences there. They, however, fourth/fifth density entities, adhere to a policy close to Ra’s in not condemning, disavowing, condescending to, or even discouraging the negative path. Those service-to-others oriented sources do definitely encourage the progression of the positive path and offer their services towards that end.

So, in conclusion, whatever the density of the source being channeled, the positive polarity is defined by their respect for free will. Thusly do they respect the choice of any seeker of truth, whatever polarity such a seeker chooses.

I want to add that this is a really good question. It’s one that I, in creating my reply, considered for the very first time. Thank you for this, Arnold!

And thank you for that. I again don’t have a lot new to offer, except to maybe reiterate from a slightly different perspective by maybe talking more about why the sixth density would not necessarily be sharing information about service to self, which Jim and Gary both went over already.

Ra talks about how negative path entities having difficulty when they get to the sixth density because both of the polarities have to release their polarity at that point and take in the other. The reason that the negative polarity has difficulty with this and the positive polarity does not is that the positive path is already attempting to accept and love all other selves, including the negative path. So, releasing their polarity is sort of a natural step in line with the path they’re already on. The negative path has to learn something that is completely foreign to them, which is how to take in other selves, to accept other selves as equal parts of the Creator rather than seeing them as things to control or manipulate or, as Gary described, to bend them towards their will and illusion.

So, I’m in line with Gary and Jim here when I say that the reason Ra gave this information, or one big reason that Ra gave information that was slanted towards service to others is because sixth density is innately more along the lines of the service to others path, despite the fact that the sixth density has no polarity one way or the other. Also, the service to others path was the path that Ra went on themselves so they probably don’t have any experience or any direct knowledge of what sort of negative information they could share.

Probably the biggest reason Jim mentioned is that the group that channeled Ra was seeking the service to others path. Naturally, Ra was going to answer questions in light of service to others. They wouldn’t necessarily give service-to-self information to people who are not asking for it. Very much like Gary, I do not think that Ra ever implied that the service-to-others path was better than the service-to-self path, at least in a judgmental sense. Like Jim talked about, there seems to be a natural slant towards service to others. But as far as the negative path being a valid and legitimate path towards the Creator and towards sixth density, Ra never indicated that it was wrong or improper to take that path. They always weighted the polarities as pretty much equal.

When talking about certain types of harvest they would be equally distressed that there was no negative harvest if there was no positive harvest. They wanted a harvest in general, not necessarily just a positive harvest. So long as entities were progressing, whether it’s positive or negative, it seemed like they were happy with that. Not just Ra, but the Logos in general, didn’t care whether an entity progressed service to others or service to self. So, I really don’t think that Ra biased towards others in a judgmental sense. I think it’s simply that that is the information they gave. It might seem like they withheld service-to-self information out of judgment, but I don’t think that’s the case. Any final thoughts on that question from either of you?

No, that’s it.

From me, two points. You described Ra withholding information about service to self. I would say that they, as Jim mentioned, spoke a great deal about the path of service to self—its workings, its objectives, how those within service to self polarize, the interaction between positive and negative, its implications, consequences and so forth. There’s a ton of information about the service to self. But to maybe qualify that, Ra didn’t give personal tailored instructions for how a seeker here on earth can go about polarizing service to self, such as who they can manipulate and how to exploit a particular neighbor, how to master a situation and so forth. Though I would contend that a service-to-self entity, true STS entity, could read the Law of One material and gain quite a bit of clarity about their own path and its mechanisms and how to progress forward. That’s point one. Did you want to reply to that, Austin, before I move on to point two or should I just go ahead?

No. If it’s a counter-point to something I said, I’m not picking that up. I’m in agreement.

Okay. It did spring off a statement you made about Ra seeming to withhold information about service to self. And my second point was—oh my god, this is not the time to be drawing a blank. We’re not live so I’m just going to take my time.

Well, we’re not live, but I’m not going to edit this out.

What did I want to talk about? Dang, it was so clear. It was right there in my mind, but it’s…

I don’t know, it’s going to come to me later. It’s going to drive me nuts, but I can’t think what it was now.

Okay. I’m not sure what the actual words that came out of my mouth were, but I didn’t mean to say that Ra withheld information or anything like that. Not sure if I actually said that or not.

Oh, yeah, you totally used the word ‘withhold’.

Well, I remember using the word ‘withhold’, but I thought I was referring to Arnold thinking that’s what happened.

Oh, okay.

I was arguing against the fact that they withheld information, not that they did withhold information.

All right. Gave me a good opportunity to offer a viewpoint.

Yeah. All righty. Unless Gary can take it out of the air, I think that brings us up to the closing words. Jim, any final thoughts?

Yes, we want to thank everybody for listening. You are our beloved audience—without you we wouldn’t have a show. Please continue to send us more questions, by the way. And please know that we love every one of you and that’s a true love that goes beyond time.

I’m sure we’re all part of the same family, and we’re just talking to each other about family matters here. You all have a great week.

Hey, I’ve got it. You want to stay on?

We can do it. Let’s go.

It came to me. Okay, so you said—and correct me if I’m wrong—that Ra hoped for a harvest for third density, right?

I meant sort of in a general way that they hope for harvests.

Yeah, and they were unconcerned whether it was negative or positive. They would be just as happy if it was negative.

Umm, those were the words that came out of my mouth that didn’t convey my thoughts, but yeah, go ahead and work on that.

I was thinking—and this is speculation—that it may be grounded or may be able to be substantiated that a social memory complex like those of Ra are specifically working towards a positive harvest. It might even be their goal and hope you might say. Of course, they wouldn’t interfere per se with a negative harvest or try to obstruct or stop that in any way. Ultimately, they want to see everybody in third density harvested, but they are working specifically towards increasing numbers of a positive harvest because that’s the path that they took and that’s what they feel is in alignment with the true nature of creation and so forth.

Yeah, I definitely don’t think they would work towards the negative harvest. But, perhaps along the lines of the Logos, rather than Ra, I don’t think Ra would be more upset about a negative harvest as they would a positive harvest. That would imply a judgment value based on the path that those entities took. It seemed like there was judgment value on progression versus non-progression. The Logos has been working to make paths more efficient, which is something that always puzzled me. But I don’t think Ra would judge the negative path in the sense that they would not be happy with a negative harvest. If they want progression, I think they’d be happy with it going one way or the other. But I think that they definitely wouldn’t necessarily help a negative harvest because that’s just not their nature.

Yeah, I agree that they wouldn’t be unhappy if, say this whole particular planet polarized negative, but I would contend that they would feel an ache, you might say, in their heart because Ra described that the Confederation’s aid is motivated by an empathy for the pain on planet Earth. They use the analogy of having a wound or an injury in the body. Like if your arm was hurt, would you ignore it? No, you would tend to it and that’s what higher density entities are doing in relationship to earth. They are tending to the suffering, the confusion, and the pain here. And in the negative there is a great deal of pain. Ra described the negative in higher densities to be eternal disharmony.

So, if Ra saw this planet go in that direction, I’m sure there would be some empathic, you might say, pain on their part.


To the extent that’s possible in the sixth density. I don’t know how that works.

This is a big topic and I wouldn’t get into it, but I do have a short reply in that I don’t think that that’s really the type of pain that they might be responding to. There’s lots of pain that they wouldn’t respond to. For instance, if a second density entity broke its leg, I don’t think that they would come and fix that second density entity’s leg because it was in pain. I think that the type of pain they respond to is the pain of confusion in the sinkhole of indifference. After all, they called themselves the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow.

I don’t think that they would respond to pain that was, in a sense, wielded and controlled and worked towards a negative harvest. I think that as long as that pain was used as catalyst towards service to self or service to others, and in a strong service-to-self society, I think that they wouldn’t have the same type of response. I think they respond to the sorrow of confusion. Certainly, service to self creates confusion in a mixed environment like we are in. If an entire planetary society had swung towards service to self, I don’t think that’s a type of pain they necessarily—for lack of a better word—care about.

That’s seems cold, but I don’t think they would necessarily respond to that.

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I think that’s a really good point and likely true.

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