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Again, I’m Jim McCarty and we’re embarking on a new episode of L/L Research’s weekly podcast, In the Now. Is everybody ready to go?

I am indeed.

And so am I.

Okay. Well, first of all we have a question from our faithful question submitter, Lily, who she sent it in via email. She has a question about guidance. She says:

“Both Ra and Q’uo, especially Q’uo, have taught us about our personal guidance system in our spiritual evolution journey. Personally, I found this knowledge invaluable. I feel deeply grateful to Ra and Q’uo for it. Could you please give an overview of this guidance system? For example, what it is, why it exists, how it functions, what is our involvement in it, both pre-incarnationally and within this incarnation? How to invoke it when we need it, etc. Then could you give some examples, either personal experiences or true stories that you know about how this guidance system helps people in crisis in day-to-day life alike so that we can progress along the spiritual journey with ever more confidence, ever stronger faith and ever deeper sense of being loved and supported along the way. Thank you.”

Okay, Gary, what have you to say about guidance and guidance systems?

Well, for my reply I would like to tell you all about Angelica, Jim’s Guide and how that works. I’m just giving Jim some trouble. He mentioned in advance that he’d be talking about Angelica. So, I’ll open with a quote I found relevant to this question.

So, what is guidance? Q’uo says:

“They include, as you said, angels—and there are many varieties of angels—pixies, elves, fairies, nature divas and spirits of all kind, the essences of elements, their spirits such as undeens, sylphs, niads, dryads, and all of the totem with which you have been associated in past lives. As well, there are many entities in the inner realms who are drawn to you when you are conspicuously loving, patient or intent upon the truth. Passion for goodness, for fairness, for love, or for devotion to the one infinite Creator all draw to you entities that dwell within the inner realms in one capacity or another. And so you may have about you literally dozens of helpful, loving sources of inspiration and guidance. Each is in harmony with the other sources of guidance that are about you and they constitute your family in the unseen realms. Also to be considered are those entities which are associated with you in other densities, especially for those of you who are wanderers.

When you have incarnated as many times as each of you has incarnated, the web of connections becomes truly amazing, expanding infinitely and including virtually everyone on the planet. Consequently, the concept of one spirit guide or two spirit guides or a limited number of them is not accurate in our opinion, for if you are sufficiently motivated to focus your will to that laser-like quality that it can achieve when your emotions and your desires are coherent, you call a very large percentage of the unseen realms to aid you and support you. Thus it is that we encourage entities to find their passion and follow it.“

Why does guidance exist? I would venture that guidance exists because nobody does this alone. The Creator created infinite so-called parts because It wanted to know itself through the interaction of those seeming parts. Service is the name of that interaction. Even the negative fifth-density entity that’s maximally cut off and alone still seems to reach out for interaction of a service-to-self nature every now and then.

How can we invoke guidance when we need it? Each of us has our own way of invoking guidance on a conscious means, including opening yourself, quieting yourself, listening, and setting the intention. I think this is an art, not a science. There is space for creativity according to the wiring, needs, and balances of the individual. But in addition to conscious invocation, I would note too, that the way you live your life can be a means to access guidance, which ties into what Q’uo was just saying. The object of your desires, the quality of your seeking, and the nature of your vibrations can open you up to to receive guidance. Even when you’re not consciously invoking guidance, you are attracting help. That’s the foundation of service to others, right? STO entities help each other. Though we are each ultimately responsible for ourselves, the service-to-other family is on a journey together. We all need each other, and we help each other across planes of existence, not just human to human.

Meditation, of course, is another means to access guidance, which I have a quote from Q’uo about it, but I’ll skip it in favor of brevity.

Finally, waiting. Q’uo says:

“It may seem that there are emergencies where guidance must be had, but indeed the greatest friend to one who seeks guidance is sister Patience, for there is the abiding, the waiting for the rhythm of things to come into the configuration which is harmonious and right. There is that moment when the one who has the heart to understand can almost feel the situation clicking into rhythm and when that rhythm of the feeling of rightness comes, there is no doubt. There is only the awareness of and the great gratitude for guidance.”

I will cut my answer short before I go into examples. So, I’m going to turn it back to the host and not hear myself talk overly long.

Okay. That was really good, Gary. Austin, what have you got to offer us about guides in a general sense?

Well, actually, in less of a general sense, I kind of tackled what I think is probably the most common of guides that people are familiar with, which is the higher self. Seems to me that most people call upon their higher selves in one way or another. The term ‘the higher self’ is used across many sorts of spiritual systems and disciplines. It is even mentioned in non-spiritual and material ways. Secular people talk about invoking their higher self and things like that. So, I have a little bit to share about what exactly the higher self is and how that relates to our guidance system.

Ra says about the higher self that it “protects when possible and guides when asked.” So the nature of the higher self is somewhat of a mind bender in Ra’s view. Ra describes the higher self in the context of non-linear time, leading us to the conclusion it is a sort of future analog of ourselves, but not quite exactly. Essentially, at a certain point in sixth density, the self creates the higher self as a guide. Ra describes this in different ways, including saying that the higher self is the entity of mid-sixth density, which turning back, offers service to its self. So, in a sense the higher self is a future version of us. But the reason I said that it is not quite exactly that way is because the higher self does not contain all of our memories up to that point of progression.

According to Ra:

“it is aware of the lessons learned through sixth density, the progress rate is fairly well understood, the choices which must be made to achieve the higher self as it is are the providence of the mind/body/spirit complex itself.”

Those are Ra’s words and they go on to say:

“Thus the higher self is like the map in which the destination is known, the roads are very well known, these roads being designed by Intelligent Infinity working through Intelligent Energy. However, the higher self aspect can program only for the lessons and certain predisposing limitations if it wishes. The remainder is completely the free choice of each entity. There is the perfect balance between the known and the unknown.”

And I think that is a good tactic to take with any of our guidance systems. I don’t think that any of them are either willing or capable of completely guiding us without having our own free will be involved. We have to make the choices ourselves. Guides are not going to proactively offer direct answers or tell us exactly what to do at any given moment. They might, I guess, but it’s still up to us to make the choice to listen to that guidance in any way.

So in my mind, if the higher self specifically were a direct future version of ourselves, it wouldn’t have this implied limited understanding of the person’s choices or path. Ra implies that some areas or memories of the higher self are veiled from the totality of its memories. As such, it doesn’t know everything that we are going to do, but it guides us through that unknown aspect. I think utilizing the higher self as a guidance system comes in many shapes and sizes. I think the most central aspect of all of these is something that Gary touched on, which is a personal expression of desire or request for aid from the higher self. I think this simple act alone will allow for more interaction between your higher self and you. I believe this is true for guidance in general—that guides normally cannot actively offer guidance without a request offered first.

So, many people use various forms of channeling to interact with their higher self or even other types of guides. In my own experiences, my most effective method of communication with my higher self is vocally channeling. I have received very meaningful messages from my own higher self this way. Others might use things like automatic writing or typing, or things like visualization or active imagination when trying to connect with their higher self. I think the key is just to put yourself in a state of focused receptivity. The ability to reach the higher self, or whatever guide you’re trying to connect to, is generally pretty easy from there.

Beyond that, I think many people believe that we are receiving hints and guidance from their higher selves and their guidance systems throughout the day. This guidance could take the shape of directing our attention to synchronistic events such as having us look at a clock when it’s 11:11 or 12:12 or anything like that. It could even maybe nudge us in a certain direction or ensure we end up with that last slice of pizza at the party. Lots of people believe that they interact with their guides in very small, minute ways, or in very grand ways. I think it’s hard to distinguish between our guidance systems and our own intuition or psychic senses, but I do think it’s completely possible that we have some sort of constant connection with guides who are always attempting to steer us in a direction that will help us learn that lesson that we need to learn at that moment. So that was my take.

How about you, Jim?

Well, I’d like to share some general information on guides first before I talk anything about my experience with Angelica. The best information I’ve ever seen on guides comes from chapter 8 of Michael Newton’s book, Journey of Souls. He’s the one that’s done all the work with progressive hypnosis where he takes people back to the time between incarnations where they review the previous incarnation and make plans for the future incarnation, as well as meet their spiritual family again and so forth.

What he has to say about guides is very interesting. He said:

“I’ve never worked with a subject in trance who did not have a personal guide. Some guides are more in evidence than others during hypnosis sessions. It is my custom to ask subjects if they see or feel a discarnate presence in the room. If they do, this third party is usually a protective guide. Often a client will sense the presence of a discarnate figure before visualizing the face or hearing a voice. People who meditate a great deal are naturally more familiar with these visions than someone who has never called upon his or her guide.

Recognition of these spiritual teachers brings people into company with a warm, loving, creative power. Through our guides we become more acutely aware of the continuity of life and our identity as a soul. Guides are figures of grace in our existence because they are part of the fulfillment of our destiny. Guides are complex entities, especially when they are master guides. The awareness level of the soul determines to some extent the degree of advancement of the guide assigned to them. In fact, the maturity of a particular guide also has a bearing on whether these teachers have only one student or many under their direction.

Guides at the senior level of ability and above usually work with an entire group of souls in the spirit world and on earth. These guides have other entities who assist them. From what I can see, every soul group usually has one or more rather new teachers in training. As a result, some people may have more than one guide helping them. One of the most important aspects of my therapeutic work with clients is assisting them on a conscious level with appreciating the role that their guides play in life. These teacher entities edify all of us with their skillful instruction techniques. Ideas we claim as our own may be generated by a concerned guide.

Guides also comfort us during the trying periods in our lives, especially when we are children in need of solace. I remember a charming remark made by a subject after I asked when she began seeing her guide in this life.

‘Oh, when I was daydreaming,’ she said. ‘I remember my guide was with me my first day of school. When I was really scared, she sat on top of my desk to keep me company and then showed me the way to the bathroom when I was too afraid to ask the teacher.’“

So, she got off to an early start. And I’ll finish up with this part here:

“I’m often asked if teacher guides are matched to us or just picked at random. This is a difficult question to answer. Guides do appear to be assigned to us in the spirit world in an orderly fashion. I’ve come to believe their individual teaching styles and management techniques support and beautifully integrate with our permanent soul identity. For instance, I’ve heard about younger guides whose past lives included overcoming particularly difficult negative traits, begin assigned to souls with the same behavior patterns. It seems these empathetic guides are graded on how well they do in their assignments to affect positive change.

All guides have compassion for their students, but teaching approaches vary. I find some guides constantly helping their students on earth, while others demand their charges work out lessons with little overt encouragement. The maturity of the soul is, of course, a factor. Certainly, graduate students get less help than freshmen. Aside from the developmental level, I look at the intensity of individual desire as another consideration in the frequency of appearance and form of assistance one receives from his or her guide during life.“

I think that the last comments that he was making about people who are maybe more experienced on the path of seeking would have less actual contact and consciously perceive assistance from their guides because they really don’t need it. What they need is to be able to make these choices themselves. I think the seekers of truth who are maybe new to the path and haven’t had a lot of experience on it, probably have a greater chance of being assisted in a conscious fashion that they perceive from their guides. That’s just something I’ve felt for a while, but then he also says that it looks like the way it is for him.

So, Gary, I think you had some more you wanted to share with us.

Yeah. Did you want to talk about Angelica?

Well, I imagine, yeah. I didn’t want to take up too much time at one time like you didn’t. We’re all kind of sharing the stage here.

Okay, yeah, definitely. What’s really interesting in what you read about the Newton piece is how one can receive guidance and not realize it in that they think a thought is completely their own. I’m sure that has happened many times in my own life where I feel inspired with a particular thought that I probably got some help with thinking that thought.

Lily asked about examples, which made me think back to a Diane Rehm episode I listened to recently where she interviewed this fellow named Albert Racehoss who had a very, very difficult life even by earth standards. This was an interview in the 80’s. He spent a lot of time in prison, had a difficult upbringing, and so forth. He did not know love whatsoever growing up, from his mother, or from what contact he had with the community. He had a long stint in prison and was even put in solitary confinement for a while.

Although he became a very tough person because of his circumstances, there came a time when he thought he was broken. He was about to finally say for the first time, “Okay, you, you know, the prison warden, the system, you have beaten me, and I give up.” He started choking up on-air at this point of the interview. He said that suddenly he felt a presence in the room with him and that there was a light. Meanwhile he was saying, “I know I’m going to sound crazy, but there was something in that room with me and I knew I was loved. I felt love.” The experience was restoring and healing for him. He said that that was the first time he cried since he was a child or maybe ever, and he cried and cried and cried. He said he didn’t care if he received food or how long he stayed in there. He said you could have thrown away the key and it would have been fine because he was where he needed to be and he felt connected.

I hang on to that episode as an illustration of guidance at work. I would imagine that Albert had received some guidance. We have a friend named Kathy whose husband passed away a few years ago—not too long before Carla. Kathy is in regular two-way communication with her husband. She receives information and she shares information. He’s become part of her guidance system, which is not unlike what we’ve heard from other people’s stories. We’ve heard other stories like that where somebody moves on and becomes part of that person’s guidance system. I have an aunt who was just telling me that when her sister, my other aunt, passed away, that she started to feel her in different ways.

What made it really difficult for me to answer this question is because unlike Austin, I have had zero success in receiving what I feel is the answer to a question, or any kind of tangible feedback even though I have asked on many occasions and in different ways. But I have never gotten anything that I consider clear. I think it’s part of my wiring that this is the case, but when I look at the course of my own life and especially as it intersects with L/L Research, there has been such a falling into place of things. Not without effort, stress or loss or pain or difficulty, but ultimately, in retrospect, it’s clear that I received that which I needed. I’m certain that in many points along that journey there was invisible help nudging me along the way or giving me a prompting or seeding a thought or maybe helping to guide my hand to a certain circumstance. I think at minimum that’s the way it’s working for most people.

Q’uo says:

“We can only say to you who wish to become more aware of the guidance sought that it is all about you; that there are ways of thinking about guidance and methods of guidance that you may consider and choose between, but know this: Beyond all of your choices, the information that you need comes to you again and again and again. If you miss it this time, there will be another time.”

Once we’re all done, I have another thing I want to read from Q’uo. But in closing this part I wanted to comment on Austin’s really good reply about the higher self. It got me thinking about how the higher self is in one respect this thing other than us or outside of us. But ultimately it’s us. It’s in our core. So, to turn to the higher self is, I think it’s fair to say, another way to turn within—which is also a way of saying that we have the guidance we need within us in any given moment. It is always operating and accentuated, of course, when we seek and ask for it. But I think we’re well supported.

Back to you, Jim.

Good job, Gary. Austin, did you have anything else to share with us?

No, I am eager to hear about Angelica.

Okay. I guess we’ll get to that one then. I was on my land and camped out in a tent for just about the second time after I bought it in 1972. A friend of mine, Glacial Lily, from Jacksonville, Florida had come to visit me and brought her dog, Sugar Bear. What I’d done that day was attempt to cut a path through the bottom land, which had about 8-foot-tall weeds on it, so that it can be used to get up to the cabin site that I’d picked out. This gave me a really good idea of the work that lay ahead of me. I mean, I really didn’t know what was coming, but subconsciously I had the feeling there was going to be a lot of work and I really didn’t know if I could do it.

So, that was the feeling I had before I went to sleep that particular night. At some point in the middle of the night, I guess or maybe early in the morning, her dog was eating hard dog food in a plastic bowl and that made enough noise that it brought me out of a deep sleep, but didn’t wake me completely. It brought me up to the preconscious state, which is where it’s easy to remember dreams and keep on going with the dream and so forth.

It was at that point that I got a message from Angelica. I’ll just read what Don asked Ra about it in session #52.02, where Don says:

“I have a question from Jim about an experience that he had when he first moved to his land in which he was told, ‘The key to your survival comes indirect, through nervousness’. The entity was Angelica. Can you give him information with respect to this?”

Ra answered:

“As we have noted, each mind/body/spirit complex has several guides available to it. The persona of two of these guides is the polarity of male and female. The third is androgynous; it represents a more unified conceptualization faculty.”

I think this is interesting that we each have at least three guides, one male, one female and one androgynous. Angelica, of course, sounds very female. I think that maybe—this is just a guess of mine—that one of the basic reasons Angelica was with me was because my primary lesson in this life has been to open my heart and to learn how to love. Ra mentioned in some other sessions that I had an abundance of wisdom and I really wanted to balance that with more compassion.

So, Angelica was the entity that turned out to be my active guide. I have a hunch that if I had been exploring the concepts of wisdom it might have been that I would have had a male guide because in this world that we’re in right now, we tend to see the female quality as being more loving, the male quality as being more wise with not so much emotions and sensitivity. The concept of an androgynous guide—which seems to be the more advanced one—would suggest the balancing and blending of wisdom and compassion. After all, we know that the fifth and fourth densities get balanced as you go into the sixth. I have a hunch that’s why we have three guides, but I don’t know, I could be wrong.

But what Ra said about it was:

“The guide speaking sound vibration complex Angelica was a female polarized persona. The message may not be fully explicated due to the law of confusion.”

This was interesting to me then and now because when this question was asked, I’d already done the work on the land, and I’d already survived. I got, you know, my cabins, the orchard, and the road built, as well as got the garden and school started and all of that. I’d done what I didn’t know I could do. So, that suggests to me that that quality, which was said to me by Angelica as that key to your survival comes indirect through nervousness, was still in effect when this question was asked because Ra was not able to give a full explanation of the message. But what they did say was:

“We may suggest that in order to progress a state of some dissatisfaction be present, thus giving the entity the stimulus for further seeking. This dissatisfaction, nervousness or angst if you will, is not of itself useful. Thus, its use is indirect.”

A quality of mine throughout my life is has been to worry about things. I would worry about something coming up that I didn’t have a real strong sense of confidence about being able to do it. But it seemed like everything would always turn out okay. I started ascribing things turning out okay to my worrying; that if I didn’t worry, things might not turn out okay.

So when I was on the land I was very concerned about everything that was ahead of me, which put me in this state of nervousness or angst and concern. I would tend to go out of my way to get more prepared to do whatever job was coming up. I would get the tools ready, and I’d think about it in my mind. I’d practice something here and there and use overkill here and there. I would just do everything I could to try to ensure the successful completion of whatever task was at hand. Worry has sort of become my friend and it has been throughout the years. But I don’t think it’s really the worry or the dissatisfaction that is really that helpful. It’s just that that’s the way I could finally get to the ability to do what it is I want to do.

The last couple of years, I’ve been able to have more of that confidence where I didn’t have to rely so much on the key of my survival coming indirectly. I can see that each of us has not only guidance that can help us out, but we have our own sense of self-worth and confidence that over a long enough period of time—and I’ve been around for a while–just seems to grow to the point where now I can believe that well, yeah, I can do that.

So, that is in general the experience I had with Angelica, which is the only experience I’ve ever had with Angelica. I’ve never had any other contact that I’m aware of. Like Gary and Austin mentioned, I’m aware of little synchronicities that come my way that could very well be Angelica. Or it could be another guide or higher self or whatever. Little things that happen like that seem to happen more often when you get into the flow of your spiritual life. You know how you want to live and you’re dedicated with a passion to it. That is when things just kind of seem like they happen with you, for you, and are all about you.

So, Gary, Austin, any comments further?

I have some quotes I could read. Austin, do you have anything?

No, nothing significant. I had one more small example after that expresses great appreciation for Jim’s answer that he just gave. It was very excellent and informative and heart-felt. We have a friend, Barbara Brodsky who has a unique story behind her guide that she actually channels for other people named Aaron. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the story with Barbara and Aaron is that they actually had lifetimes together, and in one lifetime Barbara stepped in front of a spear or an arrow for Aaron and basically sacrificed herself in that lifetime so that Aaron could survive. It was in that moment or it was because of that catalyst that Aaron was able to sort of reach a modicum of spiritual evolution that he could stop reincarnating. Instead he could stick around and guide Barbara from the other side. She has taken that opportunity and channels Aaron who has become a guide for many people through Barbara.

So, I think that is another unique example of guidance at work and how it comes about.

Yeah, that’s really good. Gary, how about you? You have another quote from Q’uo?

Yeah. I definitely agree with Austin. I went to a local intuitive counselor who was really good and she said she could see multiple guides around me. I had one Spanish fellow and I think she named him Alejandro or something, I don’t know. And she said he’s helping you learn the lesson of letting go cause that’s something you wanted to learn in this lifetime. I don’t know, it sounded okay. I didn’t have any particular affinity for a Spanish monk-like guide. But it does corroborate with what Confederation sources and Michael Newton who have said that your particular lessons will attract particular guides suited to help with those lessons.

So, this quote answers a question about how social memory complexes communicate. It was especially eloquent and I think it applies to the way communication happens across various planes of existence. Q’uo says in a channeling session held on April 1, 2006:

“This instrument can feel us laughing for the challenge of this question is such that we doubt our abilities to express, in any way that is useful, the response that would make sense.

Imagine that the entire creation is dancing. Imagine that it is dancing in a way that is unified and harmonized so that every speck and mote and iota of the one infinite Creation of the Father is dancing in perfect harmony and in full awareness of the vast and infinite reaches of that dance.

We who are not of third density incarnation, whether we are dwelling between incarnations or are essences that were uncreated and therefore have not incarnated at all, are part of this dance. It is the dance of the heavens and the Earth, the elements and the essences of creation. In infinite variety and color, the patterns of the dance swirl in sacred geometry, in joy, in thanksgiving, and in grace and symmetry that create a beauty that is never ending, ever flowing, and an expression of unconditional love in its every facet and coloration.

Communication betwixt social memory complexes is that kind of communication that you may have experienced at times with those to whom you were very close. Perhaps you have known what someone else was going to say. Perhaps you have felt that there was someone else in the room with you and you turned around and there someone was. You felt the palpable energy of their presence. So it is when coherent energies wish to speak with each other; the wish creates a connection, it is instantaneous.“

I speculate that guidance operates on a similar basis. And finally, here is another quote came up in my research on guidance, which comes from a channeling session held on February 15, 1998:

“There is a yearning within each seeker for home. And when the angel, or the guardian, or the guide, or guidance itself, is sought there is that hope of a letter from home, of a pat on the back, or a hint of what the situation is from an older and wiser relative. Whatever the way you choose, you are seeking that home when you seek guidance. You are sensing that you are on a journey, and you are asking for some information closer to the source and ending of that journey. Be aware that you may be someone else’s guide. Be aware when questions are asked of you, for that which is love may speak through you if you are empty enough and clear enough. Be aware that others may be your guide for a moment without any conscious intention, or with conscious intention.”

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for the great question, Lily.

Okay. I’ve got one other thing to add here. Another possible source of guidance is what is usually called the Comforter. In session #89.7, Don asks Ra:

“Jim has also felt very strong conditioning which was unbidden while channeling Latwii recently and in his personal meditations. Would you also tell us what occurred in these cases?”

Ra answered:

“I am Ra. The entity which has been your companion…”

This was in reference to our negative entity companion…

“…has a vibratory frequency but a small amount lesser than that of the social memory complex known as Latwii. Also, Latwii is the primary comforter of the Confederation for entities seeking at the vibratory complex level of the one known as Jim.”

I was interested in what that could’ve meant. I Googled ‘comforter’ and found out that it’s a term that is usually used in the Bible, particularly in the Book of John. In fact, almost exclusively in John. Remember Ra suggested opening the Bible to John, Chapter 1, verse 1 for the Ra contact as one of the appurtenances that were at Carla’s head. There are thirteen different places in John where the Comforter is mentioned. In general, the Comforter seems to have about three or four different functions:

  • Brings to remembrance Christ’s words or the Christ-conscious words
  • Testifies concerning Christ
  • Guides all into truth
  • Abides forever

I think that everybody has a comforter as well, or it could be that Wanderers are blessed with something a little extra. I don’t know, you know, I really don’t. This is all the information we ever got on comforters. But at the very least Wanderers do seem to have this extra level of guidance that comes in the form of the Comforter and the name ‘Comforter’ suggests that it is available for us when we are in need of consolation, healing, inspiration, or some kind of a making whole that which is broken and mending that which is bent a bit.

So, that was the last thing I wanted to share. Has anyone got any final thoughts?

Not from me.

I have a comforter, too. It’s in my bedroom.

Okay. I think we’ve come to the end of our program for the day. You’ve been listening to the L/L Research’s weekly podcast, In the Now. If you’ve enjoyed the show, please visit our websites, L/L Research.org and Bring4th.org. Thanks so much for listening and a special thank you to those who submitted questions.

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