Jim: Our first question today has as its focus the role of the spirit guides in the ascension process. We would like for Q’uo to tell us what this role is.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greeting in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We come to you in the Creator’s service this day. Thank you for asking us to join your circle of seeking. It is both a privilege and a great blessing to be with you, to marvel at the beauty of your vibrations, and the intensity of your seeking for the truth. As always, we would ask each to use discrimination in considering the ideas that we offer. If they have resonance for you please feel free to work with them. But if they do not, please leave them behind; we would not be a stumbling block to any. We thank you for this consideration, my friends.

You have asked this day concerning the role of spirit guides in the ascension process. We find this somewhat humorous because this instrument has been working for the past several days upon a manuscript of channelings from the Holy Spirit, which is this instrument’s spirit guide. Consequently, this instrument is steeped in that companionship and comfort which is the role of the guidance system of each entity.

Your guidance system, whether you characterize it as this instrument does in the Christian term of Holy Spirit or whether you characterize it in other ways, is, nevertheless, a part of the interwoven consciousness of Creator and created. You are never without your guidance system.

A key concept to remember when thinking of your guidance is not what form or shape it takes, but what its essence is. The essence of that spirit that companions you throughout and incarnation is unconditional love, absolute support, unending compassion, and a clarity of understanding that takes in the full sweep of the octave of densities within which you now enjoy consciousness.

It is not an event that occurs in a moment to ascend. Ascension is rather a process. Think of third density, if you will, as a spiritual distillery. You know of how a distiller creates spirits from the fruit of the vine or grain using various substances such as yeast, hops, raisins and many other choices of ways to create a chemical reaction which will distill the raw ingredients into the finished wine that is full of the delicious taste of all of its ingredients and due to the chemical processing has transformed its nature. Such is your process in enjoying incarnation upon planet Earth.

We have observed that the dogma-driven thinking of your religions, especially the one known as Christianity, has skewed the thinking about the ascension process and has created of it not a joyful celebratory event, but a fear-driven, doom-filled event. It is not the intention of the Creator that the process of ascension be narrowed down to an event of any kind. However, were a very narrow view to be taken of ascension so that one could see it as an event, it would be an event that was as full of positive emotions as one’s birthday, ones wedding day, or any other celebration or party to which one looked forward greatly. The whole concept of ascension as a terrifying moment when the world ends and suddenly you are standing before a righteous judge, is far from the Creator’s mind, as far as we understand the Creator’s mind and we note here that our understanding is faulty; we offer only our humble opinion at all times.

Your life is a process of gradual ascension. You start with raw ingredients. Throughout your life, each choice that you make advances the distilling process. At the moment of death, the gateway to larger life opens and you yourself are able to see with the enhanced vision of time/space where you are in your ascension process. You are the judge that you have so feared. Your spirit guide, guidance system, or higher self, is there with you as a resource to you.

From our point of view, we see the term spirit guide as somewhat lacking in specificity. We would rather discuss the higher self for in terms of the structure of this resource of the self, the higher self comes from a place in the circle of your personality stream, shall we say, or your soul stream, that is far in advance of your consciousness within incarnation at this time. The higher self is your self at a point within sixth density where the lessons of unity have been so far advanced that you as an entity have become aware in sixth density that you are moving away from close contact with that which has been laid within your memory as the occurrences of all of the densities up through sixth.

They are falling away from you at this point and your mind, heart and will are turning ever more toward the face of the Creator. You are acquiring enough spiritual gravity that you are aware that this is your goodbye to the self of this creation. You are not any longer interested in your personality shell. You are ready to be absorbed into the godhead principle once again.

And so you turn in the midst of sixth density in this very precious and pivotal point in the distillation of your soul and you leave a resource behind as a gift to yourself. It is available in third density, fourth density, fifth density, and, if needed, in the beginning of sixth density for that soul and spirit that you are. [Inaudible] inextricably bound into your consciousness. It must be asked in order to be heard. The spirit, or higher self, will not speak unless it is asked; it can not intrude upon free will. It must wait for your interest, your desire, your questions, your cries, your groanings, your rejoicings, and any other conversation that you wish to have. It waits patiently, full of love, knowing you because it is you but you at your highest and best. So there is color to the spirit. There is energy and liveness, [but] there is not is physicality. The spirit is uncreated. It is a resource, an essence if you will.

Therefore, at the moment of death your higher self is with you, part of you, supporting and encouraging you as you walk into the light of larger life.

Is there a follow-up query to this question before we move on?

Q’uo, are there other selves that act as spirit guides, like angels or other forms?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. There are indeed other entities that help to guide. This is why we were attempting to be more specific about the term that we were using, for the term spirit guide can mean any of a dozen things or more.

There are so many sources of guidance that are around you that to discuss them in depth is impossible, but we can simply name them. They include, as you said, angels—and there are many varieties of angels—pixies, elves, fairies, nature divas and spirits of all kind, the essences of elements, their spirits such as undeens, sylphs, niads, dryads, and all of the totem with which you have been associated in past lives. As well, there are many entities in the inner realms who are drawn to you when you are conspicuously loving, patient or intent upon the truth. Passion for goodness, for fairness, for love, or for devotion to the one infinite Creator all draw to you entities that dwell within the inner realms in one capacity or another. And so you may have about you literally dozens of helpful, loving sources of inspiration and guidance. Each is in harmony with the other sources of guidance that are about you and they constitute your family in the unseen realms. Also to be considered are those entities which are associated with you in other densities, especially for those of you who are wanderers.

When you have incarnated as many times as each of you has incarnated, the web of connections becomes truly amazing, expanding infinitely and including virtually everyone on the planet. Consequently, the concept of one spirit guide or two spirit guides or a limited number of them is not accurate in our opinion, for if you are sufficiently motivated to focus your will to that laser-like quality that it can achieve when your emotions and your desires are coherent, you call a very large percentage of the unseen realms to aid you and support you. Thus it is that we encourage entities to find their passion and follow it.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No thank you. Jim?

Our next question: “Q’uo, could you tell us what the role of the guardians is in the graduation, in the ascension?”

We are those of Q’uo are aware of your query, my brother. The guardians of your planet are a group, some of whom are inner planes entities and some of whom are Confederation entities. There is a rotation of those who are responsible for planet Earth at any one time but a constant number of those who guard and keep stewardship of the planet, its people, and its resources, and by that we do not mean the kind of natural resources of which your peoples general think when they say the word “resources,” but rather we speak of the metaphysical resources of the planet as it moves through its own ascension process, shall we say.

The role of the guardians is to care for and be a steward to the people and the planet. During the ascension process, the guardians stand by the steps of light which are walked by those who are moving ascension or graduation. They look carefully to be sure that the gradations of light are precise, steady and stable. They look to be sure no one stumbles or is confused, for they wish each to walk comfortably into the light until they have chosen their most comfortable place. So they guard the sanctity of this process. It is by this process that each decides or chooses the nature of its next experience. If walking into the light and stopping one has stopped at a place that is yet in third density, then that entity shall next incarnate in another third density planet elsewhere. For the planet you call Earth has begun its fourth density positive incarnation and is even at this time accepting new entities as they graduate through the natural processes of death.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Is there another process besides death to make the transition?

We are those of Q’uo, and believe we understanding your query, my brother. There is not in the duties of the guardian any process other than that which occurs at the death, as you know this walk through the gateway to larger life. We are aware that there has been discussion among your peoples of that which this instrument calls the rapture and indeed this instrument is aware of the teachings of the one known as Jesus who said that when the time came there would [be] two people in the field—one would be taken and one would be left. It is our understanding of this teaching—and again we offer it humbly—that this was as were almost all of the things that the one known as Jesus taught, like a parable in nature.

The literal meaning of the stories that the one known as Jesus told was not intended but rather the stories were those stories in which the parable pointed out metaphysical truths rather than physical ones. Therefore, it is indeed so, in terms of the functionality of the graduation process, that in the moment of choice on the steps of light, an entity either chooses third density or fourth density and therefore moves into life in third or life in fourth density. We do not believe it was intended that there would be this adventurous drama suggested of a sudden and fell rapture in which life as you know it stopped suddenly and [completely] and entities were either tossed into the pits of hell or lifted up to heaven.

We believe that the reality is less dramatic but much more understandable. We believe that the reality is that you, each of you, will choose the manner of your being. You will choose it not because you judge yourself but because you realize that there is a sweet spot in the light for you. Walking those steps of light, you are not looking to push past your abilities, you are looking to find that place where you belong, and when you have found just the right place, it does not matter if it is third density or fourth density, it is the place that you have earned, it is the gift of your long and adventurous life and all that has brought you to that point at which you were vibrating in a certain way when you passed into larger life. That vibration is your being. You want your being to be comfortable. You want that being that you are to be placed where it belongs. This as we understand it is the process of graduation or ascension.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you.

Our third question is [about] ensoulment. When and how does a spirit enter the body in third density to take part in the third-density incarnation?

We are those of Q’uo, and believe we grasp your query, my brother. The body which you inhabit during third density has its own anima. It is not precisely a soul; it is of the nature of second-density entities, inhabiting a great-ape-with-very-little-hair gene pool, if you will. When the physical body that you are using, that serves you so well now, dies, it, as opposed to your consciousness, will sink back into that pool of naked apes that constitutes the human race as a second-density species.

Therefore, it is independent of the need for a soul or a spirit. It can live, enjoy its nature, and pass from life all without the need for a third-density spirit inhabiting the body.

When a woman becomes impregnated, the arrangements, shall we say, for the birth of a certain entity to that woman are already fairly well advanced. There is a great demand for opportunities for incarnation. Entities must wait for an opportunity to inhabit a particular physical vehicle. An entity and its higher self, or its guide, will have pondered the idea of an incarnation for some time, as you would call it, and you will have created a plan or an agenda for the creation that involves being born to a certain woman, living in the family of a certain family, and meeting various key people throughout the life experience. When you and your higher self plan an incarnation, you are redundant in your planning. You have not one or two or three possibilities, but virtually endless possibilities lined up so that if one straight road to Rome does not avail, the next straightest road—with a little kink in it and a little curve there—comes up. And if you stray off of that road, another comes up. They all lead to Rome.

When a woman actually becomes pregnant, this seals the opportunity. There is to some extent an unconscious agreement betwixt the soul of the entity who is the mother and the soul of the entity who is going to be her child.

The time of the entry of a soul or spirit into a physical vehicle with its anima varies widely. In some cases, within three months of the woman becoming pregnant the soul will already have begun inhabiting the physical vehicle that is the fetus within the womb. In other cases, as the other extreme, an entity may not inhabit that body until after the birth. There is a target of opportunity from conception to about three months after birth for the entry of the soul into the body. The choice of when this connection is made has a good deal to do with the relationship of the child to its mother in terms of how that relationship will function as catalyst in the lifetime to come.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I have a question from D, Missouri who wants to know, “Can a physical body exist without a soul?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. That is affirmative. The physical body is capable of living without being ensouled. It is, however, very seldom that this situation occurs. When the consciousness of an entity is withdrawn from a physical vehicle, that physical vehicle is without a rudder, shall we say. It is not geared to functioning as a natural second-density entity but, rather, it has given its life over to carrying consciousness. Generally, when the silvery cord—as this instrument calls the connection between spirit and body—is severed, the anima of the second-density physical vehicle, or animal, is not strong enough to maintain the health or life of that physical vehicle and it perishes because of the lack of the soul which it was designed to carry.

Is there another query at this time?

I’ve got one from L in England. She would like to know what happens to the chemical complex at the time of fourth-density transition.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. The term ashes to ashes and dust [to dust] is familiar to all and would be the burden of our response if we understand your question accurately. Therefore, we assume that we do not understand your query.

May we ask if you could phrase it in another way, my sister? We are those of Q’uo.

It may take a moment to type her response.


Jim, why don’t we go on to the next question and we can touch the last later.

Our fourth question has to do with how social memory complexes talk, how they relate each to the other, and to other social memory complexes.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. This instrument can feel us laughing for the challenge of this question is such that we doubt our abilities to express, in any way that is useful, the response that would make sense.

Imagine that the entire creation is dancing. Imagine that it is dancing in a way that is unified and harmonized so that every speck and mote and iota of the one infinite Creation of the Father is dancing in perfect harmony and in full awareness of the vast and infinite reaches of that dance.

We who are not of third density incarnation, whether we are dwelling between incarnations or are essences that were uncreated and therefore have not incarnated at all, are part of this dance. It is the dance of the heavens and the Earth, the elements and the essences of creation. In infinite variety and color, the patterns of the dance swirl in sacred geometry, in joy, in thanksgiving, and in grace and symmetry that create a beauty that is never ending, ever flowing, and an expression of unconditional love in its every facet and coloration.

Communication betwixt social memory complexes is that kind of communication that you may have experienced at times with those to whom you were very close. Perhaps you have known what someone else was going to say. Perhaps you have felt that there was someone else in the room with you and you turned around and there someone was. You felt the palpable energy of their presence. So it is when coherent energies wish to speak with each other; the wish creates a connection, it is instantaneous.

May we answer you further?

I have one clarification request on what does it mean, “essences that were uncreated”?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. To begin with, the Creator is uncreated. The angels that you know of in your Christian mythology are uncreated beings. Nature spirits are uncreated beings, they have never had incarnation. They express the spirit…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…which lives in elements such as earth, air, wind, and fire, and second density-creatures such as your plants and animals. And even in the stories that entities tell over long periods of time in which entities which never lived become real and have lives within the inner planes of your planetary sphere.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Going back to ensoulment, a couple of quick questions. E would like to know, “Does the self or higher self attempt to choose a father as well as a mother?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. And may we say that it is a wonderful thing to respond to each of you. The energy of each of you is a blessing to us and we thank each of you for taking this time to tabernacle with us.

The father, the siblings, the authority figures, the mate, and the friends of an entity are all considered, indeed, in creating the opportunity for an incarnation. However, in terms of choosing when to be born and in what circumstances, it is the relationship with the mother that is the most pivotal. The relationship with the father is one step removed in that the woman who is a mother carries not only her consciousness as guardian and guide to her unborn child, but also she carries the ocean of infinity and eternity within the springs of her womb. Consequently, it is her energy that is most intimately connected with the one infinite Creator in the process of sacred birth.

May we answer you further, my brother?

T in New York would like to know, “Does abortion incur the need for karmic reparations for the mother or father?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. There is no one answer to this query, my brother. And we are aware that it is a very tender subject, certainly in this instrument’s heart as well as many others. However, each entity creates an agreement with the mother. If the mother is considering abortion, then it is well for that mother to sit in mediation until it feels beyond a shadow of a doubt, subjectively speaking, that it has made contact with that being that is knocking at the door for the opportunity to incarnate.

Some entities are perfectly willing to move on and find another opportunity. Other entities have a great desire to be born to this one person and be placed into incarnation in just this way. Therefore, each case must be decided on its own merits by the woman involved and by no other source. Only that woman can make contact with that soul that is asking for incarnation and ask for permission to pass up this opportunity.

An entity who is attempting to incarnate does not want to cause its mother difficulty. Therefore, if a mother can take the time to commune with that child that is to be, it is entirely possible that there is no karma necessary to experience as a result of choosing to abort when circumstances are not opportune. The child understands as well as the mother.

However, it is well to go through this period of inquiry and communion with the child and to have a very deep and profound discussion as to whether or not that child is happy to have another opportunity with the same parent but at a later time, or with another family altogether.

May we answer you further, my brother?

We have one more from P who would like to know, “When does the seed of thought begin?”

We are those of Q’uo, and would like to say that this shall be the final query of this session. We thank the one known as P for this question, it is an interesting one.

The seed of any thought is thought itself. The Logos is the original Thought. All thoughts spring form the Logos. Unconditional love is the essence of the Logos. Therefore the seed of every thought is love.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I think we’re all set! He said he should have thought of that.

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank all who have gathered for this most adventurous and exciting type of meeting. It is an unusual occasion and one we celebrate. Thank you to each.

We offer our seeds of thought to you with a humble heart but a happy heart indeed. May each of you thrive and enjoy the adventure of incarnation. May you realize the stunning excitement of the possibilities that await you this day. Within you lies the power to reshape your world according to the way you think, the way you hope, and the dreams that you dare to dream.

This instrument and the one known as Jim have been reading a book called Handbook for the New Paradigm. And in it there is discussion of how a few people dreaming together can re-imagine the Earth. That is the function of the spirit as well, that guide that is ever at your side. It also hopes that you shall reach up to the one infinite Creator and to all of the guidance that you have and ask each and every day, “What is your will for me this day? How shall I serve? What shall I learn? And in what shall I rejoice?”

We leave each of you in the power and the peace of this adventure. We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.