Question from T: Q’uo, there is an increasingly popular global trend happening right now. Young people are tending to spend their time playing online games with one another. Some or most of these children may even have the dual-activated bodies of which Ra spoke in the Law of One material. Thus, it seems to me that most of the online gaming is a distraction and a waste of time for children of that nature or any individual, really. My first question is this: What is the influence of online games to this world, especially to young people?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we join your group this evening. Thank you for the privilege and the pleasure of being called to your circle of seeking. It is a great blessing to us to be asked to share our thoughts with you and we thank you for the opportunity.

As always, we would ask that you be very careful in discriminating between those thoughts of ours which seem good to you and those which do not. Please discard any thoughts that do not seem accurate or excellent to you. We would not be a stumbling block before you.

Thank you for this consideration, as it will allow us to feel quite free to speak with you without being concerned that we would infringe upon your sacred spiritual process.

Your question this day concerns the joining of many among your people, especially among your young people, with the online games that are so popular in your cultures at this time. There are a wide variety of these games of which this instrument is somewhat aware and we see this phenomenon through her eyes and through the ramifications of your query.

To us it would appear that there are several different energies in motion at this time which influence the popularity of such means of recreation. And so we would discuss various aspects of this question.

Firstly, let us look at the status or the estate of young people, spiritually speaking. Entities within your cultures at this time that are young are, as the one known as T mentioned, possessed of bodies in which the fourth-density energies are in potentiation. The double activation creates an atmosphere in which the mind of the person is sensitive to unspoken thoughts and unexpressed emotion. For the most part, these entities have found it somewhat difficult to achieve a sense of peace dwelling within third-density conditions.

In this atmosphere of internal turmoil, it is natural for entities to seek means of soothing and calming their troubled natures. The online game which this instrument plays is of a type that has the tendency to entrain those troubled thoughts and allow them a means of relaxation and drifting away. This is the simplest type of game. It is not played with other people and its purpose is simply to relax the mind and loosen the bonds of tension and stress that have been built up because of the attempt to do intellectual work for a long period of time.

Indeed, for entities of this type, the repetition of the play of the cards or whatever game is being played is as effective as some of your prescriptions which would similarly affect the mind, reducing tension, lowering the blood pressure, and so forth. This type of gaming is, when a part of a lifestyle that is enjoyable to the entity, an acceptable and spiritually neutral part of the coping mechanism of entities such as this instrument.

The next aspect of gaming at which we would look is that aspect which expresses hostility. Many of your computer games, whether played by the self or played with others, involve a great deal of dramatic action in which the online characters are embattled. There is a good deal of destruction and mayhem that is a part of the game. It is necessary, in order to play the game, to move through the patterns of aggression, warfare and the concept of winning over one’s enemies.

Games such as this have a mixed polarity in terms of their effect upon the people who play them. In one sense, there is something to be said for a person who is aware that, within the heart, she has many hostile and aggressive feelings which she cannot, in good conscience, express in the normal course of everyday life. Such a seeker may consciously choose to play such an aggressive game in order to express the shadow side of the self in terms of negative emotions like anger, impatience, judgment and resentment in a way that does not infringe on anyone’s free will. [When] played in a conscious way, where the time is dedicated to expressing such feelings in a non-harmful manner, such an entity may experience a psychological release from the opportunity which has been taken to unload the harmful and toxic emotions and remove [them] from the interior emotional system of the self.

However, it is far more often the case, when entities enter into such games, that quite another psychological structure is being expressed. Rather than there being a conscious awareness of love and a desire to maintain that love by bleeding off negative emotion, the intention of the majority of entities who choose to play such aggressive games is to enjoy the process of being powerful and able to defend the self successfully. This motivation is fear based.

There is, in many entities, a very accurate perception that the culture of which they are a part is one in which they do not feel comfortable. Certainly within this instrument’s feelings and thoughts there is often a reaction to the choices and decisions made by those in power. She wonders what is happening to her world. She is puzzled, and more than puzzled, she is disturbed. These emotions are mild compared to the kind of fear that is generated by eyes that look upon what seems to be a hostile world that is unresponsive to the gentle and sensitive portions of human nature. Fear builds up within such an entity and there is a desire to find an environment in which, even in a game, there is the illusion of being in control.

In the last aspect of which we would speak concerning the online gaming, there is another level of expression which has to do with expression in groups. For many entities there is a feeling of being isolated and apart from any comfort. The outer environment, not just for young people but for people of all ages within your culture, can often seem to be bleak.

When the eye gazes upon the outer scene, there seems to be no way to create the atmosphere that is yearned for, the atmosphere which would encourage feelings of relaxation, enjoyment, friendship, companionship and the desire to come together socially in a positive way. Instead of such a general feeling of trust in social rightness, there is, in many entities, a profound dislocation and distrust of the outer world.

However, in an online game there is the joining of a group under rigid rules of play in which there are adventures to be had in a controlled atmosphere. These virtual dramas are absorbing, complicated and self-expressive. There is the opportunity to create the self and [then] recreate the self anew in another game. There are opportunities for companionship of a certain kind. It is a substitute for the innocent and everyday interactions of people in real life in real situations coming together in groups to play a game of baseball or do homework together or other such social opportunities.

We would pull back the vision now and take a look at the society in which these online games are taking place. Certainly, many entities do not dwell in urban situations. However, a large percentage of your people do dwell in groups, in towns, cities and large groups of cities that form corridors of great density of population. Ironically, the denser the population becomes, the more isolated the people within such populations feel.

This instrument was recently speaking with a couple who had lived in the Orient for the past few years. The one known as L was saying to this instrument that when she first arrived in the crowded cities of China and other countries in the Orient, she was struck by the physical closeness of entities. She could not walk on the street without being repeatedly bumped because there was so many people on the streets that there was no room to have one’s own space.

She found, after a certain number of months had gone by, that she had learned how to ignore those souls around her which were passing her on the street. It was necessary for her own sanity and peace of mind that she downplay the presence of other souls within her aura and protect herself against even acknowledging their existence. This is the atmosphere which breeds people who turn within for their recreation and their companionship.

The general effect of the online gaming is part and parcel of the general effect of the way your culture works. That effect is to deaden the sense of focus and awareness within an entity. This tendency of the culture to deaden or numb the emotions and the thought processes of entities is, from the standpoint of spiritual seeking, unfortunate. You have placed yourself in an environment which is heavily overlaid with cultural encouragement to stay asleep. Whether it gaming or any other aspect of the pop culture, the phenomenon involves a great many people aware of a few names, games, events or social circumstances, and focusing on those few icons to the exclusion of becoming interested in the exploration of the self.

We find that this is the extent to which we are able to offer thoughts upon this subject. The spiritual principles involved are slight and therefore we find that our commentary is limited.

Is there another query at this time?

Do these games bring more positive or negative polarity to this world in general?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. There is very little net gain or loss of polarity because of gaming. Certainly, in some entities who are already negatively polarized, some of the more aggressive and hostile games help them to hone the edge of their anger and rage. But for the most part the net result of these games is distraction and sleep, along the lines of your television, your movies, and your other entertainment.

Is there another query at this time?

Does online gaming play any part in the creation and development of a social memory complex?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The gaming itself does not have the characteristic of building a social memory complex.

We would find it interesting to see what entities who are interested in games could do to create a game [which has] the stated purpose of working with metaphysical principles in order to examine the life, the society, and the age-old questions of, “What is truth? What is beauty? What is goodness? What is justice?” and so forth.

The phenomenon of the [world-wide web on the] internet in general has the characteristic of creating far more of a global awareness for all of the people who are looking for information on the internet and forming a global group. This is, as this instrument has said, a kind of training-wheels exercise, getting people ready to think of all of the tribe of humankind as one tribe. When one is on the internet and bouncing around from site to site, one bounces all over the planet, depending upon the links which one is following. One quickly begins to grasp oneself as a member of the global community.

Further, it seems to be a very friendly, interactive and lively community. Thusly, we would look at the internet itself as an experience with what a social complex feels like rather than confining that to the gaming.

Certainly, any large group of entities all getting together to experience one event has that feeling of a global group. However, the events for which entities gather as a global group are fleeting and therefore there is not the continuous experience of the self as part of a global group when watching, say, the Superbowl or the final playoffs of any of your sports such as soccer or hockey.

Is there another query at this time?

Since free will is utmost as a principle for us to respect, what is our proper attitude to [take when we] talk about online games with kids?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. When dealing with other selves of any age, it is well to meet them where they are.

There is a certain amount of time available to your people; a certain number of heartbeats between birth and death. If an entity takes the self too seriously, an entity can attempt to use every minute of every day for the entire lifetime in a positive, constructive, useful way. This attitude, while commendable, results in an incarnation that is dry and arid, emotionally.

Other entities may choose to spend an incarnation doing nothing useful whatsoever. The balance, in our humble opinion, is that unique point where an entity has integrated the desire for play, the desire for good work to do and the desire for learning with the underlying desire to serve the Creator and to serve humankind. Play, distraction and recreation are very valid and positive parts of a useful working life. Therefore, we would encourage you to react to a child who wished to do gaming by playing the gaming with him, being a part of his environment, and sharing his recreation.

In general, we would suggest that the key to dealing with entities who look up to you, as children often do, is to relate to what they are saying, to listen to their concerns, and to enter into their life, not as one who must always be teaching but as one who is listening and learning. See yourself as a partner with this entity, regardless of the difference in your age. You are partners in exploring the dynamics between you. If you are older, naturally, part of the dynamic of your relationship will be the desire to protect, care for and support that entity.

As you deal with children, then, relate with them where they are, remembering always that it is who you are within yourself that the child really “gets” rather than that image of yourself which you may feel that you are putting forward.

In the end, we simply encourage honesty. You may not be completely accurate or correct in your opinions, but your opinions are your gift to a child with whom you are in relationship. Indeed, this is true of relationships of any age but your query is about children.

And when you are an adult dealing with children there is a special element of the desire to lead them in the right way. Be honest in your opinions. If you find that a game or anything else that a child is interested in has negative or troublesome aspects, discuss them with the child. Be frank and open and share your heart. That way the relationship is clean and clear and the love of the one infinite Creator will find ways to enter into the conversation.

Your goal is to be with that child. The direction of the conversation is unimportant. It is the heart listening to another heart, the thoughts interested in another’s thoughts, and the atmosphere created of love, encouragement and support that are important.

We thank the one known as T especially for asking this question, for in it he expresses his heart.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

Since we’re going to enter the fourth density soon and all artificial or man-made things will be gone, as Ra told us, what kind of games do souls play in the fourth density? I assume they need to have fun too, right?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We do not find that this question is one we can answer. We apologize for our inability to respond in a way that is helpful.

We may offer some general concepts on the topic of what is fun in higher densities. My brother, when the veil is lifted which hangs so heavily over your eyes and your senses in third density and you behold the creation with the eyes that are unveiled…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…you will find that it is literally bursting with the most extravagant excitement, passion and joy. The inner workings of your mind are exteriorized. Imagination becomes palpable. What would you do if you could create a shape, a picture, or a story so that others could see it? Would you lack for fun?

Again, we are apologetic that we cannot be more specific. However, there are issues of free will involved in this query that are subtle. Yet they stop us as substantively as if it were a brick wall.

Is there another query before we leave this instrument? We are those of Q’uo.

[Responding on behalf of T.]

I believe that’s it, Q’uo.

In that case, we shall leave this instrument and this group, thanking each for dedicating the time to seek the truth. We thank the one known as T also for initiating this session and we thank each of you for the beauty of your vibrations. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.