(Question chosen by PLW poll) 1 In a previous meditation, there was mention of souls from Mars who were unable to finish their third-density cycle there because of the destruction of their environment and who are now acting as stewards of this planet. Could you tell us about how many there are, when did they come here, and what are the majority of them doing today?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this evening. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be called to your circle of seeking and we are honored to share our thoughts on your query this day, which has to do with those entities who came to Earth from the Red Planet, Mars.

We would, however, as always, ask of each who listens to or reads this material that each take responsibility for discriminating between those thoughts we share that have a meaning to you and seem resonant and those thoughts that we share that do not seem to hit the mark for you at all. If there is no resonance in the thoughts we share this day, please leave them behind. If you will agree to do that, we will feel to speak with you without being concerned overly much for infringing upon your free will or interfering with the process of your evolution.

We are happy to share information with you about those entities which came from the planet which you call Mars. We would, however, precede this information with a few words about our understanding concerning the importance of this information.

We are those who greatly enjoy speaking concerning spiritual principles that may be of service to you in your seeking. Information concerning where the various populations of your planet come from is fairly dry and mechanical information which we cannot infuse with a great deal of spiritual meaning except by the indirect references to what has occurred with those of the Red Planet and to some extent as to why things might have fallen out the way they did. Therefore, we would ask you to seek this information concerning the what and the when of the immigration from the Red Planet in the knowledge that our voice is a voice of love.

The details are never as important as the source of all the details, which is the one infinite Creator. The love that created the planets and their courses and all the mysteries in the universe has also created each of you, regardless of whence you come or whither you shall go in the worlds of illusion which abound in creation.

Therefore, no matter how interesting the details, we ask you to reserve a part of [your thoughts] for love Itself, that great Creator that has brought into manifestation all that is, including each of you, whether or not you might have at one time been a part of third density upon the Red Planet.

We shall tell you a story about a series of populations that arrives at Earth for the purpose of joining in the experience of sharing third density with those few people who actually graduated as natives from second-density Earth to the third density Earth.

The first and the largest of these populations was that of Mars. The entities of Mars had made some decisions in the practice of governments upon their planet which resulted in the nature of the surface of their planet changing from a planet which was relatively hospitable to third-density physical vehicles to a planet which was not at all hospitable to third-density vehicles. They were not able to finish the cycle of the Density of Choice in third density upon Mars.

The Guardians of this planet went before the Council of Saturn and asked for permission to move that population to Earth. The second-density vehicles available for physical use upon planet Earth at that time were late second-density great-ape bodies, which the guardians felt might be improved upon by articulating facial features a bit more carefully, by altering the set of the body so it would be able to stand upright, and by improving the dexterity of the physical vehicle, especially in the hands. And by creating a larger capacity within the mind that came with that biological species. In essence they created a new and improved great-ape body which looked a good deal like the one you are now enjoying.

The Guardians at that time found, within the space of several hundreds of your years, that they had made what they considered an error in creating the new and improved version of the great ape body used by the denizens from Mars and thereafter used by entering souls from planet Earth or from elsewhere, simply because it was indeed a new and improved physical vehicle that looked like it would be handier to use to the entering souls and their guidance systems.

The Guardians’ mistake was in creating better physical vehicle with the attitude that these physical vehicles were better and that the people that inhabited those physical vehicles were special. Naturally, the Guardians were very fond of the incoming population and felt great love for them, as they were placing them carefully and gently upon planet Earth to take up again their search for love.

What they did not anticipate was that the people themselves would feel that they were special. They were aware that their intellect [was more powerful] than other great-ape species that inhabited the Earth at that time. They felt privileged and special. And they created within themselves an attitude of “better than.”

The energy of the beings from the Red Planet was naturally somewhat progressive and fiery. They had demonstrated this aggression, this ability to wage war on their home planet and had succeeded in destroying the surface of it as an acceptable environment for third-density life. They carried these biases with them into third density upon this planet.

The very beginning of your cycle of third density upon planet Earth was nearly 76,000 of your years ago, by your counting. The [Martian population] incarnated in what you would call the Middle East and parts of Africa first, their thickest area of population in that area of the planet. Gradually they become the populations that you now know of as the Moslems, the Jewish people, the Palestinians, and others of Middle Eastern heritage.

As the population settled in and began their cycles of reincarnation to gain experience and learn the lessons of love, they spread out, becoming the populations that you now know as the Russian and Eastern Orthodox churches, the Christian church, and the Christian Protestant church as opposed to the Christian Roman Catholic church. All of these populations are heavily “larded” with those originally from planet Mars.

You will note that these entities comprise the bulk of those who believe in one God. The up-side in the belief in one Creator is that it is closer to that mystery of the Creator than the solution which posits many gods. It is our understanding that all things are one, and the infinite Creator is as single as Its universe and creation.

The down-side in believing in one God is that belief that only if you believe in that one God—and believe in a certain way—shall your soul reach heaven. This creates a bias within the religious, and oftentimes the political mind of those [who so believe] that there is their way or the highway, as this instrument would put it.

You will note that in the Moslem church, the Christian church, and in the church of the Jews that there is a strong tendency to exclude certain of their members who do not believe specifically in the points of dogma in which they hold to be true. The tendency of this energy of belief in one God, then, has its challenging aspects when it comes to using that religion as a springboard for the lessons of love.

If you will examine the writings that are at the heart of any of those three religions, you will find a mystical understanding of unity that is very similar between those three churches. However, for the entity that is living an everyday life, the tendency with dogmatic churches is to be very exclusionary and judgmental, so that an entity is told basically, “Either you believe the way we believe or you are consigned to one of the circles of Hell after you are dead.” They then feel that it is permissible and even desirable to proselytize and attempt to create that bias within those whom they meet.

This nest or web of actions is basically the end result of the Guardians, 75,000 years ago, making too many improvements on physical vehicles and creating pride and arrogance as a birthright of the new and improved human species. You may still see those energies playing themselves out in your Earth world at this time.

What are those of Mars doing these days? As the one known as J said jokingly earlier, they are running your countries, parking your cars, taking care of your children, and doing every other human thing you can think of. For there are millions and millions of those who came from Mars. They are, as are all of those within third density at this time, striving to learn the lessons of love.

Many of those who come from the Red Planet have earned the right to graduate into fourth density. They have achieved that shift in consciousness from fear to love, from war to peace, from doubt to faith, and from despair to hope. There is no stigma in being from Mars, anymore than there is a stigma to anyone for being born of a certain genetic heritage.

It is not that the physical vehicle that you inhabit is unimportant. It should be honored, respected and loved, for it has given its life so that you and your consciousness may walk the planet and learn the lesson that you came to learn. It is that body whose hands reach out to do the service you would do for your fellow human being. It is that voice that sings the praises of the one infinite Creator. Without your body you would be unable to have incarnation.

At the same time, it is not well to identify entirely with the body that carries you about. For the body that is carelessly [used] and not justly appreciated will tend to wish to rule over the mind and spirit. It has strong instincts, not because of genetic changes but because of the inherent second-density heritage. It wishes instinctually to mate, to form a clan for family, to gather resources so that the clan may live, and to protect those resources, and, if necessary, defend them to the death.

We may note that in our humble opinion some of the actions of your governments at this time fall solidly under the influences of those instincts. You are at the end of your third density, moving into that time of graduation. Those who do not choose to graduate will necessarily fall back to the instincts to late second density as they prepare to start another third-density cycle elsewhere.

We would ask each of you with a resonance with the history of those of Mars, “Do you wish to take a leap forward, to wake up from the dream of hostility?”

If so, then you have every necessary capacity and have probably already made the choice to turn your back on violence and negativity and to choose love as your expression, your being, and your goal. We encourage you to trust yourself and to give all that you have into making this shift. It is not too late. The decision to choose love is a matter of a heartbeat. Each decision to choose love is a matter of a heartbeat.

We would ask if there is a follow up question at this time. We are those of Q’uo.

[No further queries.]

We are those of Q’uo. The silence that we hear expresses to us that you have exhausted your questions for this evening. In that case we wish only to express our gratitude for being [asked to join your circle of seeking.] We are those of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and the light, the peace and the power of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai, my friends.

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