The question today has to do with the general idea of “ascension,” or transitioning into fourth density and we’re wondering what role the Holy Spirit plays. Is it something that comes into us and inspirits us and helps us along on this transition? Is it the same thing as the higher self? Is this transition something into which we’re moving or is it moving towards us? Just how does this work? We’re wondering what Q’uo could tell us that would give us a little more clarity on this whole concept of moving from third density to fourth density, how it happens, who helps, and how it works.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. We thank each of you for laying aside this precious time to seek the truth and we are most honored and privileged to be called to your circle of seeking. As we gaze upon you, we, as always, are moved by the beauty of your vibrations and the harmony of your interrelating auras.

You have truly created a special chapel that takes in many entities in many places and it is a very special moment for us to experience the internet’s addition to the group, for we are able to see you as a group in the non-local precincts of time/space and you truly have a builded structure of light from the combined and collaborative efforts of all of you to join into the unity of a seeking circle. We thank you for this privilege and for the beauty that lies before us in each of you.

As always, we would ask a favor of you, please. Be very careful to discriminate as you listen to or read those words which we offer through this instrument. Words are fragile things and in a sense that which we intend may not be conveyed. Therefore, we need you to discriminate between those thoughts that are helpful to you and those thoughts that do nothing for you. If a thought is not resonant to you, please let it go and use only those thoughts that you recognize, almost as though you had thought it but had forgotten that you knew. That is the hallmark of material that it is time for you to use. If you will make that distinction in working with our words then we will feel much more free to be open in our communication with you and not be worried about infringing upon your free will. We thank you for this consideration, my friends.

In speaking about the ascension process and the Holy Spirit’s part in it, which is the way we understand your query to be centered, we take on, as this instrument said earlier, a good bit of terminology that is loaded with distortions because of the heavy use of both these words, [in] the portions of the religion that you call Christianity, in which much focus is placed upon ascension and the second coming of Jesus the Christ.

The problem with using religious terminology, in general, is that it is distorted in the way that anything will be distorted while gazing at it through a corrective lens. The perceived job of religions, as seen by the religion itself, is to create a distorted lens so that entities with bad eyesight can see their vision of the one infinite Creator. Therefore, they set up terminology, structures of thought and words which create a correction to the innocent vision of the faithful, offering to them the corrections of points of dogma in a certain pattern which, when received in faith, shall create that correction to the sight that will give them the heavenly vision of the new Jerusalem.

The problem with any dogmatic source, of course, is that the Creator Itself is not dogmatic nor is it subject to being described by the humans who are attempting to honor and worship that Creator or that great creative force or Thought. Therefore, the terms used—that is, the term “ascension” and the term “Holy Spirit”—alike are weighed down with an inadvertently heavy burden of inference and assumption. When what this instrument would call fundamentalist, inerrantist Christians use these terms, they are using them in a very narrow sense, specific to the New Testament and even more specifically to the Book of Revelation.

We would like to start there and work our way back to, may we say, a less distorted valuing of those words, and then we would like to lift away from the burden of the terminology and talk a bit about the underlying picture that this terminology is attempting to depict.

This instrument has a long and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit as it is understood by her. She calls this entity, “Holly.” She talks to this entity many times each day. She begins each day by calling upon Holly and asking for her help. She does not know what the day will bring but she has learned that it will bring something. And so before she arises from her bed in the morning, she calls upon Holly. She asks for her to be with the one known as Carla during the day and to speak in her ear, to shed her wisdom, her love, and her compassion upon the situations that meet this instrument’s eye.

This is the general sense in which we would use the term, “Holy Spirit.” That is that being which comforts a certain entity with all of that entity’s distortions in place. The spirit that belongs to an entity is not a judge but a witness, an advisor, and an enspiriter.

The nature of the Holy Spirit is well summed up by a prayer that this instrument uses each time she tunes for working with us in a session or for giving a speech or offering an interview on the radio or television. The prayer is one that we would repeat at this time in order that each may see the intended function and nature of this powerful part of the principle of the one infinite Creator. This is her prayer. It is one that she learned in 1983 when she was a part of the Episcopal Cursillo movement, taking a weekend out of her life to examine that life, create a rule of life, and dedicate her life even more intimately and firmly to the following of the teacher that she calls Jesus, the Christ.

Come Holy Spirit. Fill the heart of your faithful and kindle in her the fire of your love. Send forth your spirit and she shall be created and you shall renew the face of the Earth. Oh God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit I may be truly wise and ever enjoy its consolation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Looking at the structure of this prayer, you may see that this instrument perceives the spirit as coming down, being pulled into her by her calling and her yearning for the divine, yet also being called forward by her emptiness and her willingness to be filled with new inspiration, new thoughts, and new ideas.

The Holy Spirit is not a comfortable comforter. It can create in the seeking soul a divine discomfort. It can help to sharpen and hone your particular vision of what it is to be yourself, what it is to be a part of the one infinite Creator, and what it is to face the world and look at that world, not for solace or for riches but for the opportunity to serve the light.

The one known as R was asking if the Holy Spirit could be considered an inner-planes or an outer-planes entity. We may say to the one known as R that you may consider this energy source to be both. In its function as guidance it is inner-planes. The calling is within the inner planes of your planet and in the inner bodies of your self. The connection is from the unseen realms directly into the heart, coming through the crown chakra, the gateway to intelligent infinity, down through indigo and blue, to rest in the heart itself.

When you have prayed to the Holy Spirit for a long period of time, you have created the connection that is instantaneous and strongly comforting, a never-failing source of wisdom, compassion and good advice.

The outer-planes portion of the Holy Spirit is that portion that has nothing to do with planet Earth or with your perceived notions of who you are or what the Creator is, for the Creator Itself is transcendent to Its creation. It is not an actor caught within the play of creation. It is uncreated, inorganic, infinite and eternal.

This Creator has a nature. That nature is absolute, unconditional love. And we use that word reluctantly, for love is a feeble, flaccid, effete word, badly used, abused and drawn through the mud of a dozen different usages of that word to mask impure intents, imperfect emotions, and confusion betwixt the desires of the body, the desires of the mind, and the desires of the spirit.

Indeed, those languages which contain many terms for the word love would be a blessing to us. However, this instrument speaks English and in your language love stands alone to indicate everything from lust to that unconditional love which causes a mother to give her life for her child or a soldier in combat to give his life to save his comrades.

We speak of a love that is beyond all of the boundaries and limits of human feeling. We speak of love that creates and destroys. We speak of love that changes things. If you can imagine a Thought that has the power to create the universe, then in your imagination you have seen love in its full meaning. To call the Creator love, however, is to limit that entity, for the creative principle is a mystery beyond the plumbing of any, including ourselves.

We would content ourselves then with describing this enlivening, invigorating, enspiriting energy and essence as the Holy Spirit.

Before we leave this particular term we would simply say that the term “higher self,” as used in Confederation teachings such as those of the Ra group, is a concept which describes the Holy Spirit but from a point of view that is quite different from the religion-driven concept of the Holy Spirit.

Like the concept of the Holy Spirit in Christianity, the concept of the higher self is of an essence or an entity which is called down from the resting place of the higher self, which is mid-sixth density, to the self by prayer and supplication.

Unlike the term Holy Spirit, the term higher self indicates and specifies that the self, the higher self, and the Creator are all part of one thing. There is not another self, independent and apart from the self, that is being called down from some heavenly place into the heart. Rather, in the concept of the higher self, the self, the higher self, and the Creator Itself are all part of one entity.

The self is the self caught within the world of illusion by choice, veiled from awareness of the larger experience, and enjoying life within incarnation. The higher self is that same entity within sixth density. The explanation offered by those of Ra was that the self within sixth density pauses at a moment when it realizes that it is being ineluctably drawn forward into seventh density and will soon turn its back upon creation as known in the past in order that it may open its arms to the process of the increasing spiritual gravity of its nature and be drawn ever more quickly back into the heart of the one infinite Creator.

That resource of the self speaking to the self, then, is the self at is wisest and most loving. The concept, unlike the concept of the Holy Spirit, creates an atmosphere in which the self is seen specifically as sacred and no less of a Creator than the Creator itself but rather seen as a young Creator in need of advice.

We feel that both concepts are helpful and we leave it to each seeker to play with those terms and to find for the self what each entity feels is the proper terminology for the guidance system which is a part of each person’s web of resources and tools for living.

The term “ascension” is similarly trammeled with a heavy overlay of religiosity. Ascension is a term which is used in what this instrument calls the Holy Bible, in the New Testament. It is a process which is heavily laden with fear in the minds of those faithful people who attempt to understand the workings of ascension from the Christian viewpoint.

In the Christian viewpoint, the picture of the end of the Earth upon which you now enjoy life is harsh. The end comes suddenly. The world dissolves into the one known as Jesus coming down from heaven and all of the graves being opened so that all of the entities that who have died can then spring forth, take on a new and spiritual body, and if you are lucky enough to be one of the chosen, you ascend into an entirely new creation, that Utopian heaven in which you have a mansion prepared for you and are free to spend the rest of eternity praising the one infinite Creator.

As a bit of religious fiction or myth, shall we say, it is unsophisticated and simplistic and we would not know what to do with a question about this concept. We would not know where to start in order to untangle the love from the fear, the joy from the sorrow, and the good from the seemingly difficult and negative.

In terms of our understanding of spirituality, there is an ascension process that we see going on all the time. It is a natural rising of entities through the mists of confusion and ignorance into a gradually more and more light and airy place where heaviness falls away, fear falls away, and what is left in the human breast is gratitude, joy and devotion.

My friends, this is your true nature. This is who you are. You are not a person seeking enlightenment. You are a person seeking yourself. To put it another way, you stand within flesh looking out [of] your physical eyes and hearing through physical ears and consequently you feel that you are a person of flesh and blood, limited by the senses that you experience as part of your physical body.

We would say to you that our perception of you is entirely different. In our perception you are extremely powerful and magical beings. Even within flesh, you have within you the ability to access the divine. This is because your very nature is love. Therefore, as you call out for your guidance, it is love calling to love. Certainly you are love that is confused at times, troubled and distorted in your perceptions, often fearing, often trembling, often discouraged and tempted greatly to be cynical and smart.

It is very likely that entities who seek find themselves fairly often in times of deep darkness, when the soul is hungry. The oasis that you seek at such times lies within you. The question is how to create good access to that self that lies within the illusion of your personality, your physical body, and your culture. How many different sources that you respect have said in essence, “You must know yourself. An unexamined life is not worth living. I think, therefore I am”?

The question of guidance and how it will affect entry into fourth density is a powerful question and one which we cannot even begin to answer in this session. But it begins with clearing out and cleaning out your perceptions of ascension and of your guidance system, or the Holy Spirit, so that you are not caught on the various thorns of religiosity and instead can focus on the reality of your divinity and your way of creating a powerful and strong access to an enhanced awareness of yourself.

What you are attempting to do when you pray to this Holy Spirit is to become enspirited. You are asking the higher, better, wiser and more loving part of yourself or of the creative principle to come upon you, to fill you, to reveal to you your true nature, which is love, and to give you those marching orders that make love itself into a plan for the day. It is not that love will tell you what to do. It is that love will tell you how to do it with love.

As you do ordinary, everyday things with this intense, overshadowing love, something magical occurs. As you seek to pull that enhanced vision of a life lived in love into yourself from the regions of the divine, you activate powers within you that are incredibly strong. And you begin emitting light. It is not coming from you but rather it is coming through you. You’ve turned the switch by turning your mind to love.

You’ve gotten the power upped by your prayers and supplications to be enlivened and enspirited by that which is clearer, purer and higher than you, in your perceptive web of everyday five senses, can remember how to do by yourself without often having trouble.

But help is available. That help is the Holy Spirit. And when the life is given over to that higher and better self that is love, when your consciousness has become that which carries the energy of the divine, then you have only to radiate, as you naturally will, as you move through your day and you shall make a difference in that day.

Whether you are alone or in the midst of many, many people, you shall make a radiation by your focus that is precious to the Creator, for it is by your free will that you have chosen to access that enlivening spirit and to give your life, your day, and your moment over to the intentions, hopes and dreams of the sacred within you and within the creative principle.

You asked concerning the transition from third to fourth density. My friends, this in itself is a topic that would take a great deal of time to examine with any degree of care. And so we shall touch on this subject as best we can in the time and energy that remain within this instrument’s physical body and emotional body and within the limitations of time for all of those within this circle.

You are all familiar with the concept of channels on your television set or stations on your radio. If you would like to think of it in a way that is a little bit more comfortable than the phrase of “interpenetration of third and fourth density,” you may think of third density as vibrating or radiating as a vibration or energy at a certain point on the dial and fourth density as radiating in a discrete and separate point on that same dial. You can tune into one station or you can tune into the other.

Each of you was set up, in order to come into third density, with third-density parameters being met. You cannot become fourth-density entities. You would not be useful to the planet and to the approach of fourth density if you attempted to live in fourth density. Rather, your glory is that you have earned the right to an incarnation at a time when you are capable of helping to shift the consciousness of the planet you call Earth in such a way that it calls forth from entities the desire to awaken and remember who they are so that they, too, may be part of the graduation from third to fourth density.

In a way, all of you are engaged in one mission together. You are attempting to awaken humankind. Focus that attempt upon yourself. As you awaken, the world awakens. Do not feel that you must go forth and teach in order to do this job. As you work on yourself, you are working for all of humankind. Be content, therefore, to seek ever more deeply within yourself for your true nature.

Oh, my friends, if you could only know for sure who you are, your hearts would soar. For you are love. You are a consciousness to whom the worlds are open. You can create and you can destroy, and, my friends, you do this each and every day.

For your thoughts are powerful things, and as you gain in power as a being you are ever more capable of creating metaphysical hurt or healing by the thoughts that you think. Therefore, we ask you to be aware of your thoughts, to patrol them with love and compassion, and when you find yourself being cynical, petty, judgmental or foolish—and we will allow that word to be what it means to each of you—we ask you to remember that one of the things you came here to do was vigorously and relentlessly to go after consciousness itself and find ever more fully that joy that comes from knowing who you are and why you are here.

The planet itself is going through its own transformation. The energies that are hospitable to third-density life are waning and because of the actions of your peoples in their thoughtlessness…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…with regard to their planetary resources, that time that is hospitable to third-density life has been shortened to a certain extent. It is normal, at a time of shift, for there to be as much as a thousand years after the shift while third density clears the planet of all energies that have been unfriendly or inhospitable. Unfortunately for planet Earth, the entities upon your planet have not come to the end of third density ready to embrace love, peace, freedom and justice. They do not see the beauty of harmony.

There has been within your culture a stubborn and persistent love of aggression and violence, where entities are moved by fear and therefore seek to protect and defend those things and people which are dear to them while rejecting the oneness of the planet as a whole. It is only in this atmosphere of separation that it is possible to consider slaughtering one’s fellow beings as your peoples do each and every day.

Therefore, the end of your third density is not going particularly well from the standpoint of comfort and it will be uncomfortable for some time to come. You knew this when you took incarnation. You were eager to come here and to make a difference.

You do not have to rescue planet Earth! However, there is a karmic energy within many of your peoples which comes from actions in other lifetimes which resulted in making third-density environments uninhabitable. Therefore, the karma is involved in restitution and stewardship of planet Earth. And there are many people among your tribes all over the globe who feel a tremendous love for the planet itself and a desire to heal it. We would encourage this line of thinking, for truly all is one and your planet is a part of you.

As you move into the future, realize that part of your job has to do with radiating the love and light of the infinite Creator. And another part of it may well have to do with working with whatever energies that are about you in your natural, everyday environment, to attempt to become better stewards of that which is around you. What is your environment? How can you interact with it lovingly? How can you create islands of peace and joy so that when you enter the door to your home you are entering a sacred place? If you perceive of the Earth as a sacred place, what shall you do to clear the moneylenders out of the temple? We leave this to your consideration.

Fourth density already exists. It is a very sound and healthy child. It is a new heaven and a new Earth. And it is being filled more and more each day with those who have ascended, in the natural way of things, from planet Earth through the gateway of death. It is the great hope of many energies and essences of your inner planes, such as your angels and your guardians, that each of you may enjoy a leisurely, organic and natural ascension through that gateway to larger life that is the physical death.

From the standpoint of planet Earth, that is perfectly acceptable. Gaia herself does not at this time need to shake you off like fleas. However, as we have said before, we caution you, for there are entities all around your globe whose vision of ascension includes a self-created apocalypse. There is almost a hunger within that part of the planetary consciousness that is invested in power for the dark pleasure of blowing everything up once again.

See what you can do, my friends, to elect officials who are not caught in that “glorious Gotterdammerung” vision. See what you can do to elect officials whose hearts are stayed on love itself and whose vision is one which includes all entities in any plans that it may make, not just those who are wealthy or powerful.

We encourage you to wake up to this life, to embrace third density and to orient yourself as to who you are and why you are here. That is where the Holy Spirit can be so very helpful. Whether you see that energy as a Christed energy as in Christianity or whether you see that energy as coming directly from a larger vision of the Creator which includes all of the galaxies, all of known space and time, and all of the inner and unseen realms as well, whichever vision helps you the most, we encourage you to take that vision.

There is nothing wrong with the Christian vision. It is a distorted vision, but so is any structure that is pulled into logic and mentality and intellect from the realms of spirit. The heart does not deal in quantities, it deals in qualities. When you attempt to define the Holy Spirit, you are attempting to quantize it. It cannot be done. So the best we can do is to give you ways to think about these terms that may help you.

To respond, finally, to the question of the one known as T, it is indeed so that the transformation of the self by calling on the spirit is an essential part of ascension, however one describes or configures this relationship.

It is by the guidance that penetrates into our heart of hearts that we finally learn to let our lives go and to open them to the unfathomable and mysterious presence of the divine. It is a release that is miraculous, just letting the boundaries of the intellect go. We do not encourage moving without regard to the intellect in everyday life but rather we encourage the opening up of your point of view to encompass a self that is both physical and spiritual, not separately but all together in one glorious confusion, as the one known as M said earlier.

Our wish for you would be that you were in this moment to determine to be ready to listen, to say, as this instrument does, “Come Holy Spirit!” And we say to you that you are asking for a lot when you ask for the spirit. You are not simply asking for a nice or a pretty or a beautiful experience. You are asking for the truth. Be ready, when you ask, for whatever may happen, for a sincere request to the spirit shall never be unheard. You shall be answered, my friends, and your lives shall change.

We realize that our time is up and we believe that it is best, examining this instrument’s energy levels, that we ask for only one or two brief questions before we leave this instrument. Is there another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

I have one. You mentioned we are beings of love and beings of consciousness. What’s the difference between love and consciousness?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Love is an essence. It is not necessarily tied to a point of focus. It is rather that focus that creates all that is and, as such, its nature transcends consciousness, as we use the term to indicate that portion of a human being which is not caught in space and time.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I understood.

Is there another query at this time? We are those of the Q’uo.

Let me check on the internet.


I think P has one. Hold on.


[Speaking through the internet from Nevada.] I was wondering if you could clarify how love is destructive.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. And may we say what a pleasure it is to embrace the energy and the spirit of the one known as P as well as all of those whom we have not experienced as part of this group for a time. It is a great pleasure to us to say hello.

That which is the Creator is that which equally creates and destroys. To the Creator, the two are part of one process. There is a dynamic between light and dark, creation and destruction, love and fear, and so forth. It is one of the powerful dynamics that are a part of the illusion which you now enjoy.

It is perhaps easier to see this destructive and creative aspect when one examines, say, the life of a sun or the life cycle of an animal within your second density. There are portions of that cycle in which the animal involved is growing. There are portions in that cycle in which the animal is food for another animal. Yet the entirety of the creation is harmonious.

And rather than feeling that there is a wickedness involved in nature, “red in tooth and claw,” 1 as the one known as Alfred said, it is to be seen that this is all a perfectly acceptable part of the dance of life in which entities eat food and are food in their turn. As your body dies it shall be food for worms. And the Creator has provided natural ways in which the seemingly destructive process of various creatures, like worms and other bugs eating the body, makes it a part of the Earth once again and the cycle of that particular body is complete: dust to dust, ashes to ashes. That is the sense in which we meant the destructive nature of love. It, in being creative, must also complete the cycle and be destructive as well in the natural and organic whole of a 360 degree world.

May we answer you further, my brother?

That sounded pretty good, although I’m interested on your point on a 360 degree world. Are there levels below that?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. This instrument’s use of the term “360 degrees” is meant simply to indicate there is no such thing as an arc that is uncompleted in the creation. All energies have their dynamics and form perfect circles or spheres, to be more accurate.

We find that this instrument’s energies are waning and so we would take this opportunity to thank each of you for this opportunity to be a part of your circle of seeking. We would leave you at this time with great joy and thankfulness in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Alfred Tennyson, “In Memoriam”:

    Who trusted God was love indeed And love Creation’s final law— Tho’ Nature, red in tooth and claw With ravine, shriek’d against his creed—