Question from A and R: A experiences visitations by a person who is not visible but whose footsteps he can hear. Can you please offer any comments and thoughts you feel might be helpful to learn more about this experience?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We come to you this day as part of our service to the Creator. Thank you for requesting our presence at your circle of seeking. It is a great blessing and privilege to be so called. It has been a pleasure already to rest in the beauty and dedication and we thank you for setting aside this time for seeking the truth.

As always, we would ask that you use your discrimination in listening to our thoughts. Be careful to ignore and lay aside any thoughts of ours that do not seem resonant to you. That way, we can offer our opinion without being concerned that we will infringe upon your free will or the sacredness of your evolutionary process.


You ask this day concerning the entities involved in creating the effect of presence for the one known as A, and you wish to know how to deal with this somewhat unsettling phenomenon. Gazing at your situation we see that it falls under the general category of unknown visitors. It is more common than one would think for people living on planet Earth within incarnation to be visited by presences that they cannot explain or see.

The inner planes are crowded with entities of all kinds, polarities, orientation and description. There are points of opportunity where various types of entities can interact with incarnate beings that happen to be sensitive to finer vibrations, shall we say. And this is occurring with the one who is known as A.

We would observe that, in general, there are three categories of visitation. And we do not divide these into three in terms of the particular kind of visitor, but rather the orientation of whatever visitor is being experienced.

The first orientation is positive or service-to-others oriented. There are many service-to-others oriented entities that flock around one throughout the incarnation, and as loving hearts are opened and choices are made to increase the polarity of a seeking individual, the crowd of those entities who wish to associate themselves with such a source of light and love becomes larger.

There is a large category of non-polarized contacts. These involve mischievous spirits, passers-by who are basically in the position of kibitzing, looking over your shoulder as you play the game of life and other entities who desire neither to help you nor to harm you, but simply to be witness to that which is occurring with a particular entity.

The third category of visitation is that which could be described as negative or service-to-self oriented. The marks of the service-to-self visitor are those energies of discomfort, alienation, discouragement and irritation. When there is no communication from a service-to-self visitor that is audible or received according to the perceptive way of the individual involved, then the negativity of the contact may be inferred from the discomfort which accompanies such contact.

It is to be remembered that the self is inviolable. There have been in your culture many frightening stories of possession of an incarnate being by those of the inner planes. Ninety-nine percent or more of the stories are heavily skewed.

Because of your cultural tendency, when anything is not able to be explained by empirical data there is created in the mind of your particular culture an inborn bias against the validity of such information. Therefore, any visitation that cannot be explained by clearly observable facts will be suspect and even considered perhaps not to be happening at all.

This is acceptable to us if those among your people wish to turn your backs upon felt experience. However, we would suggest that it is a more skillful response to such feelings of being accompanied to assume that in some way, shape or form you are indeed being accompanied. The question of why then becomes interesting.

Further than this we cannot go without infringing upon the free will of the ones known as A and R. And so we shall at this time ask for the second question. We are those of Q’uo.

A senses that this being or source is somewhat unfriendly. Please offer spiritual principles and thoughts you feel might be helpful in his determining whether he should try to communicate with this source.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brothers. As this instrument is well aware, it is a delicate procedure to come into a mutually helpful contact with an unseen entity. Entities from the unseen or inner realms of your planet are many and their interactions with those who are incarnate on your planet are numerous.

A large category of the interaction between spirit and flesh is the interaction of the self with the guidance system of that self. Your guidance system is, in the words of this instrument, the Holy Spirit, and in the words of the social memory complex known as Ra, the higher self. It is helpful to think in terms of the latter configuration of words in terms of determining who your guidance system really is, for your guidance system is not an entity other than yourself; rather, it is an access point into your larger self.

You are part of a soul stream that is not tied to any particular space or time. In the metaphysical world, time/space, all things occur in a circular ubiquity, happening all at once and tending towards being harvested, in terms of any experience that one has towards the middle or the source of your incarnation, so that things that you learn in all incarnations are being harvested into the soul stream’s center.

When the march that you experience now through the densities is complete, all of that harvest will be offered to the one infinite Creator. And the Creator will then have learned more about Itself than It knew before. Such is your gift to the one infinite Creator in every moment of your life as you accrete interesting information and gradually digest and understand more and more of that which you see.

However, communication with your higher self is a uniquely protected activity. It is, in fact, the only case in which we would feel quite comfortable recommending that the one known as A or the one known as R pursue the conversation that is possible with one’s guidance system. Such a conversion is occurring completely within one’s own protected heart. There is no outside interference that is possible in this communication.

Opening such a communication can be somewhat difficult for those who are not entirely used to moving on instinct, intuition or insight. Avenues of direct perception are almost entirely blocked and denigrated by the values of your culture. Consequently, even those with very sensitive natures, who are aware of much more than they can explain, do not tend to feel confident about opening such a communication. Nevertheless, it is relatively easy to open such communication. It simply requires patience and persistence, once the goal of opening communications with your guidance system has been decided upon.

When an energy feels inimical or uncomfortable, the marks of one’s guidance system are not present. And in such a case we would in no way advise the attempt to create a communication with such a source or entity. The reason for this is the relatively unformed nature of any entity’s personality with regard to metaphysical work.

There is a very specific discipline which must be approached, grasped, invoked and pursued before an entity is ready to begin thinking about communicating with any spirit that is perceived. The nature of the human personality is such that unless care is taken, any attempt to open communication will be difficult, faulty or even harmful to the integrated personality shell of the being attempting the opening of the communication.

The need, then, before opening communication of any kind, is to go through a lengthy process wherein an entity discovers himself, defines his nature, and explores thoroughly those principles and central themes for which he is living and for which he would die. When an entity knows himself so well that he knows the ground upon which he stands, he has then become an entity in the metaphysical world of time/space. For the first time he has achieved the discipline of a personality. He has examined the self. He is aware of what he believes; what he loves; that for which he feels most passionate; that for which he lives and that for which he would gladly lose his life if it were necessary.

When an entity has come to that extreme of knowledge of self, he is then ready to have conversations with other spirits. He is then able to challenge them and to say, “If you come in the name of that for which I live and that for which I will die, then I will speak with you. If you do not, then you must go away.” And that entity will perforce need to go away if he cannot meet your challenge.

To be able to make that challenge, knowing the self thoroughly, is the work of years. And if the one known as A wishes to communicate with this entity, that work lies before him yet to do. And this in no case a thing to be taken lightly or to be done as a lark or because it might be interesting. This instrument has watched personalities disintegrate under the bludgeoning power of a careless, uncaring inner-planes entity whose delight in breaking through to the physical world was such that that entity did not care what damage it did to the personality of the being whose energies it took over. We would encourage the one known as A to be very careful and thoughtful if it is decided that communication with such an entity as the one he describes would be desirable for him.

May we ask if there is another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

Please offer any thoughts you feel might be helpful to A and R as to how they can be a helpful part of their young nephews’ spiritual growth.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. To be a part of the good in a child’s life is a very precious gift and we salute and applaud those entities known as A and R for wishing to be a part of the spiritual development of those children with whom they are associated.

Being a part of the good in a child’s life begins with that which the ones known as R and A are already doing, which is simply to love the children involved with all of their hearts and to wish them well. The atmosphere of unconditional love is a tremendously powerful influence on a young child. In a world in which seldom does anything go unchallenged in terms of the life of a schoolchild and a child in general learning how to be a part of society, such beings as doting uncles are definitely appreciated. Be assured that those whom you love are aware of your energy and feel the sunlight of that love as warmth and healing.

When entities around children are living their lives in a spiritually oriented manner, this has a strong effect upon the children. For the children are able to see that spirituality is a normal part of a daily, everyday life, not something special for Sundays or for holidays but rather part of the routine of living.

Entities who are children at this time period in your planet’s evolution are very special entities. They have come for very specific reasons into the Earth’s plane at this time. And for them to bump into those concepts of spending time in the silence each day and dedicating one’s life to service to others is a very helpful experience.

It is not necessary to preach or even to say anything about the things that one is doing. It is only necessary so to live the life that the whole life is seen as sacred. Then when entities such as your nephews come into contact with you, they experience that aura of sacredness to the light.

In a way, it is as subtle and simple as taking oneself seriously, metaphysically speaking, and creating a daily life that reflects the priorities given to the spiritual process. When an entity young in years sees a mature individual spending his free time completely on self-indulgence—food, drink, games and so forth—an entity begins to assume that that is the sum and substance of Earthly life.

However, when a young child experiences life with [one who seeks the silence daily,] its vistas and its options open up. And it finds that it has a good array of things from which to choose in spending its time. It is not trapped in the world of materiality as it might be trapped if it did not know people who have refused to live their lives in the material universe entirely.

As you live your life sacredly, so shall that energy shine forth for entities such as your nephews to observe. You do not have to preach, as we said before. Indeed, we would encourage you not to say anything more than just a thought here and a thought there. Entities young in years are wise in terms of observational powers. And their interests will be sparked in an organic way as things come up and as they happen to be attentive.

And notice what certain particular time [there might be] that is just the right time for you to offer them a seed thought. Do not feel that you must lecture or teach but rather be yourself. Keep your heart open and allow the natural radiation of love and the light of the one infinite Creator to radiate through you. It is a matter of continuing to be aware of the present moment as you go through your day. Bring yourself back to the awareness of that love. Allow that love and light to remain in your day even when it becomes a matter of routine, of fulfilling the [duties of the day.] Keep moving back into that space of remembrance where you connect with the core of your being which is wholly involved in the business of sacred living.

For you truly open your life up to the full potential that you have as the spark of the one infinite Creator as a part of the principle of that Creator. You are co-creator in this universe of Earth, sea, sky and stars. You can choose a good deal of that which occurs in your experience by focusing with sincerity and dedication on those things that you feel are worthy of remembrance.

It is this dedication to right living, shall we say, that will inform your life and crystallize and clarify your energy, so that the children with whom you come in contact know that they are touching into a strong and powerfully positive energy. The natural curiosity of childhood will open up that entity’s mind to wonder what you have and the relationship will bloom from there in a completely organic manner.

We thank you for the love which informs this question and wish you every opportunity to offer love and light to those about you.

Is there another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

The fourth question: R’s ex-partner has moved on and their relationship has ended. However, he remains grateful for the learning received from this relationship. He would like to know any way he can be of a metaphysical help to his ex-partner without infringing on his present life or his free will.

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brothers. We appreciate the fastidiousness of the one known as R in asking this question. For it does not often occur to entities that those prayers and wishes for good health and good fortune that entities may offer to each other could have any possibility of being an infringement. There are indeed ways in which free will can be infringed upon by one who is supposedly simply praying and we will attempt to describe those conditions.

When an entity has been unable to release the energetic dynamic that informed a relationship that has ended, it is indeed possible to infringe upon the other entity’s free will in the process of prayer because the entity’s connection with the other entity has not been appropriately broken.

If there is any doubt in the mind of the one known as R that this energetic dynamic has not been fully severed, then we would suggest to the one known as R either that he alone or he and his previous partner together create a ceremony which states an effective and final closure to the relationship.

If this is done with the ex-partner, that energetic exercise will be the complete closure.

If, on the other hand, this exercise is undertaken by the self and not with the ex-partner then we would suggest that the ritual of closure be written down, be expressed out loud by the one known as R and when the ritual that has created full closure has then ended, that he take the piece of paper on which the ritual was written and either burn it to ashes, or bury it in the earth.

If there was a difficulty in the separation, it is better to burn the paper to ashes and then blow the ashes away.

If there was no difficulty in the separation, but rather it was agreed upon by both that it was time for the separation so that there are no hard feelings or unhappy endings involved, then it is better simply to give that relationship back to the earth. And that would be the situation in which we would suggest burying the piece of paper on which the ritual of closure was written.

In either case, it is well to be absolutely sure that there is energetic closure before one begins an intentional and conscious program of prayers or good wishes [for] a beloved entity.

Again we salute the loving heart of the one known as R in asking this question. It is very well indeed to realize that all entities with whom one has come into contact in a meaningful and a deep way in an incarnation are those entities who have come there as the one known as Ray says, perhaps in this case or that case, there was pain because of such a relationship. This is often the case with any two entities that spend deep time together.

The process of change involves discomfort. And the dynamic of two souls who are attempting to learn together creates many opportunities for growth. Consequently, it is very common in relationships for two entities growing together to experience a good deal of discomfort. This is not because there is incompatibility but rather because of the inevitable effect of spiritual beings learning together. The effect of two such powerful beings, striving together to learn, is that effect which causes each entity to become a mirror for the other entity, so that all of those things which you did not wish to see in yourself, your partner has kindly offered you a mirror so that you may see better.

This is seemingly a difficulty, looked at from the spiritual point of view. For in order to enter the open heart, every part of the self that has not yet been loved, accepted and blessed by the self must be brought before the self so that you can do the work of loving your entire self, including that part of your shadow side which does not [seem so attractive.]

Once the work has been done to sever any lingering energetic dynamic between two people, it is perfectly acceptable to offer prayers at any time for an entity. You are offering prayers to the higher self of that entity rather than to that entity. And that higher self, the spirit, will direct that loving energy where it needs to go or will lovingly shunt it aside if it is inappropriate. As long as there is not an adhesion of energy between two people this is the spiritual rule that manifests.

We find that we have time and this instrument has energy enough for one more query.

Is there another query? We are those of Q’uo.

[No further queries.]

We are those of Q’uo, and as we hear through this instrument’s ears that there are no questions, we believe that we have exhausted the questions for this session. May we say what a pleasure it has been. Again we ask that you be careful. Think about that which we say. If there is a false note anywhere, please disregard this information, for we would not wish to be a stumbling block in your way.

We are those of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai.