[Indicating the recording equipment.]

Don’t let any of this [equipment] worry you or make you nervous! A lot of people [who visit our web sites] from all over the world write in and say, “Thank you so much. I really appreciate this material.” So, whenever I work, I try to capture [the speech or the channeling] and get it up on our websites.

I promise I want to have a really enjoyable evening [with you]. I’d like to give you some good meat but also I’d like it just to be fun and have everybody have a good time and be able to ask any questions you want and have it be your evening.

I don’t have an agenda! I do have my notes. I did prepare. I didn’t just pop in! Other than checking these notes and making sure that I give you things about the Law of One that you might be interested in knowing, I don’t have an agenda at all. Any time you want to ask a question, just put your finger up and we can take care of that.

What I’d like to do first is introduce myself and go around the table and have everybody introduce themselves and just say a sentence or two about what brought you here tonight so we start developing the feeling of the group instead of [feeling like] just a bunch of scattered people that have come [to this meeting] from all four corners of the Earth and are not among people they know really well. Please just start feeling good about being in this group—and the wine will do that over a period of time—but I’d like to take a shortcut and just use your voices. 1

My name is Carla Lisbeth Rueckert. My married name is Carla Lisbeth Rueckert-McCarty, which you don’t have to remember. My husband is absent and I would like to honor him. I’d like to honor you too. I love you. Thank you so much for being here.

I come from Kentucky, in America, a little town called Anchorage which is on the outskirts on Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby, so you’ve probably heard of us. We’re famous for about two minutes a year in May when they run the Derby. I am married—I just had my 18th anniversary—to a man that does landscaping, Jim McCarty. He makes everything beautiful. I’ve got a couple of cats. I started out in my professional life as a librarian and did that for six years. I loved it, absolutely loved it, but I got involved with some research for a fellow named Don Elkins. I changed my profession to writer and researcher because that’s what he needed. I brought some of the books that we’ve got here.

[Carla indicates the books and tapes on the table we are sitting around.]

I will tell you about them as we go along. Vara?

My name is Vara Lyngklip and I am not married. I saw you peering at my finger! I came close once, but it didn’t quite happen. I live in Kentucky with Carla though I’m not from Kentucky. I was born in Chicago; I grew up in Minnesota and spent some time in California. I have moved around a bit. Professionally, I’ve done a little of this, a little of that. I’ve been customer service; I’ve been executive administrator; I’ve done scale-model building. Right now I’m doing construction for the wilderness property that L/L [Research] has in Kentucky. We’re trying to create an organic farm under principles where we not only create the farm and the land but we try to work in alliance with the land and be aware of our interactions with the plants and the animals and the creatures of the place. I have two cats which have existed with some success in Carla’s household. My poor cats! 2 My two are rather opinionated, which I guess they get from me. I’ve lived in Kentucky with Carla at L/L [Research’s Camelot community house] for two years and three months. I came here [on this trip] since Carla’s husband was unable to join her because he works during the summer mowing lawns. He asked me please to come with her and help her out. How about you?

I’m Mary and have been married, I’m not married now. I have three children, successful in their own rights. I’m a child-minder—work with special needs. Sue got me interested in coming tonight.

Well, I’m so glad that she did. How about you?

Alan R. from Newcastle, Newcastle born and bred. Currently separated. Still good relations to my wife. Have two children, one from a previous relationship, as well. Became spiritual about two and a half years ago. Alan mentioned you were coming and my instinct told me, well, let’s go for it.

All right!

Good instincts.

[Another attendee introduces himself, but is mostly inaudible.]

I became spiritual about three years ago with the help of various conversations with Alan.


I’m Sue B. I have been divorced for twenty years.


Two daughters who’ve almost grown up. I have a granddaughter. I just had an absolutely huge appetite to learn more of why we’re here and I just thought there’s more than this, and, obviously, came to you, Carla, through having a little bit of a search on the internet. David and I, who have worked together for many years, share information, and what have you, having a little bit of the same appetite. [My search] took me to the David Wilcock site. When I heard you were coming here [to Britain] I wanted to meet you and have this meeting here in order to share with these good friends and people who also wanted to know more. It’s made me contact a few people I haven’t seen for a little while, which is nice.

And thank you so much for the hospitality of your home, and your freezer!


We’ve had a wonderful time with her AND her freezer.

My name’s Bob. Married. Separated. Two grown-up boys. Been spiritual all me life. Mining engineer by trade. Worked and lived in America a lot of the time, a place called Peoria which is just outside of Chicago, Illinois’ capital. And, two years ago had a stroke which sort of informs you about the implications on activities. I’m just here, tonight, because I might find something interesting, and here I am.

I’m so glad.

My name’s Medley. I’m divorced. I’ve got two children and I’m just basically curious.

My name’s Jules W. and I’ve been divorced for sixteen years. I’ve got two children, eighteen and nineteen and no trouble. I suppose, from a spiritual point of view, I think I’ve always had this sort of niggle in the back of my head that there’s something more than just the daily life that you live and it’s grown more and more over the last four or five years and was greatly accelerated by moving into the flat underneath Sue’s. We two have spent a lot of time talking and sharing books and thoughts and everything. And, obviously, when she mentioned that you were coming it was not to be missed.

My name’s Christine. I’m divorced. I have four children, one grandchild. I feel as though I have always been spiritual and I’ve always had an interest in anything spiritual. I’m very open-minded. I’m very thirsty for knowledge. I’m a careers advisor and I’ve only just graduated as of today.

[Applause from the group.]

I was invited along through Bob and so I’m very pleased to be here. Thank you.

My name is David R. I’ve worked with Sue and have done for a considerable period of time. I’ve always felt a thirst to grow spiritually. I certainly feel as if this is yet another opportunity to do so. I’m engaged to be married. I was married and divorced twenty-five years ago. I’m engaged to Annie who lives in London, at the moment, and I intend to marry her quite quickly before she finds me out!


I would just like to thank you both for being here and, in the same breath, to thank Sue very much, as well, who got on to your trail because without her, none of us would be here. And, that’s my story as briefly as I can. Thank you.

Okay. And, given what’s happened around the table, I would like to say I also have been divorced.

[Much laughter.]

Married at twenty-one, divorced at twenty-five. He left me seven times and went to Canada with his lover and then called me up and said, “I’m not going to leave my lover but I need you to come and take care of me.” I have paid my dues!

This is going to sound a little harebrained but did you want to introduce Squash Blossom?

Vara’s wearing a necklace that means a lot to both of us. I’ll just start out with this story and we’ll give you an idea of the way I see the world, which is as a very magical place.

Miss Squash Blossom is a necklace that Vara told me about when she first came to Kentucky a couple of years ago. She said it was the one that got away. She never could forget how beautiful it was but she just didn’t have the money to buy it, and so, eight years later, she’s driving through Wyoming, stops at a gift shop—now, mind you, California and Wyoming are hugely separated, at least a thousand miles between them and Wyoming has, mostly, cows in it. There might be fifty thousand, seventy-five thousand people in the state, altogether.

She stops at this little tiny gift shop and there’s Miss Squash Blossom just sitting there, same necklace, same identifying characteristics that she distinctly remembers from eight years ago in California. This time, she did get it. And, when she first showed it to me, I put my hand on it. I was in considerable arthritic pain at that moment, but all my pain went away. So we keep Miss Squash Blossom close. There are lots more coincidences and I could give you a long, long trail of those but I’d like to cover some other material tonight.

Let me start just with a little tale, a little story about how I ended up sitting here talking to you. In 1962, I was in college—do the math. I’ll be sixty-two this summer—and I heard about a meditation group. I was hungry for silent meditation. I’ve been a churchgoer all my life in the American Episcopalian Church, which is a branch of the Anglican community. They have the ritual, singing, praising, praying, speechifying from the pulpit and all that stuff. NO silence to speak of and I was just hungering for time and silence. I heard about this silent meditation group.

Well, this professor, Don Elkins, had an ulterior motive. He was teaching in the college to which I was going. He was a physics professor and a mechanical engineer. He had a very scientific mind. But he had been interested in, as he always put it, what is “loosely called the truth” for ever since he could remember and he was a private pilot in addition to being a professor, so he would get in his private plane and go anywhere that he could fly [in order] to investigate the questions that he was working on. He began working with investigating reincarnation and he did over two hundred sessions of putting people into a hypnotic state and then taking them back before birth and seeing what they said. He became personally convinced that reincarnation was the way things happen.

He moved on to such things as [the question of whether] UFOs were real. There was a much more wide open atmosphere in the ‘50’s [concerning the subject of UFOs]. The ridicule lid had not yet been set down on the UFO question. So he began to investigate extraterrestrial life by talking to UFO contactees and ran his small plane all over the United States. He talked to people like George Hunt Williamson, Orpheo Angelucci and Gray Barker; lots of fascinating people. He went to Duke University and talked with J. B. Rhine about the paranormal. As a matter of fact, he created the word, paranormal, Don did, and gave it to J. B. Rhine. J. B. Rhine used it in his writing.

So, Don was quite an accomplished researcher [when I met him] in ‘62. He had already been working for seven years, traveled widely, and developed a certain degree of sophistication. He was still investigating physical UFO sightings then. People called up and said, “Can you go to Tennessee? There’s a farmer there that has this [UFO] report and he would like you to take it.“

But he had run across some information in talking with a fellow that had just moved to Louisville from Detroit, Michigan, which is up north by the Great Lakes, up by Canada. This guy had been part of a group that had formed around a contactee and the contactee had begun receiving impressions which he wrote down in what was faithfully called The Brown Notebook. I never saw a single copy of this information that was in a brown notebook. It was always in a black notebook, but that’s okay! This Brown Notebook information from the Detroit group was provocative to Don because it said you don’t really need a UFO contact in order to produce this kind of information. What you need to do is to develop a group of people that are used to getting together and sitting in silent meditation. If you will simply do this and then allow the things to come to you, and to blurt them out, then you’ll start getting this kind of information. That was the only instruction given. It was short. It was simple to follow.

Don was a scientist. He set up a group. He went to twelve of his physics students and he said, “Would you like to come to Hal Price’s house?” (This was the guy from Detroit.) “Once a week, on a Sunday night, we’ll just sit in silent meditation and we’ll see what happens.”

Everybody said, “Sure!” As Jim DeWitt’s girlfriend, I said, “So, would you mind asking this Elkins character if I could come, too?”

So, there were these twelve physics students and one young woman that started sitting in silent meditation and, for about six months, we faithfully came. We very much enjoyed the meditations and a lot of the guys started making noises with their tongues, flip-flops. I had a lot of trouble not laughing at these meditations.

[Carla makes clicking noises with her tongue to demonstrate what she was hearing.]

You’d hear all this going around. I didn’t “get” a thing! I’m thick as a plank, psychically, and I wasn’t interested in anything but silent meditations so I never channeled back then. Well, they weren’t precisely channeling but, obviously, there was some kind of energy that was being built up at these meetings because of the repetition, getting friendly with each other, getting comfortable.

You know how terrifying it is to say anything, even if you’re in total control over what you say! Can you imagine having the nerve to blurt out a thought that comes to you and you don’t even know if it’s your own thought or if it’s worth anything! Nothing really had gone very far.

Hal invited the original channel, Walt Rogers, from the Detroit group, to come visit and Walt channeled for our group. And, through this channel, the Confederation entities that were speaking said, “I don’t know why you guys aren’t blurting it out but you’re this close! You just don’t have the nerve to do it, so we would encourage you just to go ahead and be silly and give it a try.” What Hal did blew the experimental quality all to pieces and we lost the scientific nature of the experiment through this. Almost immediately, however, people started developing material. They’d never seen the material from the Detroit group, but guess what? It came out the same way. They kept talking about love and light.

Now, who are these people that were trying to develop us as channels? It’s hard to say. You know, the last group I spoke to said, “Well, do you really think that there’s extraterrestrial life? Do you really think that you’re channeling somebody from another planet?” I have to say that I don’t know. I wouldn’t push it. I don’t care. I don’t care what people think. I have millions of words of channeling up on my site, as Sue can tell you. It would be very difficult to imagine that I could have developed all those words just off the top of my head. I’m not that much of a talker that I would be that compulsive about developing this material.

So, I would say something’s happening. Something’s coming through me when I channel this material. As to whether it’s extraterrestrial or [whether] I’m contacting a part of my deeper self, whether it’s the Holy Spirit, which fits in with my Christian beliefs, or what, I honestly have never figured it out. I really don’t know and I honestly don’t care.

You’re welcome to go to my website. Our group has two of them. We’re called L/L Research, which stands for Love and Light. The site with all my material on it is www.llresearch.org.

Don and I developed a nonprofit foundation to support the work that we were doing so people could donate, and we do welcome donations. We had travel expenses [coming to Newcastle] so if you want to donate tonight, that would be great. If you don’t have the money, don’t worry about it. I just know Spirit will make us come out even, at least. I wanted to come here for my friend’s wedding anyway, so I’m willing to take a slight hit, financially.

It was a wonderful wedding on the twelfth. This is the part of the trip where I thought, I don’t want to come all this way and just visit. I really want to share with people. And, so I put it out on my site that I was going to be here for two weeks after the wedding and, if anybody wanted to organize a meeting, I’d go wherever they were and speak. We had five people write and say, I’d like you in London. I’d like you in Newcastle. I’d like you in Bath. P asked me to Forest Row and I talked to St. Albans on Monday or Tuesday. It just worked out perfectly. I kind of expected it would. Spirit’s like that.

They say, allegedly, that they are a confederation of societal groups from various planets throughout this part of the galaxy that are sort of like our peace corps. They’ve banded together. Star Trek had this “confederation” and they were so interested in preserving free will, you know, that they wouldn’t tell [people whom they visited] more than they already knew because they didn’t want to disturb their development.

There’s a lot of this kind of energy in this contact where they’re very careful about free will and they want to share through instruments like me rather than coming among the people, physically, because if they landed on the lawn we’d all be in the position of thinking that they were authority figures. They don’t consider themselves to be authority figures. They consider that each one of you is your own authority figure, spiritually. Nobody but you knows what’s going to go in and what’s not going to work.

So, as I say things, if I say something that doesn’t make sense to you, just forget it. I don’t have an agenda. I just want to share this body of information. It’s really been a riveting influence in my own life. It’s never drawn me away from my very mystical take on Christianity. I’m not at all dogmatic but I’ve been going to church since babyhood in the same type of church and it’s very comfortable and familiar to me so I’ll probably do that until I die. I’ve sung in the church choir since the age of four. But, the material I’ve collected and studied from this Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator really seems to have got me going and kept me going and I’m a real fan of my own work. What can I say? But, I don’t feel that it’s coming from me. I feel it’s coming through me so I have no ego involved in it.

In 1974, the original twelve channels had all left the Louisville group, gone here and there. You know how life is. You move on. They were no longer interested in doing this work. Don, however, as a scientist, was interested in continuing the experiment. He said that when you can’t get scientifically accurate data, the thing to do is to get a lot of data. Get a really large body of this data so that you can begin to see the patterns and can see if it’s going to go anywhere, if it’s going to develop and so forth. He said, “I’m out of channels. I’d really appreciate it if you would take it up.”

I loved this man. After my marriage ended in ‘75 he became my partner. In fairly rapid order, he and I became spiritual companions. He was a celibate man, by choice, and so things like marriage and family weren’t really on the books but I adored this man and we belonged together in a very deep way. We were together until his death in ‘84. Under his direction—he was the senior channel that had been developed in the Louisville group—over about a two-month period, I became able to channel. It’s pretty easy to do. I could teach you all here, tonight. It is very easy to channel but very difficult to channel well. It’s the work of a lifetime to channel well.

I was doing a very conscious and certainly a focused type of work. I kept trying to study the phenomenon as it was happening to me and trying to improve. I started to develop ways of tuning; ways of praying and singing beforehand, chanting, and so forth. I still tune to this day. I’ve been working on the tuning process for a long time.

I also developed the feeling that you should not simply invite any spirit that wanted to come in. So I started challenging the spirits. I developed my own theory about how to challenge. I decided that what you needed to do in order to challenge a spirit was to know who you were and therefore how you could challenge. [My question to myself was] “What do I look for? Who am I following and who, or what, would I die for?” To me, [the answer was] the mystical Christ, Christ consciousness or Jesus the Christ, as opposed to some personality named Jesus Christ. I began challenging entities in the name of Jesus the Christ and asking if they could speak in the vibration of unconditional love. I found you lose a lot of spirits that way and clean out the riffraff! And so I do to this day. Specifically, I ask for the highest and best contact with the energy of Jesus the Christ that I can carry in a conscious state. So, that’s my conscious channeling. I started it in ‘74 so I’ve been doing it a little over thirty years.

Now, [with trance channeling] an unusual thing happened to me [in 1981], and this book, The Ra Material, is Book One of a five-book series that is the trance contact with those of Ra. I said earlier that these social complexes, the Confederation entities, were speaking or were communicating through channels. Well, the Ra group was a Confederation entity of a fairly high caliber. I’ll get into that when I talk about the densities. They met my challenge. I didn’t know who they were. I was suspicious of them because I didn’t want anything to do with Egyptian entities. I don’t much like mythological characters [as channeling sources]. They seem, to me, very inner-planes, for the most part, and not particularly high vibration.

But I challenged and they met the challenge. So I let it happen. I immediately went into trance. I didn’t know how I got there. I found [the trance work] very difficult. During that contact, which lasted over the three-year period until Don died in ’84, I had trouble keeping eighty pounds on my body. I would lose between two and three pounds per session. So, it was very hard on me. I never knew how to do it properly and I never really wanted to do anything to fiddle with it because it was such a good contact.

I have all kinds of physical problems. I have three different rheumatoid diagnoses: rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and lupus. I have a fragile body. I was having trouble eating but I had to eat more than I ever ate in my life. But, to see Don, a very melancholy man, happy was such a joy to me that it made it all worthwhile. Don really thought that this was special information.

Eventually, it got published, as you see, here.

[Carla holds up book.]

I’m going to talk about some of the things that they say in this first book. We have a bunch of brochures. You can take one with you and see if you want to order anything. We’ve got just a few books to buy and I hope you do take them, if you’re interested. Besides The Ra Material we have A Wanderer’s Handbook. I wrote that because by 2000 I had been on the internet for about a decade and I found that people kept asking me the same questions over and over again after reading The Ra Material. I became tired of rewriting the same answer all the time and when I analyzed all the questions that I’d gotten in the last ten years that I’ve been on the internet there were about 120 questions. I grouped the questions into chapters and subchapters, made a plan for myself and then I went through all the channeled material that we had, digitally, up to that point and made a database of that. I would go to the question and I would key into the databases from those questions, do searches and find quotes. So A Wanderer’s Handbook is a mélange of the channeling, my own writing, and then the people themselves, you know, asking their questions, telling about their experiences. I wanted to get the feeling of community into the book because the odd thing is that no matter where you are, big city, small town, doesn’t matter! You feel isolated. You feel like there’s nobody to talk to. You’re just so grateful for one person you can actually talk to about these things because everybody else is going, “Eh?” and, “You think that? Why?” They have a tendency either to shrug you off or to think that you’re not quite normal.

I started calling this group of people wanderers because of information we had gotten from the Confederation which suggested that a lot of people, millions of people on this earth, had decided to come here from elsewhere and take incarnations on earth in order to help the planet because, as everybody knows, we’re at the end of an astrological cycle that lasts a little over 75,000 years. The Earth is entering another 75,000 year cycle. It really has more to do with the earth than with us.

At the end of the cycle, there’s something that they call the harvest. It’s time for earth to be harvested. What’s the harvest? Well, the harvest is of those souls who can know and appreciate and live in enhanced light and love. We’re entering the age of love or understanding. And so you have that hunger for a better way, a higher way, that feeling that there’s more here than meets the eye; that it’s not just an ordinary life, but that there’s some sort of noumenal, metaphysical, magical, unseen world that we’re also a part of that’s bigger than just living and dying and returning to the dust.

Many wanderers came here from higher densities of existence in order to help people wake up. But, of course, in entering third-density or consensus reality they had to go to sleep. So, the wanderers, themselves, have had to remember who they are and wake up. I discovered that it didn’t matter to me whether a person felt that he was from another planet or not. When people started waking up, they automatically became wanderers. After you wake up, you can’t go back to sleep. You can’t reenter consensus reality and just spend your life watching cricket matches, doing the dishes and pushing up the daisies at the end. You can’t go back to sleep. You’re always aware that there is that dimension of something more that you really want to get into.

It makes you a kind of wanderer, a stranger in a strange land, whether you’re a planetary native, a wanderer, a walk-in, a member of the elder race, or a transformed fairy with green polka dots, I think that whatever has made you wake up has made you become a wanderer. So, I named that book A Wanderer’s Handbook.

I’ve also written a little handbook for people that are trying to work on their own channeling and I brought it. [It is called A Channeling Handbook.]

Why are they here? They say, “We are attempting to create a state of seeking among the people of this planet who desire to seek.” They are looking for people who are very close to being able to graduate. People that are not close to it are probably going to enjoy another cycle of what they call third-density life. Nothing terrible’s going to happen to them. Hell doesn’t figure into it, or heaven. It’s just a matter of where you’re going to go to get your next experience. They’re interested in the people that are just ready to wake up and they want to sustain the presence of a snooze alarm; to say, “Could I have your ear for a minute? Let me share concepts and if you don’t like the ideas just go back to sleep, but let me have your ear for just a second.” So, that’s basically their goal, to share information with those who have the pleasure of asking. They have a great pleasure in answering. There’s much energy from all over the universe, I think, that’s focused on this planet, at this time.

So, what does the Confederation have to say? It says, basically, that we are all one. I’ll read here just a couple of quotes from the Ra channeling.

You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light. You are light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.

Another way of saying it is, later in the book:

All things are one and that one thing is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator. There is no disharmony, but only identity.

The Law of One is a fairly unscientific, hard-to-grasp concept, but Don, of course, was a scientist. So, he took off on that and said, “Well now, what is this oneness? In what does it consist?” And so, the Ra group talked about light/love and love/light, and that gets me into the discussion of the distortions of the Law of One. Because they say that nothing is real.

If you think about what you know about the makeup of our atoms and cells, the cells of our bodies and the atoms of the universe, and so forth, you know that we’re mostly empty space. An atom is as if you put a pea in the middle of the cricket field and then, on the farthest bleacher, you put a little speck, and that’s the first electron. You’ve got a pea-sized nucleus, all that space, and then you start getting your energy shells that hold the energetic pattern in an energetic field. We’re a bunch of energy fields. Our cells are energy fields. Our bodies are made up of interconnecting energy fields. The chair I’m sitting on is an energy field. And, they all have agreements with each other so that my body doesn’t fall through the chair, the chair doesn’t fall through the floor, and so forth.

But it’s not real. It’s not actually solid. It looks solid, feels solid, but it’s not solid. And this is the illusory nature of our entire world. And, actually, we’re pretty heavy. According to the Confederation people, this arrangement of physics and so forth that holds all these fields in harmony with each other is a pretty dense, heavy, chemical illusion. There are finer densities than this which hold more light and less matter; and eventually, the densities are of light, without matter.

In terms of the distortions of the Law of One, the first distortion is free will. This is why free will is so important. Its like, “The spirit goeth where it listeth and no one knows …” 3 Well, that’s the way free will is. We are creatures of total free will. It doesn’t feel like it, sometimes, but we get to choose; and this is the density of choice. So, free will chooses to form itself into a Thought, and that Thought is unconditional love. Often, the Confederation would call it the Logos. The Logos, then, which is also defined, sometimes, as intelligent infinity, decided to create a certain kind of Creation and made it out of light. So, light is the third distortion. So you’ve got free will; unconditional love, or Logos; light, which has made up the creation and then, you have points of consciousness like you and me. We are the sub-sub-sub-Logoi 4 and we get to create our own creation. That’s what we do.

Certainly, we don’t have a choice about living out life in the body in which we came, but we have tremendous inner choice. And, that choice is, basically, the pattern of the creation. You either polarize towards love in service to others or you polarize towards love in service to self. I’m sure you’ve known people—I might mention George Bush among them—who are obviously service-to-self characters. Everything he does is for the aggrandizement of Bush. What Bush thinks is important. Getting the world’s resources together and controlling everybody—for their own good, of course, which is the typical service-to-self polarity—[is the order of the day].

Then you have people that say, “I just want to help. I want to make a difference in a positive sense.” Basically, there’s that choice, that basic choice that you make between service to others and service to self. That’s really what we’re here to do. We’re here in what I’m calling third density, from their material, and we’re here to make our choices as to how to serve: if we’re going to serve others or to serve our self.

Now, obviously, you can’t serve others without serving yourself because people appreciate [your service] and they give you [service] back. So, you’re constantly getting the love-offerings of other people if you turn out to be service to others. You’re always getting balanced back so that you become aware that you are in a constant flow of energy. You are giving and you’re also receiving. It doesn’t do any good to sit there and think, now, how can I be pure service-to-others and not serve myself? You can’t do it. Plus, you have to do what seem to be very service-to-self things, sometimes, in order to progress. Mostly, you’ve got to take a little time for yourself just to get to know yourself. A lot of times, meditation is the way of that. Usually, getting to know yourself better involves silence, [even] if it’s just walking in nature.

I want to tell you next about the densities. I’ve set you up for that by telling you about the distortions. Don, the physicist, was very interested in the physics of a man named Dewey B. Larson; Larsonian physics, or the reciprocal system of physics. The basic equation of Larsonian physics is: v = s/t or v = t/s. Now, that is velocity equals space over time, or time over space. He thought it was a reciprocal system. He said that velocity was the constant state of the universe. That just means constant expansion; and you see that. In physics, you see the cosmology that every atom is moving away from every other atom at the speed of light. It doesn’t really make sense to my mind but it’s why we developed Love and Light Research as L-stroke-L Research! We figured it was either space over time, or time over space; love over light, or light over love.

The reason I’m telling you this is that the universe begins and ends in the alpha and the omega, which are both intelligent infinity. It’s a circle. It never stops. It always is. But the heartbeat of the one infinite Creator, according to the Ra group, starts anew every single time the Creator creates a new Creation.

He started [this creation] with first density, which is elemental; the elements; the four directions: earth, air, wind and fire; that level of being. A rock, for instance, would be a first-density creature.

The second density is really a density of growth, of plants and animals. Everything is reaching up towards the sun to grow. Animals can move around. Also there’s movement, there’s a reaching towards the light, but there’s no self-consciousness.

Third density is us. We are moving towards the light. We also have an awareness of ourselves that the animals and plants do not have.

The density we’re attempting to graduate into at this time, as a people in third-density, as a tribe of humankind, is the fourth density, the density of love.

And after we’ve worked with those lessons for quite a while then we’ll hopefully graduate into the density of wisdom. That’s the fifth density.

The sixth density is the density of the unification of love and wisdom, or the density of unity, and that is the level from which this social memory complex, as they call themselves, the Ra, is channeling, which makes it very balanced information. And, of course, with Don’s very dry, technical questions, [the Ra material is] a lot more solid, when you start getting into reading it, than most channeled material, which is kind of airy-fairy, happy, marshmallowy fluff. It doesn’t have substance. This stuff does have substance if you want to take the trouble to read it.

You’ve got a slight learning curve because, well, for instance, they call a person a “mind/body/spirit complex” and you have to be willing to go with that enough to say, “Oh, now why would they do that? Why can’t they just say ‘person’?” Well, if you think of a person as a complex of mind, body and spirit then you have a much more detailed idea of the way they see a person.

It’s very common in philosophical systems for this to happen. The philosopher will create special terms that they use—[special] language, in order to seat the concepts properly.

The seventh density is the density leading back directly to the octave, to timelessness, and it is called the density of foreverness, sometimes, by them. In this density you’re simply gathering spiritual gravity and being pulled back to the Creator where you lose your personality and your awareness of yourself completely, finally. Your final gift of this whole learning experience that all these densities take you through is to give it all back to the Creator so the Creator knows a little more about Itself. Then, It gets all this information digested and Its heart beats again. It starts into first density, creates another universe and let’s go play!

We’ve done this a long time. We are still toddlers but we’re also old souls. We’re citizens of eternity. It’s really important to realize that. And, we’re very solid citizens. There’s nothing temporary about us. Anybody that’s had children knows exactly what I mean. When they come in, that personality is right there. Sure, it develops in this life but it doesn’t change, really. That little baby and its characteristics just go right through life. So, we’re all here to find out who we are and then to find out how we choose to create our own personal, internal Creation.

The next thing I’d like to run through with you is about how we can live this Law of One in our lives. I’d like to tell you about the energy centers and I’d like to tell you four simple exercises. And then we are going to have a break and enjoy the nice food which our host so kindly went out and hunted and gathered for us.

Firstly, when you think about your body, you think about your arms, your legs, your head, what your hair’s like, what your skin’s like and that kind of thing. And that’s one level. That’s the surface level of who we are.

But, what gives us the energy that makes us vital?

I’m very vital. You can feel it. But I don’t have a strong body. What I have is a very strong energy body. I love being here and that’s really what gives me the [vital] energy. I keep tuning back into my own love of being here, my own love of life, my own excitement about waking up and, thinking, “Hey, I get a whole new day! I’m at the party! I get to dress up! I get to go! What are you going to do for me today, Lord? Where are you going to toss me? What’s going to happen?” I think it’s a great adventure.

So, this energy body takes in energy from the earth. It is really from the Creator but it comes from that great repository of the Earth’s, our mother’s, energy because we are creatures of Earth. We pull [this energy] up into ourselves just by living, just by breathing. It comes up into the root chakra. Some of you may be familiar with this [chakra system that I am using], and [some of you may use] a somewhat different one. Some chakra systems have seven [chakras], some have eight, some have twelve. In the [system described in The Law of One], it’s a seven-chakra system and then, the eighth [chakra] is above the head. It is limitless white light. But, the chakras begin with the red or the root ray and that is at the joining of the legs. It has to do with survival and sexuality, which is really at the heart of our bodies. It’s where we start. It’s what we start with. It’s the raw material, and the pun is intended. It’s what we have to work with. We have a certain energy level there; we have certain biases, and so forth. That’s our first energy center.

The second energy center is in the gut and relationships are the province of that energy center. Since all of you have had experience with various types of relationships, you know what it feels like to be kicked in the gut by someone emotionally. The reason that it feels like that is because that’s the center that’s dealing with [it] in personal relationships. I always like to remind people that their first orange-ray relationship is with themselves. We don’t pay enough attention to that and so we can get really blocked in that center if we’re not being honest with ourselves, if we’re not facing ourselves or if we’re not “in relationship” with ourselves. It doesn’t do any good to lie. It doesn’t do any good to gloss things over when we have to deal with the self.

The third energy center is here.

[Carla points to the third chakra location at the solar plexus.]

[It is called] the yellow-ray chakra, in this particular system. Again, it’s personal relationships but it’s group personal relationships like your spouse, your family, your relatives, your work, the team you play for, the church you go to, any community you are a part of. All of these are yellow-ray relationships, and our planet is yellow ray so, naturally, it’s all about working with, cooperating with and living in groups. You know, you don’t find too many hermits and, even if you’re a hermit, you’re still on the internet ordering your salt and your sugar and the things you can’t make yourself. So, these are the three basic energy centers.

I like to remind people, “Sure, you want to get into the heart. You want to live from the heart. This is all about learning to love. But, unless you keep these [first three] basic energy centers clear or at least partially balanced in their distortion so that the love and the light of the infinite Creator that you’re scooping up from the earth energy can come through to the heart, then you’re not getting [full] energy to the heart and you can’t do the [metaphysical] work. So, it’s really important.

If I could say one thing to you, besides, “Meditate,” it would be, in addition to that, say at the end of the day or at any time that’s handed to you, sit down and ask yourself, “What did I think, today? What’s crossed my mind? How are those energy centers doing? Are they firing well? Are they blocked? Are they over-activated? Am I worried or fretting? What am I thinking about now?” And as you address each of those, take a good look. Take a look for patterns. See where your patterns are going. See what you keep going back to. See if you can develop some kind of slowly deepening knowledge of yourself where you go, “Okay, I know that theme. I’m there again. All right.”

The fourth energy center, and it’s a wonderful center, is the heart. As you bring things up into the heart for the first time, you’re not just dealing with taking in energy. For the first time, you’re able to give and receive energy. You can’t give and receive red-ray energy. You can give it in, say, sexual intercourse. You can be part of a relationship, but until you lift it up into the heart, you can’t have a mutual relationship so you have an unceasing hunger. The only way, really, to begin to calm down and be peaceful about your relationships is to get up into the heart where you’re loving, because love carries you over the rough spots. And, there are times when you have to say: “Look, I’m having trouble here. I can’t give you a thing. I need something from you. I need you to listen to me,” or, “I need to ask you what was it you said that made me upset.” You have to do that up in here…

[Carla indicates the heart chakra, pointing to the heart area of the chest.]

…or it won’t work. You’ll just get mad at each other. The number of divorces among us show that we haven’t been entirely successful at being in the heart all the time. Well, I too am guilty, but, you know, we keep trying. The goal is to bring it all up into the heart.

Now, once you’re in the heart center, you’ve got some options and the options are in two of the three remaining centers. The blue-ray energy center, the throat center, is the center in which you are trying to communicate. Open communication is the blue-ray energy. And, as you may have noticed, many times when you’ve been trying desperately to get someone to hear you, a great deal of blue-ray energy is involved in listening and hearing. [Blue-ray energy is] not just [about] talking, because a lot of times, we don’t even know what it is we’re trying to say. We just feel something we’re trying to say. So being able to listen to each other, to go with each other and work with each other—that’s the blue-ray energy and it is just the most healing thing in the world. A lot of education happens in the blue-ray center. But, again, the biggest part of education is waiting for somebody to ask you so that you actually have a question as a point [from which to start].

The remaining energy center with which you can work, that’s only available to you once the heart is opened, is what’s called the indigo-ray [chakra] or the pineal gland, right about here.

[Carla points to the center of her forehead.]

This center is all about work in consciousness. It is when you’ve made the decision that you want to accelerate the rate of your spiritual evolution that you begin doing this level of work.

A lot of religiosity masks wonderful indigo-ray work. I’ve never seen anything that can kill spirituality faster than a church, even though I’m a part of one. I see it happen all the time. [Religions] get involved in social and political things in connection with the running of the church and whether this should be or that should be. They tell you [that] you must believe this, and this, and this, and this. And that just kills it. It kills it completely. If you look at what Jesus actually said, the Christ wasn’t about creating a church. He was about creating a community in which everybody paid attention to what everybody needed so that everybody was taken care of, which sends danger signals! His [movement was a] radical, radical movement! Nobody ever listens to that. They don’t hear that he said: that you are here to follow the Way, the Truth and the Life of unconditional love. It’s right there, especially in John’s Gospel. The indigo ray is the ray in which the tools of religiosity like meditation, prayer, contemplation and the reading of inspirational works and so forth [abide].

The violet ray is right here on top of the head but it’s really just a readout, a printout, if you will, or spectrograph of your sample. If you were a paint sample, it’d be a spectrograph of all the elements of that particular sample. It’s a readout of where your vibrations are in each chakra and then where the balance is in those chakras. So, somebody like the Confederation looks at us sitting around this table and, to them, we are a field of flowers that are blooming in just this way and have just these colors in our petals, if you will. It’s much more real to them than these bodies that we see. And that actually, metaphysically speaking, who we are is our violet-ray readout. At any one particular time, that is our essence. What we’re trying, here, in life, to do is to get down to our essence so that we can know ourselves and allow ourselves to bloom. That’s what we came to do.

We didn’t come here to do things. We came here to be. We came here to breathe the air, to be ourselves and to let the love flow through us effortlessly. [This love is] there all the time. We are here to interact with each other in loving ways. It’s a wonderful template that we more or less experience each and every day of our lives as we talk to people that are around us and bid each other a good day and ask each other to go well and wave at each other when people let us in on the freeway, and so forth. We are sharing that love and that light in very simple and obvious ways and, of course, trying to do it better and better. It involves simpler and simpler ways of being ourselves, wherever we are. We’re not using the masks that culture tries to give us and, instead, we’re just [being ourselves].

[Here are four] exercises [that will help us] to work with this love-nature that we have.

Exercise one: The moment contains love. Look for the love in the moment.

Exercise two: Look into the eyes of another person and see the Creator.

Exercise three: Look in the mirror. I’m talking about a literal mirror, the medicine chest, whatever. Look into your eyes in the mirror. Look into your own eyes, not at them, not at the image, but into the black part that the light goes into, and see the Creator.

And, exercise four: Look at the creation and see the Creator. Nature is tremendously helpful, and a simple example [is the trees]: We breathe out carbon dioxide; the trees breathe it in. They breathe out oxygen; we breathe it in. This is the reciprocal nature of the love and the light of the infinite Creator in its simplest form. The whole Creation feeds each other and works in cooperation and harmony. So, if your mind is stayed upon the unity of the Creation, if you can hold that memory as you meet the people that you meet, then you become like a lighthouse that’s just radiating. It’s effortless because you’re in a state of remembering. You’re in the open heart. The open heart’s doing the radiating. You don’t have to do it. You don’t have to reach. You don’t have to think what to do next. Basically, you’re then in a state where you’re pulling to you those things that you need because of the very good guidance system which we have. And the people [around you] are asking of you those things that you can give them, just by your very being. So, let us live in that unity as we go and feed our bodies!

[The group breaks for a divine repast of meats, salads, crackers and cheese and everything else imaginable, plus a very generous open bar. We return for a Q and A session about an hour later.]

[Addressing a gentleman in the group holding his arm in a certain way]

Do you have thoracic outlet syndrome? I share that problem and I sympathize.

[He does not have that condition but has the same symptoms. They share sympathy. A question is asked about the increasingly strong waves of new vibrations sweeping the planet that cannot be heard.]

In terms of someone who wants to retain control, these are hard times. It shows itself in so many ways. It’s easier for us to get sick than it used to be because our bodies express what our mind can’t. If we won’t deal with something [mentally] it goes down into our bodies. So you see a lot of sickness. You see a lot of allergies. You see a lot of nervous problems, people having mental problems, and so forth.

And, how to deal with that is just a matter of taking a deep breath and saying, “Okay, we are living in chaotic times. I need to release the need to control this. I need to let it be okay not to understand. I need to let it be okay for me not to get everything done that I put on my plate to get done, today, because the day is going to end. Things have to fall off the back of the wagon. I need not to worry about that. I need to stop the time I’ve been wasting in fighting this thing.

Stop the worrying. Stop feeling guilty. Start realizing, when you start getting triggered, “Wait a minute. I’ve done the best I could all day. I didn’t get it all done. I forgive myself.” I think it’s a lot easier to have compassion for other people if you just start having compassion for yourself.

And, maybe, turn off the phone so that people cannot get you. Don’t look at your e-mail for a couple of days or whatever it is that’s stressing you out. Say, “I need to take a rest from the demands of an ever-increasing, ever-enlivening vibration. I need to sit by the side of the road and go, “Breathe, just breathe!”

Just take some time to let yourself come back to your center. When you remember to do that, then, the next crazy thing that happens, you can actually laugh about it. And that is so good.

So, that’s my little dissertation on what the heck is happening now.

There are whole planets of people that are sending waves of transformational energy, love and light, into this planet at this time, trying to help the people cope. [However, often] it doesn’t help simply because people don’t know to ask [for] that help. One thing about any kind of guidance or help from the spirit world or from the unseen planes is [that] it doesn’t start really working with you until you ask it. There’s that free will thing, again. You have to remember to say, “Okay, guidance system, kick in, here. Give me a message, show me a coincidence.”

Then start noticing [“subjectively interesting coincidences.”] If you see that bird, what does that mean? You can start patterning these messages from guidance. When I see that magpie, or when I see that rabbit run, or when I see that hawk—I’m wearing hawk earrings because one of my totems is a hawk—then I realize I’ve gotten a message.

You can begin to decipher these messages from nature, from street signs, from key words that you hear from this person and that person in a day. You say, “Maybe I’m supposed to be thinking about what I’ve heard three times, today.” There are ways to cooperate with these wonderful waves of energy that we’re getting.

If we don’t, then we’re resisting something that’s inevitable. Because the time for the planet to change is here. And it’s changing. It’s not waiting for us. That’s the problem, we’ve been lagging behind. We’ve not been focusing. We’ve not been awakening as a species.

It’s no wonder because the Confederation says that not only are there people here that have been on earth this whole time and tried to learn, repeatedly, but Mars’ third density failed halfway through. They blew themselves up. Their souls had to be brought here. What’s now the asteroid belt, according to the [Confederation information], used to be a planet called Maldek. It blew itself up. Those souls had to be transferred here. So we’re a school for juvenile delinquents.


We’re full of repeaters that did not learn the lessons of love the first time and are trying desperately to catch up.

Is there any interference with the awakening?

I think that what we would call interference is part of the plan, which is that there are two ways to graduate from third density. You can graduate along the lines of service to others, or you can graduate along the lines of service to self. Those who have become sophisticated in terms of service to self, people and groups with pop culture names like the Illuminati or the New World Order or the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are people who have gotten pretty sophisticated in seeking more information about how to learn along the lines of service to self. We’re calling the Confederation because we want to learn service to others. The calling from [those people are to] what the people in The Ra Material call the Orion Empire, which is a Confederation that’s dedicated to helping people who want to learn service to self. So they’re getting the opportunity to send energy into the planet; to send messages of fear and doom.

[Comments from the group, mostly inaudible, about conflict.]

A lot of that! Yes. It’s perfectly understandable. You see this outworking, all the time in politics.

These are the people in control.

Well, they are in control in the outer world. But in the inner planes, where we get to choose, the earth population’s not buying it.

But, we’re locked into it, aren’t we?

We are if we think we are.

Is it not dangerous to challenge it?

Well, certainly. It’s not even sensible to challenge it, except by voting. We have ways that we can try to create a better government.

Will the [powers that be] be aware of the awakening?

No. It’s not at all in their interest for us to wake up.

Are they aware that it’s accelerating at the moment?

I couldn’t tell you. I never studied service to self and what they teach. The most I’ve done is study why so many positive channels end up giving mixed messages. And the answer to that one seems to have to do with fear. As soon as people start asking fear-based questions of these channels they start focusing on very specific information. They start getting mixed messages.

If you look at the Old Testament, that is a perfect example of a positive channel, in that case, Moses, receiving messages from a service-to-self entity, which is the Yahweh entity. [The message] was all about judgment and doom. “You will go to hell unless you do this.” All of those [commandments and prohibitions were] in the Old Testament. And you can’t really say to your pastor, although I have and gotten away with it, “That’s a real service-to-self God. I’m really glad we didn’t stick with him.” 5

Interestingly enough, “Yod-He-Vau-Heh” is the way you spell the unspoken name that we say is Jehovah or Yahweh. If you add the Hebrew letter “Shin,” you get “Yod-He-Shin-Vau-Heh” which is the way you spell “Jesus.” So “Jesus” is like a vibration rather than a person. It is energy of a certain type. That “Shin” energy creates the service-to-others energy.

You have to keep remembering to add love into the mix and to drop the judgment, and when you hear people talking fear, then you have to start saying things like, “Well, you know, faith can move mountains.” And, if you get a bunch of people together that have faith, they can really make a difference. It doesn’t have to be a very big group. One of the things I’m doing later this summer with our L/L Research group is to create a weekend in which we spend the whole weekend just working on creating a group that is vibrating in the “Yod-He-Shin-Vau-Heh” and unconditional love.

In faith, that faith [tells us] that all is well, no matter what it looks like, no matter what ways the dragon of service-to-self is thrashing its tail. [Faith] knows that its days are numbered because the new energy is here. If we are able, as a species, to bring ourselves, as a group, into that new awareness and recreate our systems to match what we know, [we can progress with the planet]. Otherwise we will probably experience some planet-wide catastrophe as the magnetic shift [occurs] that has been talked about.

Scientists have been talking about the fact that the Earth will have to make a huge magnetic shift [for some time]. 6 It’s the same kind of thing that shifted to bring third density into being way back when the dinosaurs disappeared. There was a sudden magnetic shift and everything that was alive at that time was removed.

It’s not an occasion for fear. If it happened, it would happen very quickly and we would be through the gateway towards larger life. We would then be harvested and we would walk those steps of light. Wherever we were most comfortable with the light, that’s where we’d stay. If it was third-density light, then we go to a third-density planet somewhere else and do this all over again for another 75,000 years; have another go. If we’re vibrating fourth-density light, we get to be fourth-density pioneers on planet Earth, and that’s far out.

[Laughter from the group.]

But, in the meantime, on a quite practical level, in a normal, everyday life, one thing is that I’m finding much hatred, aggression, unhappiness and anger in people. It seems to get a little bit bigger every day. I am actually beginning to dislike the rest of the world more and more every day. I find it very hard to have normal conversations with people because I can never get where they’re coming from. It’s quite hard to connect with anybody, unless they do express some sort of an interest in things like meditation or think a little bit differently about their lives. I find it quite hard to do that practical, day-to-day living without getting quite frustrated.

When we first went to [a Meditation and Retreat] Center, the two of us were sitting there. We were halfway through the week before we started laughing, “Oh, hold on, this is us! These are nice people and this is how they live.” It took a while, didn’t it, to relax. Now, when we go there, we’ll go there and relax immediately. We’re in the moment as soon as we go. But, you step back into life out here and it’s just so hard, isn’t it, to [sustain that point of view].

Every single time we go, we make some kind of promise, you know, to the world or to each other, and say, “When we get back, we will find time to meditate. We will do the things that we want to do.” I think, within twenty-four hours, it just goes, doesn’t it? And, it’s almost like you get dragged by the throat into this life. I just sometimes feel like I’m in the wrong place all the time.

We’re walking around feeling like we have this aura around us, like we were floating. We’re looking around and I couldn’t relate to all these people, although as a person in general I can scream and shout as well as anybody else does.

When you first start meditating and you’re sitting there and your head’s racing, we’d come out and discuss with each other how we couldn’t still our minds. Now, as the week went on, we talked to some of the monks who said, “You don’t do anything. You just sit there. When things come, you push them away. The mind runs pure; the mind is pure and you just let it go.” By the end of the week, we were meditating. We were getting more coming out and we were getting a lot out of it. When you step back in [to society in your everyday life] and you try and create that at home, and you’re being mindful, it’s quite peaceful in there. I won’t let people come in [to my apartment]. I don’t like negative people in my home. I don’t want to sit where I’ve got negative people. I keep it very peaceful. And it’s very hard to come to that, at all, on your own.

Well, here are some thoughts to share. I don’t know how much they’ll help but I’ll tell you a few thoughts and tell you a story.

The basic idea of the Law of One is that we are every thing; we are every emotion, which means that we have a shadow side that’s the equal of our positive side.

Now, of course, if you’re service-to-others, you start making choices. You decide what part of yourself you want to develop. You’re developing all the good bits and you don’t want to go to the dark bits. But we have people all around us. And, since all things are one, when I look into your eyes, I see the Creator. You are me. I am you.

And so, every person is like a mirror and is reflecting to you. When you start working on yourself, you know what you’re going to get from the mirrors is not just the reflections of the good stuff. You’re [also] going to start picking up on your shadow side. You’re going to start seeing the things that you haven’t developed yet, the things that you don’t want to look at, the things that you’d like to tuck away under a rock and say, “No, that’s not me. I’m all good.”

Well, we’re not. We’re 360 degrees of self. So, you have to use the hall of mirrors the way it was intended. And that’s why, at the very beginning, I said, when you’re working with the orange ray, the first person you need, really, to get to know and be clear with is yourself. The reason for that is that [when] everybody is reflecting to you, you think it’s about them but, in terms of your own little world, it’s all about you.

And there’s nothing that you get out there that isn’t speaking to you because there’s a part of yourself that needs to be loved that you haven’t loved yet. You haven’t come to grips with it. And it feels like the wolf that bites. It feels like evil incarnate. But, it’s not evil. It’s not good. It’s just a part of yourself you haven’t developed yet: the murder, the thief, the rapist, and so forth.

So, who wants to look at that? Nobody. Absolutely nobody. But, that’s what the world is going to reflect to you until you take hold of it and say, “All right, let me come to grips with this, then. Let me look at that part of myself that wants to take advantage, that wants to make the extra buck, that wants to push somebody out of the seat because I need to sit down, that whatever.” [That] whatever [is] your particular theme, your particular motifs, the things that you decided you wanted to study in this life.

For instance, I think my main incarnational lesson, personally, is to learn to love without expectation of return. So I’ve had a steady stream of people in my life that for perfectly good reasons were very self-involved people. My parents basically wanted me to take care of them and, from a very young age, I did that. And, when my parents were gone, I looked around and, by golly, they’d been replaced by other people that were very happy for me to help them but just really couldn’t give me anything back.

I think that’s often a man’s lesson because he goes out and he earns the living and takes care of his family. He’s thinking, “I’m working my tail off, here. I don’t have any time for myself. I’m just pouring the money into the family, into the house and into the family’s needs and nobody’s thinking about me.” Well, at what point does it occur to the man that, in having someone to care for, the blessing is at least a hundred times worth what it costs to do livelihood?

So then, the question becomes, “Okay, in order to help myself here what I need to do is not turn away from my family, but to try to make my livelihood something I passionately love and trade in the job that I don’t like for a situation in which I am not only making a livelihood, but I’m making a right livelihood.”

And, so much more these days, it’s not just a man’s thing to support the family. These days, a woman and a man working together can barely afford a house, a lot of times. So, they’re both just tag-teaming endlessly, and is it for the house? Well, no, not exactly. It’s so that he can be of service and she can be of service and learn the lesson of service, and learn the lesson of sacrificial giving and let somebody else be more important than you are, pull you out of your little self, and make to you realize that it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be able to serve. You begin to change your whole attitude about such a thing.

To tell you a story about how you can transform people just by being yourself: I was in college. I was just eighteen. I was a virgin. I was engaged, and I was totally trusting. I had been very sheltered in my life. I didn’t know any swear words. I didn’t know that people were cruel to each other. I’d never experienced any kind of abuse. And, someone must have heard someone talking to me at the college, and heard my name, and he drove up in this car and he said, “Carla.”

I said, “Yeah?”

He said, “Are you going for the bus?” Because I was waiting at a bus stop.

And I said, “Yeah.”

And he said, “Well, let me take you home. I’ll be glad to give you a lift. I’m not doing anything, anyway.”

So, I got in his car, totally trusting. I didn’t remember the guy but I never remember people. People tend to remember me and I don’t remember them. He said he knew me in high school. He drove me a little ways away from the college. He drove into a blind alley and I couldn’t get out of the car, he had one of those locking things. He reached over and he touched me very roughly and started to pull my clothes off. And, I realized this was not the situation I thought it was.

And, he was big and I was small and I was helpless. And, I just looked at him and said, “What are you doing?”

And he looked right into my eyes and he burst into tears. And he said, “I’m so sorry.” He put his head down on the steering wheel and he cried like a baby. And, you know what he kept saying? He said, “You’re good. You’re really good. You’re good. You’re really good,” while he was bawling.

I was patting him on the back and saying, “It’s okay. I’m engaged, but you’re going to find somebody of your own. Things are gonna work out for you.” I was ministering to this guy that was going to rape me. I was really honestly quite confused. I couldn’t believe it. And, because I couldn’t actually relate to him in this way, because I couldn’t accept or believe it, he couldn’t believe it, either. And, things changed for him, that fast. He became aware, that day, that there is love in the world; there is good in the world. I think his life probably changed forever.

So, it isn’t what you do. It’s who you are. And, if you can meet that person that is being so hateful on the street and find within yourself that quality, and say, “You know, I’ve really looked at that; I’ve looked that in the eye, and I do have compassion; I do love that part of myself; I do embrace it and I take it into myself,” then your whole being becomes compassionate. And you’re able, instead of reacting to the hate, just not to reflect that. Don’t reflect it back because you understand, because you finally do understand that, yeah, he’s really undeveloped. But, you know what? The nature of that undeveloped love is still love. Now, I can relate to the love that’s not being developed and I can look at him with eyes of love, and I can see the love in him, even if he can’t see it.

And, so, you just sit there, and instead of trying to change things, or trying to talk that person out of being that way, you just look at him and you sort of smile and understand. I do understand. I’ve been there. I’ve felt that. I don’t feel it right now. I don’t want to feel it, thank you very much. It is not the offering I want to give you back. So, I’m stopping it right here. I’ve stopped the Wheel of Karma. I am not going to reflect it back to you. I’m not going to hate you back. I’m just going to sit here and connect with the Creator within, even if I’m having a heck of a time seeing it.

And, I’m not laughing you off, buddy, you know, I haven’t stopped listening to you. I do hear that you’re hurting. I do hear that you’re miserable. I do see that you’re hating. But, that’s not all of you that there is and I’m going to see the part that’s more real than that, that’s deeper than that, and I’ll give you all the time you want, buddy. You just go ahead and develop it at your own speed, but I am going to stay with my tuning. I am going to remember.

You just have to make a stand, and that’s what I mean by creating your own universe. Decisions like that, made one after another after another, accumulate. And, soon, you’re in a place you never were before. And, it just happens because you keep making that choice to love, not because people deserve it, not because it’s easy to love them! You’re lucky to find one person in ten that you can really relate to at all; maybe one person in a hundred that you can become a spiritual companion with.

That’s okay. You didn’t come here to get. You came here to be. Yes, you came here to give but, more than that, think of yourself as the flower that you are, that opens in just this way. You are going to need to bloom just your way. You keep wanting to clear the path for that blooming and let it happen.

You’re out of control. You’re out of control your whole life long. You find many, many ways to shield yourself from that harsh information. Don’t shield yourself quite so carefully and let yourself change. Let yourself grow. It’s really a matter of getting out of your own way. And then, as the mirrors come to you, as you look in those mirrors, you’ve done the work.

I think of it sometimes as taking those bits of yourself that aren’t developed and thinking of them like vampires. They’re vampiring away your power. So, when you see that come up in yourself, when you’re doing that particular kind of work, when you’ve contacted some of the dark part of yourself, you look at it and you say, “Okay, I see that energy [of me]. I see it’s not very well developed and what I’d like to do is, I’d like to take you into my heart, and I’d like to love you, and I’d like to forgive you, and then, I’d like to give you a task: I’d like you to come join me. Come be my grit. Come be my determination that will never quit in hard times. Come be that dark but powerful thing that the will is. And, help me to focus.”

You dub those dark energies and say, “I hereby dub you Sir Dark Energy, that is going to help me, now, is going to cooperate with me. And, I’ll do what I can to develop you to be a really noble energy.” Sure, it’s easy to condemn that murderer who’s just slashing away and he’s taking what he wants. But what if you can develop that energy, that hatred, and give it a focus? And give it somebody to follow: your own higher and better self, and say, “Please help me because I need to bring all of me into fourth density, not just the good bits. I don’t need to shed this energy, I need to balance it.”

You mentioned, also, shields, and this just keeps coming to mind, so I’ll toss it out there for you. It is one thing that I use to visualize, in regards to the kind of negative energy that people throw around. You look at someone and think, how can he be like that? If you think of the attitude that is being thrown around, it is as if it was a rubber ball. As soon as you put up this wall that growls, “That’s not me. I can’t accept that. I can’t love that,” you’re basically throwing up a shield and the ball keeps bouncing, and it bounces harder, and it bounces faster, and it crashes into people and it causes more pain. If you can keep from throwing up the shield, if you can just absorb it and say, “Okay, I didn’t like that, that hurt, but I’m not going to brace against it,” the ball stops bouncing and you don’t continue to throw it around. You don’t encourage it to keep moving and hurting more people.


I’ve never been able to find the answer to this one. If we are individuals, beings of light energy, whatever, that are walking around experiencing, being, doing, reacting, and if we’ve been here before many times, perhaps until we learn what we’re here to learn, then, perhaps, we have to keep coming back.

In the laws of the way that things work, the ultimate achievement, and you spoke about this, earlier on, in your conversation, we grow as we learn. That seems to me to be great. That’s a great deal—not that it’s my deal, it’s just that that’s the way it is. I’m fully able to accept that. But, what happens, ultimately, to me, seems to be almost unfair in that, having achieved some sort of perfection through enlightenment and living a good life, and thinking the right things, and so forth, and, as I said, you alluded to this early on in your conversation, we are—and forgive my primitive speech—we are, technically, sort of, tipped back into this oneness, this consciousness, this creative force. We then, are helping what we came from, but we’re losing our identity, our individuality, in that process. And that almost seems unfair to me. It just seems that, by doing all of this right, we lose our identity because we’re, then, tipped back into the bucket.

It seems that way, doesn’t it?

Yeah, it does.

Except that, when we graduated from first density and came to second, we didn’t leave the elemental nature of ourselves behind. We still contain the elements. When we went from second density to third, we didn’t leave the interactive nature of second density behind. We brought it with us. And, when we go from third to fourth, we’re not going to leave our identity behind. We’ll bring it with us. And, that’s another reason, in my perception, why we need to know who we are, so we know what the strength we bring to the table when we go into a memory complex is. How can I come to Carla and say, this is my strength? How can I add my strength to your strength so that one plus one becomes three, or five, instead of just two?

I’m not at all convinced that we ever lose our identity. Don asked the sixth-density entity, Ra, a question, one time, about whether or not we lose our identity and they said you bring a personality shell in with you from your soul-stream for a certain incarnation and you give yourself this husk, a personality: I’m good at math, I’m not good at English or, I’m good with girls but I’m not very good with geography, or whatever. So, you have a kind of egoic shell and, certainly, I think it is like the husk that does break as your heart opens. It breaks that seed so you can start to grow. The hard part breaks up. It’s a husk. It’s not real. It starts floating away. Things start falling away from you.

But it is only that hard shell that in a way limited you before. And, as the fact that you’re good with girls ceases to mean anything, or the fact that you like chocolate ceases to mean anything, maybe things do fall away, but what you’re getting is more and more of your true essence. You’re going deeper. You’re actually becoming more real. You’re becoming more who you are than you were.

If you look at the various aspects of yourself that are falling away and identify with them, then you can see loss involved. But if you look at what’s happening to you and how vital you’re becoming, and how you’re beginning to dance with the people around you and the situations as they unfold, and begin to get the sense of, “I’m really doing a dance with life,” you begin to know your dancing moves. The way that you begin to move is, “Oh, that’s the way I am.” More and more you discover, “I’m becoming a simpler person. I’m becoming more predictable to myself.”

Am I actually losing my identity? No. But my identity is, itself, opening up. It’s unfolding. It’s becoming a bloom. It’s becoming the plant instead of the seed. It’s putting its roots down into earth that is real, more real than the illusion. It’s blooming into the light and sharing its gifts effortlessly with the people and the planet and the Creator.

I’m not sure. I remember Don asked about that and Ra said that you do lose aspects of your personality shell as you have no need for them any more in order to live. They said, “We’re in sixth density. We’ve come through much and we are still Ra.” They said it sadly. “We can’t lose this doggone individuality; it’s so doggone stubborn!” So I don’t think you’ll lose it.

No. But it’s a difficulty, isn’t it? It’s something that it’s difficult to get your head around.

It is. This is the work of a lifetime.

It’s almost unfair, like you’re being robbed of the work of a lifetime, or even a year, if it took you that long to get it, whatever energy, effort, consciousness went into that. But, you’ve explained it very well.

“We’re all one consciousness experiencing life subjectively.”

That is beautiful. I think that you also have to see that you never stop. This is a process that never stops. You don’t get realization and that’s it. You get the realization for today. Then you wake up, tomorrow, and you’re right back in the battle.

You didn’t stay on the mountain top because that’s not where you live. It’s a wonderful gift, when you get those crystalline moments when you see the plan. You see how perfect it is and you see whatever the realization is. But, it’s a gift, and then you get back to the work that you have to do in this life, which is everyday, ordinary things.

I think the key there is to realize that if you start with love and you realize that everything’s alive, even if you’re washing the toilet or doing the dishes, that the room that you make clean is thanking you. It’s saying, “You really did me!” I’ve had some crummy jobs. Everybody does when you’re starting out. I was a Xerox operator, Xeroxing lawyers’ briefs for the law school: thirty-three pages: sort, sort, sort, sort, STAPLE! Sort, sort, sort, sort, STAPLE! I spent a year doing that and I discovered that, you know, you have to work with your environment. I found that, in doing those sorting jobs, I could get myself into a tremendously focused state of meditation because it was so easy, boring and repetitive. Once I got the pattern down, I didn’t have to think about it, so I could just focus on the beauty that I felt inside my head, and so I was joyful doing this job.

And, I’ve been down near death. I was very close to death for about three years after Don Elkins died. It had a tough effect on me. I got to the point where it had overcome me and I couldn’t sit up. I couldn’t move my arms up anymore. I couldn’t feed myself very well. I couldn’t wash my hair. I couldn’t type. I couldn’t work. I was horizontal. It even hurt to breathe because I had problems with joints. There is actually a joint in your sternum. So, every breath was painful. I lost half of my colon during this period. My body tried to stop working.

And, I had a sign that I put up for myself where I could see it. I’m a Trekkie so naturally I had to use that Star Trek experience. My sign was: FAITH, THE FINAL FRONTIER. I had to believe that I was worthy, flat on my back. It was a tough one. I think we all, if we live long enough, come to where we can’t do anything anymore. But we still have to appreciate and find ourselves to be worthy. It was the lesson that was in front of me, at that time. But, if you face it, if you don’t blink, then I think that you can mine that seeming difficulty for the good and you can emerge from it stronger.

I remember, I got an invitation to channel from a place about five hundred miles away when I couldn’t sit up. I had to stay in a hospital bed, an articulated bed, all the time because I couldn’t hold the weight of my head or my shoulders any more. I had, always, I had to be lying back. Gravity had to be helping me.

My husband, Jim, said, “You can’t do that. That’s ridiculous. Tell them no.” And I said, “But I’d really like to serve these people, you know?” And so they said, “We’ll get you an articulated bed and we’ll pay your travel expenses, but we do need you to come here.” I got Jim to throw a mattress in the back of his truck and I went to West Virginia lying down on the mattress. And, I got from the mattress into the articulated bed and I did my channeling and my sharing. I had an adventure in that little track of time. The fact that I didn’t get to see the scenery as it went past me was too bad, but I did just fine.

It was a matter of facing it square on and seeing what could I make out of this lemon! I made some lemonade. So often, that’s what we have to do. I really didn’t have the temperament or the time to feel sorry for myself. I knew that people were starving. There were people that weren’t going to open their eyes the next morning. They were going to freeze to death, drunk in the streets, and not make it to tomorrow. They were in the streets of Calcutta with no place to stay and never going to make it to morning. So no matter what it looked like from the inside out, I actually had nothing to be sad about. So the question was, how can I do what I do? How can I be who I am? How can I respond to this request for aid? A lot of times, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I don’t think we run out of options nearly as fast as we sometimes think.

It’s getting to be kind of late. Do you all have the energy to go on? You got some more questions? I’m willing to go as long as you want but I’m also ready to start winding it down, if you like. I’m perfectly glad to go on if you all have the energy and the questions.

I have a question.


So, about the Creator. Obviously, He created everything so who created the Creator?

Now, there’s a mystery. All things are one. It is a self-perpetuating, self-energizing thing. I think that one thing that we have to realize, if we study metaphysics, is that it’s entirely subjective. We can play with the words, but we can’t penetrate the mystery. We can try to prove things but, if it’s a matter of individual growth, it will never be able to be proven. Even if somebody sits down and figures out a way to prove something, then the press will ridicule it so that nobody will believe it.

I believe that the Creation began, and ends, in mystery. I also believe that it’s very real, more real than anything else in life. I certainly don’t know the answer to that question, but when I, personally, talk to the Creator, I know that I am talking to an absolute mystery and that I will never, in this lifetime, understand it.

I remember when I was fourteen years old and going through my religious period, as opposed to the rest of my life, which, to me, was intense. I was at a youth camp and there were daily inquiry sessions with the bishop. I loved my bishop. Bishop Marmion was a big, hairy guy with big hands, a big voice, and a big personality. I was the only one at youth camp that came. Everybody else just wanted to goof around. I had wonderful conversations with the guy.

I said, “Bishop Marmion, I think I may have to give up being an Episcopalian, or even a Christian, because I just don’t buy this virgin birth thing. I just don’t get it. I don’t think I ever will. I’m going to have to leave the church.” I really wanted to be honest, deeply honest, even if it meant giving up my deeply cherished, beautiful choir and everything I liked about church. And, he said, “I have trouble with that one, myself.”


I said, “Bishop Marmion, how do you say the creed?” He said, “In hope. I know I’m never going to understand these mysteries in this life. I’m not even trying, anymore. I just say it in faith that, one day, probably after this lifetime…”

[Tape is changed.]

…He said, “Don’t ever leave the church.” I said, “Well, why do you say that? And, he said, “Because, then you’d have no one to talk to about the Christ.”

So, if you’re getting something out of this path, stick with it, in faith. And, that’s all I can say to you about the question of who created the Creator. It’s one of those conundrums that talks to you about infinity.

The actual name of the Creator, that the Ra group uses several times, is intelligent infinity. You can’t get your head around infinity. You can never grasp it because, to grasp something, it has to be finite. The only other word for infinity is unity.

Actually, the answer that popped into my head when you said that was—you said, “If He created us, then who created Him?” We did. In an infinite universe, time is not linear. It’s spherical. So, if all things are existent at once, and all things are one, then It created us, and we created It, and we’re all just…


Playing in the soup.


Playing in field of the Lord.

But, again, you come back to that question of infinity. How do you get your head around the fact that time is spherical. I don’t know.

Why don’t I send a couple of women out to pour some wine around? Is that what everybody’s drinking, is wine? Are there some spirits?“

[Everyone in the group responds, at once. Inaudible fun and pandemonium.]

I’ll give you a hand.

[Referring to Vara’s earlier comment.]

That’s what I thought the answer might be.

But, as Carla says, again, it comes back to that infinite universe and how do you get your head around infinity?

When I was a child, I used to ask questions all the time, about time. This is a big question. You go forward in time, but, surely, you could go just as well back in time and I can never get my head around that. I can never understand it. There’s always tomorrow but there’s always yesterday, as well. I could never understand it. I used to give myself a headache when I was a child.

Well, the closest I’ve ever come to grasping infinity is, walking on the surface of a sphere with a light on one side, but not on the other. So, you’re always walking toward the light, and it’s always lighter ahead of you than it is behind. But, no matter how close you get, no matter how far you walk, it’s still lighter further ahead than it is behind. No matter how far you go, circumstances don’t change. You’ve traveled, you’ve experienced, but the situation remains.

It’s very frustrating when you’re a child.

Yes. I used to ask questions like that. I grew up in a Christian school. I would get reprimanded, rather heavily. I frequently was sat down in a principal’s office, or locked in a closet, or…


They would get very tired of me asking questions.

If I come up against somebody that doesn’t think like me, I can be aggressive or nasty or think nasty thoughts. But I take a step out of my body and pretend I’m somebody else.

Put yourself in their shoes.


I don’t find that I come across many people that I have difficulty with. The thing that I have a difficulty with is that media thing, watching TV and seeing that teenage boys have beaten up elderly women for the sake of ten quid, to go and buy some fish and chips. The media pushes it at us. There is more of it available than there ever used to be. But I just get this sense that I can’t put my finger on that there are lots and lots of people who are just living life in a box and they don’t see anything else around them.

Do you not feel sorry for them?

Always. I think when you witness some of the horrific things that people are doing, you just think, how do you stand up knowing that you’ve done this? How do you go out and do it again when you know what you’ve done?

Do you not think the media is becoming transparent? People do see, a bit, and you see the conflicts. The whole 9/11 thing, where the whole world stopped and looked at these planes, these terrorists, who we’re told are terrorists, are crashing into it. What it seemed to do was to group people together. People mourned together and people cared about what happened. I went to New York before 9/11, and waited a couple of years after, because I was scared to go, but I saw a different place when I went back.

New York was a hostile place. I would ask, “Could you tell us where the bus is?” And they’d look at you, and they hadn’t got the time of day, but knocking you as you’re going through—what a terrible attitude.

But, after 9/11, a couple of years after that, I saw a different place, and I saw people who were a lot more polite and it was very noticeable. I know the psychology of crowds and when you’re in the country, people are less aggressive because of more body-space. In towns, they’re a bit more hostile because, obviously, their space is being invaded.

But, people were different. People were saying thank you. People were smiling. The media was still pushing terrorists and these wars, but …[obscured by other voices.]

I was really impressed by 9/11…

The internet is abused by pedophiles and what have you, but the internet is a fantastic place. When you want to find something out and you want to find some truth, you can go on there and they can’t stop you finding it.

And, you know, there’s a lot of good news out there and they don’t report it.

That’s just part of the plan to keep you in a state of fear. That’s all the media reports, isn’t it, just to keep you in a state of fear and a state of depression.

[Several conversations occur at once. Only those conversations closest to the microphone are discernible.]

And giving up your power, and saying, “What’s the use?”

But, good news is not as good news, is it?

It’s not as exciting. But I was really impressed by 9/11 because, yes, there were terrible things happening. I had expected, in my jaded viewpoint, for New York to react badly. And the New York people pulled together. They actually reacted very well.

So, out of a nasty thing, good came out of it.

Really beautiful things did come out of it. In a very strange way, watching New York react to 9/11 restored my faith in humanity. I had become very jaded. I was completely certain that it was going to be a riot. It was going to be chaos. And it wasn’t. They really pulled together. And, there I sat with this crystalline picture: in the presence of great light there is a sharp shadow.

[The next few moments are too chaotic to be discernible. General conversation continues among members of the group.]

Carla, do you know anything of the reptilian agenda? What do you make of it?

Well, not much. You were talking about it brilliantly earlier. You were talking about keeping everyone in a state of fear.

Right. Are they aware of Ra?

Probably. I don’t know. I do know that the reptilians are just sources of energy from extraterrestrial sources that are cooperating, just like the Confederation is cooperating with people like me, with people in government, and so forth that have given over their own agendas to the collection of power.

So, what you have to do is bring it back to the Earth natives that are calling these people and take a look at what their energies are about. It’s very instructive to look at the writings about the Illuminati, the writings about the New World Order and just see what their plan is. Basically, their plan is to keep everybody in a state of slavery. The reptilians, or the Orion Empire, in general, have got a lot of the civilized world, especially Europeans and North Americans, in a state of mental slavery where they just keep developing this fear. Then the [reptilians] feed off the fear, just like a vampire would feed off the occult blood, if you’ve ever studied vampirism. This vampiric energy is happy as a clam to keep us in a state of fear and keep us fighting each other, and so forth, because they just keep sipping the delicious wine that that is, to them. It’s their food and drink.

There seems to be a lot of reference to Ra in the reptilian information. I’ve seen a lot of references to Ra. I was very surprised when they had never heard the Ra Material from a sixth-dimensional point of view.

They were very careful to point out, in this contact, that they weren’t the same as the mythical god of Ra, the hawk-headed god.

All right. Not the sun god that the Egyptians worshipped?

Not the same being that the Egyptians worshipped. If you look at the history of the world, you can see the reptilian agenda being tried again and again, and it’s never really succeeded. If you studied Atlantis, Atlantis tried it. They tried to blow the whole planet up. They failed. People survived, came into other places and started learning, again. The Babylonians tried. The Romans tried to create an empire, tried to control everything, using the service-to-self agenda of keeping everybody in fear. Then you go through the Holy Roman Empire and the Third Reich, and you go to the Fourth Reich, which is the Bush people.

In America, I was in a restaurant about ten years ago when I realized that we were in a state of military dictatorship. I was sitting in a restaurant and just talking. I was bashing Bush, you know, the other Bush, the father because he was working very busily at creating this empire, but not quite so openly. I mean, the scary thing about Bush is that he’s doing it right out in the open.

Someone turned around in the restaurant and said, “You are so unpatriotic! How do you dare to say anything against Bush?” And I said, “Well, look, you know, it’s America, you know! Free speech! You’ve heard of these things.” And he said, “Well, you should just be shot.”


That’s what we’ll see now with the American empire. That’s America.

And, I thought, whoa, you know, when you’re in a restaurant and you can’t even talk freely among the people of your table without having some stranger come up to you and whap you with calling you unpatriotic. Goodness gracious, me! I wasn’t even speaking loudly. It’s just that the whole table happened to agree with me so we were trading stories and having open conversation. And that has become difficult.

Maybe the answer should have been, “Sir, was I addressing you?”


I’m never quick. I just don’t get those good answers out. I was just, like, “What???” I couldn’t believe it.

That story of yours, Carla, I’ll go back to this funny man, he’s a genius. And he said, in one of his stage accents, that he was castigating the American flag. This guy came forward and said, “This is the American flag and I will die for this flag.” And he said, “Look at the label. It’s made in Korea.”


Before we all dwindle into my having to go home because I’m tired (I’m getting there), if you would like to donate, you can take one of those brochures. They have my snail-mail address. If you want to send me e-mail, my address is (e-mail address). You can write me and tell me that you’d like me to charge your card. We do have the ability to do MasterCard or Visa. So, just take a brochure with you, if you’d like to donate. And, I would certainly welcome that because it helps me to be able to share with more people. Vara is the one that takes the money. She’s got the war chest so if you’d like to slip her a note, then you’re certainly welcome to do so. I thank you for any of that energy that you want to share.

This is the book that I’ve done most recently. I’m very fond of this book.

[Carla holds up copy of “A Wanderer’s Handbook.”]

It’s like an owner’s manual. If you want to look up meditation, you don’t have to read the whole thing. It’s got a very detailed table of contents. Each one of these subcategories is a separate essay. So, you don’t have to read the whole book. You can look up meditation and then just read that part. It’s, sort of like, if you want to fix your car then you get the owner’s manual. So I was really trying to create an owner’s manual for the evolving human being.

Carla, before you go could I just ask you one last question? How do you explain the lives of people who’ve been in persecution and disease and poverty, the tens of millions of people [inaudible] what’s going on?

My only explanation is that we all choose our manner of learning in this lifetime. The people that are in those incarnations chose, for some reason known only to them, that this would be the way they would learn some very difficult lesson.

Well that’s what brings me to my next point. So, can we assume from that that—I hate saying it, it might be a bit egotistical—but, are they not as advanced?

Oh, no. I don’t think it’s that, at all.

The opposite might be more nearly true.

But there are people who are hungry. So, are we more advanced than them because we’re the greedy ones sitting here while people are without?

Yeah, because we always feed the world. But, there is enough to go around.

Oh, there’s more than enough.

But, the agenda is to deprive so much of the world, ninety percent—

Well, it’s a conflict. Because, you turn the news on and that horrible man, he’s called Trevor McDonald and been knighted by the queen. He sits there and he tells you all about the disaster and the horribleness that’s going on in the world, and he hits ya, and hits ya. He makes you frightened about flood and famine and disease and viruses and the hospital’s going to kill you, and then there’s a lovely story at the end just to cheer you up.


And we say that we’re not controlled and we flatter ourselves that we think that we’re in charge of our own destiny. Not as long as we’re plugged into that media, or buy a newspaper, or whatever.

Well, the media is owned by the corporate international forces, at this point, [They are] owned by two or three huge conglomerates. They’re managed by the politicians. So, it’s a very carefully managed leaking-out of a constant stream of fear and intimidation and war and that kind of energy. If you start really looking into some of the alternative sources, you can see that there are people all over the world that are focusing in on their community or their political environment and actually achieving some wonderful, more balanced, more responsive, more progressive solutions.

But, of course, you can only do that at a limited level. You can’t change the world. You have to change your company, or your community, or your little organization, or something.

I’m reading a book right now called Hope for a Troubled Planet, co-authored by Holly Dressel and a fellow named David Suzuki. They’ve talked about things like The Natural Step. It’s very simple, basic, down-to-earth things, like whatever you’re using to make your product, are you doing something with the toxins so that they don’t go back to the earth? That kind of question, that basic level of technologically do-able stuff where you can get into the situation and you can make your company work.

Even Nike recently, according to this book, figured out what to do with polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It’s the rubber that makes the soles of these shoes. They figured out how to recycle the stuff that they use to make this rubber so that it was no longer something that had to be taken to a toxic dump. Now, when a huge corporation like this is inspired by one person that says, “Why can’t we do this differently?” and actually does it differently, I mean, there’s hope! There really is hope.

There was this woman, Judy Wicks, that ran a restaurant and they were talking about her in this book. She not only runs her restaurant, she creates scholarships so that one of the people that come in to wash dishes each year gets a free four-year ride through cooking school where they learn to become a chef in the restaurant. She doesn’t take more money for herself than the rest of her management staff. She’s not the super-executive. Even the dishwashers make a living wage. They don’t make the minimum wage.

Of course, it’s very difficult to get a job in that restaurant, but if you get into that restaurant, and, you know, it’s a big restaurant in Philadelphia, then you’re making natural foods from all around [that area]. When people come in they’re lifted by the vibrations of the food. She sets aside a certain amount of the money from her sales and the company, as a whole, votes on what to do with the money to put it back into the community. So, in that little spot where she created a company, she’s also created this livelihood for everybody that is part of that company. How can we make companies like that? You can’t except by the goodness of the people that have the power.

So one person at a time can look at their situation and go, “I can do this better. I can make a difference.” And, sooner than you think, you’ve got this whole network of lights on the planet that people can point to and say, this, and this, and this, and this is happening, and this is good. I don’t care how hopeless you think it is! It’s not hopeless because these things are happening.

[Meeting ends.]

  1. Mr. Rankin had prepared wine and spirits for the guests, so the group was more informal and party-like than the other speeches in this British series! 

  2. It is to be noted with joy that very recently Vara’s two cats have moved to Avalon, where they are thriving, now having their own place and not having to share territory with the Rueckert-McCarty cats. 

  3. The Holy Bible: John 3:8 “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” 

  4. From The Law of One, Book Two, Session 29:

    Are there any sub-sub-Logoi that are found in our planetary system that are “sub” to our sun?

    I am Ra. This is correct.

    Would you give me an example of what I will call a sub-sub-Logos?

    I am Ra. One example is your mind/body/spirit complex.

  5. The Ra group indicated that the Yahweh entity was a service-to-others entity which got subverted. Once subverted, the new and negative Yahweh entity was service-to-self in orientation. The displaced Yahweh entity felt great concern but was no longer able to do anything in that time and place. The Orion Confederation had its foothold. The Ra group said this:

    I am Ra. In approximately 3,600 of your years in the past, as you measure time, there was an influx of those of the Orion group, as you call them. Due to the increasing negative influences upon thinking and acting distortions, they were able to begin working with those whose impression from olden times, as you may say, was that they were special and different.

    An entity of the Confederation, many, many thousands of your years in the past, the one you may call “Yahweh,” had, by genetic cloning, set up these particular biases among these peoples who had come gradually to dwell in the vicinity of Egypt, as well as in many, many other places, by dispersion after the down-sinking of the land mass Mu. Here the Orion group found fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of negativity, these seeds, as always, being those of the elite, the different, those who manipulate or enslave others.

    The one known as Yahweh felt a great responsibility to these entities. However, the Orion group had been able to impress upon the peoples the name Yahweh as the one responsible for this elitism.

  6. Carla: I remember first studying this in a book titled We Are the Earthquake Generation back in the ’60s