[This L/L Research Reunion and Conference was held at the Wooded Glen Retreat Center in southern Indiana near Louisville, Kentucky, on August 19 through 21, 2005. Carla gave the talk on August 20, Saturday night, after supper.]

[Refers to a hand-out.]

Different people, including myself, have been through the first part of this in one way or another, so I’m going to speed you right through it.

I talked about the Creator being an infinite mystery and distortions beginning with free will, and then about the Creator using that free will to decide that the Creator wished to know Itself, and only then creating the one great original Thought, or Logos, which was unconditional love. That is what the Creator knows about Itself so far.

This thought was not just your regular thought. It was a Thought that had such power that it had organizational ability. That thought spun forth the distortion that we call light. If I had Bruce Peret here, or David Wilcock, or any scientist that had studied Larsonian physics, it would be fascinating to go into how the photon was formed, and how different shells of rotation and powers of rotation and orders of magnitude cause everything to happen the way that it happens. But I am not a scientist and I’m not going to try that.

I want you to know that there is a very substantial scientific basis to back up some of the information in the channeling in the Law of One sessions. Apparently light, impressed by love, did create this universe and created every single thing in it, including us. So we, who are these sub-sub-sub-Logoi, sparks of the infinite Creator, really don’t know what to do with this great big power that we have. But we’re in the process of learning what it is to be us, and how to deal with it.

You were pressing Jim pretty hard about what the nature of this shift into fourth density is about and the Ra group left some real question marks in Don’s questioning. He didn’t go back and skewer the Ra group and say, “Okay, I’m pinning you to the wall now. Let’s get some specificity here. How does this happen?”

But I’ll tell you a little bit of what I think about the setup of the densities. We talked a bit about densities and the setup of the densities of this octave. How many people know what an octave is, basically?

[Carla intones the eight notes of an octave.]

That’s an octave.

[Carla intones two beginning and end notes.]

That’s the same note, only one octave higher. So the idea in each octave of the density—or each heartbeat of the Creator, as the Ra group put it one time—is that you start out in timelessness, in first density, and gradually the elements work together, as Mick said, to create an orderly planet where you’ve got the earth separated from the ocean, separated from the sky. You’ve got a fit habitat.

If you try to mix space/time and time/space at the elemental level, you just get a big bang. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work until you get into second density and you have the cell. In the cell you have the meeting of space/time and time/space. Through second density and third density it is the place where time/space, or the metaphysical universe, has presence in space/time, or consensus reality, or the physical creation as we know it, the night sky and all the stars, the sun and moon, and sitting on this chair, and hearing each other, and all that.

In fourth density, space/time (or the physical universe) and time/space (or the metaphysical universe) are quite conversant with each other, can see each other, and all the subconscious material, all the racial memory that’s locked in our frontal lobes that we haven’t gotten to for, oh, a few millennia, are available, and we have the memory of the race. We have the memory of our previous incarnations. We have all those pieces of information, as well as being able to have memory of everyone else—although you start out fourth density not with a social memory complex, but with a social complex.

We are attempting to create a social complex, and from there just bring ourselves more into being a social memory complex. The difference between those two is trust.

It’s very difficult for humans to trust each other because we know what we’re thinking, and it’s not all nice. Project that out and we figure what everybody else is thinking may not be acceptable to us and we may not want to know it.

So that really holds us back. It’s the fear of not being liked, and not liking other people if we really knew what was going on in their little minds, behind their sweet faces, their great manners, or whatever. It holds us back. It holds us back a lot.

One thing about people living in the house, and L/L becoming a community, is that the hall of mirrors becomes very intense. You discover that the best you can hope for in this incarnation is a kind and honest mirror in the people that come in. You’re not going to get away from the mirror, but you can hope for kindness, compassion and honesty in the people you do meet. It calls forth from you your willingness to grow or your desire not to grow and your desire to get away from these horrible mirrors that are showing you too much.

The situation here on this planet is typical for this planet. This planet has been in a repetitive situation in space/time for as long as we can remember, and before recorded history. According to the Ra and the other Confederation groups, planets like the present asteroid belt—which used to be the planet they called Maldek—Mars, and other planetary systems in sub-Logoi like Deneb and Sirius, did themselves in, taking that ability to be powerful and subverting it to service-to-self to the point where they just blew up their planet or destroyed its ability to be a habitat that would support life.

So we are in a situation of being a planet which is really the equivalent of either an insane asylum or a remedial school where people are repeating this grade. A lot of people are repeating this grade. You meet this all the time. You meet it in yourself as well as in others, this tendency to take the quick jump to hostility and aggression, all based on fear, a very deep fear, and a fear that has become a habit, if not an addiction.

If you look at earliest recorded history, which is Babylon, you see the pattern of empire. Before Babylon there was apparently the example, the blazing example, of Atlantis. According to my teacher, Papa—who lives in California and whom I’ve never met but who just wrote me an 85-page letter and is very much active in my life and is very dedicated to trying to help me out—the people that made the decisions to use crystal power in Atlantis are here again. They have, according to the Confederation entities, failed again. But the dragon is still thrashing its tail.

The pattern of empire is very simple and it follows the lines of service-to-self. You want to control the people for their own good. You create an elite. You create an hierarchical society which is attempting to control people for their own good. Then you attempt to control the resources that you consider necessary for the planet. However, the attempts to control the people and to control the resources end up creating the preconditions for war because, of course, if people disagree with you to a certain extent, and you want to control them, you must use force because it takes far too long and is far too tedious a process actually to mediate disputes and resolve differences by speaking with each other in an open-hearted manner. So you just go and hit people over the head with a stick, or blow them up, or shoot them with a tank or whatever.

We seem to be repeating the process of empire which generally ends in destruction and the fall of a civilization. And because of the fact that we have become a global society in spite of ourselves, in spite of not thinking globally, the possibility for Armageddon still exists. We have the firepower to sink the planet.

What is not really realized is that we have the mental firepower to shorten the planet’s existence in this density.

So in addition to the very real danger of the wrong people having access to the button that blows everything up in a preemptive strike of some kind, or we get into a shooting war with people who have nuclear weapons, in addition to that, there is the continuing problem with our mental habit or addiction to impatience and fear-based actions that do not take into consideration compassion, patience and the genuine and honest ability to think of other people as “other selves,” as parts of the self.

The inability to sustain as a people that attitude of open-hearted love for other people has repeatedly put us in the situation of the rise and fall of Babylon, Rome, the Holy Roman Empire, the Third Reich, and now the Fourth Reich, here in America, where we seem to be a fascist, militaristic dictatorship, basically, where if the rule doesn’t suit the dictator, he simply ignores it, or subverts it, or attempts actually to change the law. We’ve lost a good bit of our Constitution that way. I hope we get it back.

But at this point, I think what I want to say about that is that we have to realize the grass roots of the entire globe are through with militaristic, fascistic, controlling behavior. They don’t believe it anymore. People have tried very hard to believe in President Bush. It would be very pleasant to be able to believe in someone who so often seems to be speaking truths that we all have been familiar with for a long time, as part of the American way. Painfully and reluctantly we have had to give up on believing that.

All over the world people are hungering for the love that they’re missing in the political system as it exists today. What can we do about that at the end of this cycle? Each of us here can do a great deal. Jim and I are reading a book by Holly Dressel and David Suzuki called Good News for a Troubled Planet, in which they systematically go into each and every problem that this planet is now addressing. They give examples of specific groups and people, individuals, who have been able to change their immediate environment. The solutions are almost always local and specific to the locality for which the problem exists. If it’s a water problem, if they’ve discovered the dams don’t work, they have to go back to little tiny check dams that do the least possible alteration of the natural flow of water which is this planet’s circulatory system. There’s a lot of talk of dams being torn down all over the world. They’re reaching their natural age anyway and it’s been discovered that where big dams go in, tens of hundreds of species die out. Bio-diversity and agriculture is no longer sustainable, exactly the opposite of what was promised when the big dams actually occurred.

Solutions are in the hands of all of us. So wherever you live, whatever problems you’re up against in your community, see what you can do, see what moves you, and by all means get involved. We are stewards of this planet and whatever happens, if third density ended tomorrow in a big bang, I would like to think at the point it all ended that we were thinking of our beloved mother and asking ourselves what we could do to be better stewards of her, whom we love so much, and who loves us so much.

My take on fourth density and fourth-density humanity is that I believe that fourth-density Earth is here. But she is still going through the process of birthing. Now, you know when a baby is being born, the best thing you can do if you’re a friend of the family is to calm and reassure the mother. If the mother is calm and in good shape, that baby’s going to be just fine.

So really we don’t have to worry about fourth-density Earth. We need to be concerned with shifting the feeling that third-density Earth has right now, that her people have abandoned her and are betraying her. We need to let her know that she is loved. That’s how the Gaia Meditations got started in 2001. 1 It’s really one of the focuses of this weekend for me that we continually, as we meditate, attempt in various ways to visualize sending love to our mother.

So, we are ethical biological units. We are the choice-makers. That is our nature and our purpose in this density. It’s what we came here to do. Other than making that choice and then persisting in that choice, we simply came here to be ourselves. That is our first purpose. That is all of our common purpose, to be. It takes a lot of faith and a lot of belief in ourselves to be able to release all the cultural teachings about doing great things, and to be content and proud and happy to be ourselves. Just, to be.

The Law of One. When the Ra group talked about what is the Law of One, one of the things they said is, “You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light. You are light/love. You are.” To be able to come into your maturity in third density is to be able to see the primacy of that job, which is to be, not to do. Outer services are great. Me talking to you is great. People doing body work, people doing whatever they do, is great. But our first job is to be ourselves and to go deeper and deeper with that, as we’re given the light to do so.

The situation on the planet, as has been said before, is that most people have not made that first cornerstone choice yet. And the time is short.

Now, in terms not of the planet, but of humankind, I think the situation is very iffy. The scientific community was absolutely certain that in about 1998 we were going to have a planetary shift that was going to make us the next oil slick, and take the planetary population and shake it off like a bunch of fleas, creating the next dinosaur population and the next oil reserves, fourth density, or whatever, I don’t know.

But it didn’t happen. Why didn’t it happen? Because, starting about the time Don and I got together and founded L/L Research, a lot of other groups around the planet were also getting the same message, picking it up out of the air, and were saying, “All right, we’ve got to do something about this. Let’s start bringing light into the planet.”

We got this information about how wanderers were coming here, how people from the inner planes were coming here, a lot of angelic energy was being moved here, all to lighten the planet and stretch out the time period where we could awaken more people and develop the hundredth-monkey effect, where enough people were doing random acts of kindness and expressing unconditional love instead of judgment that it caught on.

Does anybody not know what the hundredth-monkey effect is? Okay, the hundredth-monkey effect was observed by a bunch of anthropologists who observed that when one monkey figured out a new way to peel a banana and eat it, and then showed it to another monkey, who showed it to another monkey, they saw this spreading through the population of a tribe of monkeys. And at about the hundredth time this was seen, suddenly every monkey on the island had it figured out.

So, there is a critical mass. Where enough people understand, the understanding becomes available to the tribe, to the clan. And we are, as humankind, are one tribe.

So this is kind of what we’re hoping to do here, become secret agents of unconditional love and spread it, just like you would a virus or the common cold. We’re trying to spread common love. And hopefully, before the last train leaves the station here—and it will—we will have enough people wake up, and wake up somebody else, and that person wake up somebody else. Suddenly everybody on the planet gets it.

There’s a great big walk across the bridge from third to fourth density at the last minute. This is all we can hope for. And I believe that by people sending love to the planet as much as they have—whether you’ve come to this early or late—I’m sure you’ve noticed more and more groups are talking about spiritual things. It is spreading at an exponential rate.

We’ve been able to keep that pole shift from happening from 1998, which is when Edgar Cayce predicted it was all going to come apart, back in the 40’s when he was doing his work. Here it is 2005. We’ve gained seven years on the deal. How many more can we gain? How much more can we hold back the planetary catastrophe? Well, I think quite a bit if we just keep at it, if we keep clapping for Tinker Bell (in terms of Peter Pan.) If we have the faith that we can do it, then we can do it. It’s already worked for quite a bit. Yes, we have disasters, but they’re local disasters. They might kill thousands of people, but they don’t kill the whole planet.

So the idea is basically to keep sending reassurance, calm and love, compassion and support, and the feelings that are involved in stewardship, to planet Earth so that she keeps releasing just a little bit of tension at a time from the tectonic plates, so that they don’t have to switch all at once. This is occurring. So that’s really the situation we’re sitting with here.

Now, what it is to be a choice-maker is kind of difficult to get hold of, but the element that is central to it is very simple. If you have an electrical circuit, then you have to have polarity involved, north pole, south pole. Then you release whatever is holding the electricity from happening, and because of potential difference, the energy jumps the gap and you have electrical power and you can do work. That’s the way our electricity works.

Our internal electricity works the same way, but the potential difference is between the polarity of magnetism and radiation, service-to-self and service-to-others. The way people talk about polarity is to talk about good and evil. This is somewhat misleading because sometimes evil looks good and sometimes good looks evil. But if you think in terms of radiation vs. attraction, or radiation vs. the need to control or to contract, then it’s a little easier to penetrate beneath the outer husk of what it is to be service-to-self or service-to-others.

I’ve often used the image of Jesus sitting on the curbstone next to a bum, breaking his peanut butter sandwich in half. Service-to-others has to do with giving the bum the bigger half. It’s just an open-hearted love of other people to where you want them to have the best. You don’t have this fear that there’s not going to be enough that makes you horde the sandwich. We’ve got a big sandwich here on planet Earth and we need not to horde it.

We need, instead of acting out of fear, to act out of compassion. What if the money we were spending on the war was spent on improving the infrastructure of the countries we were trying to control? What if, instead of considering the resources we have now, which in our consciousness have to do with oil and petrochemicals, we said, “Oh, we need to start over. We need new energy sources.”

Well, people have started over, all over the planet. Time after time, site after site on the internet, you read about alternative power sources that have been squashed by governmental agencies or by big companies. The thinking behind corporatism and big government and so forth has to do with fear. What the government and the big companies would like for you to do is not to think, but to remain fear-based so that you’re easily herded, and consumer-based so that you will feed the corporate pockets and keep focusing more and more funds into the hands of less and less people.

So we need a new paradigm. The new paradigm is not going to come from fixing the old paradigm. It’s going to come from being willing to have the courage to start from scratch and think completely outside the box and to create new ideas, new ways of relating. I think just the intent to do this will be a tremendous help and will probably give humankind another hundred or two hundred years.

Now, fourth density and third density are not the same thing. They interpenetrate. But the actual fourth density Earth is not something we’re standing on or seeing. This is third density, not fourth density. But fourth density is interpenetrating third density, as a planet, right now. We can’t see it. We don’t have the instrumentation within our bodies to see it. If you ever looked into how we see, how we hear, we don’t see like you think we see and we don’t hear like you think we hear. It’s a computer-like thing where there are lots of clever guesses made, and by repetition the body very quickly becomes familiar with familiar scenes. But it’s been proven that when a totally novel scene comes before the eyes, you literally cannot see it. You can’t make it out. It’s like, “What am I looking at?”

So, accept the fact that we can’t penetrate this problem by the use of the rational mind. It’s going to have to come from faith. It’s going to have to come from intuition and inspiration.

So we are agents of intuition, inspiration and faith. For the most part, we haven’t gotten that feeling about ourselves into ourselves. It’s like T was saying, “I don’t think I know what the open heart is. I need to know about that.” Well, that’s just going to have to come from direct experience because each of us is in that same situation. We may think we know what the open heart is, but we’re under construction and we’re learning all the time.

What I think I want to say before I put these notes to one side is that the most penetrating thing I can think of to share with you is that it is only by a continued dedication to honesty and to self-examination of our thoughts that we will be able to move ourselves to fifty-one percent [service-to-others] polarity or above. Obviously we don’t want to move ourselves to service-to-self. We’re not going to try for controlling people for more than ninety-five percent of the time. We’re trying to have our first thought be not about ourselves but of other people. Or, to say it another way, to think that things outside of ourselves, or larger than ourselves, are more important than our own individual concerns, more than half the time.

It sounds easier than it is. If you ever have examined your thoughts at the end of the day, how many of your thoughts were genuinely focused on issues bigger than yourself and on other people, rather than your own comfort, your own needs, and so forth? We’re not trained to think that way. It’s a hugely courageous step even to try to think that way.

That’s what I’d say about choice-making. The hardest thing to do is to get out of the sinkhole of indifference where you say, “Okay, I’ve made a cornerstone choice. I’m going to serve others.” But then the next thing you do is selfish. And then the next thing you do is selfish. You’ve lost your polarity. You’re back swinging in the middle. You don’t have enough push to get off the dime. You don’t have any momentum built up.

What happens, spiritually speaking, is that as soon as you make a big cornerstone choice, you say, “I am going to serve others. This is my choice. This is who I am.” Then you will be tested, pretty soon, immediately maybe. And it’s not necessarily going to be a simple test. And you will have to penetrate that test. And that will set you up for your next test. And it continues. And it continues. And there’s no end to it. You don’t get to the end of this lesson. You simply continue having opportunities to build polarity.

And when things are going well, and you do polarize, it feels so good. You wonder why you don’t do it all the time. But it’s so hard to think beyond the cultural norm that we’ve all been brought up with, about “my family comes first,” you know, the kind of high second-density, great-ape thinking that we started third density with. That’s how we snap back, you see? That’s how leaders like Bush are able to talk us into a continual and unspecified war. Because we are instinctually ready to defend our tribe. We are tribal, territorial animals. At the beginning of third density this is not service-to-self, it’s just instinctual behavior. At the end of third density we should know better.

But the easiest thing in the world to do is snap back because of pressures, because of fear, because of all the blah-blah-blah. We’re under the sway of this great-ape thinking.

So let us vow, from this day and henceforward in this incarnation, to examine great-ape thoughts for the benefits and the limitations of those thoughts and see if we can get beyond them to really thinking outside the cultural box.

If you can think about what it is to be a woman, what it is to be in the position of having children, you know that the energy of femininity is what the world needs now. The time for male thinking, which is testosterone-based, territorial, monotheistic, “everything in this tribe is mine, these are my people, I am your God, I will slay anybody that comes against me, I’m going to slay 30,000 people and we’re also talking your donkeys, your asses and your goats,” which the Old Testament is full of, that’s male-based thinking. And there’s not a man in this room that wants to think that way. There’s not a woman in this room that wants to think that way. But it’s easy for us all to think that way. This is how we’ve been brought up. This is the way our culture is.

It is time now for the energy of motherhood, the energy of love that knows no bounds, the energy of true compassion. You know how a mother does not see the faults of her children because of this great love. It’s time for that kind of love. We all need it. We’re all ready to give it. But there are so many judgments in the way.

So, at that point, I’d like to go into “Living the Law of One—Part II.”

Lord, help me. Holly, help me. Angels and all saints, help me. Amen.

  1. For more information on the Gaia Meditations, please go to www.llresearch.org/meditations/gaia