This ritual was likely designed specifically for Carla, Jim, and Don’s group. Whether it has application outside of this very unique circumstance is unknown. It is offered here not as instruction but as information.

We’re not entirely sure exactly what this ritual did for the contact, but as with the Banishing Ritual, the Circle of One seemed to have a generally purifying and protective effect; and it perhaps even energized the instrument.

This mind/body/spirit is not being correctly used and therefore is experiencing unnecessary distortions of body in the area of fatigue. The vibrations may well be purified by a simple turning to the circle of One and the verbal vibration while doing so of the following dialogue.

After receiving the instructions for performing the ritual, it became a part of the group’s procedure to initiate every Ra contact thereafter. With Carla laying motionless on her back on the bed, eyes closed, sheets over her, tie-pin microphones carefully placed, the appurtenances aligned, and all other preparatory steps seen to, Don and Jim performed the Banishing Ritual and then walked the Circle of One before the contact with Ra got underway.