This ritual was likely designed specifically for Carla, Jim, and Don’s group. Whether it has application outside of this very unique circumstance is unknown. It is offered here not as instruction but as information.

In 1.11–1.13, Ra gives the group their first instructions in the methodology of conducting the Ra Contact. In the following session, 2.5 specifically, Ra gives Don a nudge to ask for additional instructions. This the questioner promptly does. In response, Ra teaches the group the ritual they called “The Circle of One”:

[…] If you have any questions about the proper use of this mind/body/spirit [complex], we would appreciate your asking them now.

Consider them asked. I mean, I don’t have anything to go on. What is the proper use of this instrument? What should we do to maximize her ability to … comfort, rejuvenation, etc.?

I am Ra. We are pleased that you asked this question, for it is not our understanding that we have the right/duty to share our perceptions on any subject but philosophy without direct question. However, this mind/body/spirit [complex] is not being correctly used and therefore is experiencing unnecessary distortions of body in the area of fatigue.

The vibrations may well be purified by a simple turning to the Circle of One and the verbal vibration while doing so of the following dialogue:

Question: “What is the Law?” Answer: “The Law is One.” Question: “Why are we here?” Answer: “We seek the Law of One.” Question: “Why do we seek Ra?” Answer: “Ra is an humble messenger of the Law of One.” Both together: “Rejoice then, and purify this place in the Law of One. Let no thought-form enter the circle we have walked about this instrument, for the Law is One.”

The instrument at this time should be in trance.


We’re not entirely sure exactly what this ritual did for the contact, but as with the Banishing Ritual, the Circle of One seemed to have a generally purifying and protective effect; and it perhaps even energized the instrument.

This mind/body/spirit is not being correctly used and therefore is experiencing unnecessary distortions of body in the area of fatigue. The vibrations may well be purified by a simple turning to the circle of One and the verbal vibration while doing so of the following dialogue. #2.6

After receiving the instructions in 2.6 for performing the ritual, it became a part of the group’s procedure to initiate every Ra contact thereafter. With Carla laying motionless on her back on the bed, eyes closed, sheets over her, tie-pin microphones carefully placed, the appurtenances aligned, and all other preparatory steps seen to, Don and Jim performed the Banishing Ritual and then walked the Circle of One before the contact with Ra got underway.

You can hear the Circle of One being performed in the original audio recordings of session 62, from 1:30–4:45.

Instances when the Circle of One needed to be re-performed

  • Due to the “imperfection” of a “missed word.” #62.0–13 1
  • The sheet over the instrument’s body while in trance had shifted slightly due to placing a rug over a noisy tape recorder that caused the microphone on the sheet to be pulled. #91.7
  • The instrument was experiencing difficulties with her throat that were then exacerbated by negative greeting. #97.14–15
  • A couple of times in this session, Ra requested a simple expelling of the breath across the instrument’s chest without necessity of re-walking the Circle of One. Ra explains the reason for this as follows: In eagerness for the contact with Ra, the instrument had apparently been “somewhat premature in its leaving of the yellow-ray, physical body.” In this vulnerable state, the placing (or as Ra called “dropping”) of the tie-pin microphone over the sheets on her chest precipitated something of a metaphysical injury. And since the group’s environment did not have its usual level of protection (due to more regular practice of the Banishing Ritual), Ra used the breath as a cleansing agent. #103.2 #103.15–19
  • And once in this session, Ra asked that breath again be expelled across the instrument’s chest, though the reason was not given or explored. #104.20

Breath of Righteousness

In session 62, in one of the instances of the circle needing re-walked, Ra says: “Thus the circle was properly walked. The breath of righteousness expelled the thought-form and the circle again walked.” It is the only time Ra identified the use of the breath in this ritual as the “breath of righteousness.” When Jim was asked about what that might mean, he replied:

We never asked Ra about this specifically, so all that I can share with you is my opinion. In order to be able to contact those of Ra each of us had to be desiring to be of service to others with a great deal of intensity balanced with a total openness to the will of the Creator rather than demanding that our own wills be the guiding force as to the nature of our service. I believe that this quality of desire and openness to the Creator creates what Ra called “righteousness.”

This quality or orientation has a strong positive polarity and thus carries metaphysical power though it is power stored in gentle souls. However, one of the things that you can accomplish with this power is to dispel negative entities from a place or a location. Ra used our breath to dispel the negative entity that had entered our Circle of One as Carla went into trance and there was an irregularity in our performance of walking the Circle of One.

There may be further metaphysical fruit to contemplate the breath’s link to spirit and vitality.

  1. Ra said that had the instrument not been “open to us and well-tuned [and] had we not been able to reach this instrument and instruct you, the instrument’s physical vehicle would soon be unviable” due to a negative entity seeking to exploit the lapse of the imperfectly performed ritual. This is a vivid reminder of the magical nature of the working, its high stakes, and the necessity for the greatest precision, care, and integrity in its conduct.