This Ritual of Consecration, our own creation, was used to consecrate our space of working in our new home, a lake house near Cumming, Georgia, in the fall of 1983. We did not use such a ritual in our house on in Louisville, where 105 sessions of the Ra contact were conducted, because we did not know such would be helpful before the Ra contact began and because Ra did not recommend such until we were ready to move to Georgia.

To consecrate means, in general, to make or declare sacred. The Ritual of Consecration seemed to serve several purposes. It was a means of setting and grounding our intentions to be of service to the One Infinite Creator and all those who might seek the One. It was our way of asking the place where we would hold our sessions with Ra to accept our desire to serve others as we felt that the One Creator was in every portion of our place of working. And it was a way of consecrating the space of working by imbuing it with a charge and commissioning it into service.