In September, 1982, we were growing closer to the prospect of moving out of our Louisville home (where we had conducted the Ra contact) to a lake house north of Atlanta, Georgia. In session 95, Don asked Ra about closing our place of working and in reply Ra suggested that it would be a good idea to remove the vibrations of sanctity from the room where we held the Ra sessions.

Questioner: There seems to be an extremely high probability that we will move from this position to another residence. If we should move from this residence and cease using this room for workings with Ra, is there a magically appropriate ritual for closing the use of this place of working? Or is there anything that we should do with respect to leaving this particular place? Ra: I am Ra. It would be appropriate to remove from this room and, to a lesser extent, from the dwelling, the charging of what you might call the distortion towards sanctity. To remove this charge it is valuable either to write upon your paper your own working, or to use existing rituals, for the deconsecration of a sacred place such as one of your churches. – 95.3

Eleven months later in October, 1983, we were finally ready to make that move and would do so the following month.

Questioner: Are Jim’s plans and ritual for deconsecrating this dwelling sufficient, or should something be added or changed? Ra: I am Ra. No change is necessary. The points necessary to be included in consecration or deconsecration of a place are covered. We may suggest that each second-density, woody plant which you have invested during your tenancy within this dwelling be thanked and blessed. – 105.10

Ra did not say why we should remove the vibrations of sanctity, but I believe that in our highly unusual case, the environment had taken on a rarefied magical charge due to the daily performance of the Banishing Ritual along with the magical nature of the Ra contact itself. It had been consecrated. Perhaps, then, it would be to the benefit of future inhabitants to deconsecrate the space by removing the charge as the magical charge would not quite be calibrated to their vibrations and needs. Like decommissioning a ship from service, the room would be withdrawn as a space of service for a magical working and return to being a simple bedroom.

Whatever the exact reason, we not only removed the vibrations by this ritual but we also thanked the place of working and the One Creator for the opportunity to be of service to others in this place. Ra also suggested that we thank each second-density woody plant that we had invested with our love vibrations while living in this house, and we did so but did not mention such in our deconsecration ritual.

– Jim McCarty, April, 2021


We give praise to the One Infinite Creator for the gift of polarity and for the ability to serve others which has manifested in this place since the 6th day of April, in the year of our Lord, 1984. 1 As our place of working this place was dedicated and consecrated to the service of the One Creator and the Sentence of Consecration has been in effect until this present date.

We do now hereby revoke that Sentence of Consecration and humbly request that those sacred vibrations of love, light, unity, and protection which have dwelt in this place and with these sacred furnishings, move into the Logos of the One Infinite Creator.

We thank this place of working and these furnishings for their great service to us, and leave this place in joy, praise, and thanksgiving and commend it now to the mundane uses of the world through which the One Infinite Creator moves Its being, in every portion, through unchanging Love amidst the swift and varied changes of this world of experience.

Let us go forth rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Infinite Creator.

  1. The syntax in this sentence is entirely wrong. The word “since” is paired not with a start date but an end date, the date that they were deconsecrating the space in order to move back to Louisville. Should you have need to deconsecrate a space and adapt this ritual for your own use, please do feel free to reengineer that first paragraph.