This Ritual of Consecration, our own creation, was used to consecrate our space of working in our new home, a lake house near Cumming, Georgia, in the fall of 1983. We did not use such a ritual in our house on in Louisville, where 105 sessions of the Ra contact were conducted, because we did not know such would be helpful before the Ra contact began and because Ra did not recommend such until we were ready to move to Georgia.

Though we had not expressly used a ritual of consecration in our Louisville home, the space where we had conducted the Ra contact had nonetheless become consecrated. 1 In our highly unusual case, the environment had taken on a rarefied magical charge due to the daily performance of the Banishing Ritual along with the magical nature of the Ra contact itself. Ra said that the sessions that we had with them were magical in that the information that we received during the Ra contact had the potential to create changes in the consciousness of those who would read it and use it in their spiritual journeys.

To consecrate means, in general, to make or declare sacred. The Ritual of Consecration seemed to serve several purposes. It was a means of setting and grounding our intentions to be of service to the One Infinite Creator and all those who might seek the One. It was our way of asking the place where we would hold our sessions with Ra to accept our desire to serve others as we felt that the One Creator was in every portion of our place of working. And it was a way of consecrating the space of working by imbuing it with a charge and commissioning it into service.

So, we felt that it would be appropriate to give praise and thanksgiving to the One Infinite Creator for our desire to serve others and for the opportunity to do so. We invoked the principles of love, light, unity and protection as the foundation upon which we would build our service to others. And we used Ra’s ending words for each of our sessions with them as a seal upon this ritual of consecration.

– Jim McCarty, April, 2021


We give praise to the One Infinite Creator for the gift of polarity, and for the ability to serve others, which we began in this place on the last day of November, in the year of our Lord, l983. As-our place of working, this place is dedicated and consecrated to the service of the One Creator, and the Sentence of Consecration shall be in effect from this date forward.

We do now hereby invoke that Sentence of Consecration, and humbly, request that those sacred vibrations of love, light, unity, and protection which have dwelt with us, and have moved with this bed, this altar, and these accoutrements upon this altar, move now into this new place of working, here to vibrate again as love, light, unity, and protection.

We ask this place of working to accept these vibrations, our work, and our service to the One Infinite Creator, which moves Its being in every portion of the creation, through unchanging Love, amidst the swift and varied changes of this world of experience.

Let us go forth rejoicing in the power and the peace of the one Infinite Creator.

  1. Thus necessitating deconsecration before relocating to our new home. See the companion ritual, the Ritual of Deconsecration.