Why do animals have to kill each other? Why do earthquakes have to kill people?

(Unknown channeling)

There is no death. There is experience. Each entity experiences what he desires. The concept of dominion is unclear. However, the concept of awareness is clear. Speaking with respect to the planet which you know enjoy, the higher degree of awareness is experienced by the people or individuals upon the planet. In this respect, they enjoy a dominion over the other forms of life. However, all the forms of life are one form: the Creator. They all express His love.

The concert of dominion, in the sense that there should be a separation by rank or privilege, was never a portion of the original Thought of our Creator. There are many experiences allowed the children of the Creator. There are many experiments which they may perform. However, there is only one truth, and it is the truth of unity and love.

You speak of the concept of vibration, and in your mind you think of various grades. We do not think in this manner. There are simply different experiences for an entity to choose. Different experiences, but the same creation. An infinite creation, experiencing an infinite number of experiences, separate but the same, graded but ungraded. Separated by vast distances, but all in the same place. Expressing many thoughts and desires, but being only one: the Thought and desire of the Creator.

[Tape ends.]