[Fragments from "Voices of the Confederation".]

There are thoughts that are available to all of the individuals who would receive them. These thoughts are available, but they are not necessarily received by all who may desire them.

The problem, then, is to produce a condition in which all who desire the concepts that are available receive them. In order to become able individually to receive and understand these concepts, it is necessary that an individual first initiate a spiritual seeking himself. In order that he initiate this seeking, it is sometimes necessary to provide a catalyst. In other words, if the individual is to generate the proper state of mind so that he may achieve an awareness of the concepts that are given to him in his meditation, then it is necessary that he first be given some ideas and thoughts to generate an attitude of seeking an awareness of truth.

Therefore, in order for the individual to break away from the concepts which are primarily of an erroneous nature to which he has been exposed in his present environment, it is first necessary that he verbally be given concepts of a more spiritual nature.

This then, is the reason for communicating through channels such as this one. This process then builds upon itself. As an individual becomes aware, intellectually, of certain spiritual truths, and since these truths are, in actuality, within him, but to some degree forgotten, he will then begin to seek on his own.

When his seeking reaches a state where he will be useful in generating intellectual communications of a channeled nature, he then experiences what is known as conditioning. This conditioning occurs after the seeking which he performs as a result of his new awareness reaches a level of intensity high enough to create reception of what I will call a blanket conditioning wave. This is automatic. It is quite similar to tuning a radio receiver, assuming that the reception of this wave is in some ways unique, since the tuning necessary is somewhat unique upon your planet.

An individual, having reached this level of seeking, undergoes a transition in his mental awareness. As he moves to this more rarified awareness, he becomes aware of this conditioning wave. It is of such a nature to act upon him in a physical way at his desire.

Is it a machine?


Does this keep you from meditating?


It seems like sometimes it interferes with your meditation.

The results achieved in meditation are not exactly apparent in a way you might expect. If this conditioning is not desired, then the instrument will not receive it. This instrument receives very little conditioning. This instrument receives conditioning only slightly prior to channeling our communications telepathically. You will experience the same transition.

There is a good reason for the conditioning you experience at present. There are many thoughts generated. The thoughts are generated by yourself, by those around you, by those not in a physical form around you, and from many other sources. You become aware of these thoughts as you meditate. In the case of a new channel, it is difficult to identify thoughts which are of a direct and beneficial nature and thoughts which are of no particular value.

This conditioning wave is operating at a sufficiently high spiritual level so that if a thought of this level is brought within the consciousness of the channel, then it is possible for the conditioning to unify or match with this concept. At this point the muscular reaction that results from the conditioning wave produces an attempt to speak the first portion of communication that is matched in spiritual quality with the conditioning waves. If the thought is of little value, or if it is not desired as part of a transmission, then it should be noticed that there will be no attempt to initiate this portion of the communication.

It is necessary for a new channel to experience a large amount of conditioning in order to separate thoughts that are intended for communication from thoughts that are not so intended. The reason for the long period of conditioning is so that the individual channel may experience the muscular reactions when he has achieved a sufficient spiritual quality of attunement for reception.


There are many vibrations within this creation. It has been written in your holy works that “in my Father’s house, there are many mansions.” This was a statement of these conditions. The mansion, or vibration, in which an entity finds himself is a result of his desire. If there is a separation, or choice, to be made, then it is up to each entity to select, according to his desire.

For that reason we visit your planet at this time, to attempt to help those who would wish to make their choice. There are many who have chosen already, even though they are not aware of it.

There will be an experience in this illusion, in the not too distant future, which will be alarming to some of the people of this planet. We are attempting to provide an understanding of the truth of this experience prior to its occurrence. Our service is to aid those who wish to choose a different mansion.

If an entity has chosen a particular mansion, then he will receive it. It is not a good place or a bad place. It is simply a different place.

Is it a place without suffering?

There is no suffering except in the mind of the individual experiencing it. And if he experiences it, it is because he desires it. This may seem strange, but this is how the creation is designed.


I am love, and I am Hatonn, and I am light, and I am Hatonn. You are love and you are light. You and I are the same. You experience one thing. I experience one thing. But yet we are the same. For this is the creation. We are one. That is why I say that you and I are one and that you are with me.


To separate, classify and measure is not of the Creator’s design. To unify, embrace, and love is all that is necessary.