(Unknown channeling)

I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a very great privilege to speak with this group this evening. It is always a very great privilege to speak with the people of this planet.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here for one purpose. That purpose is to communicate with the people of your planet. This communication takes many forms. However, the most important of these forms is that communication which you receive in your daily meditation.

We are able to use channels such as this one to communicate concepts for your intellectual evaluation. However, these concepts are always of a limited nature. We find, however, that it is helpful for many of those of your people who have not yet learned the necessity for daily meditation.

We will continue making contacts such as this one, and developing new channels for communication, and we will hope to reach more and more of the people of your planet as time progresses.

I am attempting at this time to use the channel known as R, for it is important for channels to become accustomed to this type of contact. And I will use this channel if there is a difficulty with communications through the instrument known as R. If he will avail himself to my contact at this time.

(R channeling)

My friends, as I was saying, the most important contacts are made during periods of meditation, and are more of a spiritual nature than of an intellectual one. It is our purpose to aid your peoples in their spiritual development through stimulating your peoples intellectually to seek truth. As we have said many times before, daily meditation, constant self-analysis, and love are the keys which open the doors to truth.

It has been said, “Seek and find. Seek and ye shall find.” And this is so. I will now attempt to use the instrument known as M.


(Don channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am sorry, but the instrument known as M is expecting too much control. He will not receive the amount of control that some other of the instruments receive. He will be able to speak, however, using my thoughts. If he makes en error, I will use this instrument to correct it. He should have no fear of these problems. I will return to the one known as M, and continue to use him.

(M channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and light of our infinite Creator. As I speak through this instrument, I ask your patience and indulgence, as we are attempting to develop new channels for your group. This process takes time and patience, my friends. I am Hatonn.

(R channeling)

I am again with this instrument. This difficulty with the other new instrument will soon be alleviated. As I was saying, seek truth, and you must surely find it. Ask, and it will surely be given. These truths are in your sacred books. This is a law of the universe, for your desire sparks cause and effect.

(Don channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. Your desire, my friends, is the key to your existence. Your desire is extremely important, for the Creator planned that all of His children throughout all of the universe would get exactly what they desire. That is how the universe works. That is how the Creator planned it.

The people of your planet at this time do not understand this, though it is evident to us that this is the cause of all of the conditions that you enjoy on your planet. These conditions range from those that you would call enjoyable to those that you despise. However, my friends, all of these conditions are a result of desire. Man on Earth does not realize that he creates everything that he experiences through the mechanism of desire.

This, my friends, it why meditation is so very important at this time. It is because man on Earth does not understand his desires, and, since he does not understand his desires, he does not understand the gifts of the Creator. He interprets them quite erroneously. And, my friends, the Creator never planned for His children to be the recipients of that which they did not desire.

However, man on Earth is desiring things that he does not want. But he does not realize this. He can realize this, very simply, through the process of meditation. He may know himself and his true objective. That objective, my friends, is the same for all people throughout all of the creation, even though, as on your planet, they do not realize the objective. The objective, my friends, is the Creator. A return to Him. A return to the true creation.

Many of His children have wandered far from truth. They have forgotten that condition in which they were originally created. They have wandered from this condition due to a desire to experience other things. And these experiences have led them to other desires which have led them even farther from the original Truth.

Man on Earth at this time is in a state of ignorance with respect to the principle of desire. This principle has been stated many times. You know of it as, “Ask, and you shall receive.” We say, “Knock, and the door shall be opened.”

Open to what, my friends? Open to truth, a truth that will make you aware of what you actually desire. “Seek and ye shall find,” it has been said. Seek this truth, and know your desire.

But first, my friends, it is necessary that you desire to seek. All of you here tonight desire to seek, and you are seeking. But many of your fellow beings upon the surface of this planet are not even aware of the possibility of seeking, or of the fruits of seeking. They continue living in a state of desire that is erroneous to that which their true being would achieve.

It is necessary that we make available to as many of the people of this planet as would receive our thoughts the principles upon which the creation actually functions. It is necessary for the people of this planet to understand the principle of desire. We were, for quite some time, confused about the conditions that are manifested upon your surface, and the reason for the turmoil. It took us some time to understand the state of total ignorance that is in evidence among your peoples. This is not a condition that is often found in this creation, for the Father has given to each of His children an understanding that is within them.

This understanding is within all of the peoples throughout all of space, and it is within the people of this planet. However, since they have not sought this understanding that is theirs, that is a part of them, they have continued in directions brought about by desires that have nothing to do with truth. Desires created by intellectual games played in their waking state. They come in contact with truth only during their sleeping state.

And if they did not come in contact with their innermost thoughts at this time, they would long since have ceased to exist, for a being cannot long exist in a condition of total lack of the Creator’s truth. For this reason you find it necessary to sleep. Sleep, my friends, is not a normal condition. It is something that the people of your planet do out of necessity.

Unfortunately, this condition of sleep does not totally satisfy the requirements that are necessary if the truth of the creation is to be revealed in its totality. It is therefore necessary, if they are to return to this truth, to avail themselves to it in dally meditation.

This, my friends, is why we cannot come directly to you, and land upon your surface and speak with you, for it would do no good. We must provide a spark, a clue, something for a start. A start of seeking, seeking that results in finding the truth that is within you.

This, my friends, is the only way to help the people of your planet. For they must help themselves. They must find the truth that is within them. They must initiate the seeking. All that we can do is to provide a stimulus for their own initiation of seeking.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of those contacted initiate this seeking, and only a percentage of those continue the seeking for any satisfactory period of time. We are always available to aid in guiding your seeking. But, my friends, we cannot do this if you do not seek.

This message is not meant so much for this group as it is for those who will read it at a later time, for this group is seeking.

Seek, my friends. Seek. This is the word that opens the door to everything that exists throughout all of space and all of time. Seek. Seek.

And what will you find? You will find love, for that is all that there is to find. For that is all that there is.

I am Hatonn. It has been a privilege to be with you this evening. It has been a privilege to be with you at this time. Adonai vasu borragus.

I have a question.

[The questioner asked Hatonn the question in silence.]

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am once more with this instrument. It is a great privilege to be of service, for that is our purpose. That is our desire: to serve. This, my friends, is also a principle of the creation, for in serving you, we serve ourselves. For it is not possible to serve anything within the creation without serving yourself. The creation, my friends, is one thing. You are simply a part of that one thing. It is impossible to separate yourself from it, because you are it.

The people of your planet are living an illusion. This illusion includes the concept of the possibility of separation; the concept of the individual.

There is difficult in using your language, for it was evolved with concepts that are erroneous. It is necessary in using it to use terms such as “the individual.” However, this term should be simply, “the Creator.”

As you look at your fellow man, see him for what he is: the Creator. For there is no part of this creation that is any more or less than any other part. Each part is a portion of the Creation. Each holds equal rank.

I am aware that there are many upon your planet who would not understand this concept. They feel pain, if it is within their individual being, but they do not feel the pain of others.

This is not so with the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We feel your pain, and this brings us to you at this time: to serve you. For in doing so, we serve ourselves, since you and we are one. Your pain is felt throughout all of the creation, and for this reason there are many, many here to serve you at this time. We serve you in the very best way that we can: to eliminate this pain. We give to you the information that you need in order to eliminate this pain. It is something that may be done in the twinkling of an eye. It is the way that the Creator planned. He did not, however, anticipate that His children would create from their own desires the pain that we now feel emanating from your planet.

This is a result of the desire of the people of this planet. Unfortunately, these desires affect not only the ones generating the desire, but also others who live on the surface. It is what you call a contagion. It requires an extreme degree of understanding to live upon your surface and not experience this contagion.

It can be done, my friends. It is only necessary that you know and demonstrate the Creator’s truth in every thought and deed. And then you will be free from the effect of the desires of your brothers who live about you on the surface of your planet.

I hope that I have been of assistance. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu.