(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator. It is with pleasure that I greet you, as always.

I was attempting to speak with your group at an earlier time, but the circumstances were not favorable, for there were those who did not desire our contact with them here. Therefore, we simply abided with you at that time in a non-intellectual way. However, we are most pleased to be able to speak with you now.

My friends, we wish to rejoice with you. We were aware that there was within your group, and there is now within your group, a great and growing core of joy that is beginning to gain strength as you proceed upon your path of seeking understanding. Your contact with the Father within has begun to yield to you this heart of joy, this ecstasy. And we rejoice to see it in you and in your group as a whole. This is the hallmark of those who will be able to say that they are joyful. Not as the world is joyful are they joyful, but joyful in a most transcendent way. Daily meditation carefully practiced yields this joy, and service as it develops magnifies it many times. We rejoice exceedingly with you, my brothers, for you have entered the discipleship of the Creator.

This joy is your gift and your service, just as our joy is our gift and our service. This joy is expressed in many ways. In overflowing love, in understanding, in truth, in healing, in diverse matters as it is said in your holy work, is this joy come forth into manifestation within your daily life. But it is the hallmark of your contact with the Infinite Father.

I know of the many, many ways that this joy may be used by each of you. For as one with whom you are familiar has said, “Each of you is a channel one way or another.” The techniques may vary, but any opportunity of opening your heart and allowing the joy of the Creation of the Father to flow from you is a worthy service.

I will condition each of you who desires it and will attempt to transfer this contact to another of the instruments of this group. I am Hatonn.

(A channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am now with this instrument. I am having a slight difficulty. Please be patient.

I was speaking of the joy which is limitless that you gain through your meditation. This joy may be described in many ways. You may consider it to be love, happiness, or any such idea along this line of thought. Clearly comes through meditation the ability to contact this infinite joy and the ability to avail and share it with all who you may come into contact with. As a disciple of the Creator, you have chosen to do just this – that is, to share your light and radiate His love to all. The service to any is service to yourself, for through this service you can gain an even higher awareness of this joy.

In the days which shall shortly come, it will be vitally important that you can develop the ability to radiate this love to the peoples you serve in a manner in which they can relay to it as pure [inaudible]. Without this ability, there can be no service. You cannot serve any without this ability, though you may attempt to do so, for those who seek shall not accept that which is not distinguished as an infinite amount of love.

Through His wisdom, the Creator saw that in order for his disciples to be of service, He would give them this great love and the ability to use it. If this needs to be done, then we suggest that all you need do is meditate. Attempt to raise your vibration rapidly [inaudible], for the time grows short. The greater you develop yourself, the more benefit you shall receive. It is your choice through His gift to you of free will. Once aware, work can begin. Only you can [inaudible] for yourself.

At this time, I shall give the contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(T channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the light and the love of our Infinite Creator.

(A channeling)

I am Hatton. I am again with this instrument. We have [inaudible] to establish contact with the one known as T, so please refrain from analyzing. I would like to offer a thought which may be helpful. We have offered [inaudible]. You shall be what you call [inaudible]. Do not despair that our thought is not with you. It surely is. Relax and open yourself to the contact, and we shall again attempt contact with the instrument. I am Hatonn.

(T channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. He is in a more relaxed state now. We will continue. I was saying that we…

[Loud car sound prompting a pause]

I was saying that we will continue to…

[Twenty-second pause]

I am Hatonn. This instrument is analyzing our thoughts. He should refrain. It is necessary. I realize that it is difficult but by no means impossible.

[Fifty-second pause]

I will continue if he will relax and avail himself to our thoughts. This is the only way possible to complete our contact. I will continue.

I was saying that we are very happy to see this group progress. I will attempt to transfer the contact. This instrument should relax. I am Hatonn.

[Two-minute pause]

This instrument has made an error because he continues to analyze and think ahead. We should say one word at a time and not worry about mistakes. I will now transfer to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Don channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I will continue using this instrument. We are attempting to condition those of you who desire our contact. We are attempting to use a form of contact with some of you that requires little physical conditioning. However, in some instances, this is very different. It may require more physical conditioning in order to allow the instrument to clear his mind. This conditioning not only helps to form the words which we wish the instrument to speak, but it also helps him to clear his mind of thoughts of an extraneous nature.

This instrument at this time is channeling directly our thoughts with no control. However, when he was first conditioned for this contact, it was necessary to use considerable physical conditioning. This instrument has learned to speak our thoughts without analysis or with no attempt to think ahead as to what should be said. This was learned by this instrument using the technique of conditioning between words. This, it seems, is necessary in many cases. It may be necessary in the situation we have encountered with the instrument known as T. This, however, will take a longer period of time to establish. This is of little consequence; and if he desires our conditioning, we will continue it. It will be successful in any event.

I am sorry that we have not been as successful with some instruments as others. But, this is nothing to be concerned about. There are certain problems involved in that many of those of this group are involved in daily activities that allow for a little meditation throughout the day. And it is easier to establish a contact with an individual who is able to meditate for large periods of the day. In the case of some of the members of this group, it is possible for them to spend large amounts of time in a type of meditation that is in addition to their daily activities. However, when intellectual effort or a need to communicate with one’s fellow man during activities is met, then it is difficult to maintain the state of clear-mindedness that is necessary for a state of meditation, which will realize itself in an ability to communicate directly with us by thought. We will, however, continue to envision each member of this group since it is very necessary at this time to develop as many local channels as possible.

[One-minute pause]

There are many times when it will be very difficult to contact members of this group. These times will occur when confusion is quite prevalent. It will be necessary for an instrument to be able to totally clear his mind of intellectual thoughts regardless of outside interference. For this reason, it will be necessary to work diligently with those of this group who desire to be able to be of service by channeling our thoughts.

At this time, I will transfer this contact to another instrument.

[Ten-second pause]

I am sorry that we have been unable at this time to contact the instrument. At this time, I will leave you. I leave you in the love and in the light our Infinite Creator.

It will be a privilege working with each of you at any time that you desire our contact. It is only necessary that you avail yourself to our contact, for there are many, many more of us in the service of the Confederation to serve you than can possibly be employed at this time. It is only necessary that you avail yourself to our contact for us to be present.

We are constantly at your service. It is only necessary that you desire to serve and to receive our service. We will be with you. Adonai, my friends. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.