(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a privilege to speak once more with this group even though there are very few present this evening. I and my brothers are always ready to serve those who seek. We can appreciate that it is not possible for the entire group to meet each day for this would work some hardships upon many of those who are seeking.

I am aware of certain questions that I will attempt to answer at this time. I am at this time going to speak of a phenomenon known to you as channeling. Channeling, my friends, is something that is available to all but not sought by all. It is necessary that an individual truly desire to become a vocal channel in order to do so. This, my friends, is the most important of all of the factors involved in channeling: that the individual who is to be a channel desire to be one. This desire also governs the ability of a channel to channel different types of messages and different contacts.

There is, on occasion, doubt about the validity of this form of contact in many of the minds of those who have become channels. This doubt acts upon their desire to channel the information which we give to them. Their desire, let’s say, therefore brings about a lesser ability to channel and [those] upon your planet understand but very, very little about the action of desire.

But, my friends, we can assure you that Creator intended that all of His children be able to have exactly what they desire at all times. Man on Earth, as we have said before, is at this time experiencing exactly what he desires to experience. This is always the case. What is necessary if man is to desire what he desires ultimately is for him to understand his ultimate objective. Man on Earth is very confused about his desires. For this reason he experiences things that he apparently does not desire, but, my friends, we can assure you that if he truly did not desire these experiences they would not come to him.

This is very difficult for the people of your planet to understand. It can be only understood if they spend time in meditation for within them is the truth of this statement and all others. It is necessary if one is to experience his ultimate desires for him to reach his ultimate thinking through meditation. We realize that this cannot be done instantaneously or in what you would consider a very short amount of time. But, my friends, we are attempting to point out to you the pathway to controlling your thinking so that your experiences will conform with desires that are what you will discover that you desire at a later time.

Man on Earth experiences many things and many effects that he never dreamed that he really desires. However, things that he experiences that he thinks that he does not desire he actually desires. The intellect is a very poor tool when not augmented in its abilities through meditation. An intellectual appraisal of one’s desires is far shortsighted with respect to one’s actual desires. Become aware of your true thinking through meditation.

There are many effects upon your planet at this time. There are many thoughts generated by the peoples of your planet. These thoughts are generated due to their desire to generate them. The effects upon your planet are effects that are a product of these thoughts. It should be possible for you to follow the reason which will even intellectually lead you to a discovery of the action of desire.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator desire one thing: we desire to be of service in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. This is the original Thought. This is the Thought of our infinite Creator: to serve all of His parts so as to bring to them in each and every instance that which they desire. The experiences that accompany such desire are experiences that are free from any problem or difficulty that could be imagined.

There are many people on your planet at this time in what we consider to be a state of absolute confusion. The answers that they actually seek are answers of infinite simplicity. Unfortunately, they have fabricated a system of thinking so complex that a return to the simplicity of which I speak is very difficult. This, my friends, is all that is really necessary: a return to the simplest form of understanding. A return to the simplicity of the love that generates all of us. This may be done by anyone at any time. We recommend that this be done through the use of meditation.

At this time I will transfer this contact.

(E channeling)


(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. I am having difficulty with the instrument known as E. I will use this instrument [inaudible].

There will be a sign given to you. This is going to be necessary. It is at this time appropriate. The sign will occur within the week. It will be quite obvious. And at that time its purpose will be revealed. This is highly unusual, but is necessary at this time. We do not attempt to influence peoples of this planet too greatly, however, some influence is necessary or we could accomplish nothing at all. We realize that the members of this group understand that it is necessary to proceed as we do with caution in bringing our message to the people of this planet for there are many of the people upon this planet who do not desire this message and for this reason they must not be upset. However, the time is growing short and it will be necessary for many, many more of those for those who would seek our information to have it made available for them. For this reason there will be a contact of sorts made which will be self-explanatory.

At this time I will continue using the instrument known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

[Inaudible]. We are sorry for the delay with this instrument. The instrument was not in a sufficiently relaxed state of meditation and found it impossible to discern our thoughts. The contact remains difficult, however, we will attempt to proceed if the instrument stays relaxed and avails herself to our contact. We will attempt to strengthen this contact if you will [inaudible] not a sign, my friends, that will mean the same thing to all people [inaudible].

The concept of a sign is always the concept of a common event which has a special meaning to a few select people and so this will be. However, there will be much clarity about the event in your minds as [inaudible]. This is out of our hands completely. We merely observe that it will occur. We would not be able to inaugurate such infringement. However, there are forces who work for the Creator who are within the vibration of your planet and whose home has been here. These entities have worked with us and do work with us and it is through their action that the physical plane will be affected. We will, however, be lending certain meaning to the event we have spoken of.

My friends, to speak to you in this manner is unfortunately to enter into the area of the intellectual and the explanatory. Truth does not reside here and, indeed, where truth resides there will never be the need for any sign. Your true desire is for this truth. So be it that a sign will come to you. But remember that faith is transcendent to any phenomenon of the physical illusion. Open yourself to the truth through meditation until you have begun to find faith and then, my friends, continue. For in that dimension called faith or love or understanding or truth lies that which you truly desire.

I will re-contact the instrument known as Don at this point.

(Don channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I am going to leave you, but before leaving I would like to reemphasize that what is about to come to you is no more than you have already experienced. It is simply different. There are an infinite number of experiences. You have in your present illusion experienced a small number. Many of the people of your planet have labeled events as miraculous. My friends, you are surrounded by the miraculous. There is nothing but a miracle—a miracle created by our Creator. Does it take another one to awaken those who seek? Do not they see that which surrounds them? Become aware of your illusion. The illusion, my friends, is within your thinking. Destroy that and become aware of the love that has brought about the miracle that you have always experienced.

I shall leave you at this time. I am the one known as Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu.