(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am pleased to be with you at this time. We are aware that there is a question and we will attempt to give you a few thoughts on the subject of service. Service, my friends, is a concept which is very difficult to express to the people of your planet for it is a spiritual concept of such a nature that it baffles the intellect. However, we will attempt to speak of it in such a way that you may more readily understand what service is.

The most difficult thing to accept about service is the fact that you cannot give service. There is no way to give service. Service, my friends, must be taken. There is a natural law which governs the absolute free will of each developing particle of consciousness in the universe. Each entity upon your planet, my friends, who enjoys physical human consciousness at this time has a complete universe to himself through which nothing can come without his expressed approval. Many, many things seem to come into the universes of each of those entities within the physical which these entities do not expressly desire. However, my friends, in truth that which comes into each entity’s environment is what he has desired. Nothing else may enter. Therefore, there is no way to give service to an entity. There is only the ability of each entity to request and accept service from another entity. Therefore, my friends, those of you who have begun seeking and are now attempting to learn how to serve may discover more and more the difficulties of service.

However, my friends, we may encourage you in the following manner. Consider the tree which produces fruit. The tree spends much time, much love, and much care and all of its energy, in producing the edible fruit which it then offers to any who would desire to take the fruit. This is its service and, my friends, it may be that one tree goes through an entire cycle without benefiting any entities and instead of having been of service the tree has been unable to give of its fruit. But, my friends, the tree does not become discouraged for it knows several things. Even with its limited consciousness it knows that after rest it will be ready again to be of service and it knows that even though the fruit withers and drops to the ground that the seeds within it may produce for many, many years to come other fruit trees and other fruit and an endless amount of service.

My friends, what we are attempting to tell you is that it is not possible to know within the physical illusion precisely what your short-term objectives of service may [be]. However, my friends, it is sufficient to your spiritual advancement that you be ready to serve by abiding within the light of a spiritual consciousness and that you respond to any request for service whomever it comes from. The abiding within spirit that you do by constant meditation is of the greatest service. We suggest that you think within yourself of your knowledge of the meaning of the past five years of your life. My friends, do the events not come into clearer focus after a longer period of time has detached you from the illusions of the moment? What is meant will occur by the techniques with which you meet each day. You will begin more and more to fill your consciousness with the environment that you truly desire within spiritual consciousness. Do not fear that you will not be of service. Only be ready to be of service, for you will surely be asked if you are ready to serve.

I hope that these few comments have been of aid. At this time I will leave this instrument and will attempt to condition those in the room who desire it. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. I would like to speak for a moment on the [inaudible] of desire. The greatest desire which one may have is to be of service. The proper manner in which to desire to serve is to desire to serve at any opportunity to any entity which requests this service. There shall be many opportunities for each of you to serve. There is no special service, for all service is special. The ability to serve can be found through meditation and once found it is the privilege of the finder to utilize it for the benefit of all.

In your daily functions you shall often wonder as to the path of service which you desire to find. Do not wonder in this way for if you truly desire to serve your path shall be given unto you. If you desire to serve walk the path and do not walk the last part of the path without fully walking the first. You cannot bring about that which is to come without experiencing that which comes before. Patience is required of each entity in order to be of service, for in your service you shall experience much which will try your patience. [Inaudible] patience to faith and faith to attempt to fulfill yourself with the love of the Father as He intends to do so for you and act only what this love requests. Nothing else is needed in order to serve.

Your greatest service is your love for all of the creation. Love any part and you love all, but love all and you shall love any part. Do not separate the two for there is [inaudible]. Do not refuse your service to anyone that desires it, and if your desire is to serve you surely shall [inaudible] do so. Be aware truly of your desires before you shall receive these desires and you must be aware that this shall come about and if it is a desire which you have had through patience [inaudible] you may not enjoy the experience of the desire.

I shall leave this instrument at this time and attempt to contact the one known as J. I am Hatonn.

(J channeling)


(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. I would like to conclude this message with this thought. If you truly desire to serve do not be concerned as to how you may serve. Concern yourself only with developing your awareness through meditation and your opportunities shall be presented to you. You need not search in order to serve. Your service shall be sought. In the short time remaining develop your ability to serve if this is your desire.

I shall leave you now. I leave you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. I am [inaudible]. Adonai vasu borragus.