(Unknown channeling)

[Inaudible] in my presence. I am a new teacher to this instrument and [inaudible]. I have also this evening which you would say is many miles away [inaudible].

I would like to say but a few words; that there will be many teachers that will come to you. There will be many different kinds of channels. There will be some who can see the future, [inaudible]. And there will be more than one teacher who [inaudible]. And you will know the difference of the vibration and [inaudible].

It is remarkable and unusual and delightful to see, I would say, the younger generation interested in our thoughts. But again, if you really think that, haven’t you always known this? But at times when you do [inaudible]. We know if you feel [inaudible]… It is in your actions and it is the way you say you feel. And the way [inaudible]. The way you help and the way you do help [inaudible]. You all must work and the work is not easy. And it will not be done for you, but you will be guided as we always try to do. You will be given suggestions, as one of your words—a hint—of a means. And sometimes [inaudible]. And what one can figure out himself. To do something yourself [inaudible].


I will not speak any longer because I know that you must be weary. But if [inaudible] will avail himself, Deltron would like to speak for just a brief moment. I leave you with this thought in mind: all there is, you are. My love. I am Nona.

(Unknown channeling)

[Inaudible] in the radiance and love of the infinite One. I am known as Deltron. I am fairly new with this speaker. I have been here for some time and I have been observing classes of students that my brother Hatonn is working with. I have found communication with your people interesting and delightful. I have not spoken through an Earth instrument until a few months ago when I spoke through this instrument for the first time. I told him, at this time, I was not of this galaxy. I am from another galaxy entirely different from this planet’s.

I and many of my brothers have answered the call to come and assist the people of Earth. We have been up to now merely observing and learning the techniques of contacting the Earth people. Some of our observations are very interesting. We find your people still devoting a great deal of their time to elaborate ritual, to the building of fabulous houses. We find your people searching in all directions for that which they call the light of their Creator.

My friends, there is a story upon your planet. I believe it is referred to as the search for the bluebird of happiness. In this search, an individual was seeking happiness and much to his own surprise he did not find happiness until he looked in his own backyard.

My children, this is the truth of your searching. Search no further than yourself because your Creator has endowed you with all you will ever need. It is there for you to find. It is found in sincere searching through love for yourself and for your fellow man. It is found [inaudible] within yourself. It is found through consideration, compassion and the reflection of love and understanding to those about you. You are well on your way and there are many more to guide and direct you. It is up to you to open your heart and to reflect that radiant light, that loving presence that is within you today.

I believe I have spoken long enough this evening and I shall extend to each one of you the love, the understanding, and the warmest blessings from myself and from my brothers. May each of you walk in the light of that radiant light. Fill yourselves with light [from] those of us.

I am Deltron. I [bid] each of you go in peace and be of good cheer in the days to come. Vasu. Vasu, my friends.