(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, friends, in the Creator’s light and love. It is a great privilege to speak with you this evening. I am aware of your questions. Although we are capable, as members of the Confederation, of perceiving and understanding the [inaudible] thoughts of those upon your planet, we are reluctant to attempt to explain certain of these thoughts. The intention of the [inaudible] personality, as we would call it, is to achieve understanding of some aspect of your illusion which the entity is experiencing in a waking state which is causing him confusion. By means of alternate representation of the waking illusion, the sleeping individual is able to, shall we say, come to terms with the illusion. This is sometimes a lengthy process and the dream recurs unchanging as the understanding that is needed is acquired.

To explain what the symbols of a dream mean before the waking personality is ready to understand the dream may not be helpful. Therefore, we will not comment upon the dream of which you spoke except to indicate that it is a normal and ongoing pretense [inaudible] of the individual of whom you speak to attempt to understand the natural processes which occur within the physical illusion, especially within the context of time. I am sorry that I cannot satisfy your curiosity. And most specifically, however, it is my privilege to have been able to answer you as best as I could.

My friends, this evening I would like to say a few words about the concept of death. Why do I bring this up, my friends? It seems the proper time to ask you to hold it as clearly as you can as a concept of a real and specific context within your imagination. Imagine your own death, my friends. Imagine each death and dismal corridor of pain and difficulty and lack of faith [inaudible]. Imagine all the evil, the negativity, the limitations. Imagine it all, my friends. Allow it to build and build and build until you have a big and towering mountain of death and destruction.

What are you looking at, my friends? What are you imagining? What are you afraid of? What do you know about death, my friends? You have been exposed to much information. It is now that the time has come to begin to absorb this information. What do you know about negativity, my friends? Do you then run for death? There are many on your planet who do. Instead of being involved in the cycle which is of the day, they are involved in the glory of the cycle which may be described as of the night. They sincerely hope for death, either of a searching concern or because they are aware that things will be better to grasp their beginning after the physical death.

But what do you know, my friends? As you meditate what pours forth from within your soul? Are you not aware that which is light and dark which is darkness? That which is life and which is death is merely part of the infinite cycle of an eternal and unchanging creation. A creation which has neither life nor death, my friends, neither dark or light, but is all things, is all cycles, not unmatched and resolved in unity and love. Facing darknesses, my friends, you have nothing to lose but the fear that is holding you within a prison of your own choosing within your mind.

I will attempt now to transfer this contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. We would like to, at this time, to speak with you upon the subject of love as experienced by the people of your planet. We have expressed many times that those upon your planet do not truly realize the concept of love. [Inaudible] attempt to define the concept [inaudible]. Yet we find that it is the only word to express that which will [inaudible].


I shall leave you at this time in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.