(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with this group once more. It is always a great privilege for those of us in the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator to speak to those of planet Earth who desire our services.

We are here to attempt to aid man on Earth, but in order to aid him he must desire this aid, for this is our understanding of the Creator’s plan and the Creator’s desires: that man, wherever or whoever he may me, should receive exactly and totally what he desires. We have been for many of your years attempting to aid the people of this planet. We have been required by our understanding of our Creator’s principle to remain in hiding, for we cannot serve one individual and at the same time do a disservice to his neighbor by proving within his own mind that we exist, for many of those of planet Earth at this time do not desire to believe in or have proof of our existence. For this reason we find it necessary to speak to those who seek through channels such as this one. We find it necessary to give to those who seek that which they seek in such a way that they for themselves may appraise its value and accept or reject on their own terms those thoughts that we bring, and being our understanding of the reality of the creation in which all of us exist.

Man upon Earth is conscious and intelligent and yet for the most part he is unaware of reality. He is unaware of the simple reality that he is capable of sensing with his physical senses. In addition, he is unaware of the much greater reality that lies outside the boundaries of his physical senses. For the most part, man on Earth has neglected the beauty and the order of the creation that surrounds him. He neglects notice of his total support by this creation. He neglects noticing that he breathes the atmosphere without which his physical body could not exist. He neglects perceiving that he partakes of the food that is amply supplied by the Creator.

My friends, man on Earth has come to look at these things as being provided by his own technology and devices. He has become very shortsighted in appreciation of the creation. He does not understand the true meaning of the simple and beautiful life that surrounds him. He does not appreciate its generation and regeneration. He learned that the very atmosphere that he breathes is cycled through the plant life to be regenerated to support him and his fellow beings and creatures. And yet this seems to the vast majority of those who dwell upon this planet to be an exercise in technology rather than one in theology.

And there is no awareness of the Creator’s plan to provide for His children, to provide for their very desire and to provide a state of perfection. Man on Earth has lost the awareness that is rightfully his. And why, my friends, has he lost this awareness? He has lost this because he has focused his attention upon devices and inventions of his own. He has become hypnotized by his playthings and his ideas. He is but a child in his mind.

And all of this may be very simply remedied, and man can once more return to an appreciation of reality rather than an appreciation of the very false illusion created by his mind. All that is necessary, my friends, is that he individually avail himself to this appreciation of reality through the process of meditation, for this process stills his active conscious mind which is continually seeking stimulus within the very false illusion developed over so many centuries of time upon planet Earth. And very rapidly then he can return to an appreciation of the reality in the functioning of the real creation.

That is the only reality that surrounds the reality of the love generated by his creation which in turn generated himself and all of the beings and all of the animal life and all of the bird life and all of the fishes in the sea and all of the vegetation, all of the planets, all of the stars, and all of the systems that surround us. My friends, your illusion is very complex. It is meaningless, your cities, your political systems, your concept of science, your concept of philosophy, they are all complex. They require great intellectual ability to encompass them, and yet they are nothing compared to the one simple Thought of your Creator who created you and all of the real creation: the simple Thought of absolute love.

This, my friends, is what man on Earth must return to if he is to know reality: this simple Thought of absolute love, a Thought of total unity with all his brothers regardless of how they might express themselves or whom they might be, for this is the original Thought of your Creator.

Your creation supports you. It was designed in thought by your Creator to support and to provide you with all of your desires. It was the Thought of your Creator that each part of this creation should serve all other parts, for this is the Thought of absolute love, the Thought of total service. When man on Earth is once more able to realize this Thought and then express it in every aspect he then will know his creation, for he will be at one with this Thought and this love.

Seek this understanding through meditation, for all rewards are within. Move backward to the simplicity that is the creation. Still the conscious mind and become aware of love.

At this time I will transfer this contact to another instrument. I am known to you as Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I am Hatonn. Meditation, my friends, is one word with one concept we project over and over. We do this for a simple reason: it is the best fruit that we have to give you, for all that we can do, my friends, is to point you in the direction of that which you are seeking. We can only point you in the direction of your inner self, for your inner self is one, truly one, with the Creator, and you are a creation.

My friends, we are aware that [inaudible]. There are various expressions of what you would call happiness. My friends, this happiness seems to be something that is sought as being of great importance upon your planet. We ask you, my friends, if you look at this happiness that you may gain through use of the cycles and polarity of your physical manifestation, if you can in any way compare this so-called happiness with the experience of being one with an unchanging creation of love.

There are two paths, my friends. There are two kinds of happiness, my friends, the happiness within the illusion that you know of as the physical illusion that you now enjoy, and happiness known only as understanding. One can only seek one’s choice of these two.

The effects of the seeking is to present one with what one desires. So we urge you, my friends, to be very careful as to what you are truly seeking. Do you seek within this illusion which shifts and is so changeable? Or do you seek for reality? Only meditate, my friends, and you will be seeking in the direction of the reality you seek.

I would like to speak briefly through a newer instrument. I will condition each of you who desires it and will at this time attempt to contact the instrument known as R.


I am Hatonn. I am having some difficulty in contacting the instrument known as R. We find this difficulty often when the new instrument has not availed himself for use as an instrument. Too often when the reason [inaudible]. There is nothing to be concerned about. If it is again desired to be of service, my [inaudible] friend, it is only necessary to begin to avail himself in the regular manner and new ability will become fluent in a very short time.

We will now attempt to contact the instrument known as T, if he will avail himself.

(T channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. It is a pleasure to be with this instrument. This instrument is also experiencing some difficulty in relaxing [inaudible].

We would at this time [like] to say a few words about [inaudible].

Will now attempt to transfer this contact to the one known as E.

(E channeling)


[Tape ends.]