(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. It is a pleasure to be able to use this instrument. As I was saying, my friends, for your meditations we suggest that you may be able to experience [inaudible].

Within the illusion, my friends, there are many obstacles. The illusion, in fact, is designed to produce the obstacles which will deliver unto you the choices which you desire for learning how to be of greater service to others. The lessons of this density, my friends, are lessons of service to others. And each obstacle is an opportunity which is a [inaudible] within the illusion think it is difficulty. Each obstacle is your opportunity to grow. [Inaudible].

There is much to learn and you, my friends, are just [inaudible] on the path. That which you have gone through up until now is the beginning without which we [inaudible]. With that which lies ahead is a new chapter. It will be a unique experience for you, my friends. It will be a difficult experience in some ways. Yet it will be a uniquely designed opportunity to be very rapidly progressed along the path of seeking and service.

I am aware that there is not precisely a question, but a thought within this group, and I would respond in this manner. It may be of the nature of a beneficial experience to you to open these meetings at a certain time to those who are not specifically of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We would not suggest this to an introductory group because it is necessary for those who listen to contact [inaudible] the astral plane that they have a firm grasp of objective reality. The personalities with whom you might make contact can be very informative and interesting to you. However, they are not free of the density which you are also now within and therefore their information will be to an extent subjectively different than objectively [inaudible], simply because they will be under the same illusion which you [inaudible].

Therefore, it cannot be recommended that a meeting be opened up to such entities when the group is not totally aware of the creation of the Father. We do not feel that you can gain a great deal of spiritual information from them. However, there is one aspect which [inaudible] and that is, my friends, the beginning of an understanding of just how miraculous and vast the universe is. The number of portions of the creation which exist upon a planet such as this one is actually infinite. However, you might perhaps best understand what we intend to tell you if we [inaudible] and individualized portions of consciousness which are the Creator. This piece of understanding is extremely helpful in its own way in that it begins to give this illusion its proper place within your thinking. [Inaudible].

I would like to move to another channel after a brief period of conditioning for each of you who desires it. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I would wish to speak to you upon the subject of what you would consider to be [inaudible]. We hope that in our communications that many times there shall be needed by all a total confidence and acceptance of the world of the Creator. This total confidence is to be considered [inaudible]. There are [inaudible] of aiding the growth of your planet. The one that we suggest that you utilize mostly and the one which is most beneficial to you is your meditation. In your periods of meditation you shall attain knowledge which is not directly impressed upon your intellect, yet when you face situations in your daily life this knowledge shall penetrate from within your being and shall function through you. This knowledge and this growth brings about your faith which is so greatly needed.

There is also a need of enabling your faith which you contain within your intellect. The intellectual faith is also quite valuable and is also a need to your meditation. The growth of this intellectual faith comes about by your understanding. Each difficulty or each situation which you experience contains truth and within this illusion the truth of each situation is very difficult to find by utilizing your thoughts. Allow the intellect to be guided by meditation and it shall be able to find the great lessons which lie in [inaudible].

In many circumstances the situation will try greatly your confidence in the world of your Creator. You shall experience times when you shall question His word and wonder to yourself if it is [inaudible]. This is normal in your growth for your intellect does continue to operate and we find this the path of the intellect of your people. Yet, each time you question, turn to your meditation. Meditate upon this question and the awareness and the answer which is needed shall come to you. In this way the intellect is aided, for seeing the truth and finding the answers in meditation, it gives you the intellectual knowledge of faith.

You realize that [you] may seek the guidance when you see it and in many circumstances you shall see it within your life come about. [Inaudible] but do not allow the intellect to be your only means of prayer for it is [inaudible]. The great necessity [is] that you seek the guidance in all situations through meditation. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are pleased to have the opportunity to serve the peoples of your planet. And it is most gratifying to us to see so many individuals who have desired to aid in our service to your people.

This group and many like it upon your planet shall shortly be prepared to render great service to all of the people. We wish shortly to indulge upon lessons of a higher knowledge which shall be of great aid. And we are pleased to see the formation of this group and of others like it for it is our intention to avail this knowledge through these groups.

The knowledge of which we speak would be at this time, shall we say, too intense for beginners upon the path of seeking. But as we stated earlier this evening you are well established upon the path to begin [inaudible]. Yet the path shall express throughout [inaudible]. This path shall only culminate when you attain a true meaning of the Creator. We welcome you for we also follow the path you have chosen and we wish to aid you. So we are aware of your needs upon this planet.

I wish at this time to attempt to transfer this contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(B channeling)

I am now with this instrument. It is a great honor to once again to have this chance to speak through this instrument. I and my brothers are now in the room with you. I am now going to [inaudible] each of you. I would now like to speak on the subject of… I am having trouble with this instrument. I shall rephrase the sentence. I would now like to speak on the subject of loyalty to others of your peoples.

As one goes about his life on the planet Earth, he develops many loyalties to people and family. This loyalty is very important if evolved as perfect mentally and partially [inaudible]. Although many times on your planet this loyalty is taken advantage of, while one reaches a higher vibration, he is made more aware, so to speak, of the appreciation that one has for loyalty. It is very important that you carry through. Although there are times when I am sure everyone in this group will be faithful, no loyalty will be part of this. I will prove this [inaudible].

I am very, very privileged at being able to speak with this group. It was indeed a great honor to once again speak through this channel. I will attempt to communicate at this time with another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(T channeling)


I will now attempt to transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.

(E channeling)

Greetings once again, my friends. I would like to [inaudible].


[Tape ends.]