(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is as always a great pleasure to speak with you. My brothers and I are here to aid you in any way that we can and to send you our thoughts and the love and the light of the One Who is All. We are aware that you have questions at this time. We are aware that you wish to know if we are, as you say, robots. No, my friends, we who are speaking to you are individualized portions of consciousness in the same mode of being as are you. The robots or computers that you became acquainted with in your reading about Uri Geller are not of the same type as what you know as robots or computers. It is more simple than it sounds, my friends. The Confederation is a unity of thought and of mind, my friends. There are many [inaudible] and types of entities who dwell within this creation who wish to be of service to others and who have joined as brothers in this Confederation to serve the Creator, each in his own way.

The system which this Confederation uses for communication is not a simple computer as you know it but a construct in a timeless dimension of thought. The thoughts of the Creator which those of the Confederation wish to program and the destination intended for these thoughts can be given instantaneously and delivered instantaneously. There are other abilities that go with this communications system. The limitations of this system are those of your letters. We speak to you as though by telephone and you can answer and we can adjust our information to adapt to yours. The communications which Geller received were only capable of being given within certain preset parameters. If the answer had not been prepared it could not be given.

We are within your time dimension. We are here on a special mission. We are the teaching [inaudible] of a very vast Confederation. The complexity of this Confederation is only an illusion, as each one of us, by means of our awareness, is constantly and completely aware of the ongoing attitudes and progress of each of the other portions of the Confederation. We do this by achieving, through mediation, our awareness of unity with each other, as we are one in the Creator.

We are speaking to you in person because we do not wish to convince you of physical phenomena but to guide your seeking. It is upon your shoulders that a certain carefully arranged service will fall. This service can only be performed by those who have been apprenticed for some time to the discipline of meditation and to the thoughts of the Creator, which only become understood through meditation. The type of contact which occurred with Uri Gellar occurred precisely because these people, in spite of being extremely and unusually positive and powerful individuals, could not seem to be contacted by the means of meditation. Therefore, because these entities had a mission to perform, they were contacted in a more gross and material manner.

I am aware of another question at this time. I am aware that this instrument wishes to know why the meditation group has become smaller. Watch out. Do not be naive. There are cycles in all things. You have sent out one harvest and this harvest is beginning to give its service to others. In time there will be another season and you will prepare for the further harvest. Meanwhile, that service which you perform is simply to abide in your understanding and to leave the door open for such meditations.

I am aware that there is another question. Do you wish to ask it?

Yes. Several times in the past you have spoken upon… of tests that will be for members of this group [inaudible] to give us an opportunity to prove our newfound awareness. Are these to be individual tests or are they just to come as one huge test, one large test?

These will be individual for the present.

I have a question. This dreadful fear that I have. Is it real or not?

Fear is always an illusion. What can happen to you? You can die. That is a birth. You can [inaudible]. Debt is a kind of death.

This fear I have is [inaudible].

I didn’t hear you [inaudible].

This fear that I have… is it a test?

[Inaudible] friend, do not look to your fear for your test but look behind the fear, for there is a mistaken idea which is causing this fear. This is the test.


The happening may be swayed by your thinking. It is extremely helpful to project peaceful and optimistic views of the future to replace traumatic visions, for what will happen, will happen, and there is no need to fear.

My friend, we do not feel that it is desirable for us to inform you as to the future. The test is in your own mind. It is your tool. You may use it but you should not let it use you. If a thought is not one which is designed to help yourself or another then it is somewhat suspect. If it is a negative amount of help to yourself or someone else then it is definitely not a desirable thought. These thoughts are yours. They surround you. They are real. They exist within the etheric realms of your planet. That which you think remains with you and predicts to a certain extent your future. Adjust your thinking and you adjust your future. This is why we advise you again and again to spend your days in awareness of the creation of the Father for there is nothing but love in the true creation and your present awareness of this will guide you into calmer waters.

This, then, is the test and we hope that we have guided you in how to meet it. We offer you these ideas hoping they will help you. They are indicative of our methods. We too must meditate to retain contact with that we know to be truth.

I would like at this time to exercise the newer channels and to give a short message to each. I will attempt to transfer this contact to the instrument known as E, if she will avail herself to my contact.

(E channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings once again, my friends. It is indeed a pleasure to use the newer channel. Once again may I say to use your time wisely [inaudible] your understanding of the creation. During your daily activity keep in mind the creation as it exists all around you [inaudible] just as below. Secure yourself in the love of the Creator and all is well.

I will transfer now to the one known as T.

(T channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am now with this instrument. I wish to [inaudible] goes without saying [inaudible] must [inaudible] meditation if possible these should be at somewhat regular intervals. Secondly, my friends, if at all possible try to set aside times that are somewhat devoid of [inaudible].

[Side one of tape ends.]

(T channeling)

[Inaudible] this channel will in the near future begin to develop enough confidence to challenge us [inaudible] questions [inaudible] this after all will be one of the primary functions or services I should say as a channel and [inaudible] questions [inaudible] my friends [inaudible] great opportunity for service. I would now transfer this contact to the one known as Carla. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. What is your question?

Last night at the group meditation everyone experienced after meditation was over a very high state of… a very… the situation was very… a very high energy. Does this mean that your messages came through at a greater intensity [inaudible] a better understanding [inaudible] because of our seeking or because of our place and our seeking at this time?

I am aware of what you are asking. The energy which you are aware of was the sum of the desire of each person present plus the state of awareness of each person present toward the other people present. This awareness of each other in that particular group was somewhat more unified than several other groups and this increased the energy as well as a fairly unified group desire to obtain information. However, this high energy level does not indicate that you have learned what is spoken. It only indicates a desire to meditate and to learn. Other desires can intervene. We desire for certain types of information as opposed to simply rewards of the Creator. It is a somewhat self-limiting desire since it eliminates some of the more advanced information. This is somewhat ironic, as you would say, because the very desire to obtain the so-called higher information can prevent obtaining higher information due to an incorrect assumption as to the nature of higher information.

The most appropriate way to ensure understanding what is said in an unusually high energy meeting is to allow it to leak over into your everyday thinking during the time following the meditation and if you do this you will discover a way to put this teaching into demonstration. At this point you will begin understanding in a true sense, for that which is not demonstrated is not understood. This is not to say that the high level of energy which you experience is not valuable. It is very valuable, but it must be, like any other power, guided carefully or its power can be dissipated or wrongly used. Guidance comes from listening rather than predicting.

We are attempting to gain a somewhat more stable contact, if you will be patient. We have been here, my friends, many times in the past and we have attempted to give to those upon your planet the specific type of information which many seek but we have discovered that it is an infringement rather than a service in the balance of time. Therefore, higher information, if you may picture it as having any particular characteristic, is characterized by less of a physical specificity and more of a mystical or paradoxical nature. There are abilities within some of the newer channels which will begin to be developed as they gain confidence in delivering these higher messages. They will be people who will be capable of speaking in a more abstract manner. We are satisfied that there are many in groups such as yours and others who will be very capable at this task and will give a very valuable service to more advanced grades of students in the future.

Have I answered your question adequately?

Yes. Thank you.

I am regretful that it is such a scattered answer but you were dealing with a somewhat multiple experience, if we may say that within the framework of unity.

I have one more question. I would like to ask this question if I may [inaudible].

[Inaudible]. You’re not going to believe this [inaudible]! All I see is a frog. I can’t possibly channel a frog. Wait a minute. Let me see if I can follow it, OK?

(Carla channeling)

I am sorry for the levity, my friends. Consider the state of a simple frog. This frog is suddenly one day thrust into the wet wonderland which is his home. He is almost transparent when he moves with many others of his kind and evades many enemies. Gradually he attains shape, color, discovers that he can make sound [inaudible] and that he can take life and give it. He discovers that his consciousness is flooded with many thousands of images daily, that he has great power in his hands, and that he has a fate which he must follow. One day the frog is no more, for its body is no longer inhabited and it sinks back into the bottom of the pond from which it originated.

This frog is a very important person to himself. His awareness is very central and that which he loves and that which he dislikes are very real to him. But, my friends, we who are of the type of entity which you call human are aware that a frog is a frog. Who is right, my friends? We would like to point out the frog is correct, that you are correct, and that both of you are incorrect, for the nature of both is consciousness—consciousness which comes from one source and which is going ultimately to its own source. There is no beginning and no end. There is only the unity, the freedom of [inaudible] and the joy of reunion. Any other opinion of self or meaning of consciousness is quite real but is unreal.

There is always much you may do to be of service. There are always lessons to learn. There is a reality to illusion, but, my friends, remember the frog. You are a prince to yourself and your right and your wrong are extremely important and that which you love and that which you dislike are very real to you. But you are only a [inaudible] and there is much hope. Allow your consciousness to rise into the light which created you and ultimately the questions will be answered for you will know that you are where you are and who you are and that all is well.

I would like to transfer this contact to the instrument known as T, if he will avail himself to my contact.

(T channeling)

I am Hatonn. [Inaudible].

(Unknown channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I was speaking of service and we are aware…

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you once more, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be able to be attempting to aid you in your seeking. We are aware of your questions and we will attempt to answer them.

The acquisition of understanding is not the phenomenon which you think it is, my friends. The acquisition of understanding is part and parcel of something much more basic. It does not come before this basic quality but rather is a result of this basic quality. One can only acquire understanding to the level at which his desire has led him.

Desire, my friends, is also not what you think it is. Desire is a great deal more than you think it is. The desire of a man is the man. It is his directional movement. This motion is the expression of his basic consciousness and is the most basic thing about him.

Now, your question is not answered by these facts, but they are necessary facts to understand before we can give you an answer. What one desires, my friends, and the purity of that desire, becomes and is the individual once he is aware that this is true. The man who is centered within his desire becomes whole and unified. This life, my friends, is a whole, it is one thing: an interconnected galaxy of time and space and meaning. Nothing may be untwined from anything else, for all is one. There is no strain or confusion in his life for he is aware at all time of who he is. He is the one who desires that which he desires. He is a seeker after truth. He is on a path. That which the path offers to him is what he is looking at, is what he is learning, and is what he is demonstrating. If he discovers that he has not followed all of his steps he learns from this discovery and never leaves the pattern of his desire.

You may, if you like, compare this self-aware existence with a knitted garment. Each stitch is interconnected with each other stitch. As it comes off the needles it is held safely in place.

My friends, the attempt to analyze one’s life by means of external and intellectual concepts is much like removing one’s stitches from the needles. It is very easy for them to get misplaced or temporarily lost and it may take some time for these stitches to be properly discovered again and put back into pattern. Therefore, it is much better to do without this intellectual picking. It is much better to simply accept one’s existence and realize at all times who one is and what one is seeking. If one can do this it matters not whether one is sick or well or whether one is rich or poor for these things are minor details having little to do with the purpose for which your life has been dedicated.

The seeking which led you to this meeting also leads you to each item of information which you obtain. My friends, if your seeking is not ready to absorb this information then you will not demonstrate this information and you will therefore not have this information. It will not be your information. That which is not seen through you is not within you. There is indeed the possibility of what this channel sometimes calls cosmic indigestion. However, this is not the fault of the information or the fault of the entity who is not completely ready to demonstrate this information. It is simply a slight mismatching of information and it makes no difference to the seeking.

The true difficulty which you experienced was due to your intellectual efforts to analyze and to predict items which were beyond your intellectual ability. There are many things which one may think and man is a creator. Man creates many, many thoughts and, my friends, he lives with these thoughts. These thoughts are his thoughts. He does not create them to fly away. He creates them to surround him and they surround him more and more as he thinks upon the same thoughts. If you wish to have a certain thought about you, then think it, my friends. If the thought which you are entertaining is not full of faith, hope, charity, love and concern for the spiritual welfare of your fellow man then you may put those thoughts aside and you will not be responsible for their generation.

If you could be in the dimension which immediately follows yours along the scales of planes you would see your thoughts, my friends. You would see your emotions. You would discover for yourself how very undesirable it is to surround yourself with those things which cause fear, sickness, pain and lack. My friends, you would see the great strides that can be made by the constant generation of thoughts of the Creator. The intellect cannot understand these matters and for this reason we had you meditate to make you more conscious of the Creator’s thoughts. We can only approximate with words what we are attempting to tell you and that is that your difficulties are due to your own ability to create by intellectual thought that which you feel that you desire intellectually but in truth certainly do not desire. Concentrate upon your desires, my friends. Do not be afraid of any information but only know who you are and what you desire.

We send you our love and our light, for we are one with you. We send you all of the creation, for we are one with the creation. We send you great beauty. Galaxies of bursting stars. We send you many thoughts and many dreams and great ecstasy. All of these things are in the creations of the Father and they are yours, my friends. We hope that we have been able to be of service. We urge you to lift up your heart, for there is much to rejoice concerning.

I am desirous at this time of speaking for a time with each of you, if you will avail yourself to my contact. I will attempt to contact at this time the instrument known as T. I am Hatonn.

(T channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. My friend, I would like to say [inaudible] to you concern. The instrument has confused himself through [inaudible] attempts to analyze. My friends, I wish only at this time to exercise the new instruments. This is a common method or technique with new instruments. We send our thoughts on a rather basic level. The instruments should not concern themselves at first with the message they are receiving. No amount of analyzing by an instrument will make his message any more meaningful or profound, my friends. Merely relax and avail yourself to our contact. We will do the rest, my friends. It is not really a complicated thing receiving our thoughts. Our thoughts come to [inaudible] quite easily to some people on your planet who have never before consciously thought of our contact. This ease owes to their ability to totally relax their body and mind, thus becoming very receptive and merely repeating what they see and what they hear in their mind. I will now attempt to make contact with the instrument known as [inaudible]. I am Hatonn.

[Tape ends.]