(Unknown channeling)

[Inaudible] our infinite Creator. It is once more a great privilege to be with you. This evening I will attempt to condition each of you if you will avail yourself.

(Carla channeling)

[Inaudible]. I am with this instrument. Again, my friends, I greet you in the love and in the light of our one infinite Creator. I express to you my feeling of great privilege to be allowed to condition you and to… speak with you at this time using these instruments. My friends, I would speak to you for a few minutes about your meditations. Although we have been over this material many times we approach it again, my friends. That which we have to tell you is, in itself, very simple. All we can do is vary the approach which is used in explaining it. We would like to look at this time at the aspect of meditation in which your feeling about the activity of meditation is demonstrated.

How do you picture that which you do in meditation, my friends? How do you measure your gains? With what instrument are you grading yourself? We are afraid, my friends, that it is the inevitable habit of those upon planet Earth to demand a type of grading system even for those things which do not lie within the grading systems you have available. That which is measured is inevitably that which is lost, my friends. What you measure is what has been expended. And in mediation, my friends, nothing is expended. Meditation is a becoming… a becoming aware of that which already is in a timeless fashion. One cannot grade it for it is entirely a living activity. Not living, my friends, in the sense of this illusion but living in the sense that eternity lives. It is beyond that which you may know as judging.

To the human mind, my friends, that which you see about you as progress could be compared to a great coral reef. You observe that which has been left behind by previous effort, that which in fact is a pile of used physical vehicles. You can see this. You can measure it and this comforts you, but my friends, meditation is an opposite process. Free yourself from the desire to measure your progress in meditation. Free yourself from the fetters of your own systems of measurement for that which you are desiring is measureless and limitless, my friends. Simply allow yourself to seek and to accept through meditation the contact with the Creator of us all. That is your duty as a portion of this creation.

I would like to continue to condition each of you and at this time I will attempt to continue this contact through another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. My friends, the subject of meditation, as we said earlier, has been gone over many times. While the benefits that you receive from meditation are with you and need no measurement, your daily, shall we say habits, necessities, need to be honored so that you can find time for your meditation. This, my friends, is the greatest value of repetition on our part concerning the need to meditate. Do not allow any more than absolutely necessary your daily activities to encroach upon your mediation. Your daily activities may at times be of such a nature that you have to set aside temporarily your meditation. This is… this is your choice, my friends. Try to order your daily life so that [inaudible]. Each day as you continue to meditate it will seem to become easier to—again, to use your phrase—to fit your meditation [inaudible] to your [inaudible] schedule. My friends, this is due to the fact that your awareness, your, shall we say, sense of values is shifting. The realization that through your meditation all problems, questions will be answered [inaudible].

So, my friends, do not hold any recriminations toward yourself if you are unable to adhere to your meditation, but, my friends, [inaudible]. It would seem to some that this is likened to forming a habit, but not really because a habit is usually something that [inaudible] necessarily [inaudible] derived benefit from. I will now attempt to transfer this contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. Meditation, my friends, will provide you the access to the door through which you must pass to find all of the creation that is about you. This is what we are attempting to bring to those on Earth who will avail themselves to truth. We are trying to lead them to that doorway through which they must pass in order to experience all of the benefits of their creation. It is a very simple process. Avail yourself to meditation and you will surely find the doorway. It is there for all peoples throughout all of the creation, in all places at all times. It is only necessary that they attune their thinking with that of their Creator. This may be done in meditation. Seek and ye shall find it has been written. What ye shall find is more, much more, than you could ever imagine. Find it. Find it through mediation. It is there waiting. I will leave you at this time. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu.