(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with you once again, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We are surrounded by love. You are surrounded by the same love and that which flows between us makes us one. We are here, my friends, in your skies at this time to speak with those upon your planet who desire to hear our voices. We sing an anthem of praise to the Creator. We offer the rejoicing and the ecstasy of all of these portions of reality in hopes that the light we share may reflect upon you and that we may see reflected back a growing awakening of the light and the portion of reality which deals with each of you. This is a somewhat stately and slow-moving task. We have not been hasty, my friends. We have observed that which we have attempted and we have in many cases altered our methods. We have tried many new ways as time passed upon your planet and we are progressing in our program in such a way that we hope to give you the most completely efficient display of that which we have to give you and that we [inaudible].

And what do we have to give you, my friends? We have to give you most of all a door. Only a doorway. Only a suggestion. We have to give you the suggestion of another world. Another complete reality. A reality that transcends this reality, that includes this reality, that explains this reality, that will completely outlast this reality and to which reality you will repair after this brief experience upon the earth plane.

We can give you this suggestion of eternity. We can offer you our suggestions as to how to approach this doorway. We have spoken many times of meditation. This is the most efficient way of approaching this door, the desire within you to go through the door and that alone will lead you through. Meditation, my friends, creates the possibility of nearing the door.

What do we have to give you? We have to give you something that you are seeking. It is only important to those who are already aware that they do not have what they are seeking. This is our great difficulty in speaking with you. We can only speak to those who already know that there is something to speak about. To those people to whom reality within the illusion is acceptable, our words will be nothing and less than nothing. To those people who are seeking our words will find a place. Our words will become your words, my friends, as you seek. For as you seek you will find, and as you are seeking upon the same path which we have trod, our thoughts and your thoughts will become as one and we will vibrate in harmony.

What do you seek? You are already aware of the very seed of that which you seek. What are you going to do to seek it? My friends, we suggest that you look at your meditation as the seed which is growing in the rich soil of your physical existence. It will bear fruit within your existence. And the fragrance and the beauty which meditation sheds throughout the illusion will last far beyond the illusory flower, for the gifts of this fruit last forever.

Allow the seed of meditation to be endlessly nurtured within each day and, my friends, that which you need to do to bloom will come to you. The fruit which you need to supply to be of service to others will be possible for you to produce. The energy which you need to grow and flourish will be yours and when you need rest there will be time for rest for once you are committed to the gentle cycles of eternity the physical illusion very quietly falls into place.

We are most pleased to be speaking with you. We would like to transfer this contact at this time. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. I am very happy to be with you and to be able to speak with you. At this time I will ask if there are any questions.


I am reluctant to speak ahead of the time appointed. All will be well. You must work for this is a matter of free will. Do you understand?


I’m just not getting anything except a contact point. The contact is just strong. They just… they’re sending light.


You would understand this section as headquarters. We are a field organization. The activities of our united peoples are manifold and varied and we have recourse to a central organism which is somewhat like a computer but which does not become classified as an inanimate object in your system of understanding as it is at present. This computer-like entity is made of thought and is dimensionless, thus unifying that which is somewhat diverse. This means that instructions may be set in… in a more specific way than by contacts such as this one. This computer-like entity has powers within the realm of mass. We are not operating under this type of [inaudible]. We may work in time [inaudible]. We may speak flexibly [inaudible]. We have different jobs to do. There are conditions under which activities of the central organization and we in the field may merge. These conditions are very stringent.

As to why those particular people were chosen we can explain it best by telling you that we were looking for people of a specific type of vibration. These were people who have been intended for his particular experience at this particular time. The one known as Uri is an exceptional and rare person in that he is not native to this planet except for his inclination. His powers are only a small part of that which he had awareness of previous to this excursion into this density.

Andrija Puharich is a person who has worked within this planet’s influence in other incarnations. His progress through several incarnations along the path of service has been very steady. He has desired to be of service on a planetary level through several lifetimes and he will be true to this desire. For this reason we have asked that he be the keeper of this small [inaudible].

What they have seen is a result of who they are. The fact that their vibrations [inaudible] and that they are not either one able to relax and meditate is somewhat regrettable, not because of our convenience but because there is much comfort to the spirit to be found within meditation. When one is weary [inaudible] without meditation discomfort is somewhat [inaudible].

Do we have further questions?

What is the purpose of your [inaudible]?

The one who questions knows this answer. It is an advertisement. We are aware that this thought is already within your mind. An advertisement that cannot be proven but an advertisement that has increased in specificity from previous advertisements. We mentioned earlier that we [are] experimenting, trying new things, attempting to spread our message in each and every way that we can think of that does not revoke the unalterable law of free will. You are already aware of the procedure by which doubt may be maintained even though the power of the one known as Uri cannot be disproven. By the same token it cannot be identified.


We seek power. We find it in your atmosphere. We do not mine or disturb the ecology of your atmosphere but we are recharged, as it were. It may be that this landing will not occur as planned or will occur in an altered form for we are not experiencing the degree of acceptance that we had hoped. It is possible for us to accomplish our goal at a slower rate but quite nearly invisible. This may be chosen as a better path.


My friends, be of good faith. We cannot speak to you directly on this matter. Bring the wisdom that is within you and you will discover the true answer to your question.

Are there any other questions?

[No further queries.]

My brothers, as I found you so I leave you: surrounded by love, made totally one by light. I am the one known to you as Hatonn. Adonai, my friends.