(Don channeling)

I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator. It is a great privilege once more to be with you. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here at your service.

[Cat yowling loudly in background]

I am at this time again with this instrument. It is a great privilege to be with this group. I am known to you as Hatonn. I am at this time able to speak to you through this instrument. There have been some difficulties, but we are at this time able to use this instrument. We are having a little difficulty, but this will be corrected. I am aware of certain questions that are asked. I will attempt to answer these questions.

[Cat yowling again]

There are many people on your planet at this time who are in a state which we would call like unto sleep. These people are not aware of any reality. We have been listening to your discussion of means for availing to these people upon your planet truth. Truth, my friends, is very simple; however, it is much different than what you’re presently experiencing. Some small demonstrations of reality have been experienced upon your planet, however these demonstrations are of no great magnitude.

It will be necessary for an individual to be prepared to accept us before we can meet with them. This preparation and this meeting occur in different degrees and different intensities. If we are to make direct contact with an individual in a direct sense of communication, it will be necessary that he be prepared to understand what we are saying. This can be done only through meditation. However, in order for us to be seen in your skies in such a magnitude of numbers that our presence is undeniable, it will be necessary for the peoples who are so demonstrated to be led into a certain level of awareness of our presence. For this reason, it is necessary at this time that many, many more of the people remain aware of our objectives.

[Phone rings and interrupts channeling]

I am having some difficulty with this contact and will at this time try to transfer this contact to another instrument.

(Carla channeling)

I am available to speak with you through this instrument. We apologize for our continued [inaudible], but we shall continue.

This state of understanding of which you are all here is such that we cannot come among you. If we could produce this understanding within you by any means of explanation, of language, we would immediately do this. But, my friends, the understanding of which we speak is [inaudible] – that is, it is in another complete dimension of space and time, so that that which you think of as fact becomes fantasy, and that which what you see as a need to see as a [inaudible] becomes first meaningless chat. And then nothing. When all of this has occurred, then you may begin to develop a new understanding. But we cannot build this new understanding within the kingdom which you now venture.

There are gateways from one dimension to another. These gateways may be used. They may be used by those who desire to use them enough to see that desire. What we offer to you is simply our best indications as to where these gateways may occur within your consciousness. We recommend that humanity, each in your own way, has the power to find your gateway that is unique, my friends; for you are unique – there is no other you. You are as unique as every snowflake and every leaf, and yet you are all one. Together, you are one total creature which is the creation of the One.

By meditation, you may begin to find this gateway. We can call it an awareness of unity. We can call it all consciousness around you. But we are still talking in terms of the old understanding, using a language which will become dead as you begin to see that which lies through the gateway.

We are here to guide you. We are available at any time. If you desire conditioning or our contact, It is only necessary to relax and in meditation avail yourself. Within the silence we will come, my friends. You may not hear us come, for that which we’d give to you we’d prefer in many cases to give directly in the form of content rather than in [inaudible].

[One-minute pause]

This instrument lacks the confidence to channel what we have to offer. At this time, we will attempt to contact another instrument. She is reluctant to answer unspoken questions. We will therefore attempt to contact the instrument known as Don, if he will avail himself. I am Hatonn.

[Tape ends]