(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. We are sorry to have difficulty contacting this instrument. We find that this instrument’s attentions are not evenly concentrated within the meditative state and we suggest that she allow her mind to become unified within one vibration. This instrument is somewhat fatigued. However, we have been conditioning her while we have [been] speaking. We believe that we may now proceed.

That which you are speaking of is not the phenomena which you are waiting for. There is another one of a more local nature. There was a sign available for you on the night in mention which some of you saw. The general and gradual effect within the night sky will be accomplished over a period of time. And you will have no doubt of its progress because those of your technology, which you call scientists, will speak, offering explanations of the subject as its progress occurs more and more within the night sky.

It is a very difficult thing to communicate specific information. We communicated several pieces of information to you which in some cases were somewhat confused. However, there was an occurrence in the night sky upon the night we mentioned at the changing of the season. And if you will remain aware of comments from those who are called scientists, you will discover the gradual effect in the night sky of which you are searching.

Have you any other questions regarding this or on any other subject?


The question is, rather, why all do not acquire these powers. We are not being facetious. All of you have so many powers due to the fantastic amount of energy in your body, not of a physical nature, not of light nature, that you are capable of phenomena far, far greater than anything Uri Geller can do. Uri himself only vaguely remembers what he can do. I am afraid that due to the extreme isolation which marked the illusion chosen by those of your planet you can remember nothing for the most part of the birthright of your energy.

Those who, after watching Uri, are able to demonstrate a certain amount of power, are simply remembering how reality works. It is not an intellectual process. It is a direct process. It is a process of consciousness. As each tiny portion of the universe is made of light, molded and shaped by consciousness or love, consciousness directed can mold light into new forms. This is direct use of energy. This should be the norm.

In a very mild way, Uri can demonstrate what is normal to us. Those who watch him and who duplicate his demonstration have simply allowed themselves to fully remember that portion of their normal ability. Your thought is more powerful than any physical illusion. Thus it is said in your holy works that faith can move mountains. Faith is in consciousness whereas a mountain is that which consciousness has molded and can unmold at will. The strange and unusual thing is to watch man upon Earth go through a long process of analysis and technological tool-using in order to do what is a very fundamental and simple job.

Does that answer your question?


Continue in meditation. There is a long road, not long in time but in sacrifice, of that which is illusion. It is entirely within your grasp depending upon your desire to become capable of moving mountains. There is much of the illusion that must be shed. And in many cases this is too painful for the entity to accept. However, if the entity accepts those things which must be done, the entity will discover that she is a person who can move mountains.

Is there another question?


My friends, I wish to say to you tonight a word or two concerning your vulnerability. We know how easy it is to become used to anything and so cease feeling the miraculous side of it. It is possible to do that with both the positive and negative feelings. And because of the difficulty of life within the physical illusion, the ability to be invulnerable is highly prized upon your planet.

[Tape ends.]