(H channeling)


(Carla channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I greet you once again, my friends. It is my privilege and pleasure to be here for it is our greatest pleasure to serve those of you who are seeking the truth.

I would like to tell you a little story about a person who was much like each of you. His thoughts were as your thoughts, and in his, as you would say, work-a-day world he was neither perfectly good nor perfectly evil, but somewhere in the middle, attempting to do the best that he could. This man carried about his ankle a ball and chain, as you call it, a heavy weight attached with an unbreakable lock. And everywhere he went, he had to take infinite pains to make each step. This man spent… many years carrying—this instrument has made an error. We will attempt to continue. This person spent many years attached to his ball and chain. He grew accustomed to it and he thought that it was a normal situation. One day he discovered some information that interested him. It was information on how to remove that particular type of ball and chain from his ankle. He followed the instructions, not perfectly, but acceptably and the ball and chain became lighter and this caused him to become interested in the instructions. And as he practiced the instructions, his ball and chain gradually disappeared.

My friends, your physical bodies and your personal sense of self which you call ego is a ball and chain to you, making your infinite spirit to take great pains in order to move about. You, whose birthright is freedom, have to crawl about on the sides of… using mechanical conveyances when within you is freedom to be anywhere at anytime. We offer you some simple instructions on how to lighten and remove the hampering limitations of your ball and chain. This set of instructions has to do with meditation. In meditation, my friends, you are separating the sense of body and the sense of ego from the sense of consciousness. And you are freeing your consciousness to be at one with the source of love and light that is the infinite Creator. Only through meditation and its allied pursuits can you remove your own need of this ball and chain.

We do not speak unkindly of this ball and chain because it is necessary for you at this time. You have chosen, you have chosen these limitations in order that you may bring yourself face to face with lessons of the universe. You are learning lessons of love and patience and of understanding. If you are not learning them, then you will have another chance at the same lessons at a future time. And you will meet that lesson until you have learned it. There is no failing in this type of school. In this planetary school, one simply continues in the same grade until one has learned all the lessons. There is no sense of failing, there is only a sense of graduation when one had learned all of the lessons of one cycle.

Each of you is within his own cycles, and the lessons are necessary and good. But, my friends, you may speed your trip to graduation very, very much by the use of meditation. Through meditation you make contact with the infinity of understanding which lies within the consciousness of the Creator. When you come back to the limitation of your physical body and personality you are carrying with you an infinite amount of understanding which you may choose to put to use.

Therefore, we urge you to meditate, as always. We especially wished to speak upon meditation for we are aware that we are speaking to a new person. What we have to say is quite simple. No matter how many or how few times you hear us speak, you will find that we are offering that which we understand to be understanding. And the greatest tool towards bringing you freedom of understanding is meditation.

I would like to transfer this contact again. I am Hatonn.

(T channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. I will say, my friends, that lessons learned and knowledge gained during your meditation has to be applied in your daily life. This is your choice. Meditation alone will give you the awareness you need to adjust your daily activities or habits, to [gain] a finer appreciation of your own and the peoples you meet and the needs of these people. But, my friends, an active attempt at application to your daily situations is necessary, lest your conscious mind stray too far from the lessons and the awareness that you began to acquire in your meditations.

Each person that [inaudible] sets up a, shall I say, a field of action and interaction between you and yourself. We are saddened to say that in many instances upon your planet Earth, this field contains very much negativity. To learn to recognize when one is either acting or reacting in a negative way is one of the great benefits of your meditations. To know this and then to make the attempt to adjusts one’s conscious behavior to a more positive way of acting is the best possible [way] to bring all aspects, both physical and spiritual, as close to one as your present awareness will allow.

This is very difficult to do at times because upon your planet in your physical illusion the natural reaction to negativity is negativity. And this, my friends, makes participating in it only create more negativity. To counter negativity with a positive attitude tends to at least equalize the negativity if not overcome it a little.

So, my friends, do not contribute more negative thought and action to your physical illusion. Always to the degree that is possible exude positive thoughts, thoughts of love for every situation. [Inaudible]. Love consciously directed at another person or a particular situation is doubly positive, my friends, simply because not only is the love itself involved but the, shall I say, the positive thought that caused the emanation of that love for the particular situation. So the love is compounded, my friends, when you send it to your fellow peoples [inaudible].

I would like to at this time to attempt to transfer this contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(E channeling)


(Carla channeling)

I am Telonn. I have spoken through this instrument before. I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. I am privileged to speak with you. I am fairly new to speaking in groups such as yours. I have much to learn. I want to tell you that I have much to learn. I want you to know that I am as you. I am such as you. Those of us who are here from Telonn are such as you. And although the circumstances do vary within various groups of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, the truth that we are basically such as you remains the same.

We are upon a planet. We have stepped across one blockage that you have yet to achieve. But there are many steps ahead of us. We are looking back and holding out our hands so that you may step over that blockage with as much ease as you possibly can. We wish to help you. We wish to share with you what we have. But we are not infallible. We can only communicate that which we think is truth. We suggest that you take nothing for granted in what we say. We suggest that you try what we suggest and see for yourself. It should not take very long for you to discover whether you think we may have something.

We are here to express the Creator’s love and light. His consciousness, His understanding, His wisdom is love. That is all. We are not here to exact any promises or to make any demands. Only to be of service. Each choice is up to you completely.

This is what I wished to say to say to you. It has been a privilege. I will leave you. I leave you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. I am Telonn. Adonai vasu.

(H channeling)

I am Oxal. [Inaudible] in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am experiencing difficulty with this contact with…

I have desired to establish contact with this group this evening so that I may…