(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is very pleasing to see this group this evening, and to be able to speak with you. And for some whom we have not seen for a long period of time, we extend our gratitude for your presence.

These meetings, as you know, have a purpose, and that purpose is to aid you in your intellectual growth, so that your intellect may be able to keep pace with the spiritual knowledge that you gain through meditation. It is our fervent belief that the intellectual information which we share with you is of great benefit along your path. Each person must choose the path that he would wish to follow. And each person, in choosing that path, must realize that the path he has chosen shall lead to the ultimate point of interception with all other paths, the point of oneness.

Consider it, if you will, as a wheel, with an infinite number of spokes. Each spoke is an entirely different path, yet all are connected to the same center. All spokes protrude from the one center, as all paths have come from the Creator.

All paths come, and all paths go, to our Creator at all times. We of the Confederation have chosen to assist the people upon planet Earth through such means as these, for we feel that it is our most efficient means of assisting you. If we were to show physical proof of our existence, or if we were to work so-called miracles for you, then we would be proving something to you within the illusion. And, my friends, we stress that you must go beyond the illusion in which you have chosen to live at this time. Anything which appears within the illusion is that: an illusion. Though the illusion may seem to have great reality to you, and great purpose, it is nonetheless an illusion projected by your consciousness.

My friends, we wish to prove nothing. We wish only to be known; and to know us, and to know the Creator, you must transcend the illusion through the practice of meditation, and learn and know reality. Infinite reality, my friends. You shall never know all things within the intellect, yet all things, though they be infinite are known to you within your spirit. Within your spirit, you have the knowledge of all times and all experiences. Within your spirit, lies reality. And within reality there is nothing but love.

And love to you, my friends, is a concept which you have greatly misunderstood in your intellect. Yet within your spirit it is pure. It is holy and sacred and infinite. The more love which you are capable of displaying, or shall we say, the more love which you project into your present illusion, the more the illusion shall fade away, and reality appear.

Reality in itself may be an illusion, but one thing above all else can truly be known to exist. And throughout our experiences we have found only one stable aspect. That is love. It is everyone. It is around you. It is within you. It is infinite, and it is all things.

I shall transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument, and again I greet you, in the love and the light of the Creator. My friends, it is written in your holy works, that the man who gives all that he has to the poor and gives his body to be burned, if he has not love, then he is worth nothing. It is important, as you attempt to pursue the spiritual path, that you meditate continually on the nature of love. Love in action—that which is called service—is indeed the highest of all manifestations of light within your peoples. Yet service without love is worth nothing. And the person that attempts to serve without the heart within clear and full of light showing forth as love, is defeating his own purposes.

My friends, it is not easy to come to an understanding of what love is, for among your peoples love is already named by so many lesser emotions and states of mind—and none of these is love. When we say that love is all that there is, this begins to give you some idea of the scale on which we are speaking. If you can imagine the full force of the sun beating down upon you, and imagine that sun beating down equally, and totally, upon each entity, each blade of grass, moving each mote of air, and blessing the growth of each plant—this begins to tell you of the force and the impartiality of true love.

If you would love, my friends, neither sympathize nor judge. It is well known that you should not judge and each of you already attempts to do so. Encourage this in yourself, to the greatest degree. And also encourage yourself not to be what this instrument would call a “bleeding heart.” Do not sympathize. Do not become lost in emotion, for love is not emotion, and emotional service is often a “human” service, and not the service of love.

Rather, my friends, do the following, if you would love: take the entity whom you would love, and become that entity, not to sympathize nor to condemn, but to totally become that entity. Actually allow your consciousness to reside within that person. Do this carefully, quietly, completely. If you need to, imagine your body fitting the body of the other person. Make that complete an identification. And then, move this consciousness back within your body. Let the shoulders meet your shoulders, the head meet your head. Feel the union of two entities which are truly one. Love is one.

You know that is unity, yet you sympathize, and condemn, and allow your human heart to rule that which should be free-flowing, always, without let or hindrance regardless of how you as a person within the illusion feel about another person within the illusion. Know ye not that ye are ministers, each of you? Ministers of light, as are all people. Through your eyes shines the light of the Creator. If you wish to allow your inner feelings to shutter that light, then you will only show true love to a chosen few. And in doing so, you limit that love.

This is a hard lesson to learn, but true. It can be done. And we may say to you, to the extent that you are able to do this, even partially, my friends, even very partially, you will light up a great, great deal of space within the finer spheres of the planetary vibration. You have heard of the search for one honest man, or a few righteous men, so that an entire community could be spared. My friends, this is due to the fact that one source of light can illumine a great deal of darkness.

You make a great deal of difference. It may not seem so on this plane, yet it is indeed so. That which you do is all-important, not only to you but to the planetary vibration. We come back so often to meditation, and it is because the light which you are seeking to show, that light of true love, cannot come from you, but through you. Only through you, my brothers and sisters, pouring through you like the sun pours down into the tree, so that the tree may yield its fruit up, so that all may eat of its substance. The fruit of your tree is not a physical thing, for you have a high emotional and mental and spiritual ability, and that which you can offer is within these realms. But remember that you are, indeed, a tree, and that you can be pruned. And that if you allow the sunlight to develop you, all that pass may take the fruit from your boughs.

I would close through another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(B channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. Just a few more words, my friends. As I have stated earlier, if you live your existence in that of love, you all may know that by putting out, shall we say, only love, your consciousness will reach the place where all that you receive is love. Now we say, my friends, love is the strongest feeling in the whole universe. By existing in this experience, you may all, my friends, strike higher and higher. It is [inaudible]. And, my friends, if everyone existed in this dimension, what a wondrous existence it would be.

As always, it has been a great honor to share in your meditation. I will leave you now. I am Hatonn. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.