(N channeling)

…I am with this group. As always, it is an honor and a privilege to be here and speak with you through these channels. My brothers and I are always glad to have new people at the meditations. And we are thankful to enter your presence.

My friends, during the course of your daily lives you reach what we could call high and low spots or areas. Sometime you hit spots that seem to bring the truth of the Creator to your understanding, and other times you have spots that make you think that there is no hope of understanding any of what is going on around you. And you ask yourself what are the things that seem to link you with the truth, and with unity. The things that sometimes emotionally affect you, as in art, or art work, where you feel as if someone has personally given you a key to higher understanding—you recognize this as beauty, my brothers, and these little conceptual awakenings are with you as you go through your daily lives.

You go through many cycles of highs and lows, but these links, as I shall call them, are to remind you of the eternal love and truth that can be within your full understanding if you desire it to be. The desire is your decision, and you will receive exactly what you desire.

This has a great deal to do with your thinking. If you can control your thoughts, my friends, you control your destiny.

At this time, I will contact through another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I am Hatonn, and I greet you once again in love.

You see, my friends, as you go through your daily lives, and as you are seeking the correct path for yourself, as you bend your attention to your perceptions of beauty and of ugliness, it is sometimes very helpful to remember that although you are within a physical illusion at this time, and although you are within many higher and finer illusions beyond that, yet also within you ultimately there is only one reality, and if you can observe from the point of view of this reality, your perceptions will be greatly enhanced within the illusion.

As you consider your own actions, you may well ask whether you are attached to that which is physical, or attached to that which is mental, or attached to that which is supposedly of a higher nature. We have been aware of your conversation, and we wish to say to you: to be attached, and to be detached, is to be within the illusion. You cannot be full or empty of concept without remaining within the illusion. To fill your consciousness with reality is far, far more desirable for spiritual advancement that to empty your consciousness of the illusion. Emptiness is not any special virtue. If you do not care about one thing or another within the illusion, yet still you are not full of the joy of the Creator, then you have nothing yet, no matter how detached you may be, or how attached you may be to higher things.

So seek, my friends. Seek always to fill your consciousness with that which can only be heard in silence.

The voice of the Creator: it is a still, small voice, as it has been written in your holy works; yet it is thunder, and has the power to change and transform your entire experience. Your true nature—your truest nature, my friends—cannot be expressed. It can only be felt. And when you feel it, you will become a channel in your own way, to give that light and that love that is your true essence to all those with whom you come in contact.

I would at this time transfer this contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument and once again I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator.

No matter what we say to anyone who would listen, we wish you to realize that you receive through these instruments our thoughts. These are our perceptions of the universe which we share. Much of our information we have derived from our experience, and we wish only to share with you these simple concepts.

Yet we ask that you understand that we are communicating from a level of existence which is quite different from that which you presently occupy, and upon our level of existence, understanding and knowledge are concepts which you within your present existence cannot fathom with the intellect. My friends, we must communicate to you through the use of your intellect, yet what we have to say is beyond its grasp. The true meaning of what we speak can only be found in your periods of silent meditation. It is of great importance to you to practice daily that art of meditation. Whether it be for seconds, or minutes, or hours, once each day, it is to your benefit to allow the intellect to still itself, and consciously seek within the quietness of your being the guidance of your Father, the Creator.

Above all things, this should be the desire within all of the beings of this universe: to communicate with the Creator, and to listen to the Father in silence. You upon planet Earth are presently experiencing great changes, within your social and ecological structures. You upon planet Earth are also experiencing great changes within your inner being, within your spirit. For the day has come that those upon your planet who are desirous of knowledge shall receive that which they desire. And those who desire to reject, or are blind to the presence of this knowledge, shall again experience this type of existence, until they are desirous of the knowledge, and aware of its presence.

You upon planet Earth, above all else, are spiritual beings. Though you cannot see your spiritual being, you can sense the presence of your being, and know that you are truly not as you physically appear to others. You are within your physical being. You lie within the silence. You lie within the Creator. And in order to truly understand yourself and your environment, it is necessary to practice communicating, shall we say, with your Creator. So basically what we stress above all else is the practice of meditation. This is our message. There are many things which we can say. There are even many things which we could do. Yet, my friends, unless you find for yourselves the answers, you shall be cheated, we might say. For you are responsible for your own development, and you are appreciative of your own initiative. And if you do not desire, you shall not receive.

You, my friends, are the master and the creator of your experience. And you only can decide in which area or which direction you shall go to find that which you are searching for. And, my friends, you are searching for knowledge, enlightenment, wisdom, and above all else, the thing of which these are ingredients: you seek love. This is your purpose: to seek, to know, to experience love. My friends, in all truth, there is nothing in this universe that is not love. All things have been designed to assist you in realizing the truth of the concept of love, and the truth of its omnipresence in your experience. Know in yourself love, and experience this love. It is your birthright. And if it is your desire to experience this, in due time, as all desires, it shall be experienced.

My friends, consider, if you will, that you above all else are important to the development of the entire universe. You are the center of your experience. And your development shall affect that which surrounds you. If you wish to live within harmony, then you shall, through one process or another, shall bring this about. You must dwell within the love and within the light, and listen to the guidance of the infinite Creator.

It is my desire to once again transfer this contact. I am Hatonn,

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I will close briefly through this channel.

To seek this love, my brothers, we ask you again and again to meditate. Please know the central importance within your own spiritual growth of this centering of your consciousness. In your own way, and in your own time, your consciousness, through your own application of meditation, will begin to be centered on love. And yet we, in this application, do not say “love”; we say that you will seek the Creator. For it has been so throughout the ages that it is necessary to personalize the concept of the all-love, or the all-light, so that you may truly seek with your whole heart that which is love. It is for this purpose that the one known to you as Jesus the Christ came among your people. He came among your peoples to personify, yet another time, love.

When you seek in meditation, do not content yourself with seeking something which you call love, or light. Seek the sweet voice of the person of love. If it be not Jesus in your mind, let it be who it will be—a perfect, loving, compassionate being who cares eternally and totally about you. Give your love, and open yourself to an exceptionally pure and personal feeling of love. Do not be contented until you feel the presence of this personification of love, until this presence is so close that if you turned around, you could see it next to you.

Love is real, and within the physical you must begin to perceive it as real. Feel it, hear it, absorb it. Then, my friends, give it all away, for love is not love until you have shared it. That which you take in and do not give away will rapidly become sour. Love is a flowing and ongoing stream. Let it flow through you. In meditation, my friends, try to meet the Creator. Feel His breath on your cheek, His hand on your shoulder. Sense His loving, compassionate gaze. Know the fullness of total love. Do not be content with any less, for with any less, you will not be able to share this love with others.

We offer to you our love, and our light, and our service. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to speak with you. We leave you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.