(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We have been listening in great joy to the song and the vibrations of this group and it is a great privilege and an honor to join your group this evening. We of Hatonn have a simple mission and a simple service which we gladly offer to your group and that is sharing of the love, the vibration of love of the infinite Creator, with each of those who seek our service. We are old, shall we say in the way of the vibrations of love and in the speaking to groups such as this one.

Long have we sought to share our simple message with those people of your planet who call for our service. Many are there upon the surface of your planet who seek the experience of love. It is the lesson of your density which has escaped, shall we say, the notice of many of the students upon your planet, though everywhere is this lesson of love taught. You cannot walk your streets; you cannot recline in any seat; you cannot climb any mountain; you cannot experience any event upon your planet that does not contain within it one facet of the lesson of love, yet, so many upon your planet do not seem to be aware that it is this lesson they have chosen to learn at this time in your density.

Many seek other lessons, other goals. Many seek the ways of the world which seem to grant those rewards which are honored by most of your people. We speak of the positions of power, the positions of social eminence, the rewards of your monetary system, the recognition of your fellow beings for achievements of one kind or another. We do not say that these seekings are irrelevant, for each contain within the core of their being the lesson of love. We do suggest that when one seeks only the outer trappings, such as we have spoken of, that one might find the lesson learned somewhat hollow, and after due consideration, somewhat disappointing.

But this, my friends, is also an important lesson, for it points the seeker in yet another direction, for deep within the being of each of the entities upon your planet is the knowledge of why they are here, is the knowledge of their great desire to learn the lesson of love, and each seeker in time will turn in the direction of conscious seeking of love. How long it will take for many upon your planet, we cannot say, but always do we offer ourselves in whatever capacity we are asked to teach this lesson of love.

And what, my friends, is love? Many upon your planet have sought the answer to this question for years and for lifetimes. Poets have written volumes concerning the nature of love. My friends, we do not say that we can answer this riddle but we do say that we have traveled perhaps somewhat further down this trail than have most upon your planet, and we offer our meager understandings of love to your peoples when asked. Love, as we experience this vibration which is our density, is that unconditional acceptance by the infinite Creator of all that is [is].

My friends, this may seem a simple statement, but upon reflection we would suggest that you might find within it yet more mysteries, for Who is the Creator and what is the Creation? Many upon your planet have pondered these questions also for many years and lifetimes, seemingly without end. We of Hatonn are learning the lesson of love and it has taught us that there is nothing but the Creator. Each of you gathered this evening in this group are the Creator. Each of you are expressions of the original Thought of the one infinite Creator. Each of you have, as your foundation, the one infinite Creator and within your being you may discover your connection to each other being upon your planet, to each facet of your existence within this density, and to all parts of the creation throughout the universe.

We know this sounds to many like a much too simple description of the nature of love and to others sounds much too abstract. This is the nature of any search of any seeker, for the one infinite Creator begins and ends in mystery and each seeker on his path back to the Creator will experience the reality of love in an unique pattern. Each is a unique expression of the Creator and each shall ponder the mysteries of love of the creation and of one’s own being and from this pondering you will find your own solutions to the mystery, and though your solutions may seem at odds with those of others, yet are they all the same, for all lead eventually to the unity, the oneness of the Creator.

For, my friends, you shall upon your journey into the depths of your own being discover for yourself which words of wisdom and of love ring true for you. This is the nature of the quest. This is the nature of your own being. This is the nature of love.

At this time we would pause so that our brother of Laitos might pass among you and to each who requests the service of our brother Laitos will be given an experience of a conditioning vibration of the Confederation. This is to help deepen your meditative state and to help relax your mind and your body. We would pause at this time so that our brother of Laitos might pass among you. I am Hatonn.


(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am now with this instrument. I greet you once again in the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

My brother of Laitos thanks each of you for the privilege of working with you and will be conditioning the one known as C as we speak through this instrument in a gentle manner. We shall continue through this instrument.

What, my friends, can you do to most efficiently seek for the nature of yourself, of the creation, or of love? Where can you go? What activity can you perform that will enable you to find those things that do ring true in the depths of your being? As you listen to the world about you and experience its distractions it is clear that the world in which you now live, the outer world with its jangling vibrations and its disturbed feelings, thoughts and activities, is not a place conducive to efficient seeking. My friends, there is one sanctuary which no man can bar you from, beside which no fence can be built. This is the sanctuary of your own inner self. This is the true tabernacle for there none may pass, none may distract, none may say you nay, nor discredit you in any way.

It is often among your peoples that as you begin to seek you wish to share your thoughts and your feelings, your amazement at the mysteries of the unknown. And you find in the reactions of those to whom you speak little or no support for understanding, no answers, but only the confused reaction of one who does not wish to be removed from the illusion in which he has placed himself. But each of you, my friends, has the capacity to seek within, in the sanctuary of your own silence, for within you lies a great knowing of great understanding, a great peace and a path that can guide you step-by-step through what seems to the outer eye to be more or less chaotic. To the inner eye there is a purpose, there is a learning, there is a blessedness about every circumstance that may befall you. None can take this capacity from you, nor discourage you from seeking it. You have only to meditate, to listen in silence and awaken with the echo of the still, small voice. You may hear nothing and yet, at the point at which you need to choose the way in which you must go, that love which you have sought will speak to you in the silence and your choice will be made simple.

For love—and by this we do not mean the love so confused by your peoples—is the great simplifier. As you seek, so you will find. The teacher known to you as Jesus was quoted in your holy works as saying, “My house shall be a house of prayer.” Houses, my friends, can be shaken, blown and scattered. The winds of chance, the storms of happenstance may remove you from all those things which are now physically yours in this illusion. The one house which is yours, through whose lintels you may always pass, is the house of your own physical body, your mind and your spirit. Let, then, your house be habitually one in which there is meditation, silence and listening, for love waits within. The creation, of which love is the great ingredient, waits within.

As always, we ask that you listen to our words, not as if we were wise, for we are not, not as if we are perfect, for we are not, but as if we were your brothers and sisters, for this we are. We reach out our hands to you in love and in a desire to serve by offering this simple message. We would close through the one known as C. I am Hatonn.

(C channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am with this instrument. Our simple message tonight is one that though [it] seems simple to us, we know that you in your world have great difficulty understanding. We can only, through our simple messages, hope that you shall continue to seek love and to live in such a way that you continue to grow and seek the love that is with you and surrounds you in all of your moments within this existence.

We of Hatonn are privileged to speak our humble words of love to such groups as this one, who seek and will listen. We will leave you now in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai, my friends.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We were conditioning the one known as L, but we found that this instrument was somewhat distracted and so we shall use this instrument this evening with fond thanks to the one known as L.

If there are any questions at this time we would be positively thrilled to answer them. Please ask any questions that you may have at this time and we will do our poor best at framing some kind of answer.

Latwii, I have a question to ask about channeling. When Hatonn transferred to me tonight—I’m still new at this—as I was channeling I could feel a change in the vibration I was receiving. Do the members of the Confederation, when they are conditioning or channeling to an instrument, are they in a constant process of adjustment to ease the—to relax the instrument more or to find a more comfortable level? Do they just constantly, without pausing, or what was going on tonight?

I am Latwii. As you will notice, my brother, from the variations in the strength of the voice level which is proceeding from this instrument’s vocal apparatus, we do indeed attempt constantly to adjust to an instrument’s particular vibrations so that we may convey those thoughts which we have to offer without unduly causing discomfort of any kind due to the minor amount of control necessary for this type of contact.

There is an additional factor which is the constantly varying flow of energy in the group. As the group becomes more or less unified as one member perhaps becomes weary and somewhat less unified with the group, then returns to unification with the group, the energy of the group will be in flux and this energy is working with the instrument much like a battery. Consequently, you will from time to time feel an energy change. Since you do not have an ammeter, you cannot see this, however, this does occur.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you.

We thank you also. Is there another question at this time?

I have a question, Latwii. I seem to be on the verge of a recurrent growth cycle, initiating again, and I realize that you’re forbidden to give specific information, however, if there are areas that you would suggest for my attention or for meditation, I would appreciate any advice you could offer.

I am Latwii. My brother, we appreciate your understanding of our complete compliance with the requirements of the Law of Free Will. We cannot speak in any specific areas which may cause changes in your future, for to do so would be a negative influence, may we say, upon your own growth. We would not have you depend upon a brother or a sister when you have yourself to depend upon, for you yourself are the greatest and strongest of your allies. There are many portions of yourself upon which you may call for aid. When you feel disheartened by your own growth cycles, we might suggest that you make use of these portions of yourself, which at this time might aid you, for there are portions of yourself which are not a part of these cycles and yet which are completely one with you and are you in your own unique vibratory configuration. Some have called this the higher self. There are other entities or guides which are with you and await your requests in order to serve as those who may support your requests for peace of mind and for confidence.

We may further suggest that you consider that the creation of the Father is one in which there is an infinite process of growth, and that this growth cannot be halted because one has become comfortable but must then go further into that which may be unknown. The conscious self may consider explorations of the self at a certain point as being disheartening, yet these uncertainties and discomforts of the mind and spirit are a necessary part of a growth pattern.

Finally, we might suggest that it is unwise to take one’s spiritual temperature. The thermometer you are using is not accurate. You are a part of the Creator, whatever may seem to be your manifestation at this time. You must realize and ponder your basic nature and when you have come to some conclusion about this nature, you must than seek to see this nature as your true self and the behavior and manifestation as an ongoing experience in an illusion. One is real, one is a dream.

May we answer you further, my brother?

You’ve given me much to grow with. I have one other question concerning some specific detail of what you have just given me. In reference to supportive entities, at one time in the past a reference was made to other entities that I shall not name. Are these the same entities or some of the same entities?

I am Latwii. We scan this information and find that these entities are not connected with you personally, but are connected with geographical locations. The entities of which we speak have been termed by your peoples guardian angels or guides. They need have no particular introduction, however, if you seek within the reaches of your mind, you may find some feelings—we shall not say advice—coming to you which you may identify as being not a portion of your own intuition, but that of a supportive influence. It is almost as though within your own confluence of energy there lies a parental or mothering and fathering influence …

[Side one of tape ends.]

…listen to that which seems supportive, even if biased, and take the comfort that is intended by this energetic influence.

May we answer you further?

No, and I thank you for [inaudible].

As always, we thank you, for without the questions we would not have the opportunity to share our thoughts with you. Is there another question at this time?

Yes, Latwii. Ra describes this planet as going into fourth density, and there will be a subsequent harvest as third-density entities cannot stand the light. Going into fourth density as a planet, will all spiritual entities be fourth density and above, and I ask this question in relation to the second and first-density life forms.

I am Latwii. You must realize that the one known as Ra has a density on us and therefore, has got straighter poop, 1 however, we will attempt to share with you our own understanding, limited as it might be.

Each density is the density—a true color, as we see in your mind this terminology describes. Thus, first density will have the true color of red. The fourth density is one in which the beings of fourth density will have true color green core vibration. The environment which supports them, then, will also be a true color green. However, within this true color green density there will be the overlay of first-density red, second-density orange, and so forth, for there is no awareness beyond the appropriate density of the creatures of that density.

Thus, you have the basic vibratory patterns of fourth density enabling fourth-density creatures to experience incarnation. However, the second-density creatures, for instance the animals and the plant life, will have the characteristics of animals and of plant life without the enhancement of fourth density, just as in third density, as you have experienced, although there is true color yellow at the core of this density, still first and second-density creatures have the experiences and the overlay of colors of their densities.

May we answer you further, my brother?

So as Earth goes into fourth density, or green, the actual mineral expression which is normally first density—is the spiritual entity of the planet, being mineral essentially, first density or fourth? Or do they co-exist?

I am Latwii. Not only do they co-exist, but you have first, second, and fourth; the third density, at some point in your future, will cease being active. However, in the long run you have each density occurring concurrently, so that the planetary sphere has first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh. This is the mature planetary system of bodies. One is not discarded when another is activated; each functions concurrently with the others.

This is a difficult subject, for the mind perhaps is attempting to rationalize whether the second-density tree at third density is the same second-density tree in fourth density. Yes, my brother, it is the same tree, but in the fourth density of vibration it will [have] slightly different characteristics and will be able to have a more conscious relationship with the fourth-density being, for instance, being able to communicate the simple second-density feelings to the fourth-density entity. It remains the same tree, but as each density observes it, it grows in its ability to be understood in its essence.

May we answer you further?

Just one quick one. Okay. The tree. The second-density spiritual still would be fourth-density physical after the transition. Is that correct?

I am Ra. For a time it will be second density, overlaid third density and fourth density. May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

We thank you. May we ask if there may be another question at this time?

When a planet is fourth density, it will no longer support third density forever, or just for a temporary period?

I am Ra … We correct this instrument. We are attempting to retrieve this instrument from a trance state. Please have patience.

I am Latwii. We have this instrument. This instrument was going into a trance state due to the subject matter. We are now with this instrument. We will continue talking complete nonsense through this instrument for a moment, if you will have patience, so that we can gain good control of this instrument.

Is there any way we can assist?

We are achieving good control. Thank you for your offer. I am Latwii. Sometimes, my friends, we are less than careful with our contact with this instrument.

Now, to the question that was asked. The third density may be likened to a kind of body; the fourth density, a denser type of body. In fourth density there is a type of experience which goes with this type of body. This experience is new to this body and the body, like that of any child, must mature and grow. If the fourth density were visible to third density, the processes of third density would be those with whom it would greatly interfere, for in third density there are choices to be made and lessons to be learned, and if fourth-density positive or negative were visible to third density, the entire process of choice would be abrogated.

Consequently, while the fourth density of planetary complex is young, third density remains unactivated. This is normally so only for a limited amount of time, until fourth-density entities become able, through the process of maturing and forming the social memory complex, of removing their density from the view of third density. When this is possible without strain, third-density experience may once again become available for those who are graduating, shall we say, from second density.

May we answer you further?

Do the non-harvested third-density individuals remain in a state of limbo, if you will, or are they allowed to recycle on another third-density planet while this one is not proper for them?

I am Latwii. As this instrument would say, “What mean we, white man?” There is no particular virtue, as far as we know, in the concept of limbo, for the entity does not stop experiencing. If any entity does not find itself in the graduating class and therefore finds itself ready to repeat third density, it will, in good time, as one might say, be taken to another sphere where third-density experience is beginning its cycle.

The use of limbo might profitably be discussed, if you will allow us a moment. This concept is profitable if you consider it to be a form of healing. This indeed occurs upon the cessation of your physical vehicle at the end of your brief experience here in this illusion. There are, at times, healings which must take place before the entity can review its lifetime, as you would call it, and therefore make some judgment as to what it might need to do with its next opportunity for experience. These hearings could be called a Limbo, for they are periods of rest, but indeed they are not only rest, but also a readying for further experience.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

We thank you, and may we thank this group for supporting this instrument. We were afraid that we had lost her to trance which would have been most inconvenient for all concerned.

Is there another question at this time?

Yes, what color are you all experiencing tonight?

We are experiencing the red-violet color. This is a combination, a hue which we are examining. It is the shell of your planetary sphere and we are at work at this time attempting to assess the strength and purity of this shell.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you.

Is there another question at this time?

Yes. At the conclusion of Ra sessions there are some procedures undertaken for the benefit of the instrument. Due to the brief Ra contact here, is any of it advisable?

I am Latwii. We would ask that the instrument’s name be mentioned before a light is turned on, however, it is our judgment that this instrument is with us, as you would say. We thank you for your concern, of course.

Is there another question?


I am Latwii. Please pardon us for yelling at you for the duration of this contact, but it was our method of retrieving this instrument to full consciousness and we have found it useful. Can we say to you that we greatly appreciate our turn at sharing some thoughts with you and feeling the sharing of love and light which each of you offers to the Creator. We join you in that happy state of unity with the Creator at this time. I leave you, my friends, in this love and this light. I am one of those known to you as Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu.

  1. Not a reference to Ra’s digestive health. The idiom “straight poop” can mean “the plain facts, the unadulterated truth; no lie.”