(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. It is a great honor for us to join your group this evening. We especially greet those who are new to this group and add a special greeting to those who have joined our group once again after a long absence. We of Hatonn are members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We have the honor and the privilege of addressing groups such as this one, those of your people who seek our service. It has been said in your holy works that as one seeks so shall one find. It is our honor and in joy we perform this honor to acquaint groups such as this one with our vibration of love.

We of Hatonn long have sought the love of the infinite Creator. We are no different than any of your people except, perhaps, we have journeyed that path of seeking love a little longer than have most of the entities upon you planet. Because we have so journeyed, our seeking also has been rewarded. We of Hatonn have been blessed by the Creator that is within us all with a small understanding of the love of the one infinite Creator. Because it is this love that we are learning, it is also our honor and our duty to teach this love to those who seek this learning. Only because we are students of the vibration of love may we also serve as teachers to others who seek this knowledge.

Long have we spent in the study and the teaching of love. Many of your peoples have heard our words. It has been our privilege to speak through the years to many groups such as this one. We have always felt the greatest of joys in this effort, but we also have other feelings, shall we say, for many of your peoples do not know of the love of the Creator. Many of your peoples are not aware that this density, this illusion which they inhabit and go about their daily existences within, is an illusion. Many do not know the lesson of this illusion is the recognition and experience of love. Many seek many other lessons. Many seek the rewards that your world has to offer. Many seek the positions of power, large or small, the rewards of money, large or small, the recognition of peers, large or small. Many seek in many directions, many goals. Few find that which truly fulfills their thirst, for though few among your people know what it is they seek, it is almost true without exception that each knows it seeks something. The power of the desire of the seeking cannot forever be denied; thus, the seeking goes on within each in many ways.

We of Hatonn feel the great calling of your people. We feel their sorrow. We feel their pain. We feel their frustration. We feel their desire, for we are your brothers and sisters. We are as one being and any feeling that any entity feels we feel as well, for we are as one. It is because we feel the calling of your peoples that we have come in the capacities which are open to us that do not infringe upon any entity’s free will, for though each, in some way, consciously or subconsciously, seeks love, there may not be an infringement of any entity’s free will by offering the knowledge of love without a calling for that knowledge.

Many we are able to serve in their dreams, by inspirations and intuitions, for within their minds in the manner in which they believe, this is the only method which they will accept. We come however we may. We serve wherever it is possible, but never may we infringe upon any entity’s path back to the Creator, for we cannot learn lessons for an entity. That would be robbing the entity of experience and upon your planet and within this illusion all experience has one purpose; that is, to teach.

All experience teaches in some way the knowledge of love, the love of the one infinite Creator. Thusly, we of Hatonn respond to the callings that are made and respond in the manner in which is allowed. We have, in our own way, served long upon your planet and shall continue this service for as long as the calling exists, for we learn as we teach. You, my brothers and sisters, are teachers to us as well. We learn from you how to serve the Creator better and better, with more love and compassion and understanding and we thank you for allowing us to serve in this way. For, my friends, there is nothing but service—for there is nothing but the Creator. It has been truly said that all is one.

We would pause at this time so that our brothers and sisters of Laitos might pass among your group and give each who request it the conditioning vibration of the Confederation, the purpose being to deepen the meditative state. We shall pause at this time as our brothers and sisters of Laitos pass among you. I am Hatonn.


I am Hatonn, and am once again with this instrument and greet you all once again in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. At this time we shall transfer this contact to the one known as C so that, as a new instrument, we might speak a few words through his channel and exercise his ability to receive our thoughts. If he would relax and refrain from analysis we shall transfer this contact at this time. I am Hatonn.

(C channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am with this instrument. It is always a pleasure to speak to groups such as these, for there are far too few. We of Hatonn will always answer any of those who call. We bring, as always, a simple message, a message of love, love that is within and surrounds each and every thing. We are privileged that we may work with this group and thank each of those who have gathered to hear our humble words.

We will transfer now to the entity known as L. We are known to you as Hatonn.

(L channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you once again in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is said, my friends, that one must go blindly into the darkness to discover the significance of light. There is some truth to this statement, yet as analogy it has lost something in the translation, for although blindness and darkness are not necessary to ascertain the significance of light, they are beneficial tools toward that end. It would be more correct to say that once one has gone blindly through darkness, the value of light is more readily perceived.

In your lives, my friends, there is a borderline across which the majority of your people meander with little cognizance of its significance. That borderline signifies the division between awareness and non-awareness; between light and its absence, darkness. My friends, all illusions require a source of energy for their maintenance and such is also true of your own illusion, for in your world the illusion produced through the manipulation of the light energy can exist only with the presence of that power source. If we may examine, therefore, the consequences of a dominance of either polarity on your planet, that is, a totality of light or a total absence of light, we discover that in both instances, in the pursuit by the individual of either polarity until it is maximized within the individual, the illusion begins to disappear, for within darkness there is no light energy to maintain the illusion, yet within total lightness the illusion, as in a projector, can no longer be focused. The light penetrates and overwhelms the illusion until only that which is real stands in evidence.

My brothers, it is difficult for those minds which have been trained in terms of right or wrong, good or bad, to look with love and appreciation upon the efforts of those who struggle in efforts contrary to one’s own, yet it is important to remember that even those who strive toward darkness, the absence of light, shall in their striving overcome the illusion. We of Hatonn would encourage you, my brothers, to increase the amount of light in your lives, for such is our path. And such is the tool which has benefited us so well, yet we would hasten to remind you that in doing so, in seeing beyond the illusion, you must learn also to see the value of your brother’s struggle and appreciate your brother as one struggling for spiritual nourishment even though his path may not be your own. It is a blessing to follow either path, for no matter what the path, the blessing exists in the seeking and in seeking one will always find.

We, therefore, would encourage our brothers of this planet to perceive the advice of one of their own: to love the God-ness of the universe with their entirety, to make it an expression of their lives and themselves, and to love their brothers and sisters, to love their brothers and sisters with that same intensity.

At this time we would like to allow questions to be asked through this instrument. I am Hatonn.

Hatonn, when can I see your craft?

I am Hatonn. My brother, we find ourselves tempted to follow the example of our sister, Latwii, and perform what she refers to as a joke, in that the term “craft” is ambiguous. In one sense, it is our craft we are describing to you this evening, for is not our handiwork our craft?

However, my brother, to answer you more seriously, you yourself are all that stands between your eyes and the perception of our vehicle, for it is not visible to one within your density. When your attainment of higher densities occurs, so also will your visual experience, although we doubt it will be significant to you.

May we answer you further?


I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. Is there another whose question may be answered?

Yes. Back in the mid-sixties there were the so-called Ohio Valley sightings in which a great number of people, a great many places and times had sightings. Were these Confederation sightings or Orion sightings?

I am Hatonn. I am aware of your question. My brother, a majority of those sightings of actual vehicles were not of the Confederation, but rather of those who would seek to cause an imbalance resulting from fear and confusion. However, my brother, you must also remember that the power of Creation resides within the individual and, being aware of this, understand that a number of the sightings were generated by those who sighted the thought forms which appeared as vehicles.

May we answer you further?

No—well, yes. You’re saying the people that saw a number of these sightings were creating the thought forms rather than other entities—aliens—creating these thought forms?

I am Hatonn. That is correct. There resides within the individual the ability to create shared perceptions, for as you well know, my brother, your existence is within a world of illusion and who but yourselves create the illusion? It is possible for others to add to your illusion, but as this instrument might choose to say, the flour in the cake is your own.

May we answer you further?


Is there another question?


I am Hatonn. Although the beauty of the music caused by the night creatures of your world is pleasant to us, we would feel remiss in our duties should we remain for that reason. Therefore, my brothers, we bid you adieu.