(L channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are happy to join this group, as much because of the opportunity to serve as the obvious joy and love in which we have gathered. It is, therefore, our pleasure not only to serve, but to share, and for this we thank you.

Tonight we would like to present to you a small story concerning a young child in a wilderness. The child, as the story goes, found himself abandoned in a wilderness in which the very milieu within which he found himself was antagonistic toward his own growth and survival, but being a child he was not aware of the circumstances surrounding him, for a child is much more aware of those circumstances which he wishes to see and to encounter and this being the actuality of his perceptions, he was unaffected by his surroundings and quite happily and successfully grew and learned in his hostile environment.

My brothers and sisters, the child is yourself, for is it not true that as a child you came to the life you now experience, a life, an illusion that is unquestionably hostile to your own spiritual growth and progression, for your illusion entitles you to a multitude of distractions and setbacks designed primarily to prevent your growth. My brothers, we encourage you to see through your illusion. You have within you the power of creation. Make use of your power. Create the garden that you so fervently desire to return to, for the only return to Eden that you will experience, my brothers, is a return through the development of your innate abilities to transform disorder and chaos into balance and beauty, and, as the child in the story, by seeing in your world and in your brothers and sisters only that which you wish to see, only beauty, only love.

In this manner, my brothers, will you grow and prosper and return to your Eden. It is very difficult we know, to receive what often seems vague, esoteric advice and attempt to incorporate it into the daily distractions of your illusion, for your hostile environment requires your active participation to insure the maintenance of your physical vehicles within the illusion. This in as it should be in that your education requires the development of your ability to simultaneously experience the illusion, playing by its rules, so to speak, yet also rising above the illusion and perceiving it as such. In your schools it is often required that you perform the mathematics necessary to sustain and resolve an illusory problem, referring to the mysterious appearance and disappearances of numbers of apples and oranges. In a like manner, the illusion in which you live has problems that require resolution, but not, my brothers, immersion.

Therefore, we encourage you to see beyond your daily apples and oranges, to view them as only problems to be resolved that you might hone your skills in dealing with illusory problems and identifying them as such, for in exerting your will in choosing to be conscious of the illusion as it exists and not immersed in it comes the awareness necessary for perception of that which actually is real within the universe. There is a reality in the realization that all is all, that one is all, that all is one. In your daily acts of service you achieve steps in redressing the imbalance between your race’s perception of the illusion and the reality. In redressing this imbalance you serve not only yourself but bring more of the universe one step closer to their eventual progression to higher levels of consciousness and education.

At this time we would like to exercise another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument and am pleased to be speaking through this instrument. We would continue, my friends, greeting you once again in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator.

My friends, we speak to you this evening not of meditation, for this is not an introductory group. We speak to you of the fruits of that meditation. Those fruits are the manifestations and expressions of love. You would call that service. To be of service to those about you is a far more subtle thing than it would seem. Many there are among your peoples at this time that may be likened unto weeds. Those things which they offer may appear to be pretty, but they take the place of good growing things and give back neither fruit nor scent nor true beauty. Many there are among your peoples who, in attempting to serve, judge harshly their fellow creatures. We have seen many times those who truly wish to serve speak again and again believing that they are aiding their fellow beings and all the while judging, limiting and divorcing themselves from their fellow beings. Many of your so-called religions operate in this manner. We find it unfortunate, for there is a true service that, like the rose, not only blooms but has a sweet scent and when cut, wishes only to serve by growing again.

It is, as we have said, often difficult to feel as though the radiance of the Creator bloomed within you, for your illusion is powerful and its traps are intentionally dangerous. But it is not so difficult as you might think to remain, in many cases, conscious of the radiance and the beauty of that love which you channel.

We have only one thought to offer you before we leave this instrument. We ask that you recall the cheerfulness, the joy, which you may experience in good company. My friends, all creatures are good company for all are the Creator. On some the illusion may hang heavy and, like an Halloween mask, protect them from your sight so that you may think some of your brothers and sisters to be those with whom we could not be cheerful, could not be joyful, could not, in fact, share love. The essence of service, my friends, is an effortless cheerfulness, a lack of judgment, and a willingness to serve as others would have you serve them. Sometimes, my friends, this may mean you cannot serve them. Accept this with cheerfulness and let this very cheer be the service you offer to those who are not yet ready to seek whatever joy you may have, whatever gifts you may share.

At this time, my brother of Laitos will join us and we would move among you so that each in the group might experience our conditioning and contact. We will attempt to moderate our contact with the one known as R, as we discern that there has been some slight discomfort in the past due to this instrument’s sensitivity.

We leave this instrument at this time in the love and light of the infinite Creator. We shall resume after this pause through another instrument with his kind permission. I am known to you as Hatonn.

(C channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am with this instrument. We have been attempting to contact this instrument for a free chance for him to exercise, for he needed a bit of experience for it has been a while since his last attempt. We of Hatonn speak always of love and wish that each of your peoples could or would open themselves so that they may experience beauty that is around them and that as they serve they shall become more aware of love, for with service to your fellow beings you slowly, but steadily, grow yourselves and increasingly bask more so in the love around and in yourselves.

We of the Confederation wish always to serve each of you in your process of growth toward a greater awareness of the infinite Creator. We will at any time be with any who wish our aid, for as we said, we seek to serve, for through service we may grow and as it is for us, so is it for you people. To serve is to grow. To serve is a great privilege and to serve is an honor, for through this service each grows.

We are known to you as Hatonn, and will at this time transfer this contact to another instrument for the purpose and privilege of answering any questions you might have, for through answering your questions we also gain greater understanding and deem it a great teaching aid, not only for you in your quest, but also for us. We transfer now. We are known to you as Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am with this instrument and we greet you once again in love and light. We offer ourselves at this time for the purpose of answering questions which might be of aid to those who quest. Are there any questions at this time?

Yes. As I was channeling—toward the end—once again I felt myself drifting, looking for the words, the concepts, looking to complete those words which I’d begun. Is there some way that I can keep myself more within myself and channel? I tried to do some things that were suggested tonight. I had my hands crossed and one leg crossed over the other two to keep the energy field closed. Is there anything else that I can do to keep more control for myself?

I am Hatonn. My brother, in this case we feel we might best answer you by suggesting that it is simply a matter of increased practice that will be of most service at this stage of your channeling experience, for as you continue in your contact with our vibration, you have noticed that you look for the next phrase or thought or concept to complete the one begun. It is the free and clear opening of the self to our contact and not the seeking through the mind that allows our concepts to be transmitted through your instrument.

Therefore, we would suggest that in order to gain confidence and to open yourself more fully to our contact it is simply a matter of practice, so that you will learn by your own experience that you need not look for the next concept or word but need merely to open yourself and allow these to be transmitted through your instrument. We feel you have made great progress in this regard and we would reassure you that it is simply a matter of practice.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, not at this time. Thank you.

As always, we thank you. Is there another question at this time?

I have a question which may not be proper, but I was wondering if you had any comment concerning …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am once again with this instrument. The advanced course in tape changing has just been completed. To answer you, my sister, most fully, we would say that we were quite pleased with our contact with you this evening. The precautions that you have taken to remain within your physical vehicle have worked, in our estimation, quite well and we commend the effort that is being made in this regard.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No. I just want to thank you for the judgment from your end. I felt that way too. I’m really pleased that I can continue to be of service. Thank you.

I am Hatonn. We thank you and look forward, as always, to future contacts through your channel. May we answer another question at this time?

Yes. You mentioned earlier that the distractions within this illusion that get in our way of radiating this love, these distractions are put here purposely and they’re designed for the purpose of distraction. Can you explain that more fully, please?

I am Hatonn. My brother, we would say that it is well known to many upon your planet that each of the entities now incarnate on this planet have, before incarnation, taken part in designing at some level the experience which they encounter within their incarnation. In most cases it is what is called the higher self which designs the program that will be pursued and the lessons that will be learned. In an increasing number of cases upon your planet at this time the individuals who are called by our brothers and sisters of Ra the mind/body/spirit complex, itself designs the experience that it will encounter and the lessons it wishes to learn. The lessons are presented as what might be called obstacles, for when one exerts an energy in a certain direction seemingly against a problem or situation, there is an interaction that occurs which, if one is aware, results in learning.

It is necessary within your illusion that there be a forgetting after incarnation, or else the obstacles encountered and the lessons learned would carry no weight since they would not have been forgotten in their purpose, but when forgotten and encountered within the incarnation, present the opportunity for the learning of a specific lesson. The lesson may take many forms. Each entity has its own unique perceptions and needs and methods of experiencing this lesson. The basic lesson of your illusion is that all is one. There is nothing but the Creator and it is called an illusion that you dance within, for during your incarnation it seems time and again that there is nothing but opposition, separation, anxiety, frustration, hatred, even unto war. All of this illusion, all of these obstacles, are teaching devices determined by each of you before your incarnation as that which you shall experience so that you might overcome, so to speak, the perception that you have obstacles, that there is separation, that there is anything but the one infinite Creator.

The experience within your illusion is intense. It is intensified by the fact that there is forgetting by each who participates within the illusion. It is your task to remember. It is your task to discover that, in fact, there are no obstacles, that there is only the one infinite Creator, that there is only love and that this love might be found within each part of your experience of the illusion. Time and again you shall experience the opportunity to learn this simple lesson.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question at this time?

I have a question. I have a relative who is a fundamental Christian, so fundamental that it boggles the imagination, and I sort of felt like when you were channeling earlier that I really could identify a lot of the judgmental things that my brother has said with what you were talking about. I wonder what the best service one can be is to such a loved person who, on the other hand is so terribly judgmental? Is all one can do to be of good cheer and to love or is there some seed that one can plant?

I am Hatonn. My sister, in many cases such as this one of which you speak, there is very little that can be done in the way of overt teaching, shall we say, for all who experience this illusion, in whatever perception they may bask, each experiences a valid perception of the one infinite Creator, for there is nothing but the Creator. Each progresses through this illusion and hopefully refines the perception and the experience of the Creator. As this growth proceeds, many teachers are met, for there is nothing but teaching and learning within this illusion. Your brother and each entity upon this planet meets teachers each time he meets another human being or another experience or another thought or another moment within the Creation. You are one such teacher. As each teaches, so do you teach.

Your experience with your brother has been long and intense, so to speak. Many ways have you tried to share that which is of meaning to you, as each who becomes more conscious of the patterns of the evolution of the spirit attempts to share that perception with those about them. You may find after a period of time that your very being, that cheer of which you speak, is the best teacher, the best means of your teaching for your brother, for it has often been said that the actions speak much louder and clearer than do the words, and though your brother on a conscious level may seldom experience or express the learning that he gains from your being, yet within his heart and mind and being, your being will shine, for you do feel love for this entity and that is the greatest teaching device upon your planet.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Not unless you can think of a good answer to the question, “Have you accepted Christ into your heart today?”

I am Hatonn. May we suggest a simple “Yes”?

Thank you, Hatonn. Thank you very much.

Again, we thank you. Is there another question at this time?

Yes. I’ve been told that in your spiritual seeking, that by digging many holes, as with a well—digging shallow holes—that it would be better to dig one deep hole. In other words, choosing one path, or one so-called religion. Would you comment on this please?

I am Hatonn. My sister, to your query we might respond by saying that though it would appear that an entity, by digging many holes, as you call them, is digging many holes and dividing itself in its seeking, there is only one seeking and it is the desire for this seeking that shall result in the finding. The many holes, when added up, shall we say, shall result in the one path which the entity pursues, and from moment to moment it might appear that the entity is pursuing yet another path, digging yet another hole, but we might suggest that each entity pursues the path that feels to it to be of greatest benefit and learns from each the lessons therein, for many are the paths upon your planet and within your illusion.

Each has that which might be of aid to those who travel that path. In short, may we say, it is your choice to pursue your path and there is nothing but the one path that you pursue and we would suggest, if we might, that within the depths of your being you are quite aware of the path that you pursue, and in meditation you shall discover the path upon which you wish to tread. Do not be concerned if from time to time the path appears to change. We would suggest that the path is long and the path is one, and your journey on that path can yield nothing but success, for all paths lead to the one infinite Creator.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question at this time?

Hatonn, I notice that you seem to be developing a sense of humor. Would you care to comment on that?

I am Hatonn. During our lone experience with this group, we have found there are certain avenues of experience and expression which have been opened to us by the needs and the desires of those to whom we speak. It has been our honor and a great privilege to speak in whatever manner is allowed and called for. We find at this time within this group there is a certain lightness, shall we say, that has not been present in such quantity before. Because it is now more possible, shall we say, to utilize the tool of humor, we are exercising this ability which we have not been able to exercise before, and may we say that it is a great honor to find yet another path of service and it is with great fervor that we do our push-ups.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I would simply like to offer a comment that more and more the conversations with you are as pleasant as a cool drink of water and we’re grateful for your presence.

I am Hatonn. We share your feeling of gratitude. This group has provided those whom you know of our people as Hatonn with many sips of nectar. Is there another question at this time?

May I ask for some advice on showing young children the light and love other than by example? Ways that they may be able to learn, maybe, faster?

I am Hatonn. My sister, in this regard we might say that there is no greater teacher for the young one of your peoples than the example which they see and which they experience themselves within their daily lives. To specifically guide your decision-making in this regard we cannot do, for this would infringe upon your free will, but we can say in general that to experience yourself the love of the one infinite Creator in a manner which your children can understand and to reflect this love through your behavior with those round about you is the greatest teaching which can be done. To find a means to daily express in some way your love of the Creator and your desire to serve the Creator will express to your children that which you value most.

If there might be some way in which you could, shall we say, regularize or ritualize this experience and expressing of devotion and love to the one Creator with your children partaking, this would be a most effective means of allowing them not only to see but to experience with you this love and desire.

May we answer you further, my sister?

I don’t do any ritual myself other than meditation by myself. I guess maybe I don’t understand or would ask you to go further on that [inaudible].

I am Hatonn. Many there are among your people who praise the Creator in song. Many there are among your people who praise the Creator in dance. Many there are who praise the Creator in prayer or meditation or in certain spoken words which convey the feelings within. Many ways have your peoples found of praising the one Creator. Any way will be suite sufficient for the child to learn, if practiced regularly.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No. Thank you, Hatonn.

Again, we thank you. May we answer another question at this time?


I am Hatonn. May we say once again how great an honor it has been to join your group this evening. As always, we find ourselves immersed in joy when we are asked to join this group. We thank you with every fiber of our being for being allowed to partake in your meditations and for being asked to share our humble message with you. By this service do we learn more of the love of the Father. We would say once again that at any time should any request our aid in their daily meditations, it need only be asked that we join in meditation and we shall worship with each the one infinite Creator.

We are known to you as those of Hatonn. We shall now take our leave of this instrument and this group for this evening. We look forward to joining you in your meditations as you go about your daily lives. We leave you now in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I am Nona, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We come among you at this time as we have been called to share our healing vibrations at this time.

[Carla channels Nona until the end of the meditation.]