(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn,] … and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a great privilege, as always, to be with you this evening and we greet each of you.

We would like tonight to share with you a small story. There was once a very steep mountain. So precipitous were its heights that clouds formed across the face of the cliffs so that the valley never saw the sky and those who lived upon the heights never saw the valley. Those who lived in the valley were very jealous of the land and of the possessions, one of the other. Their methods of sharing experiences with each other was harsh in the extreme and disharmony reigned under the clouds.

Another group lived high among the peaks of this mountain. This society lived very meagerly, having far, far less than those in the valley, for game was scarce and little grew that could be eaten, but they survived and such was their society that their leaders whom they chose were wise and good and when judgment must needs be made t’was fair. Harmony reigned also between people, for all was offered as all had so little that it must be pooled to survive. Those who looked upon the stars, though they had little, dwelt in peace and harmony, and because they did not think of possessions; as they mated, each was content, one with the other, and harmony was given as an heirloom from generation to generation.

This was, my friends, one mountain, one location, and one illusion. The factors of existence varied. Under the cloud there was plenty and above there was little, and yet, which people bore like a shield and buckler the light of harmony and the seeking for the truth? My friends, sometimes it may seem as though your days stretch before you as a plain, vast and featureless and indistinguishable by any landmark, any signpost to which you may look to for inspiration or a new way of being. Actually, my friends, the terrain of your illusion is constantly precipitous. Your illusion has many levels. You, yourself, may choose the level at which you wish to experience the conditions of your existence.

When it seems that though you have plenty, that though all things should be harmonious, they are not, put yourself to the task of scaling a cliff within yourself. Move beyond a cloud which obscures the ever-present pinnacle that towers out of sight above the fog. At that level, my friends, you may experience certain losses and feel in these losses, which are only those needs which you have discarded as you see the illusory nature of them, a freedom to be joyful and in harmony, that you could not see dwelling under a cloud.

This cloud is part of the illusion and may be penetrated most easily by meditation. It is, however, possible at any moment to mentally climb the precipice, to, by an act of desire, move above the obscuring clouds and see the stars, the points of light and love and truth which are not visible from the lower points of viewing. There is one fine gift, perhaps above most, that such an overview may offer to you. That is a sense of the honor that it is to dwell with those about you, for each is a unique and beautiful part of the creation, which is vast, free, resplend—we correct this instrument—resplendently lovely.

This sense of honor in sharing experiences with others is so often lost among your peoples that it is quite rare to experience. However, my friends, you can perhaps cast your mind back to a point at which you met such an entity, an entity who honored the life within you, whether you yourself at that time honored it or not. What a gift has such a person given—the gift of recognition, for are we not all one being? One part of an infinite Creator? And is not each part full worthy of the utmost honor?

At this time we would transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(L channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you again, my brothers and sisters, in the love and the light of the Creator. We of Hatonn desire to be of service to you for in so doing we accomplish the task of growth which we have set before ourselves. It is a privilege to serve you, for in doing so we find that we serve ourselves, as one self in a body serves itself through benefiting the entire body.

At this time we would like to exercise another instrument, so as to familiarize the instrument with the sensation of our contact. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am again with this instrument. We have been attempting to speak a few words through the one known as E. If he would relax and speak the words that are given at the moment to him without hesitation, we shall again transfer to the instrument known as E. I am Hatonn.

(E channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I great you once again in love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a pleasure to work with a new instrument. We suggest that this instrument relax and allow the words to come without thinking or worrying about what is being said. We will return now to the one known as Carla. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am again with this instrument. May we thank each of you for the patience which it requires for you to offer energy to the group while we exercise new channels. It is enormously appreciated. We and our brothers and sisters of Laitos would like to take this opportunity while there is some pause for working with each of you who is not at the present time channeling, as this instrument calls this activity of service. We would not wish at this time to put words in your mouths, but merely to work with each of you to help deepen your state of meditation and to make some adjustments which are unique with each of your vibrations.

We would work at this time with the one known as D.


We would, at this time move to the one known as S, if she would relax.


I am Hatonn. May we say to the one known as S that we appreciate the effort that has been made by this entity and are with her.

As we move to the one known as R may we say we are attempting to be extremely cautious that we may disrupt as little as possible a somewhat sensitive energy field. We would work with this instrument at this time.


I am Hatonn. We move now to the one known as Don and offer our vibration.


I am Hatonn, and greet you once again in love and light. I and my brother Laitos thank you for the privilege of working with each of you. We would at this time move on, if we may, to another channel. I am Hatonn.

(L channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. We thank you for your patience as we have had some difficulty in contacting this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to attempt to answer any questions that you may have. I am Hatonn.

Yes, Hatonn, I have a question. I asked earlier and was told that as third density we aid second density in their attempt to become third. I was wondering, as a second-density entity grows, does it seek out contact with third?

I am Hatonn. I am aware of your question. My brother, second density, like your own third density, has levels of development within it, for just as in your own density, not all who occupy that density are of simultaneous development. Also, my brother, we would remind you that not all seek the same experiences simultaneously in your dimension, therefore, we would answer your question by saying that, with these factors understood, some of second density will seek out the experience of contact with third-density entities such as yourself, while others will not seek out that contact.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, not on that subject, but here of late I’ve been observing a friend who is experiencing extreme emotional difficulties and I was wondering if you could give me any advice about how best to aid this person in this difficult time.

I am Hatonn. My brother, your heart is open to sharing, for such is your nature, and you do not limit your sharing to joy, but also to sharing the pains and sorrows experienced by others because of the love that you feel for them. My brother, the saying exists on your planet that “time heals all wounds.” Though we would not attempt to evaluate the accuracy of the terms used in this saying, we would make use of it to suggest that what you refer to as time with the sharing of a sincere loved one can be of great assistance in assimilating the experiences your friend has chosen to take on at this time. Therefore, my brother, to be more concise, we would suggest that your patient willingness to serve through sharing of experience is the most valuable form of assistance you can render your friend.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

We thank you. Is there another question?

I have a question, Hatonn, and that is during the recent flyby Saturn I heard on the radio that the camera of the satellite went out of order. There was also a period of ten to fifteen minutes of transmissions from three other sets of instruments that were described as being very strange, that is that for ten to fifteen minutes strange data was coming through three other sets of instruments, and my question is can you tell us what that incident means or what that strange data was?

I am Hatonn. My brother, you are aware that we of the Federation are unable to supply proof of our efforts for existence. Consequently, to passively allow any such event to occur would be a violation of our own morals, so to speak. To answer what we feel is your subsequent question, if we may be so presumptuous …


…We thank you. We cannot reveal to you …

[Side one of tape ends.]

…suggest that the variation and terminations of data could be construed as indicative of variations within the supposedly concrete universe within which many minds attempt to function. The statement made on your planet long ago, “Those who have eyes, let them see; those who have ears, let them hear,” is very appropriate for the situation to which you have referred, my brother, for the perceptions must be selective for their growth value to be derived.

May we answer you further?

Not at this time. Thank you.

As always, we thank you, my brother. Is there another question?

Yeah. I’d like to ask one other question, and that is—and this just occurred to me—we are of the third density on a planet that is entering fourth density and on our planet there are beings of first, second and third density, and as we enter fourth density I would assume there would then be beings of first, second, third and fourth density, but as I understand it, when the planet becomes fourth density, then those of us that remain in the third density will have to go elsewhere. Is that correct? And why is it that we can’t stay with the planet, if we don’t become fourth density, because second-density creatures stay or are on this planet now, so why can’t third-density creatures inhabit or be on a planet that is in fourth density?

I am Hatonn. I am aware of your question. It is appropriate, my brother, for a mixture of polarities to exist simultaneously when the opportunity exists for those polarities to achieve growth due to the potential produced by the presence of both polarities. However, the presence of both positive and negative fourth-dimensional polarities upon a planetary sphere that contains solely unpolarized third-dimensional entities would potentially result in the third-dimensional entities becoming a sort of battleground between the fourth-dimensional polarities.

To remove either of the two fourth-dimensional polarities would have a detrimental effect upon the remaining third-dimensional entities, therefore, my brother, we have a situation where it is not possible to allow all three to occupy the some planetary sphere, nor is it possible to allow either fourth-dimensional polarity along with the unpolarized third-dimensional entities. Finally, to cover all of the potential combinations, to allow the joint occupation of the planetary sphere by both fourth-dimensional polarities without the undecided third-dimensional polarities—correction—third-dimensional unpolarized entities would be simply to extend and aggravate the immediately pre-harvest third-dimensional condition. For these reasons, it is necessary to separate the groups.

In reference to your comparison with the simultaneous occupation of first, second and third densities, my brother, you must remember the significance of the third-dimensional existence, that is, a time of choice.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I think I understand. Thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question we may answer?

Yes, Hatonn. At the time you were attempting, that you were working with all of us in the room and you began to work with me, it seemed to me that you passed over rather quickly and I’d like to know if you can tell me why that was and for me specifically and, in general, how those of us who are not channeling at this time, how we may better prepare ourselves for future contacts, for future workings with you.

I am Hatonn. My brother, we are pleased that you are interested in these matters, for meditation itself is a path toward growth for you and as insignificant as our efforts and advice may be, we welcome the opportunity to share what little we have to offer with you as frequently as you request.

To answer your questions, my brother, the purpose of our contact with you was simply a refinement of our communication with you, for although we would not attempt to force you to channel, as you term it, we would share as—correction—share in as well-balanced a state as possible our own atmosphere with yours, so as to acquaint you with our presence without forcing ourselves upon you. In your case, the balance was near to being concise and therefore did not require much adjustment. As to facilitating your contact with any member of the Federation, the most important discipline for you to undertake is that of consistent, daily meditation, for there is no other tool, as this instrument would say, that will suffice to do the job. There are many disciplines that possess great value in their ability to facilitate an entity to teach himself, but the tool must be appropriate for the job. In this case, the tool for the job is consistent, daily meditation.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you very much and thank you for your unusual contact.

As always, my brother, the pleasure through the service is ours. Is there another question?

I have a question. I’ve experienced a great deal of discomfort this evening. Can you tell me the cause of it and what I can do to alleviate it in the future?

I am Hatonn. The discomfort that you experience is due partly to our own inadequate control of our attempt to share our presence with you and for this we humbly offer our apology, for our intent is not to cause discomfort. We would ask that you understand that the unity of contact within this group ebbs and flows as various individuals are distracted, become tired, or suddenly recall the purpose for which they came and return full force to the energy field of this group. All of this requires a constant tuning and balancing for us and we regretfully are not always adept at this.

In your case as well there is a strong request for our presence and communication but it is hindered by a reluctance which results in a sort of a participatory tug of war between yourself and yourself. As we attempt to step up our signal to you, so to speak, in response to the intensity of your calling, the increased presence at some times meets a repulsion that itself waxes and wanes with the intensity of our signal.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

We would suggest, if we might, that through further meditation, both with groups such as this one or by yourself away from this group, that you will gradually overcome the fears and reluctance that are affecting your development of your talents, for just as the sudden exercising of unused muscles can cause pain and difficulty, so also can the new flexing, so to speak, of your psychic muscles.

Is there another question?

No. You’ve been very helpful. Thank you.

As always, we thank you. Is there another question?

I have another question and that is it seems as though the mode of communication that we’re using now would be called telepathy and what I’m wondering is—that is, whether in communicating with you this way we become any more sensitive telepathically to each other and to others on this planet. In other words, are there any changes in our brains as a result of this kind of communication?

I am Hatonn. My brother, in any spiritual striving that results in the individual more closely approximating his or her potential there is an increase in those skills or characteristics that the perfected individual would find inherent.

May we answer you further?

So, are you saying that we are in this communication improving our telepathic skills, so to speak?

I am Hatonn. That is correct just as—correction—that is correct, but just as one might limit one’s perception to a single area and say, “I improve my telepathic skills,” and not see that one is improving simultaneously on all sides, then in another area of research might say, “I am improving my levitational skills,” without realizing simultaneously, simultaneous improvement of telepathic skills.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

Hatonn! When I asked a similar question—I may have read the answer wrong, but I thought I was told that although our telepathic skills improve, that on this level there are so few entities capable of sending a powerful enough thought that our ability to pick up thoughts from our fellow entities really didn’t increase appreciably. Is that right?

I am Hatonn. My brother, the term appreciably is somewhat confusing, however, if we may attempt to clarify the communication problem we would say that growth occurs—correction—when growth occurs, it occurs in all directions. However, this is not to say that a surge in one area is accompanied by a dramatic surge in a different area. The key to the understanding of this problem is in viewing growth as the ability to accept and make use of the energy inherent in light. To be quite skillful in manipulating energy, to levitate for example, does not imply the same skill acquired through practice in such an area as telepathy. There are, in a sense, limitations to what may be accomplished in the third dimension in the area of telepathy simply because to become as adept with the use of light energy as is necessary to make major displays of telepathy—such as those communications accomplished by some of this group through mechanical devices—would be a level of development far in excess of that requiring an extended stay in the third dimension.

May we answer you further?

No. I see what you mean.

Is there another question?

Hatonn, when an entity gets a glimpse of future events, a premonition, what source is that entity tapping for this information? Is he, for a moment, open to a higher density negative source, for most future predictions are specific information, or is there, for a brief period, a strengthening of the link between the lower and the plan that the higher self has conceived for his experiences in this density or is it neither of?

I am Hatonn. My brother, there are many possible answers to your question for there are many potential causes to the effect you describe. Obviously, there are ramifications to informing you what the specific cause of the specific event is and for that reason we will not attempt to define a specific cause or a specific event. However, we would also suggest that you examine the creation that you refer to as time, for time itself is a tool created to serve and not to be served. It is malleable and as your higher self is familiar with this malleability and is also in direct communication with you, it is distinctly possible at times that your higher self will choose to give you a glimpse of what you refer to as the future, although in actuality all futures and all pasts are the present.

May we answer you further?

No thank you, for the moment. I’ll have to think about this for a while.

We thank you. Is there another question that we may attempt to answer?


I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. We of Hatonn are grateful for the extended opportunity of service that you have presented us and desire that you be aware that we are available to each of you individually at any time, for however brief a period of time, if we may be of some assistance, for even the occurrence of a stoplight or as instrument describes as “being on hold,” are opportunities for a brief but effective effort to establish a link between your selves and ours, if such is your desire and if so, simply address your mental or verbal calling to us and we will be enthusiastically responsive.

At this time we bid you adieu. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We thank you for the opportunity to speak as briefly as possible at this time, for we know that you have had a long meeting. We have been exercising this instrument and causing her to twitch about on the couch for some time. We wanted to tell you how grateful we were to be with you this evening. My friends, we will only speak a few words and answer no questions. We wish to share with you a few thoughts.

We first would like for you to think of the oyster. My friends, when an oyster gets sand inside it, do you think that the oyster says to itself, “Ah, sand! I will now make a pearl.’’ No, my friends, the oyster tries as hard as it can to remove the sand, but the sand is part of the oyster’s experience and somehow, as the sand remains and the pain of its remaining is borne, something of great beauty among your peoples comes to be.

The sand within your existence, my friends, is there, not to cause you to swear, although you do, but to create the opportunity for you to create those things of beauty in your nature which shall be of eternal worth. We call you, my friends; we call you. What do you desire? Not yesterday, not tomorrow. At this moment, desire you the joy …

[Tape ends.]