(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am with this instrument. I greet you once more in the love and light of the infinite Creator.

My friends, the nature of the journey that you are on is such that it may bring about periods in which you feel that your pilgrimage is no longer functioning properly. We ask you to consider a small example of such a pilgrimage. Take for example the young man. He is alone, and he seeks to make a journey, and as he seeks, he changes. This young man grows older year by year and experiences various locations, various entities. He is a visitor in homes which seem to him to be oh, so normal and so pleasant, and he asks himself over the years, “Why, if I am like other men, can I not have such pleasantness?”

Still he seeks and still he sheds what light he has upon those he meets and one day he meets an old woman. She is alone but has not always been so. Though her face is wrinkled, her eyes sparkle. The man, no longer so young, asks her, “Why must the seeker always have such a lonely pilgrimage?” The old woman smiles very gently. “There are no rules to a pilgrimage except those that you make for yourself,” she says. “Examine that which you think you need. If it stays the same, there is not the beginning of the opportunity for growth. “Why,” the young man says, “you were married for many, many years.” “Ah, yes,” said the old woman, “but we were both pilgrims.”

My friends, whatever your path, search it with your mind and your heart in each moment that you can possibly find to obtain in this most important activity so that when you go into meditation you are conscious of your being. Take yourself into yourself, for in meditation the conscious and the unconscious meet, become acquainted and begin to merge into one ever larger beacon of the light.

For those dead spots which seem to be upon the road we can only suggest the balm of meditation while remembering it was your choice to begin this pilgrimage, and that pilgrims are happy as no other entities can ever be when they are changing. In any crucible of transformation joy is an inevitable byproduct.

We would pause at this time and offer our vibration to any who may wish to experience it. We would especially like to exercise in conditioning the one known as D and to assure this instrument that at the appropriate time we will be most happy to work with this instrument. If you will have patience and ask mentally, we will be glad and most grateful to touch each of you. I am Hatonn.


I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. We thank each of you for the opportunity of being able to work with each one and would like to confirm at this time that we were attempting to contact the one known as W for the purpose of closing this message, as one of our brothers in the Confederation of Planets is waiting to speak also. We would again attempt to contact the one known as W. I am Hatonn.

[The rest of the tape is inaudible.]