(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] We greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the all infinite Creator. This evening we have greeted each of you individually throughout the tuning and in the time hence. We are glad to see this group together again in meditation.

There are changes as the seasons pass by the years. New relationships are formed and changes of relationships that are [inaudible], that all is growing. With change there are two directions that a person can face in order to see change that he or that others around him are going through. One may look in the forward direction or one may look in the direction from which one has already been. Both are equally valuable although it is easy sometimes to be caught in the focusing on one of the two directions.

One of the great uses in meditation is the stabilizing or the balancing of the views of the two different directions in looking upon the past deeds of your life and the experiences that you have had that have helped bring you to where you are today and the direction ahead to a new, as yet unrealized, goal that we each have; and that that goal can be controlled, or, shall I say, guided by the will of each individual along their journey.

We all have pictures in the backs of our minds, specific goals or things which we would like to do, which we think that may help us get to wherever that we individually desire to be. Many of these are but glimmers of possible realities and many of these are but modified recollections from our past experiences, in that many such individuals who are on a path and among themselves acknowledge that they are all on similar paths and in trying to understand that they have a similar goal encounter many obstacles or memories, as it were, of seeds which have not come to fruit. And it is sometimes very difficult to see that there are still many more seeds which need to be planted and cultivated to ensure further spiritual growth among you individually and as a small collective of light beings desiring to be of service on the planet.

We shall now continue this contact through another instrument. I am Hatonn. I leave you in love and light.

Does anybody else feel uneasy? I’m not getting any feelings. Why don’t we just meditate silently.

[Tape ends.]