(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you this evening. We are using word by word channeling with this instrument, which requires more fine tuning on the part of the instrument, and therefore there may be pauses as this instrument is still at the stage where it is noticeably more comfortable with concepts as then it feels it has more control over the channeling process. However, the more flexible instruments we have found in working with those among your peoples who offer their services as vocal channels are those who are willing to speak complete nonsense, once the tuning and the challenging of instrument and source has been done. Therefore, we persist, as do others in the Confederation, in using this technique with those instruments which allow us to work in this manner.

That this instrument finds it more difficult to work word by word is a good example of the impatience that plagues those whose sight is as limited as is yours in the third-density illusion which you inhabit. It is often impossible to see the richly textured pattern which links events, situations and emotional states in coherent manner. In fact, it is far more logical to assume a stance of extreme skepticism when faced with the question of the “why” of existence and consciousness, for even the most patient among you must be patient to the point of silence, usually for many of your years, before the inner connections between all things, events, people, emotional states become evident or even partially so. Since much is obscured from your vision, it is logical to assume that there is nothing to be seen. Yet, there is that irrational, shall we say, impulse among all conscious beings to seek beyond that which can be seen, heard, felt and touched in any way, measured by any instrument, evaluated by any means whatsoever.

Of things for which there is no measurement, the mind can have little use, for the mind is developed as a specific tool for specific applications. Therefore, what your biological—and may we say somewhat atavistic—self presents you with is a vision of creation in which consciousness is not explained. Further, although a good case can and often has been made for ethical behavior in the face of an uncertain future, it is difficult rationally to assume any sort of continuance beyond the disintegration of the physical vehicle, even within the incarnation which you now enjoy. It is quite difficult for the rational mind to accept the probability that gifts may be freely given to conscious beings which are mysterious in their origin and palpable in their effect. Thus, when we speak to you, again and again we suggest meditation, that which takes one out of one’s mind and into the realm of mystery.

It is well to know one’s biological handicaps, my friends, for there is no deep instinctual yearning in your biological makeup towards truth, the betterment of others as opposed to the self, the cooperation between peoples or nations, or any kind of redemptive saving grace to life. That body which you inhabit will say to you time and time again that mysteries will come to nothing, that meditation and seeking are games which one plays to distract oneself from the certainty of one’s own death, and that ethics are the luxury of men who have no needs which are not already met in the physical and material world. This is the material which will be thrown up before your vision time and again as long as you inhabit the dwelling place of your fragile physical vehicle. It is a wondrous machine, full of delights and folly, and it is well to know it and its limitations, and even to acknowledge before the magnificent rationality of that portion of the physical shell you call the brain that intense skepticism concerning the spiritual seeking is the logical stance.

Let us plunge then, into darkness. Let us become blind and deaf. Let us become aware of the something within us that is other. Other than what, you may ask. Perhaps a good adjective would be “other-worldly.” And yet we do not mean other-worldly in the sense of absentminded—we mean something more basic.

And the body with which you are so familiar seeks and loves light. It basks in the summer; it delights in the fire, and the darkness is alleviated always by man’s mastery of light, be that light a flickering candle or the most magnificent display of electricity. That within you which is other, that which is spirit, delights in the darkness which frightens the biological shell. It is the darkness of the seeker, for we do not seek in light, or we should most surely have a short journey to the end of our seeking. We seek in the shadowland where the only light is that of hope, the only star that of faith, the only flickering candle that of blessed will, the only electricity that of inspiration.

Your logical, rational, measurable shell is itself mutable, and, indeed, your environmentalists will be pleased that it is also biodegradable! That within you which seeks is immutable and unchangeable in its essence. It is eternal and is co-eternal with the Father. It is your source and it is your goal. You are the full circle of that which you seek. And yet, seek it you must and in some length, for an entire creation shall be spent with the seeking of one self for the Self.

If you attempt to seek, using the physical shell, you will truly be whistling in the dark. There will be fear, there will be much blockage, and information will not come easily. It is a very compassionate move on your part to allow yourself to free yourself from your perceptions of yourself within the physical shell so that you may go into the darkness of the unknown—intrepid, unafraid, fearless and eager.

We have said in a little while what the program of discovery may be [for] you for an infinitely long journey. It is far easier said than done. And yet you do not need to make the journey at once, for your journey is this step, this moment, this situation, the entities about you at this time, the emotions you feel at this juncture. The rational mind can stretch back into the past and into your future and oh, how it loves to do that. The heart of your seeking lies with that portion of yourself that is other, and that otherness dwells in an eternal present moment. As you would pick up a pencil from the blotting pad and scratch upon the paper, so you shall live the shell of your life. As you gaze into a blackness that opens and flowers, reveals and beckons, so you shall live the mysterious [zero] of the spirit. May your dance in the darkness be all that you hope and all that you seek.

We speak to you as representatives of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator. We are your brothers and sisters and we extend ourselves to you in compassion and pity, for we know how you struggle against the bonds of measurability. Have compassion upon yourselves and turn inward, for there is no struggle, but only the dance in the darkness within.

We leave you in the blinding light of that darkness and in the creative love of that infinite [zero], that opening, that keyhole, unlocked and opened in silence. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We would at this time attempt to make contact with the one known as Jim. We shall at this time transfer.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am pleased to greet each of you once again through this instrument. We are happy that this instrument has been willing and able to perceive our contact and we thank it for the opportunity to utilize it in continuing to offer our service which is both humble and, to this instrument, unique. Our contact, as we have stated before, is one which is most fruitfully expressed in the word by word mode of transmission. Thus, we shall attempt with this instrument to continue that method of transmitting information, resorting to the concept method only when the word by word technique becomes too difficult.

At this time, we would attempt to respond to specific queries which those in this group may have prepared for this portion of your gathering. May we at this time entertain the first query?

I’ll go ahead and ask the other question that L asked. She wanted to know how the service-to-self path can use the light, and what role this path plays in the drama of creation. That’s not word-for-word, but I did read the question, so it’s in the instrument’s mind more specifically.

I am Q’uo, and we feel that we have a grasp of this query and shall begin. The path of service to self is one which intensifies the illusion of separation which is inherent in all of creation, for when the one Creator divided Itself in order that It might further know Itself, the division which took place became likened unto an illusion, for the result was the creation and is moment by moment the creation as you know it and far beyond what you know.

As the Creator, which is simplicity itself, became that which seemed complex, the possibility of two means of traveling through the creation or each portion of the creation became apparent. That which moved in resonance with unity became that which you know as the service-to-others path, that which is radiant and expresses the light of the one Creator to all about it, for all is seen the same as self, that is, the one Creator.

The service-to-self path became possible when the first division in third-density consciousness occurred due to the placement of what you have called the veil of forgetting between the conscious and the unconscious minds. This intensification of the illusion of separation provided to the Creator a more intense and purified means for that portion of Itself which may be seen as magnetic to function. Thus, the service-to-self path is one which draws unto itself the light of the Creator in all portions of the creation about the entity which has chosen this means of knowing itself and of evolving towards the same Creator.

Thus, it is the same light which powers both paths in opposite fashion, or so it would seem within the saga of polarity, for as those of the service-to-others path give forth the light to all about them, it would seem that this action is in opposition to the service-to-self path which absorbs the light and uses it for its own purposes. Yet, in truth, it is the Creator which provides the light for both paths, and the same Creator which receives the light as a result of the action that is potentiating upon each path.

May we answer in further detail, my sister?

I’m sure that L will let us know if she wishes further answer. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo and we are filled with gratitude at the opportunity to speak in response to this query. May we attempt another query?

I was wondering, what is the purpose of incarnating as a man and as a woman repeatedly? Is it necessary to know both male and female energies or to become balanced between those energies?

I am Q’uo, and we find that in essence you have begun to answer your own query. This is the nature of learning in general. The excellent query will draw forth from the questioner that which is sought, for indeed all entities are that unity which contains all things.

The incarnational patterns of experience within the third, the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth-density illusions offer an entity the opportunity of experiencing the dual nature of the one Creator which is found in all creation, that nature of which we have just spoken in the query preceding this one. The male and female principles of radiance and magnetism, of light and dark, of wisdom and of love, are those qualities which in dynamic tension provide all catalyst for experience to each seeker of truth, as you would call it. Thus, the giving and the receiving are means by which the Creator, shall we say, dances with Itself. Each seeker, then, reproduces this movement, and when done in an intelligent fashion this movement becomes an evolutionary journey which continues to gather together portions of the one Creator in accelerating frequencies for each seeker to glean those parts for which it has need in its own pattern of growth. Thus, within…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we shall continue with our response.

Within each evolutionary journey, within each density of illusion, within each incarnational pattern, each moment and each thought, there is the interaction and interplay of the positive and the negative polarity that is the fabric of all creation. Thus does each seeker recapitulate the essence of the one Creator, and when accomplished in a directed fashion, this process presents to each seeker the ever-expanding opportunity to grasp more and more of its nature as the one Creator.

May we respond further, my sister?

Yes, I’m going to take it a step further because the source of my concern is this. I’ve examined my own self and have found strong elements of assertiveness, aggressiveness—male characteristics—which suggest to me that I’ve been a male plenty of times as well as being a female. It has not caused me any suffering in this life. I have known several women who were considerably more yang, I suppose would be the term I would use, and it has not caused them any suffering. I don’t know any female homosexuals, but I do have a friend who is a male homosexual and he is suffering a great deal because he has the same needs for love and nurturing that any other person has, but every instinct that he has puts him in a situation which is basically untenable in a sense of receiving a stable domestic environment which is full of support and genuine and continuing love from another human being.

This seems to be the fate of the homosexual, the male homosexual, very difficult to maintain companionship and affection over a long period of time. I don’t understand why the higher self would choose to so unbalance the incarnational pattern that two-thirds or more of the incarnations would be as women and then the soul would move back into the male body and be terminally confused. If you could shed any light on this suffering and its purpose, I’d be appreciative.

I am Q’uo, and we may suggest that within your third-density illusion the limitations which are experienced, on every front, shall we say, are designed to allow the entity to learn how to free the self. There are experiences that are most needful of balancing that require what seems within the incarnation to be greatly distorted circumstances. The cumulative effects of previous, shall we say, incarnations often decree that the upcoming incarnation provide the arena in which these various distortions may find the opportunity for balance. The choice of one biological gender or another will be made according to these distortions in need of balance. It may be that throughout the full third-density pattern of incarnations an entity would find it necessary to choose one gender over the other more often than not in order to fulfill a larger pattern of learning. The difficulties, as you call them, associated with this choice, in this case, as it has been called, homosexual orientation, are then incorporated into the larger pattern and utilized in the overall growth of the entity. Within the third-density illusion, the great array and degree of limitation is utilized as, shall we say, a force against which to test the spiritual strength, for within your illusion one must rediscover the foundation or fabric of one’s being time and time again.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we are grateful to you, my sister. May we speak upon another subject?

Yes, I have a question. The reason I took so long, I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to ask. I read a book recently on channeling and utilizing and internalizing sexual energy. It seems that basically, from what I read, that it’s a matter of developing this energy from a purely physical level, learning to control it, and then learning to internalize that energy, thereby increasing the inner power or chi, as they call it—this comes from a Chinese tradition, obviously. And this also ties in with physical exercise that is meant to do basically the same thing, which is Tai Chi, which does the same thing. Could you comment? Could you just—do you have any comment on this—I don’t have a specific question, I guess, that’s why I took so long before.

I am Q’uo, and we would suggest that the means of reinvesting one’s own beingness with the essence of the energy produced by the physical vehicle in conjunction with the mental process which you have described is one which focuses the, as it has been called, chi, or prana, in a specific fashion which is then utilized in what may be called a sacred manner. The physical vehicle provides the foundation upon which all experience is built for an entity. The preservation of the vehicle and its ability to reproduce and its ability to serve as a triggering mechanism give to the entity the basic energy and environment of energy which it then may utilize in higher and higher, if you will, means. Thus, the creation and storing of physical sexual energies may be focused upon any of the succeeding centers of energy or chakras as we find them called of an entity. Thus, in this way any balancing of distortion or removal of blockages or accomplishing of magical workings, shall we say, may be carried out. The function then of the mental complex is to design the framework or channel through which these physical energies may be moved. When this framework has been firmly constructed within the entity, the power of the internalized physical sexual energy is then more and more available for use in the proscribed fashion.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you very much. That’s very good. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and thank you, my brother. May we attempt another query?

I need to follow up T’s question. The only thing I’ve ever read about… gosh, what kind of Yoga is it… Tantric, suggested—and this was in the magikal, with the “k,” tradition, that one—and I think this was also written by a man, okay—that one move close to orgasm and then stop and do this repeatedly, was called magical chastity, but it also recommended that the partner be a stranger. This struck me as being potentially very negative in that you did build your own personal power, but you were not exchanging the opportunity with the partner. And I wondered if the same energy could be stored using the same magical chastity with two people working together with equally efficacious results and hopefully a more positive slant to that storage of personal power?

I am Q’uo, and we find your statement to be correct in general and specifically.

We would suggest a final query at this time for this instrument is somewhat fatigued as a result of the word by word contact method and is less and less able to maintain the depth of meditation necessary for this type of contact.

I’m torn between two questions. I’ll ask… gee—I hate decisions. I’ll ask you about yourself—no, I won’t do that. That would detune the contact. When I was channeling earlier, I wasn’t with it entirely, but I did catch the repeated distinction between the physical self and the spiritual self. A dichotomy seemed to be reigning in the kingdom of this particular discussion tonight, and yet, this body is what we use to manifest our spiritual selves in this incarnation. I wondered what special need there might have been to emphasize that dichotomy this evening. What purpose underlay the concentration on that concept this evening?

I am Q’uo. We have spoken this evening of the apparent and of that which is not apparent in order to share our understanding, simple though it is, that within your illusion you draw upon resources constantly that are far, far greater than you can imagine. And when you move within your daily round of activities, you are utilizing but the tiniest fraction of that which is at your disposal. Yet that very movement itself draws unto your limited self more and more of that which knows no limits in order to enhance your ability to experience within your illusion. Thus, we speak as we have spoken, of limitation and infinity being recapitulated within your own being and of this process being fueled by your will to seek and your faith that the seeking will bear fruit.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you. I enjoyed you.

I am Q’uo. We have greatly enjoyed this evening with each of you, and we are happy to join this group at future times, as you would call them. And we look forward to the opportunity to blend our vibrations with yours. We shall take our leave of this group and this instrument at this time. Again, with gratitude and in joy, we leave you. We are known as Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.