(Carla channeling)

I am L/Leema. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose name we come to serve this evening. We thank you for calling us to your group for we are most grateful to have this opportunity to serve you and in serving you finding the most blessed service given to ourselves, for it is in service that we are able to move forward in our own refinement on the understanding of the ways of the one infinite Creator.

The request that has been made this evening is a layman’s discussion of the concept of three-dimensional time.

We shall do a bit of talking through this instrument while we are settling our contact with the instrument and deepening the meditation to the point where the instrument ceases to have any concern whatsoever for the channeling that it will be doing. This instrument knows little or nothing of this subject, far less even than your scientists who have, shall we say, only fragments of the conceptualization of the universe as we are aware of it.

We would like to express our desire that as we speak, those concepts which do not seem helpful to you be put aside immediately, for we are your brothers and sisters and our opinion is as fallible as our natures. We are those with somewhat more experience than those of third density, yet there is much we have to learn before we come to the position of bidding farewell to the incompleteness of our own sense of searching. And indeed, when that completeness comes, we shall be once again a portion of time/space and therefore be uninterested in communicating, as we shall be being drawn back to the source of All that there Is, and at that stage of evolution, will have a strong enough gravitational pull, metaphysically speaking, towards that great central source that we would be unable to communicate.

You dwell, in your meeting this evening, in a domicile that is rich in time. Although it has stood still in space, it has endured through many of your seasons and is full of years. It has not gained in size, yet it has gained in time. Each of you sitting within this circle has ceased to grow in the physical sense. The space which you occupy is that which you shall occupy insofar as your bony structure and your organs are concerned. It is within this instrument’s mind that poundage may be gained or lost, however, the point we are making is that as you dwell within your physical bodies in space/time, you dwell also in time/space, and as you grow more full in years, so you grow rich in time. This fullness of time is a characteristic of those who are seeking, and the sense of it and its wonder are most beneficial for the consideration of one who seeks the truth.

In a simplistic manner, we would use a description which we have found within this instrument’s mind in speaking of the difference between the world of space/time and the world of time/space. You would, in your physical vehicles and in this illusion of space/time, think little of setting out for another city. When that trip had been accomplished, you would again think little of your next journey, and so you would travel geographically to and fro in space. Within this house there is a long portion of time/space and were the seeker sensitive enough, it could within this house become aware of this house’s reality, shall we say.

In another year, a sensitive enough student would not think a great deal of moving back in time and experiencing in the stream of space the movement in time. Indeed, without reverting to the heart of the meaning of time/space, the mechanics of time/space are relatively simple. You call one of your planet’s journeys about the sun a year, and you number them after that which is thought to be the birth of a master teacher. Your year 1929 would be as Cincinnati to Louisville, the year 600 BC perhaps equaling Australia or Madagascar. Just as we do not notice when moving in space that time is anything but simply a flowing river, so in moving through time, space is seen as a simply flowing river. One place is as easily arrived at as another, as all places are in the stream of space. This is an illusion which is useful for travel outside of the chemical vehicle which is your physical manifestation within the illusion of space/time. Each of you has also a physical vehicle of another kind which is inextricably intertwined with the space/time physical vehicle which can and does move in time/space.

Thus, it is quite possible for each of you to visit your past or your future, for this is the illusion represented by the mechanical time/space. There are physical characteristics to what we may term geometric or mechanical time/space which are polarized to space/time in such a way that space/time and time/space, perfectly matched, equal among other things, the speed of light and the energy of that which is eternal. Perfectly matched space/time and time/space are not available within illusion, for the perfect matching thereof is the removal of illusion.

It is the mismatching of spaced time which gives to your space/time physical bodies the experience of moving through an incarnation. You will notice that in space/time, it is time upon which one focuses, although it is space within which one moves. In mismatching of time and space so that time is predominant, it is space which is noticeable and important, and time which is moved about in carelessly and taken for granted. Thus the physical space/time trip to Cincinnati would be as miraculous to a time/space entity as time travel is to you who have asked this question. It is the simplicity of the concept that tends to confuse the mind, rather than its complexity.

We would now move to the heart of the nature of three-dimensional time, bearing in mind, of course, as this group has asked us to do, that your concept of time involves a request to us, who are known to be somewhat wordy, to limit our answers in time so that the listeners may eventually move about in space, once again being free from our lecturing. We will therefore attempt to be reasonably brief.

Often and often members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator have encouraged each who seeks the one original Thought to move inward into silence and the listening. We ask this because it is, as far as we know, the single most efficient controllable method of achieving conscious experience of time/space, for within time/space dwells much of that which you call the mind. Much of what you experience goes unnoticed by the conscious mind which is dwelling in space/time, and which is a tool designed for use in space/time. All of your instrumentation of a scientific nature at this time, if you will pardon the misnomer, is given to the measurement of space/time phenomena. Time/space, when viewed from the standpoint of space/time, is completely subjective. Nothing which you experience in time/space can be definitively proven or reliably repeated, for the instrumentation for measurement of time/space phenomena is not in your present available.

Time/space is unknown territory. The word which perhaps more closely than any other in your language represents [it] is the numinal; another word would be the mysterious. To the space/time consciousness, time/space is shifting, illusive and unpredictable. And yet, the majority of your true mind dwells in time rather than in space, and is used for more efficiently processing that catalyst which is gathered during your incarnational experience in space/time. When you dream clearly, the portion of your mind which is dwelling in time—we will abbreviate time/space to time and space/time to space—speaks to you of that which you have not yet become aware in space.

Teachers, which are called by some, “angels,” and others, “inner plane masters,” speak within time and most often within sleep and often without memory. Yet still biases are formed and refined because of the interaction of the deeper mind with that world of three-dimensional time which serves, shall we say, as the backboard, if you wish to think of experience as a means of putting the ball in the basket. One’s conscious experiences in space are such that one may learn lessons without recourse to the deeper mind which dwells in time only by extremely accurate observation, which in this analogy, would equal the action of the ball so thrown through the air that it moved through the hoop without touching the rim or the backboard. It is seldom that one of your sports players develops the skill of a basketball game without recourse to the use of the rim and the backboard. It would be an inefficient use of the tools which such an athlete would be given for this game. It is equally unlikely that an entity will move through an incarnational experience without the use, conscious or unconscious, of the backboard of the deeper mind.

It would be an intellectual game to speak of parallel universes, of space/time and time/space. We ask that you perceive that in our opinion, this mode of thinking, while accurate, has to do with the mechanical space/time and time/space which are polarities to each other. For the metaphysical seeker, it is far more interesting to work with the concepts of what the time/space portion of each being can offer to the spiritual development of humankind.

We move back now to the concept of the river, if you consider time to be the river, as one in your illusion is almost forced to do when they see that the river never ceases flowing, nor is it patently conceivable that the flow of time will cease. In the illusion called time/space, it is equally incongruous to suppose that the river of space, or may we say, physical manifestation of energy fields which are polarized electrically, will cease. The river is a foreverness, whether it be the river in space or the river of time. The work of the spirit, however, is most efficiently done through the river of space which takes its nature from the illusion of time/space. You were in time/space before you came into incarnation in this space/time incarnation, and to that river you shall return, and time then, as before, shall become static. It is the stasis of time which enables the spirit to do so much with that tool in seeking, for within the body which is your chemical vehicle, you are subject to and bound by the river of time.

In time/space that river ceases to flow and you may remain in an eternal present moment so long as you are seeking to use the tools of time and flowing in the river of space. In this river of space lies each experience, and without the prison of time one may, unbarred and free, search out the nuances of even the most complex and difficult situation so that one may find the Creator and love, which is the Creator, in each and every experience and situation. Throwing off the trammels of time, it is possible to use the tools of many portions of a deeper self. It is possible to dwell what may seem to be long upon the most brief moment, for that moment may hold a key for you and it may be important to dwell within that moment, using the deeper tools and doing the work of the spirit, that is, the seeking of the truth.

We wish you the joys of that search. Truly, your incarnation, were it lost to the freedom of metaphysical time/space, would be far too short, regardless of the years in it, to accommodate learning to any significant degree. This is why the majority of your minds are each of the nature that dwells in time/space. When you go into meditation, you can experience this stretching of time until the time slows and ceases to turn in its inevitable cycles. Remember, we are speaking here of illusions, for the reality is a timelessness and a spacelessness which precludes experience. The goal of your consciousnesses is to seek out experience and to process it in such a way that you add to the Creator’s knowledge of Itself. Thus, it is necessary that space and time be mismatched.

In your illusion of space, time unbuckles and is undependable. All that is dependable about it is that it shall pass all too quickly and as more and more experiences come and are incompletely processed, time will seem to move more and more quickly, the river flowing faster and faster as more of time is needed to balance the space in which you dwell. In time/space it is space which is unpredictable and buckled. While you are dwelling as space/time beings, the movement into time is a movement into a freedom from time in the illusory sense. We encourage that movement, as it will with continued use facilitate the efficiency with which the seeker may process experience and transform itself, and through the transformation of the self effect the transformation of the greater consciousness which is that of family, society, nation, continent, planet and creation itself.

We realize that though we have used no words which are not familiar, we have undoubtedly given a less than adequate explanation of this simple concept, and for the deficiencies of language itself, and of illusions in general, we apologize.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

We feel that we can do no more than encourage and inspire the kind of indwelling [thought] process within each seeker which will lead each to a subjective grasp of this concept.

It is to be noted in this regard that the lack of time/space instrumentation is the cause of the inability of your intellectual minds, and more especially the minds of the scientific community, to encompass events which may be called paranormal. The events occur due to the spontaneous or conscious use of the combination of time/space energy in a space/time environment. The so-called subatomic particles which are so often discovered, disputed and researched by your scientists are the results of scientists poring so deeply into the nature of energy patterns that they become able to perceive time/space energy patterns in physical manifestation in space. These at least, being energy patterns, are reproducible, but inexplicable, and the discovery of them shall continue to be both inarguable and mysterious as long as discipline of the deeper consciousness is neglected by those among your peoples who wish to call themselves men of science.

This instrument is telling us that we have spoken overlong. We are sorry and beg your pardon. We are moved by the honesty and depth of seeking within the group to which we speak and would willingly speak further, yet for a general expression, this is undoubtedly more than adequate. Therefore we would at this time transfer the contact to the one known as Jim so that we may field whatever questions you may wish to ask at this particular time—if you will pardon the, shall we say, cosmic joke. We are those of L/Leema and in gratitude we now leave this instrument.

(Jim channeling)

I am L/Leema, and greet each of you again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our honor to attempt to answer questions which remain with those of this group, if we are able. May we begin, then, with the first query?

Did I understand correctly that we have a physical body in space/time and yet also a physical body in time/space?

I am L/Leema. In the time/space or metaphysical portion of creation, you have a metaphysical vehicle which is more, shall we say, filled with the substance of creation itself, that is, with light. The remainder of your statement is correct.

May we answer further, my brother?

When we experience physical death in space/time, do we then occupy this metaphysical body in time/space?

I am L/Leema, and this is correct, my brother. This vehicle has been called the etheric body by many of those adepts of your illusion which study the metaphysical nature of reality.

May we answer further, my brother?

Were the pyramids used in any manner to help those in experiencing space/time to experience time/space?

I am L/Leema. This is again correct, my brother. The nature of seeking the heart of evolution is of itself best described as a metaphysical process. That which is metaphysical is that which is of a primary or foundation nature. That which is physical springs from this foundation and is a manifestation of it, and through the physical illusion of incarnation upon incarnation, an entity distills certain attitudes and lessons that bias it toward further seeking of what you would call truth and the nature and purpose of life. The geometrical shape of the pyramid was designed to aid this process, and indeed did so by funneling the light of the Creator, which has been imbued with love and called by many prana, in such a way that the distortions and disturbances likened unto mental static fell away from the seeker and the pure desire to seek the truth was then intensified in such a fashion that a finely wrought pathway between the seeker and the greater truth or reality which it sought was then constructed which allowed the seeker to experience more and more of that which it sought.

May we answer further, my brother?

I don’t want to hog all the time. Maybe someone else has a question.

I have many questions. I really don’t know where to begin. I primarily want to know what my next step might be. I don’t know if that’s too personal for right now. Is it?

I am L/Leema. My brother, we seek to be of service in whatever way is possible for us without infringing upon any entity’s own free will choices. We view this query as one which offers the possibility of such infringement, for we do not feel it proper to look upon an entity’s life pattern and to describe to it that which is most likely to become its next experience from among the many potentials that await each. We can, however, suggest to any seeker who is desirous of placing the foot upon the path most securely as its next step that within the meditative state one may take this desire and open the heart of one’s being to the inspiration which the greater portion of yourself may move and speak to you who inhabits this illusion, and in such a manner may you then find for yourself the next appropriate step.

We would hasten to add, however, that to focus overly much upon what is next upon one’s spiritual agenda, shall we say, is in some degree to deny the appropriateness and efficiency of the present moment experience which is in itself whole, complete and most appropriately suited for your journey at this time.

May we answer further, my brother?

I’m afraid it would take up too much time for this group, but I’ve got lots and lots of questions. I appreciate your response to my question. Thank you.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

I was just wondering—the kundalini energy that we experience in space/time as individuals, is this a function primarily of energy in space/time or does it also have a component in time/space?

I am L/Leema. We may suggest, my brother, that all events which you experience within your space/time illusion are manifestations of, shall we say, greater or richer events within the time/space or metaphysical reality which undergirds all that you experience in your present illusion. The phenomenon of the rising of the kundalini, as it has been called, is most centrally related to the time/space nature of your experience, and is indeed a manifestation or fruit of work which has been accomplished upon the metaphysical level by your experiences within the physical reality.

May we answer, my brother?

If we could develop a tool of measurement of time/space in this illusion, what would it be like?

I am L/Leema. We may suggest that the most efficient tool for measuring the time/space nature of creation is conscious experience. As the point of viewing of the conscious seeker expands and penetrates the surface appearance of all things that surround it, then the seeker becomes more and more aware of the truer nature of all creation, and as its awareness becomes richer and deeper and broader, it then begins to encompass or measure more and more of the time/space nature of all that surrounds it. This measurement, as you may hypothesize, is unique to each entity and would be difficult to translate in literal, practical terminology. To another being, the communication of such measurement would be best accomplished by the communication of concepts, shall we say, and is that which is of the nature of the mind to mind or telepathic contact.

May we answer further, my brother?

At what density is L/Leema, and do you dwell in space/time or in time/space?

I am L/Leema, and it is our honor to inhabit that density that is of light, which in your system of numbering numbers five. Within each density of the creation, there is the phenomenon of dual existence, that is, of space/time and time/space, for each density within the creation recapitulates the dual nature of all creation, that is, the manifest and the abstract, the male and the female, the light and the dark, in general terms. These principles, then, are reflected within each density of creation.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Yeah, I’d like to clear up something that J asked. Is time/space that which awaits, i.e., the female, and space/time that which reaches? Is that the polarity?

I am L/Leema, and in an attempt to clarify the use of terms in a very general manner, the time/space or metaphysical portion of any density may be likened unto the female polarity which, awaiting the reaching, provides when reached for much of that which shall become the experience that is shared betwixt the polarities. The space/time portion of each density, then, is analogous to that male principle which reaches, and in the reaching seeks the experience that will enrich it by enabling it to know itself more and more as a unique portion of the one Creator, and which enable it also to see that about it more and more purely as the same Creator experiencing Itself in infinite variety.

May we answer further, my sister?

That being the case, is that the reason for the fabled woman’s intuition or the apparent relative thinness of the veil between the conscious and the unconscious mind of the female due to the fact that time/space has female characteristics?

I am L/Leema, and we find that this is a reasonably accurate analysis, yet is a function also of the manner in which your particular culture has nurtured the female quality or principle within the biological female entity, for it is unto this biological female entity that the access and use of such pathways to the deeper mind has been viewed as most appropriate, for these are indeed pathways which provide to the conscious mind much which is of a nurturing nature, that is, the insights which enrich the experience and perceptions of the conscious mind.

May we answer further, my sister?

No. I think I grasp the qualification that I realized that biological males have just as much capacity for intuition as women, it’s just that the culture doesn’t encourage it in men as it does in women. I believe that was your qualification, wasn’t it?

I am L/Leema, and this is correct, my sister.

Thank you.

And we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I have one more. Is the Urantia book familiar to you, and if so, is it of a valid nature, in your opinion?

I am L/Leema, and we are indeed familiar with this writing of which you speak, but we again do not desire to influence one’s free will in an undue manner by seeming to judge the value of any work, for there are many who would find great value in this work and many who would find less value. The value is a function of not only the work but the one to whom the work is made available and the needs of that particular entity at that point in its evolution.

May we answer further, my brother?

That seems like it would hold true for many other written things that we have, such as the Bible and general written material. Is that true?

I am L/Leema, and this is correct, my brother. May we answer further?

One thing in specific. About the Urantia portrayal of the universe, the physical universe. Does that seem to be something that you could put your, “Yes, this seems like a reasonable approach,” or, “It seems like an interesting approach to me, anyway”?

I am L/Leema, and without risking infringement, my brother, we may suggest that there are many, many points of viewing the infinite creation which each contribute a portion of truth and a portion of distortion, for those entities such as yourself and all which exist within this infinite creation are unique in their ability to experience, to formulate concepts and to move forward in thinking from those concepts, and thus there is a great variety of points or places from which to view the one creation of the one Creator. Each is true and each is false, for that which is the one creation is beyond all definitive description. And yet, each description reveals a portion of That Which Is.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am L/Leema, and we again thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

L/Leema, how’s the energy of the instrument?

I am L/Leema, and as we scan this instrument, we find that there is the necessary energy for another two or three of your queries. May we attempt another query at this time?

I’ve been reading a book which has a good deal of mythology in it and one of the realities it posits is the reality of a fairy world. It’s a retelling of the King Arthur cycle of legends. I have always suspected that these worlds are real in another illusion. It’s hard to say “real” when you know that it’s all an illusion, okay, but it’s another kind of illusion. Is that illusion co-equal with ours, just as male and female are co-equal energies, and space/time and time/space are co-equal and complimentary to each other? Is there a symbiosis is what I’m asking, a way in which that world helps us and we help that world, or are they simply two parallel illusions which happen to occupy the same space?

I am L/Leema, and we might suggest the term “available” to replace the term “co-equal,” for as the story of which you speak has been recorded by its author and shared with those such as yourself, the possibility of its influence upon your perceptions becomes available, that is within your own experience, perhaps that of the sleep and dreams, then it is possible for you to enter this particular illusion and to partake within it in a manner that enriches your total beingness, for indeed this is much of what the nature of what the sleep and dream cycle provides in the healing and enriching of an entity’s life pattern.

May we answer further, my sister?

Well, let me just try to put it together real quick here. So, just as you said we use time/space in processing space/time experience, so would time/space wherein the fairy philosophy is that the Earth is alive and to be worshipped in its entirety. It’s as easy in a fairy world to rape the Earth by plowing it as it is to rape a woman who is a virgin. And this kind of reality then is basically a time/space conceptualization which would enrich our space/time understanding of the Earth as a living being. Is that what is connoted by your previous answer?

I am L/Leema, and we find that you have indeed grasped the heart of our previous response and have enhanced it by your own description.

May we answer further, my sister?

Do you have any suggestions as to how we can dwell more honorably with this Earth of ours which is alive?

I am L/Leema, and we might suggest, my sister, that each thought and action an entity entertains is an expression of love in some manner, whether it be love of others or love of self. To attempt in each thought and action to give freely that known as love is to place the life pattern upon what you have called an honorable stance, for to honor another portion of creation, or entity, is to give that which each by the nature of its being requires to continue in its being. And that force which enables and ennobles all beingness is that which is called love. Thus is all of creation moved by its power. And to consciously seek to give this love to that which surrounds one’s incarnation is to…

[Tape ends.]