(Carla channeling)

I am Yom. I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to speak with this group and we thank you for calling us to you. It has been some time since I and my brothers and sisters spoke to this group, and we find that this instrument is apprehensive in its ability to be a useful instrument for us. However, we find no serious bar against using this instrument, for the vocabulary, if not the knowledge, of the instrument suffices for our purposes.

We would speak with you this evening about some applications of that which you call light. We shall begin with what may be seen to be a mechanistic description of the influences which light may have using various catalysts upon each entity. It is not known to your peoples the nature of light, for the necessary paradigm for grasping its nature is not available to your scientists. It is because of this lack of understanding that the nature of the crystalline structures have never been satisfactorily researched or understood by those you call men of science.

We find this instrument requesting that we amend this to men and women of science. We acknowledge the correction, realizing that within your biological illusion it is not obvious to you that all of you are men, that is, not sexually, but in the sense of being perfectly unified in essence so that there need be no dissension betwixt biological gender. We return to our subject.

Light itself, being alive and being the first creature created of love, forms all that there is. It furthermore in its creative freedom surrounds and interpenetrates in original form the structures which have been created by the influence of free will upon light. Thus, all that there is is not only made, mechanically speaking, of articulated light, but is also interpenetrated by limitless light, which some among your students of metaphysics call prana. We have, then, a vast array of crystalline structures, for you may term each atom an inchoate crystalline structure, that is, the active elements are inchoate, some being without the need to bond with other elements, are themselves articulated. Each element has the capacity to bond with other elements and form either non-crystalline or crystalline structures.

The nature of the crystalline structure—that is, the window or opening wherein limitless light may form an influence… We must wait while this instrument retunes. If you will be patient. We are Yom.

I am Yom. We have instructed this instrument to refrain from analysis, and we feel we have a better contact now, if the instrument can refrain from examining the words it uses. Unlike our fifth-density brothers and sisters, we do not have the ability to tune to a sufficiently narrow band of contact to enable this instrument to go deeply enough into meditation to lose the fear of speaking about that which it does not know. Therefore, the instrument must take conscious responsibility for being patient with us, as we give word by word that which we would that you could hear this evening, as many in the group have an interest in the applications of that which is called light. We continue.

The crystalline structures within your creation are many. Some crystals have properties in time/space, others in space/time, others in both. For example, galaxies, stars and planets have a time/space crystalline structure. Your own planet has such a structure. You yourselves are time/space crystalline structures. Those among you who learn to heal are manifesting in space/time that crystalline structure which is the essence of regularized light.

Therefore, light has many influences upon each entity, for the nearer stars and the planets of your sun system have regularized time/space properties which result in instreaming from planet to planet which in turn affect the crystalline entities of third density which inhabit the planet. It has often been questioned whether the art you call astrology has a basis. The basis, in fact, is most dry and scientific. It does not, however, yield to present measurement techniques, due to time/space properties inherent in the nature of crystalline structures. Thus, the orientation of your being at the time of conception shall affect the physical parameters of the illusory physical vehicle which you now enjoy. The orientation of this particular sphere towards the cosmos at the time of entry into incarnation has an effect over the mental, emotional, and to some small extent, the spiritual nature of the entity within incarnation, it being remembered at all times that each entity, though influenced within an incarnation, is as it is, was, and will be, changeless, unified with the Creator and completely whole.

However, in your illusion, you deal with the illusion of the state of the body and the state or nature of the personality. It is, therefore, interesting to observe that astrology is in fact the science of the crystalline properties of light in time/space, the influence of this upon the planet and the residual influence of entities in a particular place upon the planet of these crystalline structures.

The planet itself will influence entities to a varying extent, depending upon the development of time/space awareness in the entity as it moves through the incarnation, for not all Earth energies are the same as one would expect in a crystalline structure. Picture, if you will, the gem which is cut. If it is not properly struck by the tool which cuts it, it will shatter. If it is touched in a place which does not fracture, there will be no breakage, clean or splintered. So it is with your Earth. There are points of energy instreaming upon your planet, not only in your—we find this entity calls your illusion third density—but also first density, second density, third and fourth, all now activated to a large extent. In potential are also far more complex crystalline structures which will resonate when the planet achieves fifth, sixth and seventh densities. This particular planet has not yet done so, however, theoretical work may be done by those with the technical skill to pursue this field of study.

Thusly, there are instances where entities may desire to remove themselves from a given geographical location. In a sensitive entity, this well may be the result of an awareness in the deep mind that the particular location is not harmonious with the entity’s nature, or is not a place which is live enough, shall we say, for the entity to achieve the maximum energy or power from the crystalline structure beneath the entity’s feet.

Lest you find yourself believing in a mechanistic universe, we hasten to suggest that each cell within the physical vehicle has a great portion of its nature hidden in time/space and is in that portion in a crystalline structure which is open to influences from other crystalline structures. The greatest of these influences is that influence of the third-density entity which has achieved to some degree the manifestation in space/time of its crystalline nature in time/space. Such entities are often teachers, healers and leaders, those which serve as the watershed over which many entities will move and thereby be transformed, or in many cases, specifically healed.

The mechanical structure of space/time crystals is a good tool also, though not as efficacious as the crystalline being, for healing both physical and subtle or etheric. The use of crystals is an art rather than a science, because each entity using the same crystal will mesh its points of crystalline energy with the points of energy of the crystal itself in an unique fashion. Thus, one healer’s crystal may work well for it, while being inefficacious for another. However, the more highly evolved crystals such as the ruby and the diamond are powerful enough that very nearly any somewhat crystallized being may efficaciously use the ruby and diamond for the healing techniques.

It is to be noted in this regard, that it is well to work, if one desires this service of healing by crystals, with the lesser crystals first in order that one’s technique is able to keep pace with one’s power, for there is a great deal of power in the more articulated crystals, and it is well not to experiment with the more powerful ones before having become sensitized to energy instreaming by using lesser structures.

The most powerful crystalline structure may be perceived to be the self. As we have noted, the nature of each self is consciousness or being which is co-eternal, shall we say, with love itself. Each of you was created before your planet was created and shall be a being after the planet has become uninhabitable for third density. Thus, the great tool of light, the one we recommend to you, is the conscious use of the unconscious and almost always sleeping powers of the crystalline self.

This instrument, and perhaps some of you, have made light of writers who advocate the use of affirmations. We would suggest to you that if one is not satisfied with any portion of the being, it is well to write or use another’s affirmation repeatedly as a way of moving from conscious thought to concept to light to the sending of that light to the cells of the body or the brain or the subtle bodies in order that healing at the cellular level may take place. The light cannot infringe upon free will, therefore, if the—we find this instrument calls the etheric body the form-maker body, or the higher self—has prescribed an incarnational experience for the body in which one of the parameters is some physical dysfunction or mental dysfunction, the crystalline sendings will not cause the change the conscious mind may request. This is the only stop against the use of light by the self for the self for healing.

Consider yourselves stewards of the love that created you and the light that manifests you. In meditation, call upon the silence that you may hear the silence which speaks of love, and both in meditation and in contemplations such as the use of affirmations, offer yourself as instrument for the manifestation and realization of the limitless possibilities of creative light. We may note that while most affirmations find their benefit to people in the mental and emotional areas, physical healing is also quite available through the use of affirmations which, indistinct or poetic, prosaic or wondrously beautiful, nevertheless have the intent of focusing the light of the infinite Creator in such a way that it interpenetrates and enlivens each cell of each of your bodies.

Light is used in another way in your language and that is as the opposite of heavy. We would end by suggesting to you that to be full [of] light is to be light, that is, cheerful, joyful and resilient. This is not, shall we say, a characteristic encouraged by the catalyst of your illusion, and we are sure that time and time again each finds itself growing heavy. It is well, then, to recall the nature of illusion and the nature of time/space and its limitless love and light. While illusory, it is a far merrier illusion, and is as available to you as is the experience of difficulty after difficulty that the illusion of third density will offer you.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Yom. We shall conclude. Therefore, my friends, when you discover heaviness within the heart, you have a choice. It is acceptable to the Creator if you wish to experience the heaviness or darkness of the illusion. This informs the Creator just as efficiently as any other experience, and you are being of service to the infinite Creator whom we all wish to serve, by feeling terrible, sorrowful, or in any way upset. You may, however, choose to turn to some affirmation, one of what you call your jokes, or any inspiration which yields realization of light. It is without you and within you, interpenetrating each cell of your body and your brain and it is a tool for your use in learning the truth in seeking the love and the light of the one infinite Creator and in becoming more and more a polarized instrument, designed to manifest the Creator’s love and light to other beings.

We thank you for your interest, and as we have not said for so long, this is a good group and we thank you for requesting information that lies within our realm of inquiry. We have not previously contacted others in this group with the exception of making satisfactory, though limited, contact with the one known as A. We shall therefore attempt to make our vibrations known to the one known as L and the one known as Jim. We would now transfer this contact to the one known as L, asking this entity to feel free to express inner reluctance if it does not desire to be used at this time. We would then make this vibration available to the one known as L. We are those of Yom.

(L channeling)

I am Yom. I come to you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator and wish to express to you our appreciation for your attentiveness as well as for your consistent striving in your efforts to perceive beyond your illusion. It is our desire to be of assistance to those present whenever possible and we place ourselves at your disposal that you may call us as one would another self in moments of disquietment or confusion. We desire to be of assistance whenever possible and will respond if you simply open your self to our vibration and mentally request our presence.

We shall now transfer our contact to the one known as Jim. We are of Yom, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

(Jim channeling)

I am Yom, and am pleased to greet you again through this instrument in love and in light. We have quite a bonanza this evening in the utilization of three instruments, and for this we are most grateful. We realize that we have used a good deal of your time as you reckon it and your patience and [comfort] in speaking as we have spoken. We at this time would attempt to answer those remaining queries that you may find the value in asking. May we attempt such a query at this time?

I’d like to ask a question concerning affirmation. Frequently things or conditions which we desire to occur may be associated with our illusion and place us in a position of advantage in relation to our other selves. For example, one might be considered for a promotion in one’s area of employment and using an affirmation to attain that goal is an act which places one in a position of advantage over others who are being considered for that position. Could you discuss the morality of using affirmation, because I have some qualms in that area.

I am Yom. We may note two points of possible interest. Firstly, within your illusion you are never certain as to whether one position or another is more or less advantageous in the metaphysical sense. This is determined by those lessons which you have chosen to undertake and the services which shall be the fruits of those lessons. As to the morality of such affirmations and desires, within your illusion it cannot be said that one act is more or less good than another, for indeed these judgments are reserved for the point of view that is far wider than that which is possible within your illusion.

Secondly, the general nature of the affirmation is to specifically focus the attention, the expenditure of personal energy which is always at your disposal. Indeed, the life pattern itself without such affirmations of a specific nature is an affirmation of a general nature, for whatever you seek and in whatever degree you seek it, you shall eventually discover within your life pattern, for it is indeed true that as ye seek, ye shall find. To bend the will and exercise the faith by forming them around a spoken or visualized affirmation is to make the specific use of those powers that are always yours. This is likened unto utilizing the scalpel of the surgeon as opposed to a more crude technique of achieving the same results.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

No, that’s given me a lot to ponder. Thank you very much.

I am Yom. Our gratitude to you, my brother. May we attempt another query?

I’d like to understand something, because I share L’s concern about ethics. It seems to me that affirmations having to do with working on the self are what you were talking about, and affirmations resulting in power over others or something of that nature, although possible, would be along the negative path. Is this correct?

I am Yom. This is basically correct, my sister, for any tool may be utilized in the positive or negative sense. The tool, however, remains neutral. The choice of its use then lends the, shall we say, coloration of your ethical system.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yes, because I have known people that you could just say were lucky, but like L says, these are often people who say, “Well, I’m going to get that job—no problem—I’ll get a job; it’ll be a good job.” Or they’ll say, “Everything’s going to be fine,” or they’ll say, “Oh, this cold will be gone in a couple of days.” And they won’t say, “Gee, I hope I get the job,” and they won’t say, “Well, I probably won’t get the job.” They’ll just from within themselves have the buoyancy of spirit to say, “Oh—no problem—I’ll get a good job, I just know it.” And yet they’re not attempting to be negative in any sense of the word. How do you draw the line ethically between that and the negative use of power?

I am Yom, and again we would suggest that we would not draw any line for any entity, but would rather suggest that each entity will determine for itself the motivation for its actions and thoughts. Much within your illusion is shrouded in mystery, including one’s own awareness of one’s own motivations. It is most difficult to untangle the life pattern of any being. One may observe such entities and make judgments for oneself, and yet the value of such judgment is personal unto yourself, for you cannot know the forces that are moving within another, their purpose and their means of manifestation. Each entity undertakes the journey of seeking these inner truths for itself and does well to begin to glean the nature of one’s own experience. Therefore, it is well not to attempt to draw any line for any other being.

May we answer further, my sister?

Only in noting that in my own experience, the hardest entity to unshroud the mystery of is myself because I don’t have the objective point of view that other people do. I wonder if that’s a common experience?

I am Yom, and, indeed, this experience is shared by all within your third-density illusion, for the catalyst of thoughts, words and deeds that move through your being is colored in a unique fashion by your own preincarnative programming. Thus, what has charge in the emotional sense for you may carry little or none for another. Thus, the bias you have placed within your own being in order to learn and to serve in such and such a fashion is that coloration which you will use as your food and nourishment for your journey of seeking, learning to discover these biases, seeking their roots and then balancing each with its opposite so that your journey may be complete and your lessons and services fully expressed.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Yom, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I have one if no one else wants to speak up. The affirmation and the decree that I’ve heard, the understanding that I have, is that a decree is basically affirmation which is in multiples of three. Is there some reason or some explanation on why the multiples or repetitions of the affirmation being used is empowering? I don’t know if that is clear or not, but that is my question.

I am Yom. We may respond in a general fashion by suggesting that the repetition of any affirmation is likened unto driving the nail deeper into the inner conscious awareness in order that the focus of attention be firmly affixed to that which is desired.

May we answer further, my brother?

Yes. Then you’re saying the significance of the decreeing as opposed—with the thought in mind of three repetitions, this is not particularly significant itself, it’s just that repetitions as such will help to deepen that state of [openness]. Is that what you’re saying?

I am Yom and this is correct, my brother.

Thank you.

We thank you. Is there another query?

I have one more quick one for the sake of curiosity. In your discussion, you selected specifically diamonds and rubies as crystals that were specifically more effective. Is there a specific area of use that you would attribute to each of these two crystals? And if so, what are they?

I am Yom. These crystals were selected because of their purity of structure and what is seen in your illusion as the analog to this purity which is the hardness, shall we say, the sureness with which the structure is made, thus they lend themselves well to the general uses which one who is beginning in the study of crystals might begin with. The diamond and the ruby, then, would offer to the beginning student the greater ability to realize effects within the preliminary diagnosis of dysfunction and the basic treatment of such.

May we answer further, my brother?

Yes. Is there a capacity to perform in this manner due to their inherent qualities or due to our perception and value placed upon those qualities?

I am Yom. It is more nearly correct to say that their efficacy in diagnosis and treatment stems from the inherent qualities of the crystal. Yet, these qualities are combined with other qualities such as rarity of number and size which tend to make the crystals quite dear within your economic system of valuing.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Yom, and again we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

I have read that the entities of Atlantis have used crystals in healing. If this is true, does that mean that they used space/time crystals such as the ruby and diamond? Or does it mean that they somehow tapped the crystals of time/space which were earlier discussed?

I am Yom. The use of the crystal by these entities or any who would seek to utilize crystals for healing is accomplished by using a third-density space/time crystal in such a manner that the aura, as you would call it, of the one to be healed would be interrupted long enough that the diseased configuration of mind, body or spirit could be worked upon by the time/space or metaphysical analog of the one to be healed. If the one to be healed was able to utilize the interruption of its auric fields, and accept the more balanced configuration of mind, body or spirit, it is at this time that such a healing would be accomplished within the metaphysical or time/space realms, then to be translated to the manifest space/time illusion.

At this time the one serving as healer would then allow the auric field to be closed once again in order that the new configuration of a more balanced mind, body and spirit would become a part of the one to be healed’s experiential nexus.

May we answer further, my brother?

Is it true that the Atlanteans did use crystals for such purpose of healing? I’ll leave the question at that.

I am Yom. This is correct. May we answer further, my brother?

Were pyramids also used in healing in Atlantis?

I am Yom. This is also correct, my brother. May we answer further?

Could we today in modern times learn how to use such crystals for healing?

I am Yom. This is correct, and, indeed, many of your peoples are presently rediscovering these abilities which have always been within the ability of the population of your sphere.

May we answer further, my brother?

Would the ruby be considered a solidification of the red-ray light?

I am Yom, and we find that this is much too narrow an interpretation of this crystal’s full nature, for within each crystal, and, indeed, within the ruby lies the full expression of the spectrum of light, though in many cases there is the outer manifestation of one portion of this spectrum.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Yom, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Two real quick ones. First, would a spectroscopic analysis of a mineral, the colors of it, in any way correspond with the colors of the energy centers—question number one. Question number two, does the healing by the crystallized being, without the stone, work just as the healing through the stone?

I am Yom. We find that the analysis of the spectrographic qualities is relatively unimportant and not related to the crystal’s ability to aid in providing healing catalyst. Indeed, to move to the second query, the most important portion of the healing process is the one to be healed’s faith in the possibility of such, combined with this entity’s realization of the fruits of the so-called diseased configuration.

Also to be considered of primary importance—beyond that of the crystal and short of that of the faith of the one to be healed—is the crystallized nature of the one serving as healer, for it is indeed the case that each energy center within any entity is likened unto a crystal itself, and when each center is properly balanced, then the one serving as healer may channel the instreaming prana or limitless light of the one Creator through its green-ray energy center and therefrom through the crystal being utilized, and therefrom to the one to be healed in order that its auric field might be momentarily interrupted.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Yom, and we thank you once again, my sister. Is there another query?

I have one more question, and this may be off the wall or completely off the mark, and if it is, a brief statement to that effect would be sufficient. Would it be correct to state that the individual who is acting in the role as healer attempts to maintain within himself as a crystal a balance of the various spectra of light and that the crystal itself acts in the manner of a capacitor, that the healer attempts to project a balanced spectra of light to the individual to be healed through crystal, the crystal in the manner of a capacitor delays that projection until a balance of the spectra has been attained and then allows it to project, thereby giving what is intended instead of the variations and fluctuations which would be existent in the human crystal at a specific instant?

I am Yom, and we may comment as follows. It is basically correct…

[Tape ends.]