(Carla channeling)

I am L/Leema. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most privileged to and grateful for your call to us this evening, and are most pleased to blend our life energies with the stream of your own vibrations. We rejoice too in the unity of the circle, for it is larger than you may think, as there are many who join with those within this domicile in order to lend desire to the seeking and therefore more clarity to the material. It is, of course, to be noted, and we wish you to take special note of this in light of tonight’s subject, that it is far more important, my friends, that you are together in the light, seeking the light, persistently, steadily, over and over again making of this sphere which you call your home a place where there does beam light even in darkness, than that any word of inspiration or information be transmitted. Were never another word to be transmitted through this light center, it is well to know as individuals and as a group that the love collected and given to the Creator in such group meetings and each by yourselves is what will make or break your society, shall we say, as a group.

The critical mass for achieving fourth density as a group is nearly reached. Therefore, each effort to add light to the planetary consciousness is by far the greatest service you can be at any time.

We now speak upon the subject of healing energy. The question put before us, if we may paraphrase, is this: if, as Dr. Andrija (Puharich) says, healing energy is eight hertz or cycles per second, how can one achieve that rate of vibration naturally and how can it be used?

It is to be noted that this group for the most part has much previous information about energy centers, therefore we shall speak of one heart energy center, or the green-ray energy center. Each ray and each combination of rays has at least one vibration, depending upon the combination of rays used for an activity within the undertones to a vibration. However, in the use of healing energy, one is not using healing energy as such. This must be emphasized, for it tells much about healing. The wave of what you would call the alpha state includes the eight cycles per second rate. In this state, the self is laid aside and the greater self is that which potentially the seeker can realize within the self. Therefore, there is an impersonal self which is far more pure, as you would say, than the waking conscious as it manifests itself. We say “clear” in the sense of vibratory tone.

This energy which is oblique and electrical in nature is brain wave activity, no more and no less. It is, however, that which occurs within the meditative state when an entity turns purely to the heart chakra and moves the brain wave energy in concentration to that locus. From that locus, then, enters a very pure love vibratory emanation, crystallized by the crystallized being which acts as a catalyst in the connection between the two green rays and in the interruption of the outer shell of the one to be healed in its auric sense. Once the auric shell has been pierced and the green ray opened in the one to be healed, the energy is sent forth and the one to be healed may choose healing at that time.

Love, my friends, is a creative, fiery, intelligent, and ever present source that is concentrated at the heart chakra of your beings and sent forth to nurture, to help, to encourage, to grow, and to transform. Such are the uses of protection. Many healings there are wrought by one who listens with a wide open heart. The listener may never speak, but the talker will feel the healing of green ray, which is love. The babe at the breast seeks green-ray nurturance. Milk is the second-density reason for the suckling. The green-ray exchange betwixt mother and child is the metaphysical reason for such nurturing as does take place in the suckling of an infant. Indeed, there is so much healing associated with the green-ray energy center that when something as far different, physically, from a person as your very planet is, is looked at in a nurturing sense, it is always described in terms of a breast, that is, putting one’s head upon the breast of Mother Nature as one lays one’s head upon the [mother’s] breast. We retrieve this reference, which we discover to be somewhat obscure, from the instrument’s reading of the letters of John Keats. 1 However, there are far more accessible instances of this as in other of your poetry.

As to how one may enhance the eight hertz center, we may say that it is not currently within the abilities of—we give this instrument the figure of 99.5 percent—cannot shield themselves from the effects of the transmissions spoken of, which vary. The human brain, you see, is able to manufacture only weak electrical charges and is therefore sensitive to similar vibrations. However, the use of this weapon is, may we say, less prevalent than was supposed and has only been used experimentally, and is not… we are sorry for these pauses, but we tread close to the Law of Free Will and we look for ways to avoid specificity.

This device is not what would be considered to be a life-threatening or quality-of-life-threatening problem for most probability/possibility vortices. That is, only in the event of a declared war would these devices be freely used.

As to how to enhance one’s own brain wave energy, we may note, as always, the efficacy of persistent meditation and opening to the silence. Perhaps the attempt is never perfect or even near to perfect. Perhaps one’s thoughts are led astray. This matters only insofar as the seeker allows this to discourage it from pursuing calmly and patiently the clearing mind. This is the work of a lifetime. However, the discipline of silence, not easily begun and not easily maintained, is all-important to the eventual and continued contact with intelligent infinity. This is the simplest and most important method of enhancing green-ray intensification and crystallization.

We need hardly offer the information that each attempt one makes to serve another is, when given freely and with no design other than to serve, a polarizing and crystallizing green-ray activity.

Thus, there is no time that is too insignificant of enhancing green ray and therefore becoming a nurturing and healing person. Each word that is spoken to mate or colleague, friend, stranger or seeming foe vibrates with intention. If the intentions are persistently compassionate, so you shall enhance development of green-ray crystallization and power as well as working oftimes upon higher energy centers.

We shall cease this discussion at this point, as we have noted in the past that we have spoken far too lengthily and we are attempting to clean up our act. We do enjoy your language and are very glad we are able to speak in your language, as it is very humorous with many idioms. We enjoy the American language very much. We are so grateful for having been able to speak to you on this subject, and would now leave this instrument with thanks, in order that we may transfer to the one known as Jim. We are those of L/Leema.

(Jim channeling)

I am L/Leema, and we are happy to greet you again in love and light through this instrument. We hope that we might continue our humble service by attempting to answer those queries which may remain within this group this evening. We remind each of you that our opinions are indeed opinions, though we may have experienced more of the journey than those present this evening, we wish no extra weight, shall we say, be given our words. Use them as they fit your needs. May we attempt a query at this time?

Last week we had a session on the use of light and crystals in healing. Would the use of the crystal be then to magnify or intensify the green-ray healing frequency from healer to the one to be healed in some manner?

I am L/Leema, and your statement is basically correct in that the use of crystals by those offering the healing energies which they are able to channel is a use which may enhance these energies and their availability, shall we say, to the one to be healed. The one serving as healer through its own balance of centers of energy is likened unto a crystal itself and when it is able to channel energies of the green-ray nature, then it charges or potentiates the crystal in order that it might vibrate in harmony with the one known as the healer and amplify the energies which this entity channels.

May we answer further, my brother?

If the heart chakra is the source of the green-ray healing energy from the healer, would the crystal then be placed in the proximity of the heart chakra for the most benefit to the one to be healed?

I am L/Leema, and this positioning is one fundamental position which any entity serving as healer may begin with, for its efficacy is most easily achieved for those who have worked for some time upon this path of service, but which have as yet not utilized the more finely tuned placements of crystal and techniques of use such as the use of the swung crystal which utilizes the transfer of the green-ray energy in a somewhat refined nature by allowing its movement through the right arm and hand and thereunto the crystal.

May we answer further, my brother?

Could you repeat that, and describe further that technique and first of all, what is the “swan” crystal and how is it used once more?

I am L/Leema, and the crystal which is swung from the right hand of the healer is a technique which is somewhat advanced in that it utilizes the spiraling field of green-ray energy that emanates from the heart chakra or energy center in a precise fashion which allows the one serving as healer to transfer or transmit the healing energy in a more precise fashion than is accomplished with the use of the crystal from the chain about the neck which places the crystal at the heart chakra location.

May we answer further, my brother?

Thank you. I understand now. Does the green ray—is that the only ray that vibrates at eight hertz? Does each ray, does each color of the spectrum vibrate with a different frequency?

I am L/Leema. The spectrum of colors which has its origin within the white light, shall we say, or prana, that is instreaming to each portion of creation may find a slight refinement as each color is filtered through the various centers of energy in the mind/body/spirit complex. Thus, the white light is instreaming in this basic fashion and may be utilized in a specific fashion by the one serving as healer. The use of this light by, shall we say, the usual configuration of energy centers of any mind/body/spirit complex then is according to a more widely diffused range of frequencies that center about the eight cycles per second, using this frequency as a foundation or background frequency which is then added unto by swings on each side of the eight cycles per second by each ray or energy center. The variation is not large, however, and is that harmonic vibration which enhances certain aspects of this basic frequency.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Is it possible to use a charged crystal to transfer the healing energy from the crystal to water, so that water may be used for healing? And if so, could you give me an explanation of that?

I am L/Leema, and, though this is indeed possible, it is not necessary to utilize any crystal for such a transfer, for the water may be seen as a crystal itself and may be directly charged or affected by the conscious intent of any entity seeking to use the water crystal for the purpose of healing. The charging may take many forms. It is possible to charge this crystal water by the placing of the hands above its surface and imaging by the mind and intention healing energies being passed through the hands and into the water crystal.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yes, please. Does it enhance the healing capability or is it necessary for this charged water to have healing effect for the person who receives it to understand and recognize the intent?

I am L/Leema, and though it is not strictly necessary that the one to be healed be aware of and consciously utilize such charged water, it is most helpful for the degree of utilization or efficiency for this entity to be aware of the opportunity and to consciously avail itself of this opportunity. For indeed, each entity is constantly bathed in such healing energies and according to the efficacy of any one to be healed in its desire to be healed and its opening of its own being to such healing, healing may take place, for the process of healing is one which occurs upon the metaphysical level as a direct function…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am L/Leema, and am again with this instrument. May we answer in any further way, my sister?

Yes, please. If there were a group and they wished to send healing energies within the group and from the group to those outside, or were to use energy charged water and share the water, does one have more efficacy than the other?

I am L/Leema, and as we consider the many possibilities in utilizing these techniques of offering the healing energies, we note that though the sharing of the water may in many cases be more helpful, such is often the case because of the one to be healed holding the viewpoint that physical manifestations or vehicles of healing are more helpful than that which it cannot see. Thus, it is often helpful to ground the healing offering in whatever fashion has significance to the one to be healed. If, however, the one to be healed is not present, the sending of the healing energies by thought may be the means by which the most efficacy is achieved.

May we answer further, my sister?

Thank you. I have just one more question on that subject. If the water which is used in this situation is placed in direct sunlight and receives the rays of the sun, preliminarily to receiving energies from the group, does this enhance its healing capabilities?

I am L/Leema. Again, upon the purely mechanistic level, the enhancement of the ability of the water to transmit the healing vibrations by such placement is small. Yet, if the intention of those seeking to serve as healers is to increase the water’s ability to serve as such a transmitting medium, this intention itself will carry far more weight, shall we say, in determining the water’s ability to serve as a medium of transmitting the healing energies. As you can see, we return again and again to desire, the focus of the will, and the intention of those seeking to serve as healers and the ones serving as the ones in need of healing.

May we answer further, my sister?

Well, my observation is going to be, then, that essentially it is the intention. It seems to me from what you said that the intention and the strength of intention of the ones who want to heal is essentially the only thing, that the crystal or the water is really not necessary if the intention of the crystallized healer is there. Would you comment on that?

I am L/Leema, and one may see the use of the crystal as a step upon the path of service of that called healing. The intention of the one serving as healer is that which is paramount. It may be that at some point within this entity’s progress that the use of the crystal shall be helpful in amplifying the fruit of the intention, that is, the ability to channel the intelligent energy through the green-ray energy center. It may be that the one serving as healer spends a great portion of its incarnation utilizing the abilities of the crystal in its service of healing. It is also possible that such an entity in its continued evolution of being shall be able to function without the need to utilize the crystal and shall in a more direct fashion channel those healing energies which it becomes more and more able to contact and transmit.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, that’s been very helpful. Thank you very much.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my sister.

I just wanted to check a couple of things. First of all, is the reason that we feel so instinctively more nurtured in the country than the city is because of all the second-density plant life which can’t help but do anything but vibrate in total love at all times—it doesn’t have free will yet?

I am L/Leema, and this supposition is basically correct, for within the natural environment, shall we say, the rhythm and pulse of the expressions of the one Creator move at a pace that is, as you have surmised, of an automatic nature, shall we say. The one Creator moves in a more clear and simplified manner, becoming more available to the third density entity within your urban environment. One may find that there have been various overlaid distortions which affect the natural rhythm available within your rural areas.

May we answer further, my sister?

Well, the other question was just another logical extension. It was that I’ve always noticed that salt water helps my arthritis a great deal or helps any wound to heal very quickly. And I imagine that there are perfectly good chemical reasons for that. But I also wonder if the water isn’t magnetized? Is it magnetized by the sun that shines as a symbol of love, or is it magnetized, for instance, [inaudible] that run around the ocean sending love vibrations, or is it naturally magnetized? Or what? Or is there another explanation, and if so, what is it?

I am L/Leema, and you may see the waters of your oceans, lakes and seas as large crystalline structures which absorb much of the instreaming light or prana of the one Creator in what you have called a more natural fashion. Thus, when one immerses the physical vehicle in any body of water, one is utilizing the natural ability of the water to absorb and transmit that vibration of love which is light and to feel the healing energies then is more easily accomplished by any entity who is in need of or seeking such transfers of energy.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

When one is in one’s backyard and is being aware and conscious of and directing thought and attention toward the local inhabitants, the chipmunks, the birds, the squirrels and so on, and directing thought toward them in terms of communication, is there communication from us to them, and also is there communication between those backyard inhabitants?

I am L/Leema, and this is quite correct, my sister, though the communication that you transmit may be received in a much simpler form, the second-density creatures are quite aware of this communication and of communication not only from others of the second density within their vicinity, but of forms and sources of communication that originate from areas and entities not visible to your own physical eye. And these second-density creatures, then, respond to a great variety of communication, your own directed communication being one of many, many sources.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you. That was very interesting.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Well, on one seeking to be healed without benefit of the crystallized entity healer, is there a technique by which the one to be healed could use crystals to his benefit?

I am L/Leema, and though the response to this query is in the affirmative, we find that it is more probable that an entity seeking to be healed would utilize techniques other than the crystal, including that which may be seen as the attempting to achieve the crystallization of one’s own being by utilizing the catalyst available daily in a fashion which penetrates to the heart of the entity’s pattern of lessons which in some fashion become distorted in those experiencing the diseased condition. The use of the crystal or the crystallized healer or any external source of healing is but a step, shall we say, or crutch, as it were, for the one seeking healing.

In all cases of healing, the process is accomplished when the faith of the one to be healed has been activated to such an extent that it is able to accept a new configuration of mind, body and spirit that more closely resembles the balanced condition for this entity. The use of sources outside of the one to be healed is a kind of triggering device that is useful to many because of the shared belief of many that in order to be healed, one must seek an healer or healing device.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my brother.

Yes, I have a question. It concerns healing somewhat, but more so, at least to me, it concerns the inner energy flow in a person’s body, and meditative techniques for acquiring an even energy flow or removing energy blockages in the nervous system and the circulatory system. I’m specifically referring to… In order to heal or to achieve a balanced inner strength, this flow is necessary, I think—now I’m asking for a comment on that. And I’m also asking for comment on a meditative technique to achieve this specifically, the practice of Tai Chi Ch’wan. Could you speak on that please?

I am L/Leema, and we would comment by suggesting that indeed the one seeking to serve as the healer must first heal the self in order that the ability to channel the instreaming intelligent energy or light may be enhanced to the degree that it may then be offered to another. The technique of achieving this balanced flow of energy is as we have previously stated, that is, the continuing awareness of the entity of those portions of its experience which are less than harmonious and the placement of these disharmonious experiences or blockages at the proper energy center, and then the utilization of the meditative state in discovering the balanced configuration that the dysfunction or blockage points toward. This in many cases will necessitate the untangling of many physical and symbolic symptoms as well as mental configurations that have held the diseased or disharmonious state in place for the entity.

When the balanced view of any particular distortion is achieved and seated within the entity through meditation, contemplation or the prayerful attitude, then the blockage or dysfunction is removed in that it [is] enlarged in its scope, shall we say, making available a larger point of view and a lighter channel therefore through which the healing energies may eventually be channeled.

May we answer further, my brother?

Just one thing. Could you comment on the use of physical movement, specifically Tai Chi, as a meditative technique? It seems to me that for a person with nervous energy blockages that—it seems to me that it’s easier to get into a meditative state if you can be in a concentrated movement type of meditation. It seems to work for me, maybe that’s all I need to say. Maybe I don’t need a comment, but if you have anything to say on that, I’d appreciate it.

I am L/Leema, and we would agree that such a technique is useful to some entities who are of a nature which can appreciate this type of meditation. Many, however, would find another technique more helpful in that the stilling of the mind would be more available as a result as a stilling of the body. However, this is quite variable among your peoples and we recommend that whatever technique feels appropriate be utilized and that the seeker remain alert to those refinements which shall naturally be drawn unto it as it achieves its purpose within the meditative state.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you, that’s fine.

I am L/Leema, and we would ask if there might be a final query before we take our leave of this group as this instrument is growing somewhat low on the energy necessary to continue its service.


I am L/Leema, and we are most happy to have had the opportunity to join our vibrations with yours this evening. We look forward to each opportunity with great joy. We leave each of you in that love and light which is ever present and available to all. We are known as L/Leema. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet you in love and light of infinite Creator. We not give instrument any trouble this time about coming in name of Christ because so many others have been giving her trouble about whether we do or not. We better tell her, “Of course we come in name of Christ—why would we send someone, we of the Confederation which cares so much for consciousness and its development, why would we send someone to live in Christ consciousness if we did not come in that name?” Our only gripe is that this instrument pick the one Jesus, who carried perfect Christ consciousness—so did some other good teachers—but we do not to argue that.

Of course we come in name of Christ. How else would we come? There is only one love and that love’s consciousness is Christ. That what we show, pure compassion, you know.

Okay. We come to talk about shadows. You know, you all think you so vivid there in this room as you sit and watch the sky far into the beautiful evening. You think maybe you should even paint the face a little even, eh, you women? Heh? Make yourself more vivid? Well, we tell you, you are nothing but shadow. You know what you do in this incarnation? Heh! You build. You are architect. You know what you build? Something you cannot see. That why you don’t know about it and you go about painting face and putting on funny clothes, eh heh!?

Now. What you build? First thing you build, you build something called you. What you gonna look like when you enter larger life? This instrument say “larger life,” she means death. Okay. We not know if we larger, but we have more fun—eh heh! Anyway, we want you to know that you are building something called you. You build day by day by weary, weary day. It is weary—we know—we not argue that. What we encourage is that you know that the face you see in the mirror is not what you are doing here. What you are doing here is you are building behind the shadow world that whole person that you can, are and shall be.

Furthermore, second thing. You build other things. You have mate—yes? Then you build a person—not you, not me. It called “relationship.” Okay. You not see that, but that what you building. What you putting into that building. You cannot control what your mate builds—you control what you build. Forget the shadows of your mirror. Forget what you can see and move to what you are building. You architects of the spirit.

We come to you in love and leave you in love. We come to you in light and so we leave you. We thank you for calling us. We getting our words better—heh?! We so glad to see you and we say good-bye. We Yadda of Confederation of Planets in Service to One Infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. From John Keats, “Epistle to my Brother George,” 1884:

    These are the living pleasures of the bard: But richer far posterity’s reward. What does he murmur with his latest breath, While his proud eye looks though the film of death? “What though I leave this dull and earthly mould, Yet shall my spirit lofty converse hold With after times. The patriot shall feel My stern alarum, and unsheath his steel; Or, in the senate thunder out my numbers To startle princes from their easy slumbers. The sage will mingle with each moral theme My happy thoughts sententious; he will teem With lofty periods when my verses fire him, And then I’ll stoop from heaven to inspire him. Lays have I left of such a dear delight That maids will sing them on their bridal night. Gay villagers, upon a morn of May, When they have tired their gentle limbs with play And formed a snowy circle on the grass, And placed in midst of all that lovely lass Who chosen is their queen, with her fine head Crowned with flowers purple, white, and red: For there the lily, and the musk-rose, sighing, Are emblems true of hapless lovers dying: Between her breasts, that never yet felt trouble, A bunch of violets full blown, and double, Serenely sleep: she from a casket takes A little book, and then a joy awakes About each youthful heart, with stifled cries, And rubbing of white hands, and sparkling eyes: For she’s to read a tale of hopes, and fears; One that I fostered in my youthful years: The pearls, that on each glist’ning circlet sleep, Must ever and anon with silent creep, Lured by the innocent dimples. To sweet rest Shall the dear babe, upon its mother’s breast, Be lulled with songs of mine. Fair world, adieu!