(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my friends in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege and pleasure to mingle our energies with yours at this time, and we would greet especially the one known as L, as this entity has not sat in physical proximity with this group for some time. We send love and blessings to each of you and are most grateful to be able to share our humble thoughts with you.

The evening that spreads about you at this gentle, quiet moment glistens with beauty and throbs with the heartbeat of many lives as we experience it through the ears of this channel. We find it to be most wonderful, and we thank you also for this experience.

We would share some thoughts with you this evening upon the subject of freedom. Freedom is very much in each entity’s consciousness at this particular moment in your solar year. Amongst you who call yourself Americans, you celebrate your independence and your freedom, the freedom that has been defined as “the pursuit of happiness.” Indeed, my friends, the nature of freedom in third density is in large part social. We would emphasize that this is true in more and more full a measure as your cycle draws near to harvest.

How is this so? It would seem upon the surface of it that the nature of freedom is intensely personal and individual. One’s inner freedom is to make one’s own choices of thoughts and ideas, to choose the manner of one’s agenda of living, and in all ways to pursue what shall enlarge happiness. And yet we would suggest to you that the deeper nature of freedom is no such thing.

You have heard countless times that the Creator manifested Itself as love—but what is love? You know that you are in pursuit of something called truth—but what is truth? The nature of love is such that it has created consciousness that is self-conscious. Each of you is love, thus each of you is the Creator. As the Creator is love, so therefore are you love. How then, we ask, does love seek truth?

Love chooses betwixt love of self and love of other self. We speak to those who are upon the path in which love is manifested as love of self and other self as self. If that were a mathematical equation, all the selves would be struck out and what you would have left with is the equation: service to others’ self is love manifested towards other selves. We ask that you ponder this not once, but many times, for the truth in this statement is not immediately apparent. In no way do we suggest a lack of love for self; we suggest only that other selves are loved as the self.

And what does this have to do with freedom? You are given freedom in totality. There is no holding back upon the part of the Creator; there are no hidden loopholes or clauses. You are free. You are free to do nothing. You are free to work diligently upon a personal agenda which has no contact with other selves. You are free to create a rigid agenda in which things for the self and things for the other self are compartmented. You are free to throw yourself into service of other selves at every available opportunity, whether service is requested or not. And finally, you are free to leave yourself open to the potential for the opportunity of being of service to others whenever that opportunity is offered. We have found the more virtue in the latter course, and this brings us to freedom.

For what we are suggesting may seem upon the surface many times to smack not of freedom, but of slavery. Let us observe slavery among your peoples. There is no time, as you call it, in the history that you know in which humans have not been slaves. There is a reason for that and that is this. To some, happiness—that happiness which is the manifestation of freedom—lies in seeing a loved one happy, in tending a loved one’s hurts, in tending and encouraging a loved one in distress. Many are those even now who are in actuality slaves against their will—this is not that of which we speak. We speak of those who love their masters and who are loved in return, and who therefore find happiness in service. Were slavery uniformly disagreeable to all, it would be attempted unceasingly, but it would be found to be counterproductive. It is those happy combinations which insure that slavery, whether traditional or untraditional, as in some marriage relationships, endures.

Now we are not suggesting that you choose a master and become a slave. Indeed, the scope is somewhat small in that suggestion, although it is not that learning and growth in the metaphysical sense would not be possible in this configuration of personalities. Rather, we are suggesting that freedom lies in the concept of oneself as a manifester of servanthood to any and all who cross the path.

Circumstances cannot be predicted by most among your peoples, and there are many surprises that await you, many unbidden and hitherto unheard of possibilities for service, and we would encourage you in this context to think of service in terms of slavery, for one of the great paradoxes of the spiritual search is that freedom and that service which approaches what you call slavery are both paradoxical and synonymous, for the totally dedicated entity, having heard the call to seek the truth, moves forth upon the path without looking back, and whatever the circumstances, looks for the opportunity to hear a call for help. When such an opportunity is perceived, it is then that the seeker offers itself in service, not condescendingly or patronizingly but as servant to all.

And if all are servants to all, then where shall be contention? And if all serve all—where is slavery?

The concept of service carries with it a semantic burden, a connotation of unhappiness or degradation of self. We ask you to consider the possibility that slavery, surrounded and infused with joy, is perfect freedom.

Service by itself shall always be a duty and shall not feel like freedom at all. Yes, you may learn many, many lessons without joy. It is the willing openness to the finding of peace and joy in the concept of the self as a servant which opens one to a freedom beyond that of human freedom. For in human freedom, you attempt to please yourself and gain happiness, and yet the happiness is caught up entirely in the pursuit and the goal is never truly attained. Not for those upon the path of service to others—and we again emphasize we are speaking to that group and not to those who follow the service-to-self path, against which we say nothing except that we are not those upon that path and do not presume to teach upon that path.

We ask you to glance back over your life experiences within this incarnation and look at the fruits of the seeking of personal happiness as “master of your fate and captain of your ship.” We suggest that some of these fruits may include anger, frustration, jealousy, licentiousness, quarrelsomeness and dejection.

We ask you now to consider the many times each of you has indeed sacrificed the self seemingly as servant of another when that other was in need. Remember doing all that you could and more, and feel again the peace that comes from knowing that you have done all that you can and that you shall continue and the joy that comes when in any small thing another self turns to you and says, “Truly I have asked you and truly you have served.” And so the fruits of service to others, though challenging to accomplish, are joy and peace that no man can take from you lest you take them from yourself, for you only can undo the work that you have done within yourself. And on that head, we would admonish you not to judge yourself when you have served to the best of your ability. If you feel you could have done better, remember then, you have done all that you can and be again at peace and allow joy to enter your being.

Spiritual peace is a terrible thing in the parlance of what you might call your culture, the ethos into which you were born, for it is a peace that comes from having exhausted oneself in an effort to serve others and setting again one’s foot on the path, looking again for the next opportunity to serve, wherever it may be. Thus, one is at peace without having a spiritual contentment, shall we say, for you do not have a spiritual resting place in the sense that your body has a domicile. You are on a path. That path will continue and you will be where you were not and you will never be where you are now again. This is not so of those who do not attempt to become servants of others. The inner life for those who sleep is as stable as the outer, and a peace bound up in quiet dreaming is most glamorous and may take up an entire incarnation with no problem whatsoever for those who have not yet found the spark that sets them upon the path.

Spiritual joy can be a frightening thing, for it is a joy which has its roots in a love that is mysterious, for it is the manifestation of a sense of the Creator which is mysterious. You may experience joy, but it is an unknown joy, an unspeakable joy, a happiness which is both silent and creative. In this regard we encourage you to remember that anything at which you look is not only the Creator but is also less than the Creator.

We are fond of paradoxes, are we not? Let us clarify. The Creator is not only each tree, each stone, each bird, and each conscious entity. It is also the mystery that created these things. It is the invisible, the infinite. Why does it say in your holy works that the trees clap their hands and the mountains dance like rams? Does the Creator play so? You may look at it that way, but it is also possible to recognize the signs of worship and praise of a Creator that infuses all with love and joy.

My friends, you are far more complex than trees and hills, and within yourselves you have many, many beings interpenetrating each other, communicating with each other, and forming one whole and conscious hologram of the Creator. And yet there is also that mystery which you seek that is beyond and within your consciousness. As you approach what you call your Independence Day, we ask you to gaze many times at the concept of freedom, for there are many metaphysical systems which indulge in a hedonism that suggests that the Creator shall be used as a panacea to achieve happiness, prosperity, health and all manner of positive and comfortable things. We suggest to you that true happiness is often quite uncomfortable and yet so exhilarating that once having been experienced, it shall be the way you seek to manifest love.

Love one another, my friends. Serve one another. And find your freedom, your joy, and your peace.

We ask your pardon for causing what we so enjoy, the sensations of third-density incarnation. You are so rich, my friends. Feel it. Such a wealth of things to hear and see and taste and smell and feel and all things servants to you, there for your learning, your contemplation and your discretion. Open, then, the doors of your heart and love each other, and you will find yourself loving all manner of things and finding the life that you serve in the veriest blade of grass.

We are known to you as Hatonn of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We are, if you will, your slaves for the moment, and we are filled with great joy at the thought that we could have been of some service to you at this time. We do not know what you may be able to use from what we have said, and we ask you to discard anything that is not helpful to your development at this time. We do indeed hope that we have been of service, but we know only this we have offered, this channel has offered, and you have offered by listening. And all have been of service, one to another. We leave you in the love and the light of perfect freedom. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We, too, are filled with joy at being able to join your group this evening, and we hope with our brothers and sisters of Hatonn that we may serve in some small way by attempting to answer those queries which each may find value in the asking. May we then without further delay begin with the first query this evening?

If I may be the person to read that, it would be a rather small inquiry from someone who isn’t here this evening, but is concerned about carrying on some positive work. The sale of a violin—although I know this may sound a little enigmatic, the exact wording of the question merely says, “Concerning the expediting of the sale of my violin, any suggestions?” I just would offer that in behalf of that person not here. [Inaudible] The name of the person is J.

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find in this instance an entity who has for a great period of your time attempted to be of service through those avenues which have been opened unto this entity and the construction of the instrument which has been described as the violin has been of an inspirational nature which this entity has become aware of in an increasing fashion as a result of certain discoveries or revelations, shall we say, which have made this entity likened unto an instrument itself.

Thus, as those inspirations become available to the conscious mind of this entity through its increased desire to seek the truth and to serve others, this entity shall find its own directions continuing to be placed before its inner awareness. Therefore, we find it most helpful, we feel on our part, that we speak only in these general terms and urge the entity to redouble its own desires to seek and to serve, for these motivations are the key factors that will release into this entity’s awareness those actions, thoughts and attitudes that are most appropriate in providing the service through its own instrument and those which it manifests within the…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am again with this instrument. May we answer in any further fashion, my brother?

I thank you for that reply. I think that certainly covers that question. If I may, I should perhaps, if I’m able, read the one other question from this same party that is perhaps more profound, difficult and complex to reply to. I will again read it as he wrote it so as to pass it along, and it reads as follows: “Is the technique of endocrine chakra stabilization and detoxification a suitable modality as I’ve developed it in the treatment of AIDS; if not a cure, possibly a palliative?”

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We scan the information and trace the implications and may without infringing upon the free will of this entity suggest that the technique which it has devised to treat the condition that is known among your peoples as AIDS as being that which is at the basic level of understanding, if you will, sound. This initial beginning is that which with further study may be refined so that the basic process of balancing the entity’s centers of energy in the fashion described may be enhanced as the patterns of behavior are themselves traced into what you would call previous incarnational patterns.

Thus, the scope of treatment would include not only the current incarnation, but would stretch back, as you would say, to include patterns developed in previous experiences which are of a significant enough nature to be carried over into the current incarnation in a symbolic fashion which then, when unattended by conscious work, provides the opportunity for increased conscious effort by taking a form of a disease or disjunction which requires immediate attention.

Thus, one area which may be fruitfully investigated is the heart chakra or energy center as the entity sees itself in relation to the creation about it and more specifically as it sees itself giving and receiving love with the mate in the relationship which endures, shall we say. The relationship of mates, as you call them, is one which provides an entity with increased and intensified opportunities to learn and to teach, to give and to receive love. And when accomplished over a significant portion of what you would call time and experience with the dedication of each to the other to be of this service, the lessons and patterns of programs within each entity may be attempted in a manner which is far more efficient than the kind of relationships which are constantly in change and motion with little stability or dedication to service.

May we answer further, my brother?

Thank you. I think that is a very positive beginning on that question. I don’t know what further to ask about it, it really is for another person and I’m glad for the reply that is provided as we have.

I am Latwii, and we thank you and your friend. Is there another query?

I have a question that may seem to be whimsical, but it’s not, because I don’t, spiritually speaking or metaphysically speaking, believe in coincidence. I’ve noticed for a long time that the word AIDS means “helps” in English, not as an acronym but as a word. Could you speak to the subject of how AIDS is an aid to spiritual growth?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We may suggest that as with any disease, as you call these conditions, the condition of AIDS is that which focuses one’s attention upon the most salient feature, shall we say, within one’s being that is in need of the attention of the entity. When catalyst or the opportunity for growing and fulfilling those patterns designed before the incarnation by the entity has not been well used or appreciated sufficiently by the conscious mind, then that catalyst is given to the physical body in a symbolic form which then may be more successful in attracting the attention of the entity in order that its own desires to learn and to serve in such and such a fashion may be fulfilled. The physical disease, thus, is that which offers again the opportunity to accomplish certain lessons.

We may in general continue with the previous response by suggesting that one facet of the condition known as AIDS which many share, each in a unique way, is that of the fidelity, of giving and receiving love. That is to say, it is most helpful and efficient for most upon your planet to find the mate with which to journey upon the path of seeking the truth, as you have called it. For some, this efficiency in seeking is not only appropriate, but is by their own choice and design most necessary in order to complete patterns begun in previous incarnational experiences. Thus, there are, shall we say, training devices or aids, in this particular case provided by the entities themselves, that enable a more finely focused attention upon the symbol of the lessons and services that they have programmed before the incarnation.

May we answer in any further way, my sister?

Yes, in two ways. First, I would just like to clarify what I suppose to be correct from previous questions that we have had answered in this group. Can you confirm that in many cases the mate of a male biologically will be a biological male; the mate of a biological female will be a biological female? In other words, would you confirm that you are not suggesting that only the biological males and biological females can achieve a mated relationship?

I am Latwii, and this is correct, my sister.

Okay. The other question is typical of my rather pessimistic nature, but it seemed to me when contemplating AIDS that one of the things that it might help to do is offer a very unhappy person a rather rapid way of dying. This is one of the functions of disease, not to be sentimental about it. And further, not to be sentimental, but it is absolutely appalling how many ways homosexuals are beleaguered in this culture, not just in obvious ways, but in very subtle ways having to do with upbringing and self-image. Therefore, there is many a wretched homosexual just totally caught in the toils of human opinion, and I thought perhaps that that might be one of the reasons for AIDS would be a fairly speedy delivery from such an unhappy condition that could no longer be borne, but it would be an honorable way to die. Could you either confirm or correct this possibility, this supposition?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We may suggest that the condition of AIDS is that which offers the choice. The entity may use the opportunity of the disease to discover those means by which it may find its own bearing, shall we say, with another and with that other seek in a fashion which unfolds life more abundantly as the condition is used and the catalyst is successfully processed.

There is, however, the choice of which you have spoken, and with the same opportunity the entity at some level of its being may decide to retire from this particular incarnation in order that that which has been learned may be seated within the totality of the beingness of the entity and that which has been left unlearned may be formulated in such and such a fashion so that at another time, as you would call it, another incarnation may be provided for the learning of those lessons.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Well, I’m tempted to ask one that’s a sort of a difficult question, and I would be grateful for whatever reply could be given. In the fullness of my question, I think the core of it is I’d like to understand a little better what the difference is between different so-called levels of teachers. In the studies I’ve pursued, frequently a particular entity or source is referred as causal teacher or from the high Buddhic plane or providing perspective from the astral plane, and if you could, Latwii, comment upon this issue of discarnate teachers coming from different planes, perhaps giving an example of one from one or the other plane or what is meant by these planes and distinguishing the teaching thereby?

I could try to make the question clearer, but that’s the general phrasing I can come up with.

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. Within your planetary influence in those portions which are of the metaphysical realms, shall we say, those which are unseen, frequently referred to as your inner planes, there are various levels of understanding, shall we say, much likened unto what you could call a spiritual distillery. Light and love as realized in a pattern of beingness which you can call an entity or a mind/body/spirit complex, then, is radiated, for the positive path, in a more and more efficient fashion according to an entity’s success, shall we say, at moving itself along the path of evolution and into greater and greater realization and unity with the creation about it.

Within your planetary influence there are then various levels of light beings which gather themselves in a fashion which is appropriate to their understanding or their ability to transmit the light through their crystallized beings. These levels of existence have been termed by many of your population in various and sundry ways and described differently by different groups.

That which is generally referred to as the astral level is that which itself contains seven basic frequencies of vibration, shall we say, with the lower levels comprising those entities which are of the grosser form of thought and which in many cases are creations of the darker thoughts of the population of your planet. As one proceeds through these lower levels which are of a darker nature, one may find that the efficiency of the light transmission by the inhabitants of each succeeding level grows greater and brighter until at the upper levels of the astral planes one finds beings of greater light which may move in service to others by serving as what you may call guides or angelic presences, and may or may not make themselves known through your spoken words, whether verbal or mental, but nonetheless, move in service in whatever fashion the entity they have chosen to serve can understand or perceive.

As one moves beyond the astral planes or levels of vibration one enters what has most frequently been called the devachanic planes of experience. These are also frequently called the heaven worlds of your planetary influence. Within these realms of vibration, also numbering seven at the basic level or in the basic manner of description, one may find that the population is somewhat reduced in number but is more efficient in transmitting the love and light of the one Creator to those whose seeking attracts or calls for their service. Again, service in this general level is that which is more of the specific call being answered rather than the constant guiding or watching over the incarnate entities of your third density as is the nature of the upper astral levels.

These beings which inhabit the devachanic planes in the lower levels of these planes, then, move to answer specific calls. Within the upper frequencies of the devachanic planes, there is less and less desire to serve in the manner of communication with the third-density incarnate population of your planet. The service at this level of vibration takes more the form of the sending and in some cases the providing of light, love and healing to the planetary entity itself and to larger portions of the population of your planet than one or two or a few of your entities which may call for service and receive it from other levels of either the astral or devachanic planes.

We would prefer not to name certain entities that may be placed in one level or another, for to do so would be to seem to judge, for many upon your planet view one level or another as being higher and therefore better than another, when in fact, each speaks with the voice of the Creator to the Creator which calls for that which is of the appropriate vibration of service.

May we answer further, my brother?

I think that’s a very good reply, and I appreciate it. I don’t think I could qualify the question further except that the Ra material makes a reference to the gateway to intelligent infinity and I wonder if that corresponds with other systems referring to what are called the Buddhic planes, and that would be the only final part, I guess, to ask you.

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We would suggest that the contact with what has been called intelligent infinity may be seen not just as that which contacts higher and higher levels of vibration within a planetary influence, but that which reveals unto the entity experiencing this contact the nature and unity of all creation and all that which lies beyond creation, all that from which creation springs. Thus the contact with intelligent infinity is the fully experienced presence of the one infinite Creator.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you very much. That covers it.

I am Latwii, and we thank you again, my brother. Is there another query?


I am Latwii. It has been our great honor and privilege to blend our vibrations with yours this evening. We hope that each is aware that we share our own experiences and our opinions which are most fallible. Please take that which has value and leave that which has none in your own journey of seeking. We are your brothers and sisters who have traveled perhaps a bit further upon that same path which we share with you. We travel with you always, as does the great company of seekers both seen and unseen which moves in service, each to the other and all to the one Creator. We are known to you as those of Latwii. We bid you adieu for this evening. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.