(Carla channeling)

[I am Q’uo.] I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a privilege to join in your group meditation and we thank you for this honor.

It is an interesting unity that all your energies make together, and we shall pause from time to time in our message in order to align ourselves with the shifting nuances of the group unity as it is more subtle than most within the harmony of those who seek. And perhaps it is to that diversity in unity that we would speak this evening, for although love is always the same and the one original Thought remains the mystery that it always has been and always shall be to the conscious rational mind, yet the codes of perception of this one original Thought of love are many and varied, not only from person to person, but in each person from moment to moment.

Each of you seeks the truth and yet the truth comes in different clothing at different times. This is not due to the nature of the truth, but to the complex rational mind’s perceptions which have a rhythm of rate of permeability, shall we say, so that each entity is constantly shifting in its ability to perceive, not only because of physical, mental and emotional rhythms, and indeed not only because of the regular spiritual rhythm, but also and perhaps most importantly because of the irregular and unpredictable nature of transformative energy.

The irregularity of your own spiritual cycle can be maddening to the seeker, for the seeker knows the intensity with which he has sought for the truth, and when he knows that the intensity has been even, steady and strong for a significant period of time, there is a tendency for the seeker to take his own spiritual temperature and be disgusted at the result. This is inevitable, for it is only rarely and unpredictably that the mists of illusion can clear that extra amount and perception can be heightened.

It is one of the many paradoxes of spiritual seeking that although one can choose to seek and thus quicken the tempo of spiritual evolution to a great degree, one can never rule the moments of transformative realization. Therefore, one is much like the watchman who patrols night after night and year after year. But only once—and at the burglar’s convenience—does he find the object of his ceaseless searching.

It is perhaps well to remember this when one has the tendency to feel different from those who do not seek consciously, for you and one who does not seek, though different in a great many conscious and rational ways, have precisely the same number of opportunities for transformation. The transformations are small and fewer in one who is not consciously seeking, firstly because one who is not consciously seeking may miss the potential of a transformative period by interpreting it as a completely negative circumstance and denying it any reality. Also and perhaps more importantly, the same opportunity for transformation not accentuated by the determination to progress spiritually produces a far more pale version of transformation, a small step rather than a large one.

We shall pause, as this entity is somewhat distracted.


I am Q’uo, and I am again with this instrument. We greet you once again in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, and are sorry for this pause, but the instrument was losing depth of concentration necessary for this contact and we did not wish to give you faulty information due to mechanical problems. If we have faults—and I am sure we do, my friends—let it be because of true mistakes that we make and not because of faulty transmission. We would request that those in the circle, remain. If any in the circle wish to leave, we request that it be done now. It is far better for any instrument when the energies in the circle are unified and stable. We thank you for your patience.

There is much that we would say to you of courage and cheer and yet we know that those are empty words, and so we offer a feeling to you, and would ask you to feel with us the love that we have for you. We ask you to relax and to allow the truest self that you know to be vulnerable to the love of the Creator which we hope we reflect, for beyond all transformation is the creative power of love.

It is so easy, my friends, to take the spiritual temperature, to be critical of the self and judgmental, and yet, we ask you to consider whether it is most helpful to rely on the one strong point, the great forte of conscious seekers, and that is the love that they have felt and found and wish to know more about, whether that love is defined as the beauty of truth or that which created all that there is, or is personified in a religious sense according to the needs and distortions of any particular seeker. That love, my friends, whatever it be called, however it is perceived, is truer than other perceptions, for it is a distortion of that which is original, whereas all other things are distortions of that which was created by love. All other things, therefore, are the shadows of a shadow.

Focus, then, on love, a feeling, a non-thing. It cannot be grasped and yet all have felt it, have basked in its glow, and we come to you because you called to us and said, “Tell us of love, speak to us of light.” My friends, would that we could inspire you with words as we can inspire you with feelings. Yet feelings lie beyond words, as their source is a deeper river of consciousness, closer to the source of love.

There is a breakthrough, shall we say, that lies ahead for you, and we encourage you to keep your eye fastened upon the goal as you move through transformation after transformation and may find yourself weary wondering if all that there are are changes. There is a point at which you may find it possible to perceive in a steady state. There is a point at which the rhythms of transformation are no longer relevant. It is far in your—may we use the word future, for want of a better one—for most of you, and the way may seem long. Yet there are always those who share your journey to keep you company along the way.

The more you allow naive emotions like enthusiasm, joy and laughter to pervade your experience, the more you encourage the innocent things in yourself, the quicker will be your progress in polarizing to a positive enough state where that which is love may be touched, not just when the fogs of perception lift, but between those times, because you have contacted enough of what this instrument would call intelligent infinity, what we call the one original Thought, that you are able to reproduce the vibration which opens perception to love.

May your meditations be regular and fruitful, and if you do not think they are fruitful, may they be regular, for my friends, you cannot accurately predict your spirituality. We have yet to find a third-density entity of sufficient objectivity within your illusion to assess the self accurately. Turn from criticism of the self to encouragement. Turn from negative and neutral to positive in your assessment and your directions to the self. If you are disappointed, be disappointed in one who has made an error, but let your positive affirmation be that you shall avoid error, that particular error, in your next experience. And with ill negative emotion washed from your self assessment, feel your load lighten and your step become more brisk, for all of you, as do all of us, rest in love, that love which has created you and all that there is, that love which makes all one, for all are holographs of the same Thought.

It is with reluctance that we listen to the mental request of this instrument that we “wrap it up,” as she put it, so that questions may be asked. This is an interesting group, as we have said, and there is much we could share, and perhaps we shall at another time, but for the present, we wish to transfer to another instrument in order to offer the opportunity for questions. Therefore, we will leave.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet you once again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to attempt to respond to those queries which those present may find value in the asking.

May we begin with the first query?

Yes, I have a question. It’s about trees. When we go to trees and we recognize in our consciousness that they are a first density—I think they’re first density—and that they were created by the one Creator, do the trees understand when we talk to them? In their own way? Do they give out love? If you hug a tree, do they feel the love that you give to them in a certain way? This I would be very interested in knowing the answer to.

I am Q’uo, and we find that your assumptions are correct except for the level of consciousness expressed by those that you know of as trees. The second density is the proper designation for this particular form of conscious expression, for it has taken that basic awareness of being that has developed within earth, wind, fire and water and has added unto it the form that expresses a simple movement and growth that is not available to the first-density expressions of the one Creator.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yes, I’d like to know how the trees know when to lose their leaves. Is this an inward intelligence? If the weather remained warm through December and January would they still change in fall, the leaves, or is it triggered, through the sun’s rays? What triggers the trees to tell them when it is winter and when it is summer and when it is spring. Is it strictly the sun?

I am Q’uo. The entities that you know as trees are integral portions of the one creation, as are all individualizations of the one Creator who has set all that there [is] into motion. All of the creation moves in a rhythm with variations upon a theme, shall we say. All portions of the one creation partake in cycles of growth and [death], as you would call it, cycling again from one to the other, from the receiving to the giving, in order that each portion of the one creation might gain in what you may loosely term as experience, and through that experience come to know the self as an individualized portion of the one Creator and the one Creator as the source of all that there is.

Thus, those entities that you know as trees, moving with their own rhythms, are affected by a number of forces, as you would say, that cumulatively cause these entities to move in their own cycles and to produce a number of outward effects that are visible to your eye, including the dropping of the leaf forms, and when the new season begins in the spring, the development amongst those who have dropped their leaf forms, of yet another crop, shall we say, of these leafy structures. The sun, the rotation of your planet, the location upon the surface of the planet, whether to the north or the south of that line known as the equator that divides your planet in two, the internal programming of these entities known as trees which responds to these outward forces and other more subtle rhythms that are not as easily apparent as those we have mentioned, together work to cause the cycle of seasons to have its effect upon these entities that you know as trees.

Thus does each portion of the creation move in its own rhythm and affect each other portion of the one creation in a fashion which may be subtle or overt, inner or outer, small or large.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you very much. You’ve helped me.

I am Q’uo, and we are grateful for this opportunity, my sister, and we thank you. Is there another query?

Can I follow from that? Talking about transformation, could I make an analogy to the trees by saying that maybe the reason in sometimes when you want to improve and you can’t, is sort of like asking the trees to put out new leaves before they shed the old ones, and that the rhythm isn’t right? Of course the weather, being internal, wouldn’t be regular like it is on a rotating planet. Is that one reason why it’s irregular, that you can’t predict when a transformation’s going to occur or cause it to come about consciously?

I am Q’uo. And we find that in the basic sense your query is correct in its assumptions, for as the third-density entity which each in this domicile sitting in this circle in meditation represents, expresses its beingness and responds to those inner cycles or rhythms of being, the conscious mind tends to assess and direct the thoughts and actions of the entity. This direction, when done in a spiritual sense and an attempt to move the self along the path of the evolution of mind, body and of spirit, often attempts to move more quickly than, shall we say, the feet are capable. To ask that one move in such a manner is, as you have correctly surmised, to ask the portion of the self that is much likened unto the tree to find another season to replace the one which is now en route. And though the conscious mind and the thinking being may move itself in many ways and find fruitful experience in any direction, there is great value in the lack of judgment for the self or others, and the surrender of the will in a basic sense to the greater will which moves through one’s being and which becomes apparent to one who has done this and experienced the fruits of such surrenders, for there is a delicate balance between the exercise of the will and the surrender of the will that the seeker of its own evolution must achieve. There is, shall we say, a cycle or season for each and a purpose for each that may be determined by each entity, and a unique balance for each thus achieved.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Yes, I would like to ask. I’ve heard it being expressed that each entity on this Earth plane set up for themselves before incarnation with other entities to work with them while they’re on this physical plane, and I was wondering if you could speak a little bit about the workers that work with us and if that is so? [Inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and we can speak upon this topic by suggesting that indeed each entity within what you have called the third-density illusion has entered this illusion or experience with a purpose that has been agreed upon, and in fact constructed before the incarnation has begun, and this construction has had many loving hands and hearts to add to its strength, to its purpose and to its potential means of implementation, for before each incarnation begins, an entity will assess those lessons that have been well learned in previous incarnations and will look at those which remain for the, shall we say, graduation from this particular level of experience.

Those lessons that remain then will be seen as that which is of most importance in the upcoming incarnation. Many will join the entity in the incarnation as incarnate beings and these before incarnation will also join the entity, and others who shall remain without physical vehicles and upon the inner planes and serve as those that you know as guides and teachers. Thus, there are many, many beings which partake in the process of planning that which shall be the pattern of experience for an entity within an incarnation.

Those who remain behind, shall we say, within the inner planes and who serve as unseen presences remain with the larger view, that which is not limited by the process of forgetting which each incarnate third-density entity must experience before the incarnation as the incarnation begins in order that…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am once again with this instrument. Those upon the inner planes who serve as guides and teachers, then, with the greater view and purpose for the incarnation may be of service to the incarnate entity by placing certain reminders, shall we say, within the notice of the incarnate entity. These reminders or guideposts may take many forms, the form being dependent upon the entity’s ability to recognize one hint or another.

For example, within the state of consciousness that you know of as dreaming, many experiences are possible for the incarnate entity to share with those who have remained upon the inner planes. And during such times, an entity may find nourishment and sustenance in the reminders that are placed within the subconscious mind and which then during the waking state may filter into that conscious mind as one kind of hunch, as you call it, or inspiration or another. These are most often perceptible during the times of contemplation, prayerfulness or meditation, for at these times the conscious mind is stilled to the point where there may be the recognition of other information, shall we say.

When an entity has, to use another example, discovered the appropriate book, person or piece of information at the time which seems most appropriate to it, the entity may well assume that those who guide it have once again accomplished that which was agreed upon before the incarnation began. With these times of reminders, then, the incarnate entity receives a communication from those who have chosen to serve as the guides and teachers within the inner planes.

Those incarnate entities with whom the entity finds normal daily activities shared also play out those choices made previous to incarnation in an infinite number of ways, as the interactions between familiar entities multiply one upon another until rhythms and patterns of experience are established and set up the potential for lessons to be learned that were chosen together before the incarnation began.

May we answer in any further way, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Is there any value to knowing consciously who your guides are, or is it just as valuable to deduce their existence from their effects?

I am Q’uo. In responding in a general sense to this query, we might suggest that if there is value in being able to name or identify any guide, teacher or angelic presence that has been drawn to one for the purpose of service, then that naming or identification will find a natural means of becoming known to the incarnate entity. To attempt to discover this information for oneself past a certain reasonable point may cause for the incarnate entity a certain wasting of energy as the attention is placed upon that which may not have significant value in the entity’s process of evolution, shall we say.

May we answer further, my sister?

May I gather that the reason that it may not be helpful is that angels, guides, whatever, consider themselves messengers rather than the source of the message?

I am Q’uo, and may again may agree with the basic assumption which you have stated. Entities who are at the heart desirous of serving others, first and foremost are frequently those who work in the unseen manner, and who desire the service to be that which receives attention rather than the servant. It is also frequently the case that such entities have not chosen a vibratory complex of sound that you would call name. Frequently these names are chosen for the incarnate entity’s benefit when desired.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

[The question is almost inaudible.] Yes. I recently learned about a system in which the teacher, he called himself a [inaudible] process wherein one gets in a meditative state and calls for animals to appear at each of the chakra centers. After one receives, or is in touch with seven animals, and, I might state, the animals seem to be very focal to the level of the chakra centers, and a dialogue may be entered into with these animals and they give information about questions that are asked, mostly of the nature about the individual [inaudible] consciousness that needs to be learned. I’m wanting to know where this information comes from. It seems like the animals are able to give very accurate information about the person. And I’d just like to know where this information comes from, what level is it being received from.

I am Q’uo, and this is a large field of study which this question has entered upon. An entity may engage in whatever method of self-discovery is comfortable to it, whether that method might be associating, as you have stated, animals with the various chakras or energy centers, musical notes, colors, archetypes, archangels, guides or whatever. The source of information which is transmitted by making any such association again may vary according to the nature of information sought by the entity who is incarnate.

The source may vary from the entity’s own conscious mind to various levels of the unconscious mind, to guides, teachers and other angelic presences that are drawn to the entity according to the nature of the information sought and the overall tone, shall we say, of the incarnation. Thus, the source may vary with the information sought. However, the information given will be in direct response to the information sought.

The usefulness of the information, in our humble opinion, is that which [is] of most importance, and the source, then, is of secondary consideration, for any entity consciously seeking the keys to its own evolution may find those keys and the doors which they open in any of many, many possible locations, both within the mind and outside of the complex of mind. The entity will draw unto itself those means of receiving information which have the greatest compatibility with the current frequency or level of seeking of that entity. Thus, the means change as the entity proceeds upon its own personal path of growth.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you. That was very interesting.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you. Is there another query?

Yes, I would like to know at what time during an entity’s being incarnated within the womb of the mother is the entity actually attached to the physical body. I’ve heard many, many different answers to this. And I want to know if the entity to be incarnated follows the mother around some time before the mother gets pregnant. Would you give me an answer to this?

I am Q’uo, and we might suggest that the possible reason for a great range of response to such a query is that there is a great range of possibilities that is uniquely realized in each entity’s particular case. Indeed, the one about to enter the incarnative process who has in previous incarnations become aware consciously during the incarnation of the purpose of the incarnation may then in the succeeding incarnations choose those that will serve as what you call the parents.

In this case there may be the joining of these parental entities by the one about to incarnate before the incarnation begins, for in many cases these entities previous to any incarnation have joined their thoughts and desires in a manner which, as you might say, plans or programs the incarnation of each. And those which wait as what you would call the potential child and enter the incarnation at a later time, as you would call it, may often serve as a kind of guide for a period of your experience or time.

It is possible for such an entity or any entity that is about to join the incarnated process to enter that which will become its physical vehicle at any point within the portion of time that the vehicle is within the womb. Some entities choose to enter at an earlier time than others in order to gain more experience within that environment. Others wait, shall we say, for a later entry in order that work of another nature might take place in other dimensions, shall we say, that will enable the incarnation to proceed with the hoped for efficiency, shall we say. Thus, there is no one time at which an entity seeking incarnation enters the physical vehicle as it is prepared within the womb of the entity serving as the mother.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yes. When a woman receives an abortion, what happens to the entity that had been attached to that baby, whether physically attached or not? What happens, does the entity have to wait for another incarnation or was that meant to have come about? Is it also prearranged before the incarnation that the abortion would come about?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Again we find that there is no simple or general response that may be given to such a query, for as the universe is infinite in possibility, each moment and experience reflects that infinity possibility.

In some cases, for example, when that activity that you have called the abortion is to occur, this potential is seen upon what you would call the inner planes far before it is manifested within your third-density illusion, and in these cases it is possible that there has been no entry into the physical vehicle of a mind/body/spirit complex, and thus the aborted fetus, as you would call it, was never inhabited by a mind/body/spirit complex.

In other cases it is quite possible that such inhabitation did occur and was indeed chosen before the incarnation for that short period in order to complete a process of balancing that you might liken unto the karmic restitution, for again a great variety of possible reasons.

In yet another case, it might be that the aborted physical vehicle known as the fetus must be abandoned by a mind/body/spirit complex which had hoped that there would indeed be the possibility for a lengthier stay, shall we say, within the incarnative experience. In such a case the entity may seek other parents, as you call them, and find a successful entry into the incarnative process in that manner.

There are some few cases in which an entity which has found the opportunity for physical incarnation ended by the process of the aborted fetus, that such an entity will attempt to work upon those lessons that were desired for the third-density incarnation in another manner, that which does not partake of a third-density incarnation. However, these instances are quite rare, for within your third-density illusion the opportunity to learn and to progress in the evolution of mind, body and spirit is quite intense, and is not easily reproduced without the actual experience of the third-density illusion.

May we answer further, my sister?

One more question. I’m sorry I’m taking more of your time, but these are real important to me. Has it happened very often that an entity would agree with a certain other entity before incarnation that they would come to him as a child, and then, during the incarnation, the agreement is broken by the parents not wanting to have children even though there was an agreement beforehand?

I am Q’uo, and we look upon this possibility as one which, though an infrequent occurrence, is indeed possible within your illusion as the free will of all entities within your third-density illusion is that which is of paramount importance, for within your illusion occurs the meeting of free will and that which you may see as predestination, or the choosing previous to the incarnation of patterns that free will shall embellish upon during the incarnation. As the process of evolution, then, is always a function of this joining of free will that has its origin both before and during the incarnation, there may be that which you call the change of plans. However, in no case is there the loss of opportunity to learn and to serve. The opportunities may change, yet always they exist.

May we answer further, my sister?

You did a wonderful job. Thank you for all of your answers.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister, for the opportunity to respond. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and we rejoice with you and with the sounds and the silence and the creatures of the evening do we all blend our hearts with the seeking of the One within all that is. We thank each present for the opportunity to share our humble words and thoughts with you.

We remind each that we are but your fallible brothers and sisters who travel the same journey of seeking as do you. Though we may have moved some distance further upon that path, we would not wish that any word that we have spoken serve as a stumbling block to any on that path. If we have spoken a word that does not ring true, please disregard it without a second thought.

We look forward, as you might say, to future opportunities of joining with you in your circle of seeking. At this time we shall leave this instrument and this group in the love and in the light of the one Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu.