(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to speak with you this evening and we thank you for calling us to your group this evening that we may share our thoughts with you for whatever value they may have to you. We urge you to remember that we are your brothers and sisters and can only give our opinions. We do not have ultimate knowledge, but only more experiences than you to call upon. This we gladly share with you, for it is our way of being of service to the Creator and thereby progressing in our own spiritual evolution.

Our native home is the density towards which you now strive, the density of love, compassion or understanding. It is a density when lies are no longer necessary and masks may be tossed away, for our thoughts are all shared, and we accept and harmonize each other’s characteristics and seek together to be of service. Each of you has many impulses to live in just such a way, and we assure you that it will be your native land too when you have finished learning the lessons that you have set for yourself in this density of yours, the density of conscious awareness. Your density, my friends, must learn that consciousness has a certain characteristic which is its original characteristic. Consciousness is not a neutral thing, but rather sprang from a creative force, that creative force we call love.

When the seeker decides that it is time to take the spiritual journey in hand and attempt to accelerate the rapidity with which it is pursued, the seeker gazes at his own awareness, his own consciousness. After he has asked the question of identity and said, “Who am I?” and answered himself, “I am Consciousness,” the seeker must then turn [and] ask, “What is consciousness?”

It is easy for us in hindsight to tell you that the original Thought from which has sprung all consciousness and which is the nature of consciousness in whatever distortion you may find it, is love. All that you see about you manifested in whatever form, is made of a direct emanation of love which is called by your peoples the photon or light. Light in various rotations forms itself into all that you see, feel, use and call by name, all elements and combinations of elements.

And yet, my friends, your lessons involve something beyond this simplicity, for you are not simple, but complex, and you have made for yourself an illusion that is not simple, but complex. You have made this for yourself because you have found it helpful in learning the lessons of awareness and consciousness, to pose for yourself the seemingly impossible and insoluble problems in order that you may through meditation and contemplation and analysis discover the love that lies in all its simplicity at the heart of every tangle of illusion.

The seeker must gaze at all that passes before his eyes with a determination to see—that is, perceive—what he is looking at in the light of creative love, and so move from complexity back to simplicity, breaking the illusion and entering the density that is to come.

My friends, this all sounds as if we were recommending that you do very grand things, perhaps meditate a great deal or do something dramatic to bring mankind together. There are those who have planned to do something dramatic within an incarnation, but most entities within any density are working for the most part upon themselves. And so, what you are working with is the little things. Therefore, forget your impressions of spirituality, for you will work best upon your spirituality by paying close attention to the very small things of daily life.

We ask each of you to look at what you have done this day, at each word that you have said to another, at each gesture and smile and frown that you have shared with another consciousness. What intentions had you for service this day: service to others, service to self, and service to the Creator? How much of today was spent in fulfilling neutral needs without inspecting them for the joy that lies within the humblest task?

You see, my friends, the one who irons a shirt, praising it as part of the creation of the Father, dwells in the kingdom of the original Thought of love. And that kingdom is within him at that very moment that he wields the humble iron. The cook who praises the broth and smiles at the soapy dishes has garnered far more riches than good food and a clean kitchen, for the consciousness of joy and peace has come into the domicile and softened the neutrality of everyday things.

What little angers have you had today that pulled you away from consciousness into unconscious negativity? How much of this day did you lose? How much of this day did you fail to function because of confusion, anxiety, worry, irritation or distraction?

My friends, we realize that the questions that we ask cannot well be answered by any entity, for concentration fails, the best of intentions do not endure, and one must periodically start again. Yet, we assure you that there is no penalty, metaphysically speaking, for the wasted moments. Indeed, each mistake teaches, each misstep strengthens future steps. And when you must rest, then at the end of the rest, you simply put your foot on the path again.

That path to the consciousness of love does not go anywhere—it is always with you. Your perception of it may shift and change, but it is as near to you as your breath. You have only to calm the mind and feel the key turn within the door that opens your heart to that path. For you see, my friends, the path of spirituality is a path which is taken by the heart as well as by the mind, and, for the most part, it is a difficulty in feeling universal love that distracts the attention from the path.

We do suggest that you attempt to spend some minutes of your time each day in meditation. No matter what else you may do during the day, the silent meditation is the most efficient tool for seating within you the awareness of the love of the Creator. When you dwell within that consciousness, you are no longer working under your power, a power which fails much like batteries fail and which must be replaced by your sleeping periods. No, meditation is much like finding the electrical cord for constant power. It may flow through you, then, and not from you, and you will be far more radiant and able to dwell in the consciousness of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

When you have focused for enough days and weeks and months on the little things, you will look back and you will observe that the large things, even the great things, have taken care of themselves, for when you develop the discipline of faithfulness, the scale of that to which you are faithful does not matter and you will find the large things as easy as the small and as free from worry. We encourage each of you in your several journeys and would be very happy to spend meditative time with you at your mental request if you so desire.

We find this instrument is unusually fatigued this evening, and so we shall cut this message short, reluctantly but with thanks that we were able to use this instrument. We are those of Hatonn. We leave you in all that there is, the love and the light of the infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the one Creator. We are also most honored to be asked to join your group this evening. It is our privilege to attempt to answer those queries which you may find value in asking. As our brothers and sisters of Hatonn, we would remind each of you that what we have to share is our experience and our opinions and we would not wish to put ourselves forth as any source of infallible information. Therefore, take that which we give which has value to you and leave that which has none. With that caveat, may we begin with the first query?

Are Latwii and Hatonn located in the same place, same planet? And if so, what is the relationship of the position of such planet in relationship to our solar system?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. Those of the vibration known to you as Hatonn are of a planetary consciousness, much as your own planet would appear if each being upon it shared the mind of each other and thus had a great resource upon which to draw in seeking the light and sharing the light with others. Their vibration, shall we say, is that known to you as the vibration of love, the universal love and compassion that sees the creation as one thing, the one Creator in many parts.

We, of the vibration known to you as Latwii are also of a planetary mind quality, yet we have in our journeying moved into the next vibratory density of light, that known as wisdom, thus we seek at another level of vibration from either those of Hatonn or those of your own planetary influence.

We as well as those of Hatonn are not located within your own solar system, as you call it, but find ourselves some distance and experience removed, and seeking the one Creator in a system which is difficult to describe, yet which moves with its own rhythms of being.

May we answer further, my brother?

How long has Latwii observed the events of our Earth that we call our history or antiquity?

I am Latwii, and we have been consciously and carefully observing the conditions upon your planetary sphere for a period of what you would call time that you would measure as approximately twenty-five thousand of your years. We have information that is somewhat older, shall we say, concerning your planetary influence and its progression in evolution, that has been left to us in thought patterns or records which we have also perused in order to further intensify our understanding of your particular position as a population and as a planet within the evolutionary process.

May we answer further, my brother?

Can you tell me when the third-density experience first began on planet Earth and where?

I am Latwii, and we find that the third-density experience, that experience which is now reaching its culmination upon your planetary influence, found its origination some seventy-five thousand of your years in your past. However, there are many of your population now inhabiting your planetary influence which experienced previous third-density experiences upon other planetary influences in other solar systems, as you call them, and thus have within their memory banks or resources recall of third-density experience that far exceeds that of the seventy-five thousand year period that is the normal length of time necessary in order for the self-consciousness awareness to develop to the point that the possibility of experiencing universal love and compassion is available.

The point or place of the origination of the third-density experience upon this planetary sphere is not one point or place. We are attempting to show this instrument the mental image of your planetary influence and to describe those places which were among the first to be inhabited by the third-density population that was first upon your planetary influence. We show this instrument locations which are no longer in original configuration, for there have been land masses upon your planetary surface that have, as you would say, been swallowed beneath the seas in previous times.

One of these is known to you as that of Lemuria or the land mass of Mu. Within this area many of the first of your planet’s population found their beginnings. We further attempt to give this instrument the picture of an area within your African continent, that area in the northeastern portion of that continent and further surrounding the body of water that you now call the Mediterranean Sea. Within this area many of the first of the population of your planet found their beginnings. Also we show this instrument a location in south central Asia, as it is now known, which was also a place of the origination of another of the first of your third-density population.

There were other beginnings that were at a somewhat later point in your planet’s cycle that are located within the South American continent and within the continent known to you as Australia.

May we answer further, my brother?

Did those of the population of the Earth of the third density plan and construct the great pyramid at Giza? Or was there some influence from other entities?

I am Latwii, and we find that both of your suppositions are correct, for circling your entire planetary sphere is a pattern of the pyramidal structures that had as their origin sources exterior to your planetary influence, for at various portions of your planet’s cycle of evolution, there have been times when the planet itself was in need of balancing or alignment and the cultures of your planet at that time in some few locations were of a level of advancement, shall we say, and openness to information from sources outside of their culture that it was possible for entities of other planetary influences to communicate certain information and to take part in the construction of certain of the pyramidal structures that would allow not only a balancing of your planet itself, but of individualized entities who would enter these structures for the purpose of healing and initiation.

In many cases the pyramidal structure at a later date, then, was copied and constructed by portions of your planet’s population. Thus, the source of the pyramid form is twofold: that of your planet and that exterior to your planet.

May we answer further, my brother?

What did the process involve, the balancing that you mentioned—the pyramidal shapes performed some balancing for the Earth or within the Earth? Can you describe that further, please?

I am Latwii, and we shall attempt to give a general description of that which is somewhat complex in its nature. Each portion of the creation, and each planet in particular, is formed of and by that force which you may call love. Each entity of the third-density level of vibration which walks your planet and the planet itself receives a constant infusion of this intelligent energy which we have called love, and this infusion of love moves into the entity, whether it be one such as yourself or the planetary entity, through vortices of entrance, shall we say.

These lines of force that surround an entity or a planet, and which may be seen as analogous to an aura, move and cross in various patterns. Certain intersections of these lines of force permit an influx of the energy of intelligent infinity which we have called love. This love then invigorates, ennobles and enables the entity, be it an individual or a planet, to continue upon the evolutionary process.

When there has been a period of what you call disharmony amongst various portions of a planet’s population and this period of disharmony, even unto the bellicose actions of war, has lasted a significant length of what you call time, then this heat of anger radiates into the planetary surface itself and seeks release in various ways.

As the release is sought, the spin, shall we say, of the planet itself as it moves in its orbit about that body that you call the sun becomes somewhat unstable. This instability makes the influx of intelligent energy or love somewhat more erratic than is optimal for the steady progression along the evolutionary path of the planet itself and of its population.

Thus, the pyramid structures are an aid in rebalancing this imbalance because they have the ability to influence the planet’s spin, shall we say, or use of the intelligent energy of love. Thus, this type of balancing pyramid may serve not only the planet, but may serve individualized portions of a planetary population which have also found certain imbalances within the mind/body/spirit complex.

May we answer further, my brother?

It sounds like we’re during another period in which the Earth is heating up. Would the construction of more pyramids help balance the Earth once again? Or is that possible?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. At this time, as you would call it, the population of your planet has by the phenomenon of the continued process of evolution found itself in a collective position where each entity with the conscious awareness of the evolutionary process may serve as what you may see as a portable pyramid. That is to say, the conscious intentions of those who would seek to heal the ruptures in this planet’s electromagnetic field due to constant disharmony for a great portion of your planet’s experience may take part in this balancing or healing of the planetary entity as a result of conscious choice and practice. Thus, such an entity, and there are many, many now upon your planetary surface, may within the meditative state, see those…

[Tape ends.]