Has to do with negative polarity, negative energy, and its direction towards us as seekers in various forms, whether it might be a magically powerful negative entity sending a greeting that has the purpose of disabling you in some way, or a person that just wishes you ill, all the way to the potential negative expression through the monetary system and the electronic funds transfer system where the controlling of the great majority of people is done by a few for their gain at the expense of the many, to what allows the energy to be sent and received in a certain fashion, or how does a seeker deal with these situations and the sendings, wishing one ill, attempting to control one or affecting one in a negative fashion. Are you getting that? Hopefully it’s all there somewhere.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator whose presence is all that there is and whose distortions we are. It is a great blessing and privilege to be called to your group at this time, and we wish to touch and bless and love each, especially those whom we have not spoken to before or who have been long from this group.

Resting within the web of your vibrations is a joy, and the knowledge that you wish us to share our opinions with you is a deep joy, for in order for us to be of service as we must do to advance in our own studies, we must be asked to offer our opinions and teach what little we know. And we thank you for your curiosity and the integrity with which you seek the true nature and purpose of yourselves, of the Creator, and of all of creation.

We found this instrument to be very willing to move into a fairly deep state this evening. Indeed, we find this instrument quite bewildered by the various aspects of the question concerning dealing with negativity. But we would say to this instrument and to all that there is no ego or negativity; there are egos and negativities.

To assume that there is a good and an evil or a positive and a negative is to set up the parameters of a game, a game in which positivity and negativity could be measured two feet towards the negative goal, two feet towards the positive. There is no constant that has bias. The biases which each of you bring to the experiences which occur to you are those things with which you place values of good and negative on what you experience. Your own biases, your own thoughts, your own nature take an unbiased illusion which is far too great for that computer which is your mind to analyze and use, and your nature orders that computer to assess certain data. Therefore, you choose again and again what to think, how to react, and what to do. This does not change the unbiased state of the illusion as it is.

That which is within your mind and heart is that which determines your creation. We have said to you often that you are of the Creator and the Creator is of you. My children, each of you is co-Creator, as powerful as the deity whose mystery you seek to plumb. Your universe has been made small enough that you might put yourself to certain study. For this you have been given the intellectual mind, which we call your biocomputer, and the many resources of the deep mind. Our voice comes to you through this instrument’s persistent use of faculties of the deep mind wherein outer and impersonal voices and principles may offer opinion from perhaps a slightly expanded viewpoint with somewhat more experience with illusion.

Thus, the first consideration when gazing at dealing with negativity is to examine the possibility, indeed, the probability that the biases which consciously or unconsciously create your choice of data, create your world, in other words, contain in them what you yourself would call negative elements. Perhaps there is something within your character which is useful in a way, but perhaps not greatly desirable. Because of the choices that must be made within the life illusion, these negative elements are tolerated because the positive use of them is sometimes extremely helpful in some way in providing supply, in manipulating those about you in a comfortable way or in changing that which, in your opinion, should perhaps be changed within your social group, your geographical location, or that which you call your nation. Were you to have no negative bias, each entity with whom you came in contact would appear as the entity actually is, a perfect unique prism of white light, child of the Creator, an inimitable perfect being. The name that you have for one who is supposedly of all positivity is “saint.” You will find that saints do not feel threatened by outer circumstance, whether it be of things or of entities, if you are lucky enough to find one. My children, they are few among your peoples.

Now let us look outward. Each of you gazes upon a creation which is completely subjective. All of your instincts and your senses and your abilities greet the day, see the illusion, and feel the pulsing of the life within, the life that shall end and that life that shall not. And as you pass along your way, you find those things which cross and disturb one or another of the energy complexes of your being. Perhaps it is only inclement weather, and perhaps that red-ray, as this instrument would call it, desire for bodily health and strength curses the inclement weather and finds it negative. Perhaps there is a blockage in your orange ray, personal feelings ache and a glance out the window at this rainy weather seem to put a negative lid on a sad heart, one more reason to feel negative thoughts.

A great deal of the work of your people at this time is what this instrument would call orange-ray work. The orange-ray energy center deals, in our opinion, with personal relationships and difficulties of the person within the self. When that orange ray becomes blocked in relationship to another, the negative feelings can be very intense. We speak at first, of course, of those who know each other, those who have said they love each other, and now can find no positivity. Yet the orange-ray bias that is blocked is blocked within the individual self first. Therefore, when it is infringed upon by a stranger, it may well receive a very unwelcome mirrored picture of the negative blockage, and thus it is that the stranger is disliked upon sight.

The energy blockages of yellow ray, which is an expression this instrument uses to indicate what we would call those energies dealing with societal groups, is also an energy which is frequently rather blocked. Thus, the news all seems bad. Your games are lost too often, and all those energies put into group effort somehow seem to go awry. Fear not, we are not saying that the problems of the world are your fault; we are saying that your perception of the world is absolutely and completely your choice.

Now let us look at a different emphasis upon negative experiences which impinge upon you the individual. First let us take the mundane impingement of negativity upon the individual. Those who wish to control others because it is their job to do so are not intentionally being negative. Therefore, their negativity should not be taken personally. Thus, those who attempt to sell that which you do not need, those who wish you to worship as you do not care to, those whose enthusiasms you are invited all too heartily to share, are impersonal negative infringements which, because your own energies are unclear, cause some disturbance in those centers.

Now, the point of freeing the red, orange and yellow energy centers from blockage is that the entire and undisturbed fullness of the power of the one great original Thought of the one infinite Creator may rise to the level of the heart, which is sometimes called the green-ray energy center. The other type of negative entity is a specialized one and of interest largely to those who have at some time chosen to begin a journey, a journey to the source of their beingness. This journey takes the rest of the lifetime and, of course, continues infinitely, yet it is in this density and at this time that more and more entities are making that choice, the choice to serve the Creator by serving others, or the choice to serve the Creator by serving the self. We are of those who serve the one infinite Creator through service to others, and so are each in this seeking circle, and in this we rejoice.

In this circle, for instance, this evening there is a strong power and a strong light. Those who are negatively oriented by careful purpose, whether they be incarnate or discarnate, have an automatic battle with those spots of positivity which glow too brightly and stand too plainly upon the hills of personal experience, for you see, you as a positive entity work not for yourself in terms of what you may gather, but for others, for it is the normal and necessary experience of one who is on the journey of seeking through love in service to others that a very large percentage of the time that you experience there will be some elements of negative intrusion, so that the entity feels not at all positive, but sadly out of kilter, out of tune. These are the productive deserts of testing and temptation in which it is necessary only for the pilgrim of positivity to remain peaceful, loving, gentle, harmless and warrior-like.

Now, we say warrior-like in a very specific way. We ask that you consider what it is that you do in attempting to serve the one infinite Creator. Do you shamble along as a person and put together various collections of pretty things to share in happiness with other pretty people? Or do you wish to live a life in such a way that it is in the end a gift to the one infinite Creator, a gift you have made day by day, moment by moment? You have been given help, and we say from our standpoint, we have been given help. All those presences in the universe which are positive await your call. You are never alone. There is always a solid backing of love, courage, patience and the instinct for the proper time to walk away waiting for you if you can but disengage your computer. Your computer cannot evaluate the intuitions of positive and negative energy that are at the heart of your work in consciousness.

Thus it is that we say that the most effective way to deal with negative energies is constant, persistent, faithful daily meditation, which frees the computer [to] make connections deeper and deeper down into the intuitive and archetypical mind. All of your strength, all of your universe, all of your answers lie deeply within you, and that which you learn, you recognize, and that recognition is the mark of your knowledge. And until you have that recognition, you do not have the knowledge.

As a warrior of light you use no weapon but what may be called the armor of light, the sword of truth, and a wide open heart chakra, loving without stint, without expectation of return, and most of all with no judgment. It is not difficult to love negatively oriented individuals once you can connect into that portion of your deep mind which sees each person, whatever the vagaries of trouble and circumstance, as a holograph of the one infinite Creator. This entity becomes utterly essential to you, and you may pray with a full heart with this person and move from strength to strength, from learning to learning. All threat disappears, all separation vanishes.

We do not wish you to think that we have forgotten our third-density experience. We know that the biases of this very effective illusion make it very difficult to view negative individuals without some alarm. Yet there is no control that such an entity may have over you if you but know who you are, if you but know the choice that you have made.

A portion of the query which began this meditation spoke of an actual incarnate negatively oriented pilgrim which was attempting by means of the use of thought forms negatively to influence the lives and peace of mind of other incarnate entities. This negative entity has learned how to use the light of the infinite Creator. The negative path is very difficult, but it can be walked and light can be learned in its many uses, this as positively. Therefore, it behooves the student of positive polarity constantly to exercise the will to polarize further towards positivity, and when negativity is viewed, to stop and give that entity the honor of an unstinting love, of a generous prayer that it may [be] held upward, that it may be protected, that it may be cherished and loved as a child of the one infinite Creator.

We say to you that those who are armed with light and go forth with that breastplate shining offer their love to those who flee before the onslaught of that terrible powerful creative love. You cannot possess this love, you can only be a channel through which it may flow. If there is this love within you, even such negative societal plans as those monetary and banking schemes questioned about can only seem that which the world wags on about. True, in a society devoted to the orderliness of what you call your bureaucracy, positive individuals are constantly bombarded with those who wish to control you, usually with good humor, with the control seeming to be for your own good, but to the self the control seeming to be anything but good.

It is in these situations where one may see the hidden enemy as the self. It is your negativity that recognizes the paper-pushing negativity of bureaucracy. There is no actual reason that you cannot in such a situation constantly center your mind upon the best that you know, the love that you have experienced, the light that you have indwelt, the joy that has been yours, not because you wish artificially to change your circumstances and so be impregnable to evil, but rather so you may enjoy yourself and give a lighter, more joyful gift at the end of your incarnational experience to the one Creator.

For, my children, your job is to live a life. Positivity and negativity are passions. They are frames of mind which engage the heart totally. When the student begins the path that he has chosen, he cannot recognize all positive moments for what they are, he cannot know how…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…he cannot make a positive experience out of a negative one. Yet he can ask to be shown where the center of love in this experience is. This is a function of hope and faith, and each of you dwells within this environment, not yet being saints, and we say again there are few incarnate ones. You have not mastered the ability to be constantly loving and giving and caring. You have inner mysteries to beguile you, you have many duties and honors within the world of illusion. All about you says a thing which you cannot believe, that there is only chaos, that there is only chance. Those who have made the choice have made as the basis of this choice the realization that there is indeed a Maker, a Creator, which created in such and such a way for a purpose. Thus, each of you seeks in partial ignorance and darkness, through hope and faith, to find more and more that center of the self which truly sees negative infringements as experiences in which a gift may be offered, a gift of love.

Perhaps one who has been threatened and is in a state of profound fear may find what we have to say unhelpful, and to such an entity we say that there are those materials available for those who wish to know certain symbolic actions to take. We can only add to this understanding our opinion that these physical acts are ways of focusing the deeper portions of the mind so that the mind may bring up that great material of channeled, creative, divine, immeasurable love.

You are not on your own, my children. There are always those who have made the same choice as you, who are your companions upon the road. We wish you the joy of your challenges and your victories. Most of all, we thank you for this query. This instrument requests us to note the clicking sound as a time to cease our discussion, and so we do. We would at this time like to transfer the contact to the one known as Jim, that any queries that you may have might be considered by our humble selves, always wishing each to be fully aware that we are only pilgrims upon the path, and know little more than do you, so we are far from being infallible and would not wish to become a stumbling block for any. Thus, take what is good, leave what does not speak to you and know that this is what we wish. We would leave this instrument at this time with thanks, and transfer. I am Q’uo.

[Jim’s voice throughout the rest of the transcript was difficult to hear.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in love and light through this instrument. At this time we would ask if there might be any further queries to which we may speak

I have no further query, but would like to express my thanks [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and we thank you as well, my brother, for without your queries we could not [serve you in this way]. Are there any further queries?

I guess I have one. I’m thinking of a specific instance in which some negatively very sophisticated magus discovered a friend of mine when she was living in Seattle, extremely positively polarized woman, B, and talked to her on the phone, never met her in person, but called her up and said that he had been sent to help her with her meditations, and the first thing that she was supposed to do was to make something to cover her eyes when she meditated so she could concentrate better. She went this far and then became quite hysterical and ended up leaving the city.

When specific people call specific people and start a trip like this on them, is it enough simply to express love over the telephone? This entity was very persistent and was able to follow her through two changed phone numbers. I’m not sure that what you have said would make this woman feel comfortable yet. Could you tune in to that a little bit? Or is there advice to give at this point?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query my sister. As we spoke to this it is most important that one recognize the creative power and responsibility that is perfect in one’s perception, and form that perception as best as one can with the foundation firmly rooted in the loving acceptance of what one sees as the Creator. With this foundation set, then, in love, one may construct any action that the conscious mind can form, and act upon this action as the means by which the heart of love may be made manifest. Therefore, if any ritual or image or procedure is engaged as a means by which protection for the self might be offered, it is our suggestion that love be the motivation, for in such fashion thus one may love and do as one will.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I would like to ask if you have any advice for G and myself for this coming year as we start our new service?

I am Q’uo, and, my sister, we can offer no greater advice than to seek one’s heart’s desires as purely as one can and as you move with passion in that loving expression, for you see each of you have the ability to create the [world] of service and [love] from whatever illusion stands before you. Thus, we can only lend our blessings to those thoughts, feelings and actions which are well begun within your own life patterns.

Is there another query?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there a further query?


I am Q’uo, and we find that the measure of time which you have called your new year is a means by which one can take the opportunity to readjust the perceptions, that one might, in the new experiencing, open the eye chakra and point of view to include more of your illusion and your experience within it within the realm of the compassion and love which animates each portion of your creation. Indeed, each day and moment you spend within it in a day is an opportunity yet to find that among your peoples. This is the time which is taken to begin again a new cycle of experience which is shared each with the others, a time when all again seems new and unblemished. Each, my friends, is a new moment and a further opportunity to open the inner eye to greater love within all experience.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?


I am Q’uo. Are there any further queries?


I am Q’uo, and it has been our great honor and joyful opportunity to speak to this group this evening. We thank you for inviting our presence. We hope that we have been able to speak in a fashion which has been helpful. Please remember that we speak from our own experience and opinion and do not wish to present the unhelpful thought. Please disregard any word which does not ring true. We shall take leave of this group at this time, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.