(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet each of you this evening in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We had been intending to continue attempting to make contact with the one known as D, until that instrument spontaneously initiated a contact. However, we find that the one known as D has the divided mind due to the desire to hear our opinions on subjects which interest him at this time. This is considerably dislocating the readiness to channel, and we understand that perhaps it is better for us to speak to the subject requested and then to exercise the instrument. May we say, however, that in our opinion, it is a most helpful skill to be learned by a new instrument to initiate a contact, for in sessions to come, where there is not a more experienced channel, this ability will be necessary, and, indeed, is not a difficult lesson to learn once that leap of faith has been taken, the preparation done well, and the releasing of all eventualities made so that once the channel begins to speak the words heard within, the channel is no longer any part of the message in an initiatory sense, but is only expressing that which has come through to the conscious mind. This skill shall come to the one known as D, and we do not wish to make it seem harder than it is. However, we recognize the difficulty of doing it for the first few times.

And so let us turn to some thoughts we may share which you may find some value in. As always, these are our opinions only, and not to be taken as a kind of gospel.

We dwell at this moment with three entities who wish to heal the planetary energies and the energies of the people who live upon that planet which you call Earth. Healers come in different disguises. Some are doctors and nurses, some parents, some friends, some ministers, and some those who use the techniques of probing through into the deeper mind in order to bring up material which may be of help in assisting the conscious mind to sort out the pattern of an incarnational experience. Thus, it is well for each in this circle to think of itself first as a healer, and only secondly as a teacher or channel or hypnotherapist.

There are certain requirements if one is to heal, that is, if one is to heal in a spiritually balanced manner, healing with the self rather than with chemicals or with mechanical devices such as surgery. The one great requirement of a healer is that the healer be one with the desire to live a balanced life. The balance of a life is unique to each entity, yet the key to that balance is that within the hurry-scurry of the daily round, the healer has hollowed out a place within heart, mind and spirit wherein the light exists and is acknowledged, so that at all times the healer is capable of being and functioning as a living crystal.

It is this balance which enables a healer to use a tool such as channeling, teaching or hypnotherapy as a focus for those intuitions and deep promptings which may see far more deeply into the one who presents itself to be healed than could one whose eyes were those not filled with crystal light, but rather with human error. The process of healing is a process whereby the healer acts as a catalyst, arranging the sensing, thinking and feeling apparati of the one to be healed in such a way that, for a short time, a new vision of a new balance may be brought before the attention of the one to be healed. It is then the matter of free choice for the one to be healed. It may choose to accept the new balance made possible by this catalyst, or it may choose, in time, to disregard it and remain unbalanced. Thus, even the most powerful of healers is not itself expected to use its will upon another entity, but rather simply to act as a living crystal which may correct unbalanced light vibrations within the energy web of the one to be healed.

We say these things because, as the one known as D and as anyone gazes at an opportunity for service, we feel it is important that the gaze first be turned inward, to ask if the entity may pay the price for this service, for to begin enthusiastically and to lose so much energy that the service must be ended is perhaps a wrong use of will, and clearer listening needs to be done as to what sort of service is appropriate. If the healer is prepared to pay the price of living a certain kind of life, and we feel that each in this group intends to be so, then it is necessary only to choose the manner of service and maintain, with the greatest of enthusiasm and ardent love, the manner of life, living, thinking and being which nourishes and feeds that crystal soul within.

Now we would say a word about the efficacy of gazing into the past. The ability of the mind has never been appropriately estimated. Within each entity’s mind lies the personal and racial record of biases, learning, wisdoms, teachings and experiences. There is no loss within the Creation. There is a burning away of matter, yet the flame of energy remains, and that is called memory. The power of a teacher to tap into another’s far memory is variable, and it is well that this practice be handled in a most delicate and forthright fashion. Delicate in the sense of moving slowly and considering with the client each question to be asked carefully. Forthright in that each dealing, each suggestion, each new understanding be made available to the student just as the teacher is available for discussion concerning the material uncovered.

There is within some entities naturally given to the lifting of the veil greatly enhanced opportunity to go far deeper into the mind than is usual. For the most part we would guide warningly against taking advantage of these opportunities. It is possible to carry out this kind of research upon oneself, working deeper into the racial memory through working with the dreams and working with autohypnosis. In this way, the student of the hypnotherapy may gain information without disturbing the integrated personality of another being. Thus, we caution one who approaches a subject to guard against taking the opportunities with another entity. Unless this entity becomes a staunch co-worker and associate, such work is too risky for the subject to be considered an acceptable practice.

Gazing at the obverse side of a warning, we do find it so that when a student comes to a healer to ask for that which the healer does, the student has therefore done a great deal of preparatory work to engage in its own healing. Thus, the healer who is a hypnotherapist or a teacher or a channel is offered an opportunity to be of service, and this is cause for rejoicing for those whose wish is to serve the Father and to love each brother and sister with a spiritual embrace that magnifies the opportunity to gain in spiritual learning.

Now, there may be many questions upon your mind at this time, but before we work with questions, we would like to exercise the instrument known as D, and so would speak about related subjects. We would, as always, encourage the instrument and speak our thoughts as they come to him. We have had a very good contact now for several sessions, and are pleased with this instrument’s growing awareness of us. We thank the instrument for its tuning, and encourage it in its channeling to challenge before the channeling. This is sometimes disruptive, yet if the patience is kept the challenging may be done so that the words may begin.

We transfer now to the one known as D. I am Hatonn.

(D channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you again through this instrument in love and light. We would speak briefly on the subject of this instrument’s challenging, which we find to be effective in its mode of initiating contact and exercising the required degree of control over that contact, but we would encourage further work and attention to clarifying the process in the instrument’s own mind, so as to make it more comfortable and less cause for confusion, anxiety or doubt.

We would continue our discussion on the subject of healing, especially [inaudible] the mental phenomenon of trance or hypnosis.

[Long pause.]

We do find a basis of [inaudible] and preconception in the mind which arouses the critical mind as we attempt to address this subject. For physical relaxation and the mental relaxation and flexibility…

[Long pause.]

We are seeking to offer this instrument experience of inner process which may be instructive and give insight into the experience of hypnotic trance. An inner conflict, struggle which the mind is capable of creating within itself, can indeed give rise to fragmentation of the mind and [inaudible] up, so to speak, of the mind’s conflict when both of the conflicting inner voices are allowed to express themselves, if this conflict is not attended to and resolved in some measure.

We are attempting [to answer questions] the instrument itself posed. Our lesson is that the answers to these questions are available through the process of inner questioning. This gives rise, of course, to the question of why are so many sincere seekers apparently led astray when they listen to the voice within them, the answers that arise from their own deeper minds in response to questions posed to it. The answer, of course, is that truth is not absolute. The process of posing questions and going within to find answers leads to a course of action which brings the light of truth into the experience of the seeker and creates in his life the circumstances for the spiritual unfoldment of both that seeker and those who share in his experience, while another, posing the same question in his own sincere meditations may find a completely opposing answer being given, but one which creates in his life the same truth in the form of a course of action leading to lessons which contribute to the highest good [of] those involved in that action.

We will have some comments about the effects of the critical mind on the channeling process which shall be given through the instrument known as Carla. We will now transfer to that instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am again with this instrument, greeting you once again in love and in light. We ask this instrument’s permission and receive it to move back some few seconds in your time and verbalize the actual challenging procedure which this instrument used during the regaining of this contact. You will note the use of the critical mind, balanced by the use of intuition. This instrument first repeated several times, “Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace.” We shall proceed from there without expressing who said what to whom, as it should be obvious.

“Who comes in the name of Jesus the Christ, whom I serve with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul, all my strength?”

“I am Hatonn.”

“I challenge you in the name of Jesus the Christ.”

“I am of that principle.”

“Begone if you are not of Jesus the Christ. Begone. Begone. Begone.”

“Very good. We are of Jesus the Christ, for we are all Christ.”

“I ask in the name of Jesus the Christ.”

“Yes, my child. Jesus the Christ. We answer that challenge.”

“Are you ready for me to begin?”

“No, my child. Tune again.”

“Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace. Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace. Lord, may every word I speak be Your Truth and none other. Am I ready?”

“You are ready?”

“Very well.”

This is the process in a somewhat shortened form of the challenging which this instrument is attempting to teach. The form is shortened because it is not the first tuning and challenging of the session. Note that the critical mind is an all-important factor in the listening and evaluating both of the condition of the self as channel and the words which answer the challenge. The fact that these are heard mentally rather than audibly means, however, that the faculty of intuition be, in a balanced fashion, brought to bear upon the process. Indeed, at one point within this session, the instrument through whom we speak at this time was able to detect the gradual moving of the state of mind of the one known as D into that neutral area which is untuned and therefore far more easily sullied with negatively-oriented channeling.

This instrument has been given an ability to believe its own visualizations, which is helpful. In other words, the use of the critical mind in attempting to detect places where light may be leaking from the circle is not advised. Intuition and visualization are to be advised. This is, of course, important in the context of the one known as D being responsible for its own cleansed atmosphere before any spiritual working and during the working itself. This instrument, through a series of visualizations, peeled away that which was perceived as a glowing scaly shell which was blocking positive thought. And when it, at last, peeled away, it was the top of the head which peeled away the last, thus symbolically indicating that the source of the detuning was indeed within the critical mind.

The rule is simple: one applies every discrimination and uses the critical mind with the utmost of care, for the critical mind, the conscious mind, the thoughtful self, is a tool, a wonderful, smoothly working, highly complex, efficient tool for accumulating data and making decisions. Like any other tool, it can become the master of the user of that tool. We do not suggest to any of an intellectual bent the speaking ill of the activity of the mind, for if the mind is critical and discriminatory, then this tool was meant to be, and meant to be used.

But an entity is not a mind any more than an entity is a stomach, a foot, a hand or a heart. Instinctively, entities within your illusion recognize your physical body as a series of excellent tools, and by using hands and mind and senses and sensibilities, humankind has created a great many, many artifacts, thought a great many thoughts worth preserving and passing on, and accomplished far-sweeping histories of war and crime and sadness, as well as peace and honor and joy.

And when the scales have tipped toward the negative, you may be sure that there is a band of entities whose conscious minds have made harsh judgments, and who then require their will and their faith to stand in support of those ideologies, be they philosophical, religious or simply dominating. We urge balance upon each, for working with intuition only, without the use of the intellect, produces an entity lost in a sea of experience, sensation and wonder, an entity who is without the tools to express what is occurring, to refine an understanding of it, and to seek ways of manifesting that beauty which has been received in some service to those about it.

Do not see the mind that is critical and the mind that intuits as two sides of a coin or two separate things. See rather, to use our favorite image, that portion of the tree which is above the ground, which blossoms and rocks in the breeze of summer, and stands naked and proud against the winter cold as the conscious mind, in intimate contact with the illusion, able to flower, blossom and expand, and able also to hunch the back, stiffen the self, and be protective against difficult influences. See the intuitive mind as a great underground system of the roots of this same living tree. In winter and in summer alike, they are in contact with the Creator, drinking in nourishment from earth and water, storing, nurturing and keeping watch over the life of that visible tree which nods above the ground. There are far more roots to the mind than there are visible trunks and branches, and the ends of the roots lies in the center of the Sun. Thus, the deeper mind has the opportunity to contact intelligent infinity itself, eternity and everness.

How precious is the entire being, the entire consciousness that you call the mind and that is truly yourself. May you see it in a loving and holistic way. May you glory in your branches, in your thoughts, in your ramifications, in your distinctions, and in your conclusions as you go onward from conclusion to conclusion. But may your faith be in the system of roots that links you to eternity, and may your will be more and more to place the tree above ground in the service of that greater consciousness which lies within the nurturing darkness of earth and water and, finally, fire.

We thank each that we have been able to speak this evening, and shall forego the question period, as the energy of the circle begins to wane due to the length of time during which you have been focused upon this contact. We thank you for calling us to you this evening, and especially we thank the channel which is becoming less new, and more and more able. We hope to speak with you again, and for now we will leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai.