Concerns reincarnation and the means by which the process of reincarnation enhances our overall growth as entities.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a privilege and a blessing to be called to your group this evening, and we thank you for your hope, your desire to learn, and the beauty of your vibrations as you sit with ears that pray to hear and hearts that wish to understand. May we offer special love and greeting to the ones known as M and J, and welcome them to this circle of seeking. We ask, as always, that each entity understand that our opinions, which we give freely, are not infallible, therefore we ask that if any word which we say seems unwise in any listener’s ear, that it be forgotten, for the truth is such that the seeker shall recognize it for itself, and we ask that each employ this discrimination.

That said, we shall turn to the question of reincarnation. We must begin with background information, for reincarnation takes place against the great stage of creation and is an integral part of a vast process which is at the heart most simple. We know that in your holy works you hear the words, “In the beginning,” and yet we say to you that to the best of our understanding, the Creator exists infinitely, and that it is only this particular creation that has a beginning and shall have an end. It is our understanding that there shall be and there have been many creations, and that who each of you is is the Creator. Now, we shall certainly have to do some talking to explain such a bold statement.

Perhaps we could describe our concept of the Creator to you as a vast infinity which is also intelligent. The completeness of infinity is such that it cannot be held in the mind; it cannot be understood by that portion of the spirit which is within incarnation. It is beyond understanding. Yet it is our opinion that the Creator chose to create a universe, a vast, infinitely vast, universe, which would sustain the physical vehicles of entities which were as a holograph of the Creator, so that all that was in the Creator was in the conscious entity, and all conscious entities were the Creator.

A way of coming back to the Creator which had sent these entities forth was offered, a vast plan which has been unfolding for eons, and shall continue we know not how long. Each of what you call your planetary systems dwelt first in the consciousness that is the Creator, lived in a state of love, which is another name for the Creator, and in the fullness of time, planets were formed and that process you call evolution took place.

The first lessons were very simple. There was the lesson of existence itself, lessons that your rocks and your sea and your fire and your air still learn. Then came lessons of growth and a turning towards the light, and many plants flourished, and animals began that slow process of learning. And eventually within each portion of consciousness there came to be a turning not only towards the light, but towards the love that lies behind light, and thus an entity became ready in physical vehicle nature to receive infinity.

This is who you are. You dwell in a physical vehicle as any of your animals, and within you, through your many experiences before becoming what you would call human, and what this entity calls third density, you have made yourself ready to be self-aware. Many, many lifetimes ago you began this portion of a walk which seekers, having once begun, do not ever leave. You have begun the self-conscious awareness and seeking towards what? What has the Creator intended for those, who are self-aware and contain infinity, to pursue?

Now we shall move to a slightly different aspect of the same question. You have lived for many, many lifetimes already in this environment or density of experience, and by now you have observed over and over and over that much of the experience that you gather seems to be about love, love expressed in selfish ways and love expressed in service to others and to the Creator. The overall plan, which the Creator made available and which lasts not only through this density, but through many densities, indeed, those higher than are we, this process has to do with attempting to grasp the nature of the Creator. It is our opinion that the nature of this Creator is the nature of one singular thought, and that thought is the thought of love.

Now, the densities of experience and learning above your own are a process of refining that which you, within the density you now enjoy, have decided upon. This, your Earth world, is an exciting and difficult illusion, designed to create for you opportunities to make a simple choice, the choice to serve the Creator by serving others or to serve the Creator by serving yourself. Since the Creator’s nature is that one great original Thought of love, service begins and ends in love. Since you are of the very nature and stuff of the Creator, you yourselves in your essence are perfect love. It is a matter of finding and recognizing that true nature and then of choosing to express and manifest that nature by loving and serving those about you.

To love and serve those to whom you are most close is very difficult. The environment of your illusion was intended to make such expression difficult. Thus, although you have had many experiences and have made many choices, some wise and perhaps some foolish, these things have been veiled from your memory. You come into this illusion through a veil of forgetting. The forgetting of past relationships, past biases, past opinions and experiences is intentional, for ever-new are the opportunities to make and remake the choice to serve and manifest the love of the one infinite Creator.

Thus, as you gaze back upon your many other lives, what is quintessential, and most profoundly so in your understanding of these past experiences, is kept within your feelings, within your deep mind and within your heart. They express themselves to you in promptings of emotion, in feelings of recognition, in the awareness of past experience and in frequent suppositions that perhaps a difficulty which cannot be explained by present circumstance may have been part of the outworking of energies which were not brought into balance in a previous life experience.

Thus, as we talk to you about reincarnation, we wish to not downplay the experiences of the past, but reassure each entity that when past experiences become a necessity, they will float into the conscious mind through dreams, or most especially through meditation. In general, we may say that it is not helpful in a deep way to know past life experiences, but rather it is helpful in terms of your desire to accelerate your process of spiritual evolution, to be more and more sensitive to the promptings of your intuition, your feelings, and your heart, thus becoming more and more sensitive to those energies that are passing between you and those about you. Thus, if you find yourself at odds with a co-worker, a friend, a companion, or a loved one, it is well to move into meditation, asking and releasing the question of where the balances of love and service have gone awry in this particular instance, and more than that, how you may bring love back into manifestation within the circumstance, how balance may be restored, how love may thrive.

What we are saying to you is perhaps too much in too short a time, yet this instrument reminds us that we wish not to be over-long in our message. But know that the greatest advantage that you may have within your experience is the advantage of daily meditation. It need not be for a great period of your time. It may be perhaps, as this instrument would say, a half hour or less. It may be the striking of a clock that may cause you to stop and find the silence within. Any attempt whatsoever at clearing the mind and asking for deeper understandings to come into one’s ken are to be encouraged, and most of all to be encouraged is the dailyness of this activity. You will find that meditation itself begins a process of change, and it is well that those who are mated together begin and continue the process together, for that which you seek you shall find. This is indeed a spiritual truth.

We are speaking to those who have already made the choice to serve others as a means of learning to know the Creator, as a means of experiencing relationship with the Creator. Therefore, we may freely and joyfully urge each to know the self as one who may be a channel of light, a channel of love, not by your own Earthly energies, for they fail, but by becoming through meditation aware of that which comes through one from the infinite creation, that which is infinite love. Thus, more and more you may become a light to those about you, not so much by what you do as by the smile in your eye, the peace of your expression, the gentleness of the reply to a hard rebuke, the kindness to a stranger. And each time that you attempt to serve, you run the risk of failure, and when you feel that you have failed, it is a temptation to think poorly of oneself. We ask you never to feel such sad feelings, but simply to pick oneself up and continue, for you are an harmonious part of an infinite plan whereby the Creator in its infinity learns more and more about Itself, for each of us who are companions upon the path back to the Source in our relationships with each other express the Creator’s thoughts to the Creator, for each of you is a spark, an infinite part of an infinite Father.

Many of those whom you meet within your incarnational experience shall be familiar to you one way or another. See each as the Creator. Serve each in love, for loving each other is the greatest service that consciousness is capable of. Eventually, as the process of refinement goes on, you may learn as we believe we have learned, that all consciousness is one, and that we are all one great being, a portion, infinitely precious, of the Creation itself.

Your third-density experience upon this planet grows short. Soon there shall be new lessons, a new illusion and an exciting new beginning. Yet the nature of that experience is shaped by your decision to serve the cause of love during these final life experiences. May you see and bless the many, many lives you have learned in your deep-felt biases and opinions, in your love of the good, the beautiful, and the true, and your distaste for that which is dark and negative. May you believe in your strength as those who have been choosing and learning for many thousands of your years, and may you always have the light touch in your studies, laughing together in times of joy, and finding the light side in times of sadness, that your life may become more and more a balancing of all those energies with all those with whom you are in relationship.

You have heard of the word, karma. The end of karma is forgiveness. If you find a certain entity particularly difficult, seek the seeds of forgiveness in the infinite love which lies within you, for as you forgive the other entity and yourself, so you have balanced in love that which before blocked energy and stopped the process of spiritual growth.

At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim that he may answer any further questions that this group may have at this time. We have been most joyful to have been able to speak with you, and we thank you once again. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to attempt to speak to any further queries which any of this group may offer to us. Again we remind each that we offer our opinions freely but hope that any word that does not ring true will be forgotten immediately, for we do not wish to present a stumbling block in your journey of seeking. Is there a question at this time?

Yeah, I’ve got one. How about contemplatives, that don’t see anybody or interact with anybody, and just keep silent and sit in mountain caves and contemplate? How are they serving each other?

I am Q’uo. There are many among your peoples who move in the daily stream of activity, partaking of all that your illusion and your experience has to offer and distilling [from] this experience that which they themselves have determined before the incarnation would be the point, the goal of the incarnation. These lessons have to do with some aspect of learning that quality that you might call unconditional love or compassion. Each learns in an unique fashion according to what has been learned in previous incarnations and according to that which remains to be learned. Those that find the solitary experience of most use in the life pattern learn the same kind of lesson but in a fashion which is more inwardly directed, rather than utilizing the outer stimulus of other entities and the relationships that are formed in the normal, shall we say, means of living and experiencing the incarnation. Those who learn in a solitary fashion enhance their own understanding of the purpose of their incarnations and express that love which they have learned in a manner which is likened unto the radio station which broadcasts a certain frequency of information. These then, as all who have learned any portion of the lesson of love, become likened unto beacons for this love that is felt by all fellow entities upon the subconscious levels, as you would call them, and provide a kind of nourishment for the species, much as the gardener provides the fertilizer for the plants within its garden. Thus does the great creative power of love move through all its creations, whether they be found in the fertile valleys or the high mountain caves.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo. Is there a further query?


I am Q’uo, and we find that for this evening we have exhausted those queries which it has been our honor to entertain and to speak to. We thank each for the invitation to join this group and for the great offering of love that we feel from each. We return love in kind. We look forward to the future opportunities to join this circle of seeking, and at this time shall take our leave of this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.