If our lives are unfolding in an appropriate manner and all is well and there are no mistakes, how do we operate within this environment to enhance our service to others?

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a most great privilege to be called to your group this evening, and we wish to send love and blessing to each, and to thank each for the privilege of sharing this time with you.

We would like to confirm to the one known as D that we were at the point of speaking through him, we thought. Indeed, we had almost felt that there was an initial message that would be allowed. However, we understand this instrument’s reluctance to take the chance and take the leap, and assure this instrument that it is progressing well, and that this initiating of contact is merely one small hurdle upon a long and increasingly faith-filled path of service.

And so we shall speak through this instrument for the nonce, not forgetting our responsibilities to the one known as D. We shall be exercising this instrument, also.

Your general query to us this evening has to do with how, since all things are as they should be and there are no mistakes, can anyone who hopes to heal actually be a portion of healing, how can anyone who wishes to enter a situation and change it be spiritually correct. The answer to that lies within that feeling that is a portion of your deepest self, and that is that all who are upon your planet are your brothers and your sisters. It is an impeccable question to ask, since there are no mistakes, if alterations should be attempted, and we say to you that it is for the purpose of aiding each other that each of you incarnated and is enjoying quite a busy schedule of learning at this time. Indeed, in the way of teaching, even we who are not of your world may speak through instruments such as this one, leaving always so many doubts as to our reality that no one could possibly feel that we were to be obeyed without question. We are very careful about this, for we come among your peoples in thought in order to offer information that might be requested.

Now, this is what you entities may do for each other. In one way or another, a healer acts as a catalyst for the one to be healed. When crystals are used, the healer’s ability functions with the crystal in order to create the catalyst, the space and the time wherein the entity to be healed may pick up the heart and the will and claim the healing that the catalyst is offering. If this is not claimed, it does not happen. Therefore, free will is not abused. Yet, catalysts do appear as solutions to difficulties, and this, too, is a portion of that which was planned. It was not planned before an incarnation that a certain condition or limitation be applicable for an entire lifetime. Thus, even if one chooses a certain path, it is not known to the entity within a lifetime at what point that path should change. Indeed, as always, living, learning and loving are daily matters, those that cannot be pulled over the scorched ground of yesterday or shot like Roman candles into the mist of tomorrow. Help between brother and brother lies in the present moment.

A healer is a special kind of minister. Some use your tarot cards, some use your tea leaves, some use your radionic devices, some use your herbs, some use your ability to think, some use chemicals, and some use the knives and the stitches. Yet all of these things shall not heal the emotions, the mind, the spirit, or even the body if, cell by cell, thought by thought, and with the firm thrust of will, the entity does not accept the catalyst of healing. It is almost impossible for an entity born upon your planet to so interfere with the free will of another.

There is one distinct disadvantage to certain types of healing, and we would state that these offer a concern to the instrument who happens to feel strongly upon this point. However, we assure this instrument that we are using the instrument as a channel, and not allowing the soapbox. We find that it is possible for service-to-others oriented healers such as the one known as D, or any understanding, caring and sensitive healer, it is possible to make a patient derive not a leap forward in free will and the use of it, but rather [have] a dependence develop between patient and catalytic healer. This cannot be avoided entirely, for there are certain of your people who, while seeking very diligently, have become somewhat disassociated in thought and emotion, and are, therefore, confused and feel that they need someone upon whom to depend for the correct answers to those difficulties and conditions which seem to face them.

It is well, therefore, for the healer always to call upon the will, the hope, and the power within the individual itself, and not to express the self as anything but a catalyst through which healing may take place. We hope that this ethical consideration is understandable.

There is more we wish to say upon this matter, and although the entity known as D may not wish to take the contact at this time, we shall offer it to him that this entity, we feel, is ready to pick up thoughts it has not already conceived before in just the same way. As always, relax, hear the thought, and speak the thought with no more care than this instrument has shown. It is by far the better way, the quicker way, and the more accurate way to express such information as we have to share. I now transfer. I am Hatonn.

(D channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you again in love and light through this instrument. We appreciate the time and effort of presenting the challenge, but would state again our wish that the instrument diligently work to clarify the process in its own mind. It is often advisable and efficacious in serving as a vocal instrument to allow spontaneity and creativity to be prominent in the mind, but, during the process of challenging a contact, it is… it serves the purpose of the instrument—that is to say, efficient and safe establishment of a clear contact which can be maintained with confidence on your side and our own—if the instrument has a well established stance or posture which it can present to us and to any other entity which may attempt to infringe on the contact, the posture or routine which the instrument can have confidence as to its effectiveness and efficiency. If such an effort to create such a posture is made from week to week, we can perhaps assist in fine-tuning the finer points, the details of the challenge. The instrument will find that as this process is repeated and becomes routine, he will sense our interaction initially, our approach to the mind, as it were, more easily from week to week.

We would attempt now to return to our original topic, despite the trepidation of the instrument, and urge again the most complete relaxation possible.

The healer…


(Carla channeling)

We realize our contact is still good, and we would, were the instrument’s energy levels higher, continue this work, for we and the one known as D are very close to finding our voice, finding the end of fear, and finding new eloquence for our very simple thoughts with this entity. However, it is well not to push an entity beyond its ability, for there is a kind of tiredness which is spiritual, that is not a state we would prefer to produce, it being that which dims the day. And so to conserve this instrument’s energy and enthusiasm we choose to move to another instrument at this time, with our apologies and explanation.

The healer, then, uses a variety of tools. These tools are, in the end, not necessary. They are a means of focusing the mind and occupying it while opening up the connections between deeper mind and conscious mind. Thus, the use of that which is called hypnotism is in actuality the use of that which is magnetic within the human heart, which finds itself willing to achieve a certain state which it is normally unable to achieve. The healer here is using words and images, working as a catalyst, querying as the seeker would have him query. And in the end, when there has been enough work done, the healer inevitably becomes aware that it is not the tool that has truly been the catalyst for healing, but rather it is the healer as it is, and the degree of crystallization of the energy centers and of the desire to serve which the healer has undertaken.

All things are indeed as they should be. This in no way inhibits the action of free will. You came to this place you call Earth hungering for the opportunity to feel, to sense, to see, and to wonder at the sensations of a physical vehicle. You came knowing that these sensations, these feelings, these feelings of memory which lead to battle and to the bone-weariness of the old were the gateway through which you would learn, in a more and more and regularized fashion, the omnipresence of love, the unity of all of the creatures of the Creator, and the joy of choosing to serve others, each in its own special way. Never mistake the tools of the trade for the wisdom, the compassion, and the intuition of the trade.

Seek further in your book learning, you who seek to heal, and apprentice yourself to teachers you deem worthy, but remember always that the true work of the healer lies within, in the healing of the self, in the regularizing of the fire of love, the heat of compassion, in the willingness to be open to those things which are not possible, to the compassion that stands unmoved before life and death and wishes only that the highest will and the most harmonious plan be fulfilled.

These things the healer must learn, and we wish the one known as D the joy of that learning, even as we sympathize with occasional feelings of dislocation which this may cause.

We would transfer now to the one known as Jim in order that we may field any queries that there may be at this time. I am known to you as Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time we would offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries. We would hope that our humble words might provide some insight and inspiration to those who seek with us more of the clarification of the mystery of the Creator and the Creation. Are there any further queries at this time?

This seems like sort of a niggling sort of question, insignificant in a sense, but at the close [of] what I was able to speak tonight, I said the words “The healer,” and felt at that point that I was only making an effort in my own mind to return to the subject of healing, and try to reestablish that pattern and align my mind, so to speak, on that topic, to make communication again, to move it along. But I could get nothing else beyond that. And then when you began through Carla with those words, I wondered if actually I picked those words up from you, was I successful in doing that at the end, or did you choose those words to begin with because I had chosen them? I just wonder what the process was at that time as far as those choices of words were concerned.

I am Hatonn. We spent a good deal of your time exercising your instrument with the subject of the nature of the contact itself, for we not only wished to make this information available to you as well, but were aware that this topic was one which was more comfortable as a topic and would therefore allow an easier transmission of thought, especially preceding a topic which, though of great interest and concern and focus in your present situation, would allow us to move into this more challenging area of the healer and the healing.

Therefore, when we felt that your contact was as firm as we could hope for under the present conditions of the desire and the fatigue due to the headache pain, we embarked upon the continuation of the healing topic begun through the instrument known as Carla. However, the challenge of this topic and the continuing weight of the pain was enough to block the further transmission, which you correctly perceived. Therefore, we found it most helpful at that time to your own instrument to transfer the contact in order that the information be transmitted through the one known as Carla. We again wish…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am again with this instrument. Is there another query, my brother?

Both tonight and two weeks ago, when I was not able to establish any effective contact at all, really, I had had some caffeine before the sessions. Can you detect that influence, whether it’s detrimental, or whether it was a contributing factor either tonight or at that time?

I am Hatonn, and we do not feel that the addition of the caffeine to the bodily system is detrimental in any way to the ability to receive telepathic contact. Indeed, there does seem to be some indication that for a significant portion of those that practice the art of vocal channeling that this ingredient is somewhat of an aid in that it serves to sensitize certain neuronal receptors within the brain and facilitate the reception of thought from the deeper portions of the mind complex. The movement of intuition, shall we say, seems in some entities to be enhanced by this ingredient.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

Not on that topic. I wonder if you would have anything to add at this point to what was said about challenging. Of course I tend somewhat to—not necessarily to feel that I perceived your concepts one hundred percent accurately. It’s a topic that I would like to be sure I understand one hundred percent accurately of what you would have to say about the topic. Would you care to modify or correct anything that I received earlier about that topic?

I am Hatonn, and we are pleased with the information regarding the challenging process that we were able to transmit through your instrument, and we would at this time add only one additional concern, and that is that each instrument be reminded that the process of tuning and the challenge is an ongoing process that will change as the entity grows in the ability to function as a vocal instrument, for the process of spiritual growth is a process by which the seeker continues to move closer and closer to the heart of truth and the essence of the self which harbors this truth, shall we say. And as the entity becomes more aware of who it is and that guiding principle towards which it moves and for which it stands, by which it is inspired, the entity will have an additional intensity or richness to call upon and to offer as the heart of the challenge, that any contacted discarnate being might become more aware of who you are and how it is you wish to serve. Thus, the continued refining and enhancing of the tuning of the instrument and the offering of the heart of self in challenge is recommended.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

Are you present throughout the tuning process in our minds, and in my mind in particular, and, if so, would you have anything to observe about that process as I go through it now, although I might call it an invocation, with any comments about how that has evolved over the last few weeks?

I am Hatonn, and, indeed, we deem it an honor to be present as each instrument continues with the inner tuning in preparation for contact with us and with any that should be contacted in a session such as this. We commend you for your continued refining of the tuning process, and can only suggest to each instrument, whether new or experienced, that this tuning be accomplished with as great a degree of fastidiousness as one is capable of providing, for this tuning is the factor which allows for the construction of the actual channel, the receiving antenna, shall we say. Its polishing, its tightening, its sensitivity, enhancing that will allow for the greatest degree of both freedom of transmission and accuracy of transmission. Thus, to ask again if one is tuned and ready to serve as an instrument is well.

Is there another query, my brother?

If I can have a moment to formulate it, I think there is something I would like to ask.

This is sort of a corollary to the initial, primary question tonight. I see the potential for a lot of good, as I would define it from this perspective, to come [from] work with using hypnosis to facilitate the communication between the conscious mind and deeper levels of the mind, or the higher mind, or the guides, or other entities not necessarily personal spiritual advisors. And yet this is a faculty that we have chosen not to have as we come into this Earth experience.

So again I would ask, although I have [heard] what you said earlier about the changing of the path in the course of the life in mind, I would still question whether it is ever advisable to use hypnosis in this way, or does it risk speeding things along too quickly, does it risk contradicting or making an effort to contradict a higher purpose?

I am Hatonn, and though there is no general answer to this query that can hope to be accurate, we would suggest that the intentions of the one seeking the hypnotic experience are the salient point to be considered, for the degree of desire to know more of the self, in order that a further step might be taken up the evolutionary path, is the necessary ingredient for the balanced approach to any means of seeking to enhance this evolutionary process.

There are many other reasons why some entities engage in different means of seeking, and one must be able to speak in a clear fashion to all who would seek the services of the self as hypnotist, as to what one wishes to offer and in what manner the tool will be offered to others. The focusing of the conscious mind—of the attention more specifically—through the hypnotic practice and induction allows for a penetration to some degree of the veil which separates the conscious and unconscious minds, and for that time allows for the movement into the unconscious mind, to some depth and degree, in order that information and experience might be achieved that will add illumination to the process of evolution which is constantly ongoing in each seeker.

The higher self, as it has been called, is aware of the desires of each seeker, and will, with the appropriate intentions on the part of the seeker, work in a fashion that brings forth the appropriate experience and information, no matter what avenue is chosen to pursue and obtain these experiences and this information. Thus, the one serving as the hypnotist or teacher in any fashion must establish the clear and honest dialogue with any seeking its services, in order that it be clearly understood what is desired in the service and how this goal shall be sought, the steps which shall be taken.

I am Hatonn. We have been instructed by this instrument that it is well to bring this session to a close at this time. We look forward to joining this group in your future gatherings, and we thank each for inviting our presence this evening. We leave each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.