Question from S: What was the reason that compelled me to infringe that feeling of bliss to come here?

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I greet you with joy in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a rich blessing indeed to share this meditation with the one known as S, whom we greet through this instrument for the first time in much of your time. We have been working with the instrument in order to utilize the instrument without overworking this instrument’s energy web, and we are pleased with the contact now.

You have asked for us to talk about why an entity who is in bliss would leave that bliss willingly to go into hardship. We find that we ourselves still ask ourselves this question with much less reason, for there is always in the entity incarnate some catalyst that there is not when the entity is at home and at rest, and that catalyst fills the mind and the heart, and as the nerve fails, we too wonder why we have willingly left a paradise in order to suffer in one way or another.

We could say to you that this decision has to do with the great opportunities of your local time as you experience it, yet this would not perhaps be the clearest answer. It is true that this time of yours in third density is a peerless illusion against which to set the drama of polarization. For each of us casts itself into the waters of illusion for the purpose of using that illusion, of using that time, of experiencing certain outward and inward biases, and thus suffering, and in the fullness of time revising or eliminating bias.

This is the mechanical answer to the question of, “Why leave a blissful situation?” The answer in brief is: in order to make use of the enhanced learning capacities of the density in which you have incarnated.

There is, however, as we have said, a clearer way to get at the heart of the reason for this seemingly masochistic choice, and that is a consideration of the word “joy.” When the veils are lifted and the form maker Creator, your most subtle and most true body, is in union with the Creator, there is bliss. When an entity is engaged in contemplation, there may be bliss. However, into the bliss there comes, as if by the restless pull of the moon or magnetization of the self by some unseen current, the beginnings of the sadness that comes to those in bliss who have a desire built within them to go forth and act.

There is then the feeling of an honor and a duty, of a desire for right action, and eventually the need to act in service to others in an active way expresses itself. This is a part of almost every entity’s journey, if that entity has chosen the path of unity. So the situation of those who have chosen to enter the current incarnation upon your planet have chosen to move into that which will make them sorrowful, in order that the wellspring of joy and bliss which is brimming and overflowing within may be liberated from the inner expression and manifested within the illusion in service to others.

The long years of service which does not seem service and which seems sorrowful, in which the one who serves is upheld only by a blind faith, will eventually, as faith becomes stronger and stronger, take the sorrowful experience and allow the balance of bliss without illusion to come, that is, as one was sorrowful within bliss, now one may be blissful within sorrow. This is the balance that is sought by those who venture forth to experience consciously, and consciously to serve the one Creator.

We are aware there are many questions upon your minds concerning right vocation, right service, and right action, yet we say to you that that which is directly before the face, that which comes with each day’s coming, is the work at hand. And whether that work is simple or complex, little or dramatic, menial or grand, within that work, within that companionship, within that which is before the face lie the seeds of joy and the opportunity for service.

With this understood, the pressure may be taken off of the entity who no longer needs to search for vocation, action or any manifestation. It is indeed true, a seeking entity cannot help but be doing the work it has come to do, for the creation is an harmonious whole and the plans of learning the lessons of love set by each soul before incarnation are part of the very electrical magnetic field of the entity and will attract that work which needs attention along the lines intended by the higher self and the seeking spirit.

We may say that we have found that there are states of mind which may be pursued and sought as desirable within an incarnation, the entity realizing that all is illusion and that the face is, though invisible, the most real component of the seeking entity’s self. To live in joy, [and] joyfully apprehend the present moment, is the result of accepting in full that which is laid before one to do and to be. The feelings of acceptance of all situations and the elimination of the seeking for bliss return one most quickly to greater and greater opportunities for joy within the illusion.

For if it is understood by faith that faith is the journey, and that the deepest faith is that all that is with one and being experienced by one is that which is correct, then one may simply turn the attention to being, for each entity is a story within the mind of the Creator, and each incarnation a small gift, a bouquet, a scent upon the wind which informs and blesses the Creator as that infinite entity learns ever more about Itself.

Thus, the deepest goal of one who leaves bliss in order to suffer is to find the joy within the suffering, to find the light within the darkness, to accept and thus solve the riddle of opposites. For if the life is a gift, a holy one, one set apart, then to live, to love, to feel, to be, is the true vocation, and all actions stem then not from the necessities of the employment or the personal situation, but from the inner agenda which is to experiment continuously with the being, seeking always to polarize more and more towards a conscious inner realization of the wholeness and perfection that lie within the illusion that make of the life a beauty and a gift. It is difficult sometimes for one who is suffering to see the beauty within the self, to realize that the self by itself without action is the true gift to the Creator and the true reason for this experience you call living.

One who expresses joy from within is doing the greatest work in consciousness which it is possible to do within your illusion, and the more passionately and ardently and eagerly one turns to each moment, whether it be a challenging moment or a relatively peaceful one, the more you shall rejoice as you gaze back upon the incarnation, for the jewel that each entity is is polished by that entity, and the polishing is very efficient within your density.

It is easy to remember the bliss and forget that desire to be more full of positivity and service when one is within the illusion. Entities remember selected things and forget others. If they are healthy, their deep memories are blissful. And so you seem strangers in a strange land, yet we urge you to nurture yourselves within your sorrow, nursing the faith within the heart that even if joy cannot be seen through long seasons of living, yet still the light within moves forward, experiences and learns what it can and moves ever closer to supernal joy.

We wish each that joy, that perception, that realization which may transform each and every experience. May we extend our love to you and our sorrow that we cannot speak longer, for it is sweet to converse with this group. However, for this little moment, we shall leave you, wishing for better ways to express the central understanding which we have gained, which is that all is love, and that one casts oneself into illusion to find experience and manifest that love within the illusion and forever in and out of illusion, in and out of bias.

We are those of Latwii. With joy we take our leave of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. I am Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.